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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 40. Mirror, Mirror


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 40. Mirror, Mirror

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 40. Mirror, Mirror

Season:    2
Air Date:    1967-10-06
Writer:    Jerome Bixby
Director:    Marc Daniels
Guests:    Barbara Luna (Marlena Moreau), Vic Perrin

After Kirk fails to convince the Halkan Council to allow the Federation to mine dilithium crystals on their planet, the landing party (Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura) returns to the Enterprise. Interference from an ion storm, however, causes them to be transported into a parallel universe and a mirror image Enterprise.

Now aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise (Imperial Starship Enterprise), the landing party discovers crew members who are mirror images of themselves and belong to an evil Federation known as the Empire. Their first experience is the torture of transporter operator Mr. Kyle with an agonizer for his alleged failure to beam the landing party up quickly enough. Immediately, Kirk realizes that a mirror image landing party (including an anti-Kirk) must have been beamed aboard the real U.S.S. Enterprise.

Kirk, Uhura, McCoy, and Scotty impersonate their mirror image counterparts while finding a way to return to their universe. Kirk learns that he has been ordered to annihilate the the Halkans, but piques Spock's curiosity by ordering the Enterprise to hold its fire for 12 hours. Kirk then survives an assassination attempt by Chekov when one of his party defects, and then subjects Chekov to the agony booth. Kirk also uses the computer to determine that he succeeded to command by assassinating Christopher Pike and was responsible for the death of 5000 colonists on Vega 9.

While Scotty is adjusting the transporter to return them back to the correct universe, Kirk meets Marlena, the "Captain's Woman." Meanwhile, anti-Spock has received a directive to kill Kirk if he does not carry out his orders by destroying the Halkans on the Enterprise's next orbit. Marlena shows Kirk the Tantalus Field, which he recovered from a lost civilization and has been using to eliminate his enemies.

Another assassination attempt, this time by Sulu, is crushed when Marlena uses the Tantalus Field on Sulu's co-conspirators. Kirk stalls Spock by knocking him unconscious, and Uhura, Kirk, and Scott head for the transporter room while McCoy stays behind to make sure that anti-Spock is all right. Anti-Spock the comes out of his self-induced trance and mind melds with McCoy. Discovering that a switch has occurred, anti-Spock then assists Kirk in returning his landing party to their own universe so that the Empire landing party may return to its.

When Kirk and the party return, they find that their Empire counterparts were immediately recognized and put in detention. The Enterprise's crew attributes this to the fact that it is easier for logical men to appear barbarous than for barbarous men to appear civilized.


