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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 06. The Man Trap


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 06. The Man Trap

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 06. The Man Trap

Season:    1
Air Date:    1966-09-08
Stardate:    1513.1
Writer:    George Clayton Johnson
Director:    Marc Daniels
Guests:    Jeanne Bal (Nancy Crater?), Francine Pyne, Alfred Ryder, Michael Zaslow, Bruce Watson, Vince Howard

The Man Trap was the first-aired regular season episode of Star Trek.

In this episode, a landing party from the Enterprise beams down to perform an annual checkup of scientist Bob Crater and his wife Nancy, who have been living on the planet M113 for 5 years. Without realizing it, each crew member sees a different Nancy Crater. In fact, Nancy's appearance corresponds to each man's fantasy of an extremely attractive woman. Crewman Darnell, for instance, sees a voluptuous blonde he met on Ripley's pleasure planet, Bones sees an attractive woman of 25, and Kirk sees an older woman with more mature charms.

Dr. Crater and Nancy both appear to be in good health, but Dr. Crater goes out of his way to request an additional supply of salt from the Enterprise's stores. Dr. Crater then does his best get rid of the landing party as quickly as possible. Shortly thereafter, crewman Darnell wanders off after Nancy Crater, but dies under mysterious circumstances. His corpse, when discovered, is found to be covered with a curious red mottling. A borja plant, belonging to the same family as the deadly nightshade and containing an alkaloid poison, is found in his mouth. Nancy claims to have seen him eating it and says she tried to stop him. However, Bones knows alkaloid poison when he sees it, and is immediately convinced that something is amiss. Further test show that Darnell's body is completely devoid of salt.

When an additional landing party beams down, crewmen Sturgeon and Green are killed and the salt is removed from their bodies. However, Green's body is not discovered, and Nancy Crater uses her shape-shifting trick to assume his form. As Green, she transports aboard the Enterprise with Kirk and Bones, who are the only remaining survivors of the landing party. "Green" makes his way into Sulu's quarters after observing a lunch tray with a salt shaker being brought in, but high-tails it out again when Sulu's pet plant begins shrieking at him. Green then transforms into a handsome Swahili man and attempts to seduce Uhura. Fortunately for Uhura, the man's advances are interrupted by passing crew members.

Meanwhile, a scan of the planet's surface reveals only a single life form, so Spock and Kirk realize that Nancy must have beamed aboard the Enterprise and start searching for her. While Spock and Kirk are thus engaged, the creature kills another crew member, and then pays a visit to McCoy in the form of Nancy Crater. She puts McCoy to sleep with his own sleeping pills while pretending to help him rest, and then assumes his form. In the meantime, Spock and Kirk have beamed down to the planet to question Dr. Crater. Here, they discover Green's body. By questioning Dr. Crater, they also learn that Nancy is dead and that her form has been taken over by the last remaining indigenous creature of the planet. As the audience has known for some time, this creature is capable of assuming any form and requires salt to live.

Kirk and Spock then beam Dr. Crater aboard the Enterprise, where he immediately recognizes McCoy as one of Nancy's impersonations, but does not reveal him. The creature returns Dr. Crater's loyalty by killing him, and then attacks Spock. Fortunately, because of Spock's non-human blood, he survives the attack without major injury. Bones then prevents Kirk from killing the creature (which he still sees as Nancy Crater), and then stands idly by as she begins to drain the salt from Kirk's body. At this juncture, Spock rushes in and demonstrates to McCoy that the woman attacking Kirk could not possibly be Nancy by striking her repeatedly and forcefully. Nancy does not even flinch, and then sends Spock flying across the room with a single counterblow. When the creature attacks Kirk again, its true alien form is revealed, and Bones kills it with a phaser, even after it reverts to Nancy's form.


