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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 08. Charlie X


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 08. Charlie X

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 08. Charlie X

Season:    1
Air Date:    1966-09-15
Stardate:    1533.6
Writer:    Dorothy C. Fontana
Story:    Gene Roddenberry
Director:    Lawrence Dobkin
Guests:    Robert Walker, Jr. (Charlie X?), Abraham Sofaer, Patricia McNulty, Charles J. Stewart, Dallas Mitchell

The Enterprise (crew of 420) takes charge of Charlie Evans from the science probe vessel Antares (crew of 20) in order to transport him to his nearest living relatives on Earth colony Alpha 5. Captain Remart and navigator Nellis sing the praises of Charlie, the sole survivor of a transport crash on the planet Thesus 14 years previously. Charlie appears to be quite bright, and has learned to talk from the crashed ship's data tapes. After dropping Charlie off, Remart and his crew bid the Enterprise what appears to be an unusually hastened adieu and return to their ship.

On the Enterprise, Charlie tells McCoy that the crew of the science ship didn't like him, and that he wants people to like him. Charlie then proceeds to fall in love with Yeoman Janice Rand. He pats her rump (which she objects to) and gives her a bottle of perfume, her favorite kind. Charlie meets Rand later in the Recreation Room, where Spock is playing a Vulcan musical instrument and Uhura is (attempting) to sing. Charlie shows good taste by not enjoying the singing, and causes Uhura to run out of breath. When the Antares is almost out of communications range, it starts to warn the Enterprise about something, then disintegrates. After the spontaneous destruction of the Antares, Charlie makes the curious and sinister-sounding comment that "it wasn't very well constructed." Shortly thereafter, another strange event takes place when the cook reports that the synthetic meatloaf has been transformed into real turkeys! Back in the Rec Room, Kirk manages to beat Spock at 3-D chess, implausibly beating Spock's logic with his own quirky strategy. Charlie is intrigued by the game and tries to duplicate the feat. After losing, he causes the white chess pieces to melt, revealing that he has both a bad temper and rather scary telekinetic powers.

Rand introduces Charlie to Yeoman third class Tina Lawton, but Charlie is only interested in Rand and brushes Tina off. Kirk, doing his best to instill Charlie with manly qualities, attempts to teach him how to fight using some curious mallet objects. When Kirk's training partner Sam laughs at one of Charlie's falls, Charlie makes him "go away." This demonstrates to Kirk and Spock that Charlie has the power to manipulate matter. Kirk calls security guards to escort Charlie to his quarters, but Charlie objects and causes all phasers on the ship to vanish.

Kirk suspects that Charlie has been given certain powers which legend ascribes to an ancient race of Thesians and confronts Charlie. Charlie admits he destroyed the Antares by making the warped baffle plate on the shield of the energy piling go away, but claims it would have blown up anyway. When Charlie discovers that Kirk plans to divert from Alpha 5, he takes control of the Enterprise and its crew. He forces Spock ("Mr. Ears") to recite poetry ("Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright" and "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary"). He then turns Tina into a lizard and bursts in on Rand. When she spurns his advances, he makes her disappear. Kirk and Spock attempt to lock Charlie in a detention chamber, but to no avail. Charlie goes on a rampage, turning a young crew member into an old woman and removing the faces from some crew members who are laughing. Kirk, Bones, and Spock try to distract Charlie by overloading him with activity, but do not meet with success until a Thesians vessel approaches the Enterprise. The Thesians return Yeoman Rand, apologize to Kirk, and take Charlie away to live alone with them.