We believe what you say, Captain Kirk,
but our position has not altered.
The Halkan Council cannot permit your Federation
to mine dilithium crystals on our planet.
We have shown the council historical proof
that our missions are peaceful.
We accept that your Federation is benevolent at present,
but the future is always in question.
Our dilithium crystals represent awesome power.
Wrongful use of that power,
even to the extent of the taking of one life,
would violate our history of total peace.
To prevent that, we would die, Captain,
as a race if necessary.
I admire your ethics
and hope to prove ours.
Kirk to Enterprise.
Spock here.
Report on magnetic storm, Mr. Spock.
Standard ion type, but quite violent and...
and unpredictable.
Rough ride?
If we stay.
Stand by to beam up landing party.
Plot an extended orbit to clear disturbance. Kirk out.
Comply, Mr. Sulu.
When may we resume discussion?
The council will meditate further,
but do not be hopeful of any change.
You do have the might
to force the crystals from us.
But we won't.
Consider that.
Transporter room, energize.
Trouble, sir.
Spock was right. It was a rough trip.
At norm, Mr. Kyle. Controls at neutral.
Yes, sir.
Status of mission, Captain?
No change.
Standard procedure, Captain?
Mr. Sulu,
you will program phaser barrage on Halkan cities.
Yes, Mr. Spock.
Their military capability, Captain?
Regrettable that this society has chosen suicide.
Mr. Kyle, you were instructed to compensate
during the ion storm.
But I tried--
Carelessness with the equipment cannot be tolerated.
Your agonizer.
No, Mr. Spock.
Your agonizer, please.
No, Mr. Spock!
I tried. I really tried.
Space-- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
To explore strange new worlds ...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain 's Log -- stardate unknown.
During an ion storm,
my landing party has beamed back to the Enterprise
and found it and the personnel aboard changed.
The ship is subtly altered physically.
Behavior and discipline has become brutal, savage.
Mr. Scott, there is some minor damage in your section.
There are also injuries requiring your attention, Doctor.
Well, gentlemen?
Mr. Spock.
The power beam jumped for a moment
as the landing party was about to materialize.
I never saw that before.
Due to your error?
No, Mr. Spock. Before.
Possibly a result of the severe storm.
Did you feel any abnormal effects?
Dr. McCoy, you better look us over.
That was a rough beam-up.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Spock.
Have those transporter circuits checked.
What is all this?
How did --
Not now. Not now.
What is this?
Everything's all messed up, changed around,
out of place.
Captain, what's happened?
No, not everything.
That spot -- I spilled acid there a year ago.
What in blazes is --
I don't know.
It's our Enterprise ...
but it isn't.
Maybe ...
Maybe what, Captain?
Any of you feel dizzy in the transporter beam?
I did.
It happened twice.
First we were in our own transporter chamber, then we faded.
Then when we finally materialized, we were here.
The transporter chief mentioned a power surge.
The transporter lock might have been affected by the ion storm
and we just materialized somewhere else.
Yes, here.
Not our universe, not our ship.
Something ...
A parallel universe coexisting with ours
on another dimensional plane.
Everything's duplicated ...
Another Enterprise.
Spock with a beard.
Another Captain Kirk, another Dr. McCoy --
An exchange.
If we're here --
Then our counterparts must have been transporting up
at the exact same time.
Similar storms on both universes disrupted the circuits.
We're here, and they're --
On our Enterprise ...
probably asking the same questions --
Are we in another universe?
How do we get back to our own?
They'll use the computer, and we have to.
What about the Halkans? We can't let them be destroyed.
Scotty, can you buy me some time?
Short out the main phaser couplings.
They'll blame the storm.
Aye, sir.
Then get on this technology.
It's all we have to work with.
The intercom may be monitored.
Use your communicators for private messages.
- Subfrequency and scramble. - Aye, sir.
- Lieutenant. - Yes, sir.
Get to your post.
Run today's communication from Starfleet Command.
I want to know my exact orders and options.
Yes, sir.
Captain, I'm ...
Uhura, you're the only one who can do it.
I'll be right there.
Yes, sir.
Bones. Let's take a look at the library.
We have a lot to learn.
Mr. Chekov, phaser setting for planetary target "A."
Coordinates 7-1 -2. Stroke 4, Mr. Sulu.
Port batteries locked.
Still no interest, Uhura?
I could change your mind.
You are away from your post, Mister.
Is the captain here? Is Spock here?
When the cat's away --
Communications status.
No storm damage, sir. All stations report normal.
You're ordered to annihilate the Halkans unless they comply.