Captain's log, Stardate 1513.1.
Our position-- orbiting planet M-113.
On board the Enterprise...
Mr. Spock temporarily in command.
On the planet...
the ruins of an ancient and long-dead civilization.
Ship's surgeon McCoy and myself...
are now beaming down to the planet's surface.
Our mission--
routine medical examination...
of archaeologist Robert Crater and his wife Nancy.
Routine but for the fact that Nancy Crater...
is that one woman in Dr. McCoy's past.
Shall we pick some flowers, Doctor?
When a man visits an old girlfriend...
she usually expects something like that.
Is that how you get girls to like you-- by bribing them?
There doesn't seem to be anybody around.
They'll be along.
You rushed us down 10 minutes early.
Professor Crater?
Mrs. Crater?
Nervous, Dr. McCoy?
Yeah, a little bit, I guess.
You see, we walked out of each other's lives 10 years ago.
She married Crater, and for all I know she's forgotten me.
Of all the bonehead ideas, Jim!
[ Singing ]
It's good to see you.
Let me look at you.
You haven't aged a day.
Oh, this is Captain Jim Kirk of the Enterprise.
Mrs. Crater. I've heard a lot about you.
All good, I hope.
And Crewman Darnell.
How do you do, ma'am?
Something wrong, Darnell?
Excuse me, sir. Ma'am, if I didn't know better...
I'd swear I knew you on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet.
You're exactly like a girl--
Less mouth, Darnell!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--
I know it's impossible, of course.
Why don't you step outside, Darnell?
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Maybe I'll step outside, too.
And let Plum examine me all alone?
A nickname I gave Leonard
When we were very young.
I'll, uh, I'll wait for the professor...
and I'll catch you both at once.
I'd better go get Bob.
Every time he starts digging...
he forgets time, sleep, food-- everything.
Be back in a minute.
It's warm here, isn't it?
the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds...
to seek out new life and new civilizations...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain's log, additional entry.
Since our mission was routine...
we had beamed down to the planet without suspicion.
We were unaware each member of the landing party...
was seeing a different woman, a different Nancy Crater.
Professor Crater, I'm Captain Kirk--
The heroic captain and intrepid doctor...
cross interstellar space to preserve our health.
Your sense of duty is overwhelming.
Now will you please go back where you came from...
and leave me and my wife alone?
We need salt against the heat.
Otherwise, we're doing very well.
I'm pleased you're doing well...
but I'm required to confirm that.
Doubtless the good surgeon will enjoy...
prodding and poking us with his arcane machinery.
Go away! We don't want you.
What you want is unimportant.
What you will get is required by the book.
Quote, "All research personnel on alien planets...
are required to have their health certified...
by a starship surgeon at one-year intervals."
Like it or not, Professor, I'm required--
To show your gold braid to everyone. You love it.
He's all yours, Plum. Dr. McCoy.
Sit down and breathe deeply, please.
Your name is McCoy?
I've heard Nancy speak of a Dr. McCoy.
That's me. Didn't she mention I was here?
You've seen Nancy?
She went to get you.
You've seen her?
Yes. Why?
Nothing. It's just that it gives me pleasure...
to know that she's gotten to see an old friend.
It's different for me. I enjoy solitude.
But for a woman--
You understand, of course?
Well, it certainly hasn't aged her.
She looks exactly as I knew her 12 years ago.
Amazing, Jim! Like a girl of 25.
I'm sorry, Captain. Sit down.
I have forgotten my manners.
Quite all right.
I'm not joking. She hasn't aged a day.
She doesn't have a gray hair.
She's got some gray, Bones.
Excuse me, Professor.
She's a handsome woman, but hardly 25.
You've seen my wife with the eyes...
of your past attachment, Doctor.
I'm sure when Nancy lets-- when you see her again...
she'll be a believable age.
At any rate, she doesn't look a day over 30.
Genuine affection.
I'm glad you still feel it for her.
Leonard, isn't it?
She's a fine woman.
Open your mouth.
Why, I thought the machine--
The machine is capable of almost anything...
but I'll still trust healthy tonsils.
Now, open your mouth.
[ Woman Screaming ]
Dead, Jim.
How strange.
A red mottling all over his face.
What happened?
You beam down a crewman who eats an untested plant.
I've lost a crewman. What happened?
Well, l--
Take it easy, Nancy.
Just tell us what you know.
Well, I was just--
I couldn't find Bob, and I was coming back.
I crossed to your crewman.
I wanted him to know...
I wasn't offended by the things he'd said.
You remember.
Then l--
I noticed he had a Borgia plant in his hand.
Before I could say anything, he--
he'd taken a bite from it...
he fell...
his face all twisted, and--
You don't believe me?
No, it's not that. It's something entirely different.
Jim, I suppose...
we could complete these examinations later.
We don't need an examination.
Perhaps you'd better take your man--
We're aware of our duties.
We'll complete your examinations tomorrow.
Transporter room.
Transporter room, Captain.
Three beaming up.
Locked onto you, Captain.
You did ask about salt tablets?
I'll take care of the provisioning, Nancy.
Miss Uhura, your last sub-space log...
contained an error in the frequencies column.
Sometimes I think if I hear "frequency" again, I'll cry.
I was just trying to start a conversation.
Well, since it is illogical...
for a communications officer to resent the word "frequency"...