Captain's Log, star date 1533.6.
Now maneuvering to come alongside
cargo vessel Antares.
Its captain and first officer
are beaming over to us with an unusual passenger.
All right, Chief, begin materialization.
Captain Ramart, I'm Captain Kirk.
This is my navigator Tom Nellis.
How do you do?
And this is our young castaway Charlie,
Charlie Evans, his dossier.
Mr. Evans.
We've heard a great deal about you.
Welcome aboard.
[Ramart] Wonderful boy, Charlie.
It's been a great pleasure having him aboard with us.
The things that he's learned...
To think he spent practically his whole life
alone on that planet.
How many humans like me on this ship?
Like a whole city in space, Charlie.
Over 400 in the crew of a starship,
aren't there, Captain?
428, to be exact.
Anything we can do for you, Captain?
Medical supplies, provisions?
All human, like me.
That's exciting.
Is that the right word?
That's perfect, the exact word.
We'd like to keep Charlie with us.
But with his closest living relatives on Colony 5
and your vessel going that way--
I'd like to see your ship now.
The people and everything.
You keep interrupting, Mr. Evans.
That's considered wrong.
I'm sorry.
We have a large supply of entertainment tapes.
No. We've a tight schedule to make, Captain.
Just 20 of us, we're making out fine.
This must be a space first.
A transport ship that doesn't need anything?
Not even Sarian brandy?
We're fine, thank you.
Pleasant journey, Captain.
Thank you.
Yeoman Rand, this is Charles Evans.
Show him to his quarters
and drop his records off at Dr. McCoy's office.
Yes, sir.
Come with me, please.
A-Are you a girl?
Is that a girl?
That's a girl.
Space--the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain's Log, star date 1533.7.
We have taken aboard an unusual passenger
for transport to Colony Alpha 5--
Charles Evans,
the sole survivor of a transport crash 14 years ago.
The child, alone from age 3,
has not only survived,
but has grown to intelligent, healthy adolescence.
Tell me, um, the, uh, ship's supply of food concentrates
couldn't have lasted 14 years.
After that I found other things to eat,
just...growing around.
And you learned to talk
by just listening to the ship's tapes?
The memory banks still worked.
They talked to me, and I talked back.
You're a 4-0.
A what?
4-0, 100%, sound of wind and limb.
That--That Captain...Kirk?
Why does he call me Mr. Evans?
'Cause that's your name.
He's not...
He isn't like Captain Ramart.
Well, no.
Captain Kirk is one of a kind, Charlie.
Do you like me?
Why not?
The other ship, they didn't like me.
I tried.
I'm trying to make people like me.
I want them to like me.
Most 17-year-olds do.
Come on. Let's go.
I'll show you to your quarters.
Hey, I'll put the equipment away.
See you in the rec room, huh?
You got a deal.
All right.
I brought you a present.
Oh, thank you.
I really appreciate it, but...but I have to go.
I-l'm on duty.
Do you like that kind?
Yes, l...
It's my favorite!
Where did you get it?
They don't have any in the ship's stores.
It's a present.
I know,
but where did...
Gee, I'm late, Charlie.
I--I really have to go.
Can't you stay and talk?
Look, I'm off duty at 1400.
Why don't you join me
in recreation room 6, deck 3.
You got a deal.
Oh, I thought...
Don't be angry. I didn't...
I wanted...
Charlie, you--you...
You just don't go around slapping girls on the...
It's okay, but, uh, just don't do it again.
Don't be angry.
Look, why don't you tell Captain Kirk
or Dr. McCoy what you did.
They'll explain it to you, okay?
I will.
But tell me, what reason would he have to lie
if there are Thasians?
That is a very intriguing question.
Scanners show no disturbances
in this quadrant, Captain.
Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock is working out--
Excuse me, Captain. Status report.
Thank you.
He's working out a training program for Charlie Evans--
Earth history, his own background, that sort of thing.
I'd like you to give him
the necessary medical orientation
on the problems of, um...uh...
Wouldn't it be better for a father image?
He already looks up to you.
The job is yours.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
Didn't the boy make any reference to Thasians?
Do you believe the legend, Mr. Spock,
that Thasians still exist on that planet?
Charlie's existence proves there must be
some intelligent form of life on Thasus.
He could not possibly have survived alone.
The ship's food would have been exhausted in a year.
He would have eaten fruits, vegetables.
Probes of Thasus indicate very little edible life.
Probes have been wrong.
Doctor, are you speaking
scientifically or emotionally?
Gentlemen, the fact is the boy is here
and he's alive and he needs our help.
And he needs a guide and father image, Jim.
I'll depend on your astute abilities
to supply him with that...
or find him one.
[Music Plays]
[Uhura Hums]
I'm sorry.
I did it again, didn't l?
[Music Plays]
Oh, on the starship Enterprise
There's someone who's in Satan's guise
Whose devil ears and devil eyes
Could rip your heart from you
[Crew Laughs]
At first, his look could hypnotize
And then his touch would barbarize
His alien love could victimize
And rip your heart from you
And that's why female astronauts
Oh, very female astronauts
Wait terrified and overwrought