No alternative.
[Sulu] Phasers Locked on target "A," Captain.
Approaching optimum range.
Commence fire, Captain?
Stand by, Mr. Sulu.
I've, uh ....
been ordered to check phaser couplings
for possible damage by the storm.
Do you have authorization from security, sir?
Captain's orders.
I'll have to check with Security Chief Sulu, sir.
Never mind. I'll attend to it.
Kirk here.
Phaser report, sir. No damage.
Very good. Thank you, Mr. Scott.
Kirk out.
Planet's rotation is carrying primary target
beyond arc of phaser lock.
Shall I correct orbit to new firing position?
Lock on to secondary city.
Aye, sir.
Lieutenant Uhura, contact the Halkan council.
I wish to talk to them again.
This is a new race.
They offer other things of value besides dilithium crystals.
But we cannot expect their cooperation.
They have refused the Empire.
Command procedure dictates that we provide
the customary example.
Secondary target now moving beyond our phaser lock.
Put phasers on standby, Mr. Sulu.
A serious breach of orders, Captain.
I have my reasons,
and I'll make them clear to you ...
in my own good time.
Captain, the leader on the Halkan Council is on channel "B."
It is useless to resist us.
We do not resist you.
You have 12 hours to consider your position.
12 years, Captain Kirk, or 12,000 --
We are ethically compelled to deny your demand
for our dilithium crystals,
for you would use their power to destroy.
We will level your planet and take what we want.
You will all die.
To preserve what we are.
We will not argue.
12 hours. No more.
Close communications. Turn phasers off.
Aye, sir.
12 hours, Captain?
That is unprecedented.
I shall be in my quarters.
Lieutenant Uhura.
Have Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott meet me there.
[Beep Beep]
You have placed yourself
in a most grave position.
This conduct must be reported.
You're at liberty to do so, Mr. Spock.
Deck five, sir?
So you die, Captain,
and we all move up in rank.
No one will question the assassination of a captain
who has disobeyed prime orders of the Empire.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
I command an Enterprise where officers
apparently employprivate henchmen among the crew,
where assassination of superiors
is a common means of advancing in rank.
Your men, Captain.
Easy, Farrell. I did your job.
Ask the captain.
Yes, he did your job.
Smart boy, switching to the top dog.
Get him out of here.
Mr. Chekov was going to make me a chief.
You could make me an officer.
All right. You're working for me.
A commission?
You're in line.
You might even make captain.
Yes, sir.
Not on my ship.
The booth for this one, sir?
Yes, the booth. Carry on.
Here. Here.
What's this?
It's called blood.
Watch your step.
The officers move up by assassination.
Chekov tried it on me.
Sulu is security chief, like the ancient gestapo.
My sick bay's a chamber of horrors.
My assistants were betting on the tolerance of an injured man --
How long it would take him to pass out.
Report on technology.
Mostly variations in instrumentation.
Nothing I can't handle.
Star readings?
Everything's exactly where it should be,
except us.
Let's find out where we stand.
This is the captain.
Record security research,
to be classified under my voice print or Mr. Scott's.
Produce all data relevant to the recent ion storm.
Correlate following hypothesis --
Could a storm of such magnitude
cause a power surge in the transporter circuits
creating a momentary interdimensional contact
with a parallel universe?
At such a moment,
could persons in each universe,
in the act of beaming,
transpose with their counterparts
in the other universe?
Could conditions necessary to such an event
be created artificially
using the ship's power?
Record procedure.
Scotty, can you do it?
Not by myself.
I'll need help.
And you'd be too conspicuous.
I'm a doctor, not an engineer.
Now you're an engineer.
I'll have to tap the power from the warp engines
and balance it for the four of us.
The way this ship is run --
What kind of people are we in this universe?
Let's find out.
Read out official record of current command.
Captain James T. Kirk
succeeded to command I.S.S. Enterprise
through assassination of Captain Christopher Pike.
First action -- suppression of Gorlan uprising
through destruction of rebel home planet.
Second action -- execution of 5,000 colonists
on Vega 9.
Now we know.
We can do it.
We have to lay in the automatic transporter setting,
but when we interrupt engine circuits
to tie the power increase into the transporter,
it'll show up on Sulu's security board.
Of course, we'll only need a second.
I'll tell Uhura to create a diversion
to distract Sulu -- at your signal.
Let's get back to our posts. Keep me advised.
If we're here, what are our counterparts doing
back in our universe?
On our Enterprise.
I order you ...
Let me go!