I have no answer.
No, you have an answer.
I'm an illogical woman who's beginning to feel...
too much a part of that communications console.
Why don't you tell me...
I'm an attractive young lady...
or ask me if I've ever been in love?
Tell me how planet Vulcan looks when the moon is full.
Vulcan has no moon, Miss Uhura.
I'm not surprised, Mr. Spock.
Transporter room to Bridge.
Landing party returning.
They report one death.
Bridge acknowledging.
I don't believe it.
You explain.
That means that somebody is dead...
and you just... sit there.
It could be Captain Kirk. He's your friend.
Lieutenant, my demonstration of concern...
will not change what happened.
The transporter room is well-manned...
and they will call if they need assistance.
She called it a Borgia plant.
Something new to me.
Bridge to dispensary.
Borgia plant listed in library record tapes
as carbon group three vegetation...
similar to Earth nightshade family.
Alkaloid poison. Chemical structure...
common to class "M" planets.
About the strange mottling on his facial skin...
there's no reference to this symptom.
Well, then this man wasn't poisoned.
Stand by, Mr. Spock.
She said she saw him eat the plant.
She's mistaken. There's no poison in his body.
There were bits of the plant in his mouth.
Jim, he could not have swallowed any.
My instruments would have picked up any trace.
I tell you, this man shouldn't be dead.
According to all the tests...
he should get up and walk away.
I don't know.
I'll double-check the tests.
My eyes may be tricking me.
I swear, Jim, when I first saw her...
she looked just as she did 10 years ago.
I may have been looking through a romantic haze.
How love affects your vision doesn't interest me!
I want to know what killed this man!
Yes, sir.
Captain's log, Stardate 1513.4.
In orbit around planet M-113.
One crewman, member of the landing party...
dead by violence.
Cause unknown.
But we are certain the cause of death was not poison.
Message, Captain.
Starship base requesting explanation of our delay, sir.
Space Commander Dominguez says...
we have supplies he urgently needs.
Tell Jose he'll get his chili peppers soon.
They're prime Mexican reds. I handpicked them.
But he won't die without them.
Yes, Captain.
No mistake in our record tapes.
Borgia plant-- its sole deadly property is alkaloid poison.
And the Craters?
Check out perfectly.
They arrived here five years ago.
Visited by various vessels.
Made fairly heavy shipments out, of artifacts and reports.
However, there has been a marked drop in shipments...
during the last year.
Dispensary to Captain.
Kirk here.
We found something.
What is it?
I'd rather not put it on the speaker.
So improbable, we almost didn't check it.
Sodium chloride. Not a trace of it.
This man has no salt in his body.
Can you explain that, Doctor?
I can't. What we normally carry in our bodies is gone.
He would die almost instantly.
The rings on his face.
You called that skin mottling.
I thought it was, sir.
Another error on my part.
I'm not counting them, Bones.
Are you in the mood for an apology?
I probably was mooning over her.
I should have been thinking about my job.
Both Nancy and Crater...
emphasized one item they needed.
Salt tablets.
Mr. Spock!
Outfit a landing party.
We're beaming down with some questions.
One might think you had more important duties...
than harassing people.
I have. Where is Mrs. Crater?
I want to talk to her, too.
You can't just beam down and bully us.
Mrs. Crater. I won't ask again.
Possibly at the other diggings.
Green, find her.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Spock.
Standing by.
Sturgeon, transport a plant sample.
We'll check if it's the Borgia plant or something else.
Complete analysis.
Captain, considering the fact that you are a trespasser...
on my planet--
Your complaint is noted, sir.
Look, something we don't understand...
killed one of my men.
It could prove to be a danger to you and Mrs. Crater, too.
We've been here five years.
If there were anything hostile...
we would know about it, wouldn't we?
Tell the professor what the autopsy revealed.
Our crewman died of salt depletion--
sudden, total loss.
Medically impossible by any standards.
And by coincidence, both you and Mrs. Crater...
requested salt tablets.
And your esteemed physician cannot explain...
our need for salt tablets?
We're all aware of the need for salt...
on a hot and arid planet like this.
But it's a mystery, and I don't like mysteries.
They give me a bellyache.
Nancy and I started with 25 pounds.
This is what we have left.
What is so mysterious about that?
One of the Enterprise's missions...
is to protect human life in places like this.
You and Mrs. Crater will have to stay aboard my ship.
You can't do that!
But I can.
It'll interfere with our work.
How? You've been here five years.
Will a couple of days make a difference?
Mr. Spock...
arrange quarters for Professor and Mrs. Crater.
Did you get the plant analysis?
It is Borgia. Could not have caused Darnell's death.
Jim, he's run off!
I've got salt! Smell it!
Smell it, Nancy!
Professor Crater! Professor Crater!
Professor Crater!
Professor Crater!
Jim, it's Sturgeon!
He's dead.
We better locate Crewman Green.
Crewman Green, report!
Crewman Green, report!
Green, where are you?
Could it be Crater?
I don't know.
Did you see this?
Yes, sir. Sturgeon was dead...
when I found him.
I was circling to find whatever it was.
Same red rings on his face.
Have you seen Nancy-- Mrs. Crater?
No, sir. I checked all through the ruins.
I'm worried about her.
She's not at the quarters or the diggings.
- Nancy! - Crater!