To find what he will do
Oh, girls in space, be wary
Be wary, be wary
Girls in space, be wary
We know not what he'll do
One more time!
Now from a planet out in space
There comes a lad, not commonplace
A-seeking out his first embrace
He's saving it for you
Oh, Charlie's our new darling
Our darling, our darling
Charlie's our new darling
We know not what he'll do
Want to see something?
Turn them over.
Well, how did you do that?
I can do a lot of card tricks.
One of the men on the Antares showed me.
I don't believe it!
On Earth today, it's Thanksgiving.
If the crew has to eat synthetic meat loaf,
I want it to look like turkey.
I'm supposed to ask you something.
Why shouldn't l...
I don't know how to explain it.
Say it right out. That usually works.
Well, in the corridor I saw...
When Janice...
When Yeoman Rand was...
Well, I did that to her.
She didn't like it.
She said you'd explain it to me.
I see, well, um...
Uh, there are things you can do with a lady,
uh, Charlie, that you...
Uh, there's no right way to hit a woman.
I mean, man to man is one thing,
but, um, man and woman, uh, it's, uh...
is, uh...
Well, it's, uh, another thing.
Do you understand?
- I don't know. - [Intercom Whistles]
Captain Kirk.
Excuse me.
Kirk here.
Captain Ramart of the Antares is on ''D'' channel.
I'm on my way to the bridge.
Can I come?
I don't think so.
I won't get in the way.
Can you boost your power, Antares?
We're barely reading your transmission.
We are at full power, Enterprise.
I must speak to Captain Kirk.
Kirk here, Captain Ramart.
Captain, we're just barely in range.
I've got to warn--
Re-establish contact.
They're not transmitting.
Keep trying.
It wasn't very well constructed.
Sweep the area of the Antares transmission
with our probe scanners, Mr. Spock.
Affirmative, Captain.
You think something happened to the Antares, Charlie?
I--I don't know.
Picking up some debris on our scanners, Captain.
What about the Antares?
The debris is what's left of the Antares.
Captain Kirk from ship's galley.
Kirk here.
Sir, I put meat loaf in the ovens.
There's turkeys in there now,
real turkeys.
Chief, have you--
Captain's Log, star date 1535.8.
USFA headquarters notified of the mysterious loss
of science probe vessel Antares.
Your mind is not on the game, Captain.
The Antares?
A survey ship with 20 men aboard lost.
No reason.
Obviously, Captain Ramart
was not aware of any trouble.
I can't figure it.
My own concern is more immediate--
the boy.
I can usually follow you, Mr. Spock,
but this time...
he seemed to know what happened to the Antares
before we did.
I'd call it a pretty long reach for evidence.
Come in, Charlie.
And again.
Your illogical approach to chess
does have its advantages
on occasion, Captain.
I'd prefer to call it inspired.
As you wish.
At any rate, the game is yours.
You play chess, Charlie?
Oh, l... I watched them play on the Antares.
Can I try?
I place you in the hands of our chess master.
The principles of three-dimensional chess
are basically mathematic, Charlie.
You put the white here
and the black on the secondary level.
I know what it is. Let's play.
Very well.
That was a mistake, Charlie.
No, it wasn't.
No, it isn't.
If you'll excuse me.
Oh, Charlie.
I was looking for you.
I'd like you to meet Tina Lawton, Yeoman Third Class.
Charlie Evans.
Hello, Charlie.
I thought you might enjoy meeting someone your own age.
Can I talk to you...alone?
Charlie, Tina's...
Excuse me.
I must be wanted somewhere.
That was...
That was rude and completely uncalled-for.
But I want to talk to you.
That's no excuse.
Better learn that right now.
You have to live with people, Charlie.
You're not alone anymore.
But she's not as...
She doesn't...
She's not the same...
Not like you.
She's... She's just a girl.
You smell like a girl.
All the other girls on the ship, they...
they look just like Tina.
You're the only one...
who looks like you.
You can understand, can't you?
You know about... being with somebody?
Wanting to be?
If I had the whole universe...
I'd give it to you.
When I see you, l...
I feel like I'm hungry...
all over.
Do you know how that feels?
I wasn't sure I should, uh,
talk to you about this.
Charlie's 17 years old.
Exactly, and he's--
I talked to him about the swat.
It's not that.
Captain, I've seen the look before,
and if something isn't done,
sooner or later I'm going to have to hurt him.
Tell him to leave me alone.
That wouldn't be good for him right now.
You see, I'm his first crush,
his first love,
and his first--
Yes, Yeoman, I'll talk to him.
I'll look into it.
Thank you, sir.
Come in, Charlie.
Uh, Charlie...
Charlie, do you know, uh...
anything about this chess piece.
Do you notice anything peculiar in them...
when you were using them this afternoon?
No, sir. Is that all?
Sit down.
Charlie, being 17
is more than how many years you've lived.
It's a whole other thing.
Dr. McCoy could probably
explain the biological conditions.
Well, let's--Iet's use a specific.
Yeoman Rand is a woman.
Oh, I won't hit her like that anymore.
There's more to it than that.
Everything I do or say is wrong.
I'm in the way, I don't know the rules,
and when I learn something and try to do it,
suddenly I'm wrong!
Now wait...
I don't know what I am...
or what I'm supposed to be
or even who.