Phasers! Spock, get these men off me!
What is this?
What are you doing, Spock?
You traitorous pig.
I'll hang you up by your Vulcan ears.
I'll have you all executed!
I think not.
Your authority on this ship
is extremely limited, Captain.
You four will remain in the brig in custody
until I discover how to return you to wherever you belong.
Has everyone gone crazy?
What uniform is this? Where's your beard?
Where's my personal guard?
I can answer none of your questions at this time.
All right, Spock.
Whatever your game is, I'll play it.
You want credits, they're yours.
You'll be a rich man.
Your own command?
I can swing that, too.
Apparently some kind of transposition has taken place.
I find it ...
extremely interesting.
What is it that will buy you?
Power, Spock?
I can get that for you!
I am pleased that you frustrated Mr. Chekov's plan.
I should regret your death.
I do not desire the captaincy.
I much prefer my scientific duties.
I am frankly content to be a lesser target.
Logical, as always, Mr. Spock.
The agony booth
is a most effective means of discipline.
[Spock] I presume you've ordered full duration.
I haven't decided.
His act warrants death.
I said I haven't decided.
That is, of course, your affair.
Captain, may I inquire
if you intend to persist in your unusual course of action
regarding the Halkans?
You heard my orders.
They are, of course, in contradiction to standard Empire procedure.
You cannot ignore the consequences.
Is that a threat?
I do not threaten, Captain.
I merely state facts.
I have found you to be an excellent officer.
Our missions together
have been both successful and profitable.
I shall not permit your aberrations
to jeopardize my position.
do you think we should destroy the Halkans?
Terror must be maintained or the Empire is doomed.
It is the logic of history.
Conquest is easy. Control is not.
We may have bitten off more than we can chew.
Captain, I do not wish to find myself opposing you,
but if you continue on your present course,
this confusing, inexplicable behavior --
Is my concern, not yours.
You would find me a formidable enemy.
I'm aware of that, Captain.
I trust that you are aware of the reverse.
Orders, sir?
Release Chekov. Confine him to quarters.
Yes, sir.
That ought to hold him for about six hours.
I fell asleep.
We had quite a time in the chem lab
picking up after the storm.
Nothing compared to your day, I gather.
I heard about Chekov.
He gambled, I won.
Mm-mmm. You got lucky.
I'm surprised you could be caught off-guard that way.
I was preoccupied.
You're still in trouble with Starfleet Command.
What you've got in mind this time is beyond me.
You're scheming, of course.
The Halkans have something you want, it all some clever means
to advance you to the admiralty?
The cabinet itself?
Further than that if I'm successful.
Well ...
you must know what you're doing.
You always do.
If I'm to be the woman ...
of a Caesar ...
can't I know what you're up to?
[Intercom Whistles]
Kirk here.
Mr. Spock, Captain.
I received a private communication
from Starfleet Command.
I am committing a breach of regulations
by informing you of its contents.
Yes, Mr. Spock.
I am instructed to wait
until planet dawn over principle target
to permit you to carry out our mission.
And...if I don't?
In that event,
I am ordered to kill you
and to proceed against the Halkans
as the new captain of the Enterprise.
Captain 's Log. Stardate ...
We are trappedin a savage, parallel universe
from which we must escape within four hours,
or I will face a death sentence
at Mr. Spock's hands.
Let's drink a toast to Spock --
The only man aboard with the decency to warn you,
and he'll die for it.
You'll never find another man like him.
I don't intend to kill him.
Are you going to act against the Halkans
before the deadline?
No. But I'll avoid killing Spock.
Just get him out of the way, he and his men.
I'll get out of his way.
Shall I activate the Tantalus field?
You'll at least want to monitor him, won't you?
I hate this thing.
It's not that bad.
Of course not.
It made you captain.
How many enemies have you simply
wiped out of existence by the touch of a button?
50, 100?
I always thought that was funny --
The great, powerful Captain Kirk
who owes everything to some unknown alien scientist
and a plundered laboratory.
Well, if you don't take advantage of your opportunities ...
You don't rise to the command of a starship ...
or even higher.
That magnificent mind of his.
But it can't protect him from this.
I press it and he dies.
Now --
You really mean it.
It doesn't matter.
If Spock fails his order,
he'll be killed anyway.
I'll see to it that the circumstances of his failure
will clear him.
You're not even afraid of Starfleet Command.
Can your scheme bring you that much power ...
so quickly?
And what about me?
How does Marlena fit in?
How does Marlena want to fit in?