Nancy, it's Leonard!
We're beaming up.
You can't leave her!
You could learn something from Mr. Spock.
The Enterprise has equipment that could pinpoint a match...
anywhere on this planet-- or a body.
Transporter room, Kirk speaking.
Three to beam up.
Kirk to Bridge.
Spock here.
I want surface coordinates on two people.
There's a body down there-- Sturgeon.
We'll bring him home, sir.
You could use some sleep, Bones.
All right, Jim.
Oh, Green, what went on down there?
Who do you think you are?
Something odd, Captain.
You said two people.
Professor and Nancy Crater.
We get a reading on only one person...
probably Crater.
He's circling as if searching for something.
Expand search radius.
Yes, sir.
Why don't you go chase an asteroid?
Hey, Janice, is that for me?
Don't you wish it was?
How about that?
How'd you like...
to have her as your personal yeoman?
Where are you, Sulu?
In here feeding the weepers.
I've got your tray.
May the great bird of the galaxy bless your planet.
Hello, Beauregard. How are you today, darling?
Her name's Gertrude.
No, it's a he plant. A girl can tell.
Why do people have to call inanimate objects "she"?
Like "she's a fast ship."
He is not an inanimate object.
He's so animate he makes me nervous.
In fact, I keep expecting...
one of these plants of yours to grab me.
Hello, Green.
He's not talking today.
You been nipping saurian brandy?
[ Screeching ]
Take it easy.
Calm down.
Very sensitive.
He's the real spook.
Suppose he's going space happy?
The door to my quarters still rattles when it opens.
Would you stop by and look?
Thanks, Bobby.
do I know you?
In a way, ma'am.
You were just thinking of someone like me.
I'm guessing, but you do look a little lonely.
So naturally, when I'm lonely, I think of you.
[ Speaking Swahili ]
[ Speaking Swahili ]
You're Swahili?
[ Ship's Whistle ]
[ Kirk ] Lieutenant Uhura to the bridge.
[ Ship's Whistle ]
[ Kirk ] Lieutenant Uhura to the bridge.
I better get this tray back.
Bye, Beauregard.
Wait a minute. I'll walk along.
Lieutenant Uhura, report to the bridge.
Lieutenant Uhura.
On my way, sir.
McCoy to Bridge. Captain there?
Kirk here.
Nothing to report. We haven't located Mrs. Crater.
- Can't you sleep? - Nope.
Take one of those pills you gave me.
You'll sleep.
[ Beeping ]
The simple fact is...
unless there's something seriously wrong...
with the ship's equipment...
there's only one person within a 100-mile circle.
All right. We'll triangulate on him.
We'll let Professor Crater explain...
what happened to his wife.
Remember my instructions, Lieutenant.
Keep a tight fix on us.
If we yell...
I want an armed party down there before the echo dies.
Well, come in. come in.
I've been worried sick about you.
I wonder why Jim didn't tell me...
he found you.
I'm so happy to see you, Leonard.
The others-- I don't relate to them as much.
You have such strong memories of me.
You do care, don't you, Leonard?
It makes me feel so...
so safe.
Nancy, um...
My husband?
I like your feelings better.
But you're tired.
You need to rest.
Ha ha ha!
You're as bad as Jim Kirk.
He's been telling me to take these.
Oh, I think you should.
I'll get you some water.
Look at his face!
Bridge. Sulu. Trouble on deck nine, section two.
We need a medical team.
Captain's log, Stardate 1513.8.
I am now certain that the violent death of my crewmen...
was caused by some strange life-form.
I was so worried.
Your husband acting strange.
Crewmen dying.
You're so tired, darling. Just rest now.
- [ Ship's Whistle ] - Medical department alert.
Doctors and medics acknowledge.
It's nothing, dear. It's nothing.
You just sleep.
Nancy will take care of everything.
- [ Ship's Whistle ] - Dr. McCoy to the bridge.
Dr. McCoy to the bridge.
- [ Ship's Whistle ] - Dr. McCoy to the bridge.
Captain's log, additional.
Armed and able-bodied crewmen are not attacked...
and slaughtered this easily.
Apparently, the killer can immobilize them...
as it approaches...
perhaps with some hypnotic or paralyzing power.
The answer lies with Professor Crater.
Professor Crater.
Go away! We don't want you here.
We? Where's your wife, Professor?
We're concerned about her.
I'm armed. Go away.
Where's your wife, Professor?
She's no concern of yours.
We're worried about her safety.
Aren't you?
Professor, you're a reasonable man.
Let me--
[ Communicator Beeps ]
Kirk here.
[ Sulu ] Casualty, Captain.
Barnhart was found dead. Same symptoms.
Spock cutting in, Captain.
Something here, through the arches to your left.
Stand by, Mr. Sulu. Spock has something.
He beamed up to the ship with us.
Or something did.
Enterprise, from Kirk.
Bridge. Sulu.
You have an intruder aboard.
Could be masquerading as Crewman Green.
General quarters.
Security condition three.
G.Q. security three, sir.
General quarters three. Intruder alert.
G.Q. three. Intruder alert.
[ Alarm Sounding ]
General quarters three.
Intruder alert.
G.Q. three. Intruder alert.
Reporting G.Q. three secure, Captain.
Do you require assistance there?
Crater knows the creature.
If we take him alive--
Negative, but keep locked in on us. Out.
Let's get him.
We don't want you here!
We're happy alone!
I'll kill to stay alone.
You hear that, Kirk? Or you'll have to kill me.
I don't care either way.
Obviously, taking him alive...
is going to be difficult.
Set your phaser on 1/4.
I'll leave mine on stun.
Why risk your life for his?
He's just trying to frighten us...
and he's doing a pretty good job.
G.Q. three now secured except for decks 5, 7, and 10.
Come in, please.
[ Uhura ] He's not in supply.
Run through file photos of the crewmen in engineering.
Deck five reporting.