I don't know why I hurt so much inside.
You'll live, believe me.
There's nothing wrong with you
that hasn't gone wrong with every other human male
since the model first came up.
What if you care for someone?
What do you do?
You go slow.
Give it a while.
You'll be gentle.
I mean, it's not a one-way street, you know,
how you feel and that's all.
It's how the girl feels, too.
Don't press, Charlie.
If the girl feels...
anything for you at all,
you'll know it.
You understand?
You don't think Janice...
She could love me!
She's not the girl, Charlie.
The years are wrong, for one thing,
and there are other things.
She can.
No, Charlie.
- She is. - No.
But if I did what you said!
There are a million things in this universe you can have
and a million things you can't have.
It's no fun facing that,
but that's the way things are.
Then what am I going to do?
Hang on tight and survive.
Everybody does.
You don't.
Everybody, Charlie. Me, too.
I'm trying...
but I don't know how.
[Intercom Whistles]
Kirk, here.
[Uhura] You asked to be notified
when we were to make our course adjustments, sir.
Ask Mr. Spock to see to it.
Charlie, come on with me.
You've got to slap the floor
to absorb the energy when you fall.
Go ahead. Try it.
Like everything else, it takes practice.
Try again.
Good. That's much better.
Now I'll show you a shoulder roll.
Try that.
I don't want to do that.
It makes it hard to teach you--
I don't want to do that.
All right, Charlie. Lesson's over for today.
You were going to teach me how to fight.
You have to learn to protect yourself in a fall first.
It's more than teaching you to defend yourself.
Charlie, I want you to learn...
Hey, Sam, let me borrow you
for a couple easy throws, all right?
Watch this, Charlie.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
Now I'll throw him.
Here we go, Sam.
That looks hard.
Come on, Charlie. Try it.
Attaboy. Let's get over.
[Sam Laughs]
That wasn't so bad, was it?
Don't laugh at me.
Don't laugh at me!
He shouldn't have done that.
It's not nice to laugh at people.
What happened to him, Charlie?
He's gone.
That's no answer.
He's gone!
I didn't mean to do that.
He made me do it!
He laughed at me.
Kirk here. Two men from security, on the double.
What are you going to do to me?
I'm confining you to quarters.
You stay there.
I won't let them hurt me.
I'll make them go away, too.
They won't hurt you, Charlie.
They'll take you to your quarters. Go with them.
Go to your quarters.
He was going to hurt me.
Go to your quarters
or I'll pick you up and carry you there.
I won't let you.
That's your choice, Charlie.
I won't let them hurt me.
They won't hurt you.
[Intercom Whistles]
[Uhura] Captain Kirk.
Kirk here.
Security reports that all phaser weapons have disappeared.
Shall I repeat, Captain?
No, I heard you.
Have Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock meet me in the briefing room.
Thasians have been referred to in our records
as having the power to transmute objects
or render substances invisible.
It's generally been regarded as legend,
but Charlie seems to possess this power.
What are chances Charlie's not an Earthling
but a Thasian?
No, I don't think so,
unless they're exactly like Earthlings.
The development of his fingers and toes
exactly matches present development of man.
Well, whatever he is,
we've some idea of his power.
I know what I saw in the gymnasium.
Considering the effect
normal adolescents have on a home, Charlie...
Short-tempered, because he doesn't understand.
He needs, he wants. Nothing happens fast enough.
The probability is he's responsible
for the destruction of the Antares,
which indicates total disregard for human life.
He doesn't understand what life is.
He's a boy.
Well, what do we do with this boy, Jim?
How do we keep him caged up?
It goes even further, Doctor.
We can't take him to Earth Colony 5.
Imagine what he'd do in an open, normal environment.
I've talked with him, listened.
He's a boy in a man's body trying to be adult,
adolescence getting in the way.
With a weapon in him,
which could destroy you or anyone
anywhere on this ship.
Well, for the moment he's stopped.
You're an authority he respects, Jim.
The struggle must remain between you and him.
Should any of us interfere...
You wanted to ask me something he said.
Are you responsible for what happened
to the Antares, Charlie?
Answer me.
There was a warped baffle-plate
on their energy pile shield.
I made it go away.
It would've blown up anyway.
Well, they weren't nice to me!
They wanted to get rid of me.
They don't now.
What about us, Charlie?
I don't know.
We're in the hands of an adolescent.
Lieutenant, raise Colony 5.
I want to speak directly to the governor.
Navigator, lay a course away from Colony 5.
Buy me some time.
Spock, get the doctor up here on the double.
How bad is it?
I think it's all right, sir.
There's no reason for that panel
to cross-circuit like that.
I checked it over myself not 15 minutes ago.
Captain, I can't feed any course coordinates
into the panel, sir.
It rejects the course change.
Helm doesn't respond either, sir.
Mr. Spock, you getting any instrument readings?
Yes, sir. There's a--
''Tiger, tiger, burning bright
in the forest of the night.''
Mr. Spock.
I'm trying to--
''Saturn rings around my head,