Scotty here, sir.
We have to get out of here within three hours.
Spock has orders to kill me
unless I complete the mission.
We've got another deadline, sir.
The two-way matter transmission
affected the local field density between the universes,
and it's increasing.
We've got to move fast.
How fast?
Half hour at the most.
If we miss?
We couldn't get out of here in a century.
We're ready to bridge power
from the engines to the transporter.
You've got to get down there and free the board
so we can lock in.
Give me about 10 minutes.
I'll be in the transporter room in 10 minutes.
I'll meet you in sick bay afterwards.
Aye, sir.
Computer ...
Explain computer activity in the engineering section.
A security research is in progress.
Who is conducting the research?
The captain and Mr. Scott.
What is the nature of the research?
Program is classified under voice index log.
[Beep Beep Beep Beep]
[Beep Beep Beep Beep]
Why are you monitoring my communications,
Mr. Sulu?
My security boards detected extensive use of computer,
Mr. Spock.
I was about to inform you.
It's not hard to guess
the nature of your order from Starfleet Command.
I suggest a ...connection.
The captain suspects.
He's working on escape or defense.
That is my concern.
Correct. It's your play.
I hope you succeed,
because the order would fall on me next,
and you know how Captain Kirk's enemies
have a ...habit of ... disappearing.
If I am successful,
you see yourself a step nearer to the captaincy.
I do not want to command the Enterprise,
but if it should befall me,
I suggest you remember
that my operatives would avenge my death,
and some of them ...
are Vulcans.
Oiling my traps, darling.
I'm afraid I'm a little out of practice.
Maybe that's what happened to us, hmm?
It's ...very hard for a working officer
to shine as a woman every minute ...
and you demand perfection.
I've never seen perfection ...
but no woman could come closer to it.
I remember when you used to talk that way.
I still do.
Prove it.
I've got to go.
Ship's business?
An important task on the crew deck?
Well ...
I guess it's over.
Commander Kenno will take me temporarily.
He's made that quite clear.
I'll call a yeoman to help me with my things.
You don't have to do that.
Are you feeling sorry for me?
Do I see hesitation in your eyes ...
about anything?
I want one thing, Captain.
Transfer me.
On the Enterprise, I am humiliated!
On another ship, I can hunt fresh game.
I've got my rank, and --
Don't I?
I've been a captain's woman, and I like it.
I'll be one again
if I have to go through every officer in the fleet.
You could.
I simply meant ...
that you could be anything you want to be.
It's ...been a long time since you've ...
kissed me like that.
You're a stranger.
Mercy to the Halkans. Mercy to Spock ...
to me.
Am I your woman?
You're the captain's woman ...
until he says you're not.
Yes, Captain.
Scotty's signal should be coming through any moment.
You know what to do.
I've got a pretty good idea, sir.
Keep Sulu's attention off that board.
I'll do my best, sir.
Good luck. Kirk out.
[Beep Beep]
You aren't very persistent, Mr. Sulu.
The game has rules.
You're ignoring them.
I protest, and you come back.
You didn't come back.
Now you're making sense.
I was ... getting bored.
Of course this isn't the time.
Any time's a good time.
I'm afraid I changed my mind ...
You take a lot of chances, Lieutenant.
So do you, Mister.
So do you.
Take over for me.
Mr. Scott, all clear.
On my way to sick bay.
Now it's up to the captain.
You'll please restrict your movements, Captain.
What are you doing?
Are you going to shoot me now, Spock?
I thought I had until dawn.
I shall make that decision.
Since your return from the planet,
you've behaved in a most atypical and illogical manner.
I want to know why.
Shoot. You're wasting time.
I shall not waste time with you.
You're too inflexible, too disciplined
once you've made up your mind.
But Dr. McCoy has a plenitude of human weaknesses --
sentimental, soft.
You may not tell me what I want to know,
but he will.
You're running a big risk, Spock.
I have the phaser, Captain,
and I do not intend to simply disappear
as so many of your opponents have in the past.
If you please ...
sick bay.
Yes, of course. The entire landing party.
Captain, stand over there.
Doctor, it is time for answers.
How much time, Scotty?
Hardly 15 minutes, sir.
The field density between the two universes
is starting to close very fast.
Help me get him on the table.
Well, come on. Help me get him on the table.
He'll die without immediate treatment!
Everything laid in, Scotty,
so the operator
can get into the transporter chamber?
All laid in, sir. Come on, McCoy!
We're taking a chance of not getting back home.
We'll get home. This won't take long.
14 minutes. We've got to go!
Will you shut up?
I can save his life!