Crewman Green is not in his quarters.
[ Sulu ] lf you find him, he's not Crewman Green.
And he-- rather, it-- followed me.
There was something twitchy about him.
He-- whatever-- was probably your crewman, too, Lieutenant.
He must have been it.
I would have remembered a crewman like him.
The creature leading you a merry chase?
The creature?
Or whatever it is that's killing the crewmen.
Perhaps I can help. Fill me in.
Your wife, Professor. Where is she?
Your wife, Professor. Where is she?
was the last of her kind.
The last of her kind?
The last of its kind.
Earth history, remember?
Like the passenger pigeon or buffalo.
I feel strange.
Just stunned. You'll be able to think in a minute.
The Earth buffalo. What about it?
Once there were millions of them...
prairies black with them.
One herd covered three whole states...
and when they moved, they were like thunder.
And now they're gone. Is that what you mean?
Like the creatures here.
Once there were millions of them.
Now there's one left.
Nancy understood.
Always in the past tense.
Where's your wife? Where's she now?
Dead. Buried up on a hill. It killed her.
Oh, a year...
or was it two?
Kirk to Enterprise.
Bridge to Captain. Sulu here.
It's definite, Mr. Sulu.
The intruder can assume any shape--
you, myself, anyone. Go to G.Q. four.
General quarters four.
The creature was trying to survive.
It has that right.
Kirk to transporter room. Three to beam up.
They needed salt to stay alive. There was no more salt.
It's the last one.
The buffalo. There is no difference.
There's one, Professor.
Your creature is killing my people.
Captain's log, continuing.
The Enterprise has been invaded by a creature...
capable of assuming any form...
and with the capacity to paralyze...
and draw the life from any one of us.
[ Sulu ] Deck five, section three. Report.
Security 3-A, here. 3-B, in sight.
Negative, Captain. I've checked everyone.
It wasn't a crewman I saw.
Yeoman Rand, how long was Green with you?
As long as it thought it could get salt.
Mr. Spock?
Supplies of salt...
have been set out as bait at all decks.
No one, or nothing, has approached them yet.
Dr. McCoy?
Medical department report, Doctor.
Well, we could offer it salt without tricks.
There's no reason for it to attack us.
Your attitude is laudable, but your reasoning's reckless.
The creature is not dangerous when fed.
No. It's simply trying to survive...
by using its natural ability to take other forms.
The way the chameleon uses...
its protective coloring...
an ability retained from its primitive state.
the way we have retained our incisor teeth.
Certain muscles were designed for chase.
It uses its ability the way we'd use...
our muscles and teeth, if necessary...
to stay alive.
Like us, it's an intelligent animal.
There's no need to hunt it down.
A very interesting hypothesis, Doctor.
[ Ship's Whistle ]
Briefing room.
All the halls sealed off.
All weapons accounted for and locked away.
Security four in effect. No lead on intruder.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Continue the search.
Crater, we don't know who or what we're looking for.
We need your help now.
I begged you to leave.
Can you recognize this thing When you see it?
Professor, I'll forego charges up to this point...
but this creature's aboard my ship.
I'll have it, or I'll have your skin. Where is it?
I loved Nancy very much.
Few women like my Nancy.
She lives in my dreams.
She walks and sings in them.
And it becomes Nancy for you?
Not because of tricks. It doesn't trick me.
It needs love as much as it needs salt.
When it killed Nancy, I almost destroyed it...
it isn't just a beast.
It is intelligent...
and the last of its kind.
You bleed too much, Crater.
You're too pure and noble.
Are you saving the last of its kind...
or has this become Crater's private heaven here?
This thing becomes wife, lover, best friend...
wise man, fool, idol, slave.
It isn't bad to have everyone in the universe...
at your beck and call.
You win all the arguments.
You don't understand.
Have you learned to see it in any form?
Are you going to help us find it?
Sorry, I can't.
Recommend we use truth serum, Captain.
Well, I resist using it, but in this case...
the professor will give us the truth.
Take him.
I'll accompany you, Doctor.
Oh, yes. Of course.
Captain Kirk to dispensary. Captain Kirk to dispensary.
It wasn't McCoy. It was the creature.
It hit me.
Crater grabbed my phaser.
I wondered about McCoy.
Doubt had crossed my mind.
Professor Crater.
But it had you, too.
Fortunately, my ancestors spawned...
in another ocean than yours did.
My blood cells are different.
Leonard, wake up! Please, help me!
Help me, Leonard!
Don't let them kill me!
Easy, easy.
But you must help me!
Move aside, Bones.
What's going on here, Jim?
She's not Nancy, Bones.
Are you insane?
It killed four crewmen. Now Crater.
The creature. It kills.
It needs salt. Move aside.
My guess is she needs more.
You want it, Nancy?
Come get it.
You're frightening her, Jim.
Not fright.
Hunger. Look at her.
If you love me, make him go away.
Come on.
You want this, Nancy?
Come on. Come and get it.
Stop it, Jim!
McCoy, get out of the way!
Are you out of your mind?
It's killing the Captain. Shoot it, Doctor, quickly!
It's killing the captain! Shoot quick!
I won't shoot Nancy.
This is not Nancy. Could Nancy take this?
Stop it! Stop it, Spock!
Stop it!
Is that Nancy, Doctor?
Leonard, no.
Leonard, please.
Lord, forgive me.
I'm sorry, Bones.
Ready to leave orbit, Captain.
Something wrong, Captain?
I was thinking about the buffalo, Mr. Spock.
Warp 1, Mr. Sulu.
Warp 1, sir.
Leaving orbit.