down a road that's Martian red.''
You're trying to change course, Captain.
You can't.
I want to get to Colony 5 as soon as we can.
Release the transmitter.
You don't need all that subspace chatter.
What's going on here?
Spock calls me to the bridge
and goes into some kind of poetry.
See to her, Doctor.
''Once upon a midnight dreary
while I pondered, weak and weary...''
Very nice, Mr. Ears.
I can make him do anything--
whirl around, laugh, anything.
That's enough, Charlie.
Don't you think he's funny?
I think he's funny.
Leave my crew alone.
Jim, he'll soon reach a point
where he won't back down.
I know.
Charlie, what's wrong?
I have something for you.
Pink is your favorite, isn't it?
You don't walk into a room without knocking.
Don't ever lock your door on me again, Janice.
I love you.
I'll lock it when I please.
What is it you want, anyway?
I only want to be nice to you.
I can give you anything.
Just--Just tell me.
I want you to get out.
But I only want to be nice to you.
Get out, Charlie.
I can't make it any plainer than that.
I love you.
You don't know what the word means.
Then show me.
Why did she do that?
I loved her,
but she wasn't nice at all.
What you did wasn't nice either,
but I still need you, Captain.
The Enterprise isn't quite like the Antares.
Running the Antares was easy.
You have to be nice.
All right?
Mr. Spock?
My legs--
They're broken.
Let him go, too, Charlie.
Because I'm telling you to.
You need me to run the ship, and I need him.
If you try to hurt me again,
I'll make lots of people go away.
And what about Yeoman Janice?
Is she dead?
Gone? Destroyed?
I won't tell you.
Growing up isn't so much.
I'm not a man, and I can do anything!
You can't.
I'll activate the force field myself.
You can return to your section.
He had a mean look.
I had to freeze him.
I like happy looks.
Aren't you coming in?
That wasn't nice.
You'll be sorry.
You wait. You'll see.
You'll be sorry you did that.
You will.
No laughing!
Aah! Aah!
Captain Kirk...
my instruments show we're receiving a message
on subspace frequency 3, ship-to-ship.
I can't hear it, sir.
You're creating that message, Charlie,
or you're blocking one that's coming in.
It's my game, Captain.
You have to find out.
Like you said, that's how the game's played.
You can have it now.
I've locked on course for Colony 5 again.
I've waited long enough.
I'm going to take him on.
You don't have any special immunity.
Not anymore.
Push far enough,
he'd send you to oblivion, too.
Mr. Spock?
Out of the question.
Wait a minute.
Does Charlie...
Now, wait...
Spock, has he done away with anybody
since he took over?
Not so far as we know.
Then maybe he can't.
Could be he's overreached himself.
It's a big ship. He's taken full control.
If we could tax his power--
turn on every device on the ship,
every circuit, every light, all of it--
and while he's fighting that,
if I could distract him,
maybe you could tranquilize him,
keep him under,
until we reach Colony 5.
Risky, Jim.
If we don't try, Doctor,
he'll get rid of us anyway.
There's no choice, gentlemen,
none at all.
I can make you all go away...
anytime I want to.
Get out of my chair and get out now.
I've got your ship, Captain.
Maybe, Charlie,
but I don't think you can handle any more.
I think you've reached your limit
and can't take on one more thing.
But you're going to have to.
I could've sent you away before, but I didn't.
You're going to have to take me on.
Don't make me do it.
You've got my ship, and I want it back.
I want my crew back whole,
if I have to break your neck to do it!
Don't push me.
Aah! Aah!
I'm sorry...
[Receiver Crackles]
Stop that.
I said stop it!
Captain, the navigation console is clear now.
The ship is answering the helm.
Sir, something off our starboard bow.
The message says they're from Thasus.
Captain, how did l--
It's all right, Yeoman.
Sensors show something's there.
Deflectors indicate no solid substance.
Oh, no, please...
don't let them take me.
I can't live with them anymore!
You're my friends.
You said you were my friends. Remember?
When I came aboard!
I want to go home.
Take me home.
I have taken my form centuries ago,
so that I may communicate with you.
We did not realize until too late
that the boy had gone.
We are saddened that his escape
cost the lives of the first ship.
We could not help them,
but we have returned your people
and your ship to you.
Everything is as it was.
Oh, I won't do it again.
Please, I'll be good.
I won't ever do it again.
I'm sorry about the Antares.
I'm sorry!
When I came aboard!
I want to go with you.
Help me!
The boy belongs with his own kind.
That would be impossible.
We can teach him to live in our society.
If he can be taught not to use his power...
We gave him power so he could live.
He will use it always,
and he would destroy you and your kind,
or you would be forced to destroy him
to save yourselves.
Is there nothing you can do?
We offer him life,
and we will take care of him.
Come, Charles.
Oh, please...
Don't let them take me.
I can't even touch them!
They can't feel.
Not like you!
They don't love!
I want to stay...
[Uhura] Charlie's back on board the Thasian ship, sir.
They signaled they're leaving.
It's all right, Yeoman.
It's all over now.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 08. Charlie X