Do you want me to stop, Jim?
Only take a minute.
He is very much like our own Mr. Spock, isn't he?
You've got that minute.
A little time, he'll live.
What is this, Mr. Sulu?
Mr. Spock has orders to kill you, Captain.
He will succeed ...
You will also appear to have killed him ...
after a fierce battle.
Regret table,
but it will leave me in command.
Captain, we've barely got 10 minutes!
Let's go, Bones.
I can't let him die,Jim.
You get on to the transporter room.
I'll be there in five minutes.
No longer.
I guarantee it.
Now, go on, please.
Why did the captain let me live?
Our minds are merging, Doctor.
Our minds are one.
I feel what you feel.
I know what you know.
A friend.
Activate the transporter.
You saved us back at sick bay
with the Tantalus field.
Take me with you.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Our power is balanced for four.
There's no guarantee that we'll make it with five.
All could die.
It's working, sir.
But there are only three of you.
One is coming.
I'd help you if I could, Marlena.
Believe that.
If you kill us, you'll still stay.
Where's McCoy?
Time, Scotty.
Five minutes, sir.
Do you know what they'll do to me?
The power's cut, sir. They're on to us!
It's available.
Can you bridge to your setup?
I can get the power,
but the automatic setting is linked to the transporter main.
If we bypass,
that means that someone has got to operate the controls manually.
One of us will have to stay.
I'll stay, Captain.
Get to the transporter chamber.
You, too, Uhura.
That's an order, Scotty.
Aye, Captain.
What about me?
I cut the transporter power.
It was necessary to delay your beam out
until I could arrive.
Take him.
Engineering, reactivate main transporter circuits.
You're a man of integrity in both universes, Mr. Spock.
You must return to your universe.
I must have my captain back.
I shall operate the transporter.
You have 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
I have something to say.
How long before the Halkan prediction
of galactic revolt is realized?
Approximately 240 years.
The inevitable outcome?
The Empire shall be overthrown.
The illogic of waste, Mr. Spock,
the waste of lives, potential, resources, time.
I submit to you that your Empire is illogical
because it cannot endure.
I submit that you are illogical
to be a willing part of it.
You have 1 minute, 23 seconds.
If change is inevitable, predictable, beneficial,
doesn't logic demand that you be a part of it?
One man cannot summon the future.
But one man can change the present.
Be the captain of this Enterprise.
Find a logical reason for sparing the Halkans.
Push till it gives.
You can defend yourself
better than any man on fleet.
Captain, get in the chamber!
What about it, Spock?
A man must also have the power.
In my cabin
is a device that will make you invincible.
What will it be?
Past or future? Tyranny or freedom?
It's up to you.
It is time.
In every revolution,
there's one man with a vision.
Captain Kirk,
I shall consider it.
Welcome home, Captain.
How were you able to identify our counterpart so quickly?
It was far easier for you, as civilized men,
to behave like barbarians
than it was for them to behave like civilized men.
I assume they returned to their Enterprise
at the same time you appeared here.
Probably. However, that Jim Kirk will find a few changes,
if I read my Spocks correctly.
Jim, I think I liked him with a beard better.
It gave him character.
Of course almost any change
would be a distinct improvement.
What worries me
is the easy way his counterpart
fitted into that other universe.
I always thought Spock was a bit of a pirate at heart.
Indeed, gentlemen. May I point out that I had an opportunity
to observe your counterparts here quite closely.
They were brutal, savage, unprincipled, uncivilized, treacherous --
In every way, splendid examples of homo sapiens,
the very flower of humanity.
I found them quite refreshing.
I'm not sure, but I think we've been insulted.
I'm sure.
Captain Kirk.
Lieutenant, uh, Lieutenant ...
Marlena Moreau.
I was just assigned last week.
All right, Lieutenant. Carry on.
You've met her before, Captain?
Uh, why do you ask?
Your reaction --
One of ...recognition.
Oh, no. No, no.
We haven't met before ...
She just seemed ...
a nice, likable girl.
I think we could become friends.
It's possible.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 40. Mirror, Mirror

This is the only original series episode where Scotty addresses Kirk as "Jim".
First foray into the mirror universe. Major Kira Nerys and Dr. Julian Bashir would later find their way into the mirror universe in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's" episode "Crossover" where the Terran Empire had been conquered by the Klingon/Cardassian/Bajoran Alliance. The episodes "Through the Looking Glass", "Shattered Mirror", and "The Emperor's