Episode Trailer
Episode Trailer


Episode 06. The Man Trap

This is the first episode of "Star Trek" ever aired.
This is the first apperances of McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Kirk and Uhuru.
This episode is set in 2266, a year after the events of "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
Futuristic salt shaker props from this episode became McCoy's handheld medical scanner.
Only episode to give insight into McCoy's past.
Lt. Uhura speaks Swahili.
This was the first episode in which Kirk calls McCoy "Bones".

Although this was the first episode to air on NBC, it was actually the sixth episode produced. NBC chose to air this episode first because they felt that it had more action than any of the first 5 episodes and it also featured a monster.

Dr. McCoy's handheld "medical scanners" were actually modified salt and pepper shakers, purchased originally for use in "The Man Trap", in which a character was seen using a salt shaker. They were of Scandinavian design, and on screen were not recognizable as salt shakers; so a few generic salt shakers were borrowed from the studio commissary, and the "futuristic" looking shakers became McCoy's medical instruments.

The model used here of the USS Enterprise now resides in the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

Uhura's line, "Sometimes I think if I hear the word 'frequency' again I'll cry", is drawn from an incident during filming. As early as it was in the series, Nichelle Nichols was already tiring of the repeated line, "Hailing frequency open, sir"; at one point she turned to Leonard Nimoy and told him, "If I have to say the word 'frequency' one more time, I'll blow up this goddamn panel."

It is reported that Gene Roddenberry's father was so embarrassed after the airing of this episode that he went throughout the neighborhood to apologize to his neighbors.

This is a very rare episode that reveals something from Dr. McCoy's past, namely his former love Nancy. Most other episodes keep his past a secret.

This is the only episode in which McCoy's quarters are shown. A pan and cut along a blank wall allowed two McCoys to appear in the same room. The three cylindrical containers on the shelf in McCoy's room were previously seen on Ben Childress's table in Star Trek: Mudd's Women (1966). These cylindrical containers later appear in the large lighted shelf display area in McCoy's lab.

The phaser sound effect of the beam stunning Dr. Crater was a sped up recording of a bullet ricochet.

This is the first episode where McCoy says, "He's dead, Jim."

In a conversation with Uhura, Spock reveals that Vulcan has no moon.

James Doohan does not appear in this episode, but he is briefly heard on Kirk's communicator in dialogue lifted from another episode.

This episode is sometimes known by David Gerrold's satiric nickname for it, "The Incredible Salt Vampire".

Just prior to filming, Alfred Ryder suffered a severe arm injury which prevented him from using that arm. Despite the pain, he performed the role of Robert Crater without complaint.

When Sulu (George Takei) thanks Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) for lunch with, "May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet." Gene Roddenberry's nickname was the Great Bird of the Galaxy.

Dr. Crater states that the buffalo (Bison) of North America had been hunted to extinction. Though they had been nearly hunted to extinction by 1966, it is now unlikely that they will go extinct as they now number around 350,000.

The phaser Dr. Crater uses against Kirk & Spock is a reused laser pistol from the first pilot Star Trek: The Cage (1986)

It was Gene Roddenberry's idea to have the creature, in its illusory form, speak Swahili to Uhura. Kellam de Forest supplied him with the translation. In English, the illusory crewman says "How are you, friend. I think of you, beautiful lady. You should never know loneliness."

First time that Nichelle Nichols appears as Lt. Uhura, air-date wise. If you go by production it is Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (1966).

A female crewmember wearing pants can be seen on a corridor. Star Trek: Charlie X (1966) is the only other episode featuring a crew woman wearing pants.

One aspect of the first season episodes is that the crew are not just walking in the corridors; they are often engaged in maintenance work, checking out equipment in the corridors and so on. This is evident in this episode and Star Trek: Charlie X (1966), especially. Minor crew members also carried on casual conversations and a feeling of the ship as a real community was created, as when Uhura asks Bobby to fix her rattling door or when two crewmen admire Janice Rand. These details about everyday life on a starship largely faded away as the series progressed.

Grace Lee Whitney considers the arboretum scene of Rand and Sulu as one of her favourite scenes of the series. She recalled that shooting the scene was quite funny, and the entire cast and crew were in a lighthearted atmosphere. Some crude jokes were told in connection with Beauregard and her, and even the puppeteer below the table (Bob Baker) tried to reach for her short skirt with the puppet. Whitney later described this episode as "filled with plenty of horrific and suspenseful moments. It was a great debut episode for the series."

An early title for this episode was "Damsel With a Dulcimer".