Enterprise has spikes on the front of it's nacelles and an extended bridge dome.

True to his training as a Method actor, Robert Walker Jr. chose to remain in his dressing room and not interact with any members of the cast as this would help his characterization of a strange, aloof person.
24 of 25 (Trivia Rating)

In the original script, Uhura was to amuse the crew by performing as a trained mimic, imitating Spock and other officers. This was changed to her singing a song about Spock, followed by a spoof of the 18th-century Scottish love song "Charlie is my Darling," in order to highlight Nichelle Nichols' singing talent.
22 of 23 (Trivia Rating)

Robert Walker Jr. was 26 when he played the 17 year old Charlie Evans.
20 of 21 (Trivia Rating)

Some of the things now considered everyday items in Star Trek are missing during the early episodes. In this one, the Enterprise has a cook who prepares meals for the crew. The Yeoman also talks of searching through "ship's stores." The use of replicators to create food and other materials had not yet been conceived of but would become commonplace by Star Trek: Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967).
17 of 18 (Trivia Rating)

Captain Kirk reveals that there are 428 crew aboard the Enterprise.
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The term "United Federation of Planets" had not been developed when this episode was made. The series frequently changed the name of the organization which the Enterprise serves during the early episodes. In this one it's "United Earth Space Probe Agency" or UESPA, pronounced by Captain Kirk as "you spa." This name was later used in Star Trek: Enterprise (2001) for one of the Federation's precursor agencies.
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Scotty and Sulu do not appear in this episode, although two words of Sulu's dialogue from Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966) are dubbed in when Kirk calls the bridge from the gymnasium.
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During the lounge scene, where Uhura sings a song about Charlie, Spock is seen smiling as he accompanies her on a harp-like instrument. This is one of the few times in the series that Spock smiles, while not under the influence of a substance or someone's mind control powers.
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In the original outline, Gene Roddenberry's working titles were The Day Charlie Became God, or Charlie Is God. These would almost certainly have been problematic to the network censors, so the title was changed to Charlie's Law, then settled on Charlie X, as X denotes the unknown. However, the title Charlie's Law was retained in the book-form tie-in, novelized by James Blish.
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William Shatner had his chest shaved for this episode. In the next episode to be aired, Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966), he clearly has a hairy chest, as that episode was filmed a good year before this one.
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First script for the series by D.C. Fontana would go on to become the story editor for the series.
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A portion of this episode takes place on a date which is revealed to be the Earth date of Thanksgiving.
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Charlie Evans' character-nature, back-story, and superhuman powers, are remarkably similar to those of Valentine Michael "Mike" Smith, the main character of Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, a 1961 novel which became one of the "bibles" of the hippie movement. It's possible that this was just a coincidence, as both stories resemble Jerome Bixby's "It's a Good Life" from 1953 (see elsewhere on page).
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This takes place in November 2266.
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When Charlie knocks Spock against the wall of the Enterprise, it creates a crack in the wall of the sheet rock set. In subsequent shots during the same scene, actor Leonard Nimoy is positioned in front of the crack so it doesn't show.
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The director Lawrence Dobkin would later play Ambassador Kell in Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Mind's Eye (1991).
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This episode was originally scheduled to air further into the season, as all action took place aboard the Enterprise and it was basically a teenage melodrama set in the space age, both which NBC disliked. However, as it required no new outer space special effects shots (actually all Enterprise shots are recycled from the two pilots), its post-production took less time than other episodes, and it was chosen to be the second episode to air out of necessity, as other episodes were not ready for the deadline. The Antares was originally to be shown on screen, however when the early airdate was commissioned, this was eliminated.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) writer/producer Ira Steven Behr says that this is the episode that "won him over".
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This is the only episode shot after the pilots to have no exterior views of the Enterprise using the updated "series" model. All of the shots are footage from Star Trek: The Cage (1986) and Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966).
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After this episode William Shatner only wore tights once more, in Star Trek: Errand of Mercy (1967). He later poked fun at his costume in this episode when clips of it were shown as part of How William Shatner Changed the World (2005).
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During the first-season episodes, cinematographer Gerald Perry Finnerman was encouraged to maximize placement of coloured background lighting to add exotic warmth to the gray walls of the Enterprise set. This was a major promotional point for NBC, as Star Trek was a selling point for colour televisions. As pressure to complete episodes grew, this touch gradually faded from the series. NBC was owned at the time by RCA, a major manufacturer of color television sets.
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This is the first time we see the brig in the series, although the electrically charged "bars" that emerge from either side of the doorway were removed and replaced with lights hereafter. During season two, it was given a permanent location in the hallway leading to the engineering set (which is near this set across the hallway). This same spot is used as the guest quarters in Star Trek: The Conscience of the King (1966), and as part of engineering in Star Trek: The Alternative Factor (1967). Finally, it becomes the medical lab in "Star Trek" (1966) {Operation - Annihilate! (#1.29)}.
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When Kirk and Charlie have their final confrontation, the camera moves to a rare floor-level view of the bridge. This close-up shows that the set is carpeted. This was probably done as a noise-absorber, given the propensity of the set to pick up noises like plumbing and squeaking floors. The material itself is Ozite, a portion of which was sold at the Profiles in History Star Trek auction in June 2002.
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The bench on which Sam was sitting when he was zapped turned up later in other episodes. In Star Trek: Court Martial (1967), it held the wrench that Ben Finney snatched in his attempt to club Kirk. In Star Trek: This Side of Paradise (1967), it was topped off by the metal tray that Spock grabs during his fight with Kirk in the transporter room.
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The episode some of the show's early inconsistencies regarding costuming. Yeoman Lawton is shown wearing a blue uniform, indicating the Medical/Science division, not the red colored Yeoman's uniform representing the Ship's Services division. The coloring could indicate Lawton's position as a Third Class Yeoman, or that the Medical or Science Departments could have been served by their own staff of Yeomans. Also, the female officer Charlie transforms into an old woman wears a two piece shirt and trousers uniform, not a one piece mink skirted uniform worn by other female officers shown on the series.
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Still not firmly set in his characterization in this early episode, Spock shows both irritation and amusement as Uhura makes fun of him. It seems that he has learned how to express irritation ("Ah yes, one of your Earth emotions") fairly quickly since the events of Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966).
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It is possible that "Charlie X" was inspired by Jerome Bixby's 1953 short fiction "It's a Good Life," which had been filmed as The Twilight Zone: It's a Good Life (1961) five years before this one.
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Gene Roddenberry had written a one-sentence synopsis of this episode on the first page of his original series outline for Star Trek (1966) under the title "The Day Charlie Became God." The page is reproduced in the Herbert F. Solow/Robert H. Justman volume Inside Star Trek: The Real Story. Writer D.C. Fontana also confirmed that the episode was based on that story idea. Fontana developed the story and wrote the teleplay, but Roddenberry received story credit.
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The opening credits of this episode are the same as those used in Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966), which included a "Created by Gene Roddenberry" credit. The credits at the close of the episode only list Roddenberry as Producer. Also, the credits for William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are missing the "starring" and "also starring" designations. This episode followed Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966) in airdate order. The main titles were standardized for syndication, however the DVD prints restore the titles to their original configuration.
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This episode was directed by Lawrence Dobkin, who later guest-starred as Ambassador Kell in Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Mind's Eye (1991).
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This was one of only three episodes of the first season that didn't show Vina in the last closing still. The other two episodes were Star Trek: What Are Little Girls Made Of? (1966) and Star Trek: Dagger of the Mind (1966).
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James Doohan and George Takei do not appear in this episode, although two words of Takei's dialog from Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966) are dubbed in when Kirk calls the bridge from the gymnasium.
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Although it may not canonically represent the creative staff's intentions, the novelization by James Blish in Star Trek 1 identifies the unnamed crewman named Sam (that Charlie "disposes" of) as Sam Ellis, an officer on McCoy's medical staff. The episode novelization made it clear that he, along with all of the officers who were disfigured by Charlie, were "restored" along with Rand when the Thasians intervened. However, the USS Antares could not be saved because, as the Thasian explained, it was destroyed "in this frame" whereas the zapped Enterprise personnel were "kept intact in the next frame."
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This is the first of six original series episodes that takes place entirely aboard the Enterprise. The others are Star Trek: The Changeling (1967), Star Trek: Journey to Babel (1967) (Babel itself is never seen), Star Trek: Elaan of Troyius (1968), Star Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968), and Star Trek: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (1969). Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine (1967), Star Trek: The Ultimate Computer (1968), Star Trek: The Immunity Syndrome (1968), and Star Trek: The Tholian Web (1968) were also filmed using only the Enterprise sets, including that of the shuttlecraft interior, but some of the action in these episodes took place on other Constitution-class starships. By any reasonable definition, each of these entries qualifies as a bottle show.