This episode's original script title was "The Unreal McCoy." It was used in James Blish's novelization of the episode.

For the first time on camera, Uhura wears a red uniform, instead of a gold one, from the earlier filmed episodes, Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (1966) and Star Trek: Mudd's Women (1966).

The head of the creature costume were first sculpted in clay and then covered in a plaster cast. Once the cast was removed, liquid latex was applied to create a flexible single piece mask. It was then painted, and Wah Chang added a white wig and attached glass lenses to the mask for eyes. Once Sandra Lee Gimpel was wearing the mask, cuts were made into the wrinkles in order to offer the actress some limited vision while wearing it. A pair of gloves were modified by Chang to give the fingers the appearance of tentacles with suction cups. William Ware Theiss created the rest of the costume out of a fur bodysuit.

This takes place in 2266, which is 11 years after Star Trek: The Cage (1986) took place.

Michael Zaslow (Barnhart) would later have minor roles in Star Trek: I, Mudd (1967) and Star Trek: First Contact (1996) the latter airing 30 years after The Man Trap.

William Shatner has severe problems to this day with persistent ringing in his ears, a condition known as tinnitus. He says it was caused by explosions going off near him during his television work. In both this episode and Star Trek: Arena (1967), explosions occur very close to Shatner. Leonard Nimoy also had tinnitus due to this occurrence, but not as severe as Shatner's.

When Dr. Crater speaks in a low "fazed" tone, it's actually Alfred Ryder's voice slowed down and played back.

The first draft of this episode's script was completed on 13 June 1966, with the final draft being completed three days later. George Clayton Johnson recalled that story editor John D.F. Black's only major objection to his first draft was that the M-113 creature did not arrive aboard the Enterprise until the third act. Black argued that the crew had to be put in jeopardy sooner, and so Johnson revised the script accordingly.

In the original script, the moral dilemma of killing 'the last of its kind' had been more pronounced, with the creature, disguised as McCoy, trying to reason with the crew. Also in that version, Professor Crater lives in the end, mourning the loss of the creature. Gene Roddenberry's rewrite for the final draft toned down the emotional aspects of the McCoy relationship in favor of a more straightforward plot, as a cornered animal, the salt creature panics and actually kills it's longtime companion; Professor Crater.

George Clayton Johnson's original draft lacked much of a presence of Spock. Actually, it was Scotty who accompanied Kirk to catch Crater.

This episode bears a resemblance to an earlier George Clayton Johnson story called "All of Us Are Dying," later adapted by Rod Serling for The Twilight Zone: The Four of Us Are Dying (1960). That show also involved a person who could make himself into whomever he chose.

As the first episode actually telecast, the opening credits are slightly different from most other first season shows. Gene Roddenberry has "created by" credits and there is no "starring" before William Shatner's name. This version of the credits was used only once more, in Star Trek: Charlie X (1966).

The costume of the M-113 creature was designed by Wah Chang. He obviously used a modified gas mask as the creature's mouth. The costume later appeared, displayed on the wall of Trelane's castle in Star Trek: The Squire of Gothos (1967). Later, the "creature" found a new home in Robert H. Justman's office, along with the two Gorn suits from Star Trek: Arena (1967) and the "frozen" mannequin from Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966).

The very first Enterprise crew members whom the television audience saw in this premiere episode were Spock, Uhura, and Leslie, sitting in the command module on the bridge (which is, in fact, a recycled shot from Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966)).

A unique phaser ricochet sound effect is used when Crater is stunned by a phaser shot, the only time this effect is ever used in the original series. Alfred Ryder's voice then slows down, representing the stun effect.

During the production, Marc Daniels introduced a system in which cast who were not needed on a shoot would go to a "cast table" area and sit with the other actors to practice upcoming scenes, rather than being allowed to return to their dressing rooms. This sped up the filming process, and the producers felt that it also improved the quality of the performances. The cast table system continued to be used throughout the production of The Original Series, even when Daniels was not directing the episode in question.

The visual of the planet M-113 from orbit is reused footage previously representing planet Alfa 177 in Star Trek: The Enemy Within (1966) (although that episode aired after this Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966)). This planet effect was economically reused again many times during the original series, as Tantalus V in Star Trek: Dagger of the Mind (1966), Planet Q and Benecia in Star Trek: The Conscience of the King (1966), the iron-silica planet in Star Trek: The Alternative Factor (1967), Beta III in Star Trek: The Return of the Archons (1967), Janus VI in Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark (1967), Organia in Star Trek: Errand of Mercy (1967), Mudd's planet in Star Trek: I, Mudd (1967), Argus X in _Obsession_, and Ardana in Star Trek: The Cloud Minders (1969).

As one of the first episodes of Star Trek ever produced, the production effects had yet to be fully "ironed out", which is evident on the surface of the planet when Kirk and company are calling out "Crewman Green, report!" While the characters are supposed to be outside on an open plain, the way their voices sound makes it very obvious that the actors are calling out on an enclosed indoors stage.

The first of two guest roles in Star Trek (1966) for Michael Zaslow, the other being Star Trek: I, Mudd (1967).