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The grates in the floors of the corridors disappeared in later episodes. In one scene, Charlie takes great delight in watching a technician lower some tubing into one of these floor grates.
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In the scene in Rand's quarters, when Charlie flings Kirk and Spock against the wall, the wall has a hole punched in it. On an earlier take, Leonard Nimoy had struck the wall too forcefully. This alternate take can be seen at the end of the episode's preview.
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The ship's gymnasium makes its first and only appearance in the series. It was originally intended to be seen in more episodes, as some of the shots showing acrobatics and gymnastics there were filmed as intended stock footage for reuse later. The gymnasium was a redress of the engineering set. The room where the gymnasts are tumbling is the redecorated briefing room.
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A large number of visual effects had to be nixed due to time constraints when the episode was moved ahead in airing schedule, to be broadcast in September (originally it was scheduled to air in November, hence the Thanksgiving reference). These included the Antares, which was called to appear on screen in the script, but ended up unseen.
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Publicity stills of Grace Lee Whitney were used on the playing cards Charlie modifies.
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Like Trelane, Apollo, and the Gorgan, (other advanced beings whose powers threatened the crew) Charlie makes his exit with fading repetition of his final words.
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After Charlie transforms Tina Lawton into an iguana, the noise the reptile makes was that of the sound made by Sylvia and Korob when they returned to their true forms at the end of Star Trek: Catspaw (1967).
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Spock's scanners in this episode make the same sound the Metron transmission does in _Arena_.
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The music accompanying Charlie's disappearance at the end of this episode, highlighted by a mournful bassoon dirge, was re-used effectively in "Space Seed" as the landing party beams onto the Botany Bay; in Star Trek: Patterns of Force (1968) for the death of John Gill; in Star Trek: The Tholian Web (1968) as Chekov witnesses the dead engineering crew on the Defiant; as Kirk wanders the empty corridors of the faux-Enterprise early in Star Trek: The Mark of Gideon (1969); and in Star Trek: The Ultimate Computer (1968) during Daystrom's final conversation with his M-5 computer.
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Charlie and the crew of the Antares are wearing old turtleneck uniforms left over from the two pilots. Also, when Charlie is causing panic on the corridors, crewmen can be seen wearing the new series shirts with old, pilot version trousers and boots.
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For most of the episode, Charlie wears a gold wraparound jacket, which appears to be an unused, early version of Kirk's green tunic made for Star Trek: The Enemy Within (1966). It is apparently too big for him.
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According to Kirk's line "On Earth today it's Thanksgiving", the beginning of this episode takes place on 22 November 2266 (assuming American Thanksgiving is meant).
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The United Earth Space Probe Agency is referenced for the first time in this episode, with the acronym "UESPA". It was mentioned again in episode Star Trek: Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967). Years later, Star Trek: Enterprise referenced UESPA in several episodes, including _Demons_.
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The song that Uhura sings to Spock and then Charlie may have been taken from an old Scottish folk song penned by Robert Burns called "Charlie, He's My Darling". The chorus in that song is almost identical to what Uhura sings.
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The line "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary" spoken by Spock while under Charlie's influence is the first line of the poem "The Raven", by Edgar Allan Poe. Spock is also forced to quote some lines from "The Tyger" by William Blake when he shouts that there is a "Tyger, Tyger burning bright, in the forests of the night".
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In the final draft, the card trick Charlie plays with Janice, which reveals her photograph on the cards, is not specified. The script simply states that Charlie performs a variety of card tricks which amaze Janice and the onlookers.
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The script called for the Antares to be seen, dwarfed by the Enterprise.
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A strange bit of dialog present in the teleplay was cut from the episode: when discussing the possible existence of Thasians, and Kirk's possible father-figure behavior to Charlie, Spock satirically asks McCoy, "Shall I schedule you to give him voodoo and superstition lessons, doctor?" McCoy replies, "You can if he provides his own chicken's teeth and penguin feathers.", and Spock tells him, "I'll see to it, doctor."
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According to D.C. Fontana, the filmed episode was basically the same as her screenplay, "There were a few line changes, not much. The images of how Charlie affected people, you know, no face so a woman couldn't talk, things like that, those were all there. (...) I noticed there really wasn't that much that was changed, it was pretty much the way I wrote it."
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Charlie Evans and Tina Lawton were both born in 2249.
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Gene Roddenberry: voice of the galley chief who says to Kirk, "Sir, I put meat loaf in the ovens. There's turkeys in there now... real turkeys!" This was his only speaking role in "Star Trek". During the second season, his disembodied hand appears in a few scenes of Star Trek: Who Mourns for Adonais? (1967).

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