In this episode, Garrison True and Larry Anthony both speak several on-screen lines, yet are not listed in the closing credits.

In the original story outline, Professor Crater was, at one point, supposed to drive a futuristic tractor around the archaeological site.

Sulu's botanical collection was much more lavish in George Clayton Johnson's original script, including a plant resembling the face of a Chinese dog, etc. This was eliminated for budgetary reasons, Beauregard remaining the only moving "exotic plant".

Guest stars Jeanne Bal and Vince Howard were both regular performers playing faculty members on Mr. Novak (1963), which many future Trek performers guested (including George Takei and Walter Koenig).

In early episodes like this one, there are up and down indicators that light up outside the turbolifts. Although they are seen in subsequent episodes, only in the earliest ones do they actually light up to indicate direction of travel. Elevator indicator lights later show up in engineering above one of the consoles.

The bridge sound effects still retain sounds from the two pilots. By the time Gene Roddenberry left as producer, those original sounds were not heard again, with the brief exceptions of being heard while on the bridges of the Exeter and the Lexington. The DVD releases, however, have overlaid these older sound effects in every episode. They are presented as "rear channel" sounds which gives the episodes a "surround sound" effect.

When Nancy Crater first walks into the dig headquarters, Nichelle Nichols' singing from Star Trek: Charlie X (1966) is briefly dubbed in. Curiously, Nancy's mouth does not appear to move as she is singing.

The shot of the computer monitor in sickbay, then in McCoy's quarters is the same shot, is recycled from Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (1966) (with the close-ups of Kirk and Spock matted in during post-production).

Kirk's run down the corridor to the sickbay is recycled footage from Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966) as is a reaction shot of Kirk when Spock is telling him about the Borgia plant on the sickbay video display interface.

Professor Crater's weapon is the MK. 2 version laser pistol seen in only two other episodes; Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966) and Star Trek: What Are Little Girls Made Of? (1966)

The statue near the entrance of the Crater home can later be seen in Spock's quarters in Star Trek: Amok Time (1967) and subsequent episodes. In a blooper shot, a man's arm can be seen putting a cigar into the statue's mouth.

The episode made an impression on future Star Trek: Enterprise (2001) staff writer Chris Black, who was in kindergarten at the time he saw the installment. "I remember [...] seeing the salt vampire,' the M-113 creature, and running out of the room in terror".

In Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek Memories (1983), Leonard Nimoy mentioned the fact that NBC chose to air this episode first, since (at least to the network) it was "proper" science fiction with a "proper" alien menace. Nimoy also stated that of the episodes the cast and crew had already completed, this was their least favourite.

When it came for the set to be redressed to appear as the ship's sickbay, Marc Daniels made the decision that Vulcans should have green blood for the scene in which Spock bleeds, but Gene Roddenberry disliked it and attempted to have it corrected in post-production.

In post-production, Robert H. Justman recommended that there needed to be an opening narration added. Gene Roddenberry agreed and wrote new lines for a Captain's log.

Optical effects work was quicker than other episodes, with Howard A. Anderson, Jr. taking two months rather than up to three times as long for other episodes.

Gene Roddenberry disliked Alexander Courage's score for the episode.

During the writing process, there was some consideration by the productions given to what the creature would look like. Robert H. Justman suggested to Gene Roddenberry that it could be some sort of "terrifying, young lady" with a similar appearance to the green skinned Orion slave girl seen in Star Trek: The Cage (1986), but blue skinned and with orange hair. Roddenberry thought that the idea was good, but said that they had to keep to it being an "animal" as that was what NBC had already agreed. George Clayton Johnson had envisaged the creature as a refugee with "ashen skin" wearing "gunnysack clothing". Marc Daniels had some apprehension about using a monster of the week format, asking "Do you go for cheap thrills or a more intelligent approach?", adding that they decided to "treat everything as if it were real" in order to ensure that the audience bought into it.

The creature, masquerading as Crewman Green, wanders around the ship for quite a while with his phaser on his hip. Inexplicably, no one notices this deviation from the normal practice of returning phasers to the armory after an away mission.

This was the first episode that David Gerrold viewed. Watching it upon its first airing, Gerrold was thrilled by what he saw, later reminiscing, "I watched it eagerly. I was amazed that something this imaginative had made it to television."

The suit worn by Barnhart bears a strong resemblance to the radiation suits seen in The Outer Limits: Production and Decay of Strange Particles (1964) (guest-starring Leonard Nimoy), even down to the numbers seen on the suit. There were several other alien creature costume holdovers from _The Outer Limits_ that would appear in Star Trek (1966), most notably creatures, created by Janos Prohaska, modified to create creatures seen in the Talos IV zoo in Star Trek: The Cage (1986) and the Horta in Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark (1967).

In one of the red alert scenes on an Enterprise corridor, the crewmen are wearing turtleneck uniforms. It is a recycled (originally unused) shot from Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966). (It can be seen at the beginning of Act One, in the original, pre-broadcast version of the second pilot.)

Nancy Crater was born in 2229. Body count: 7.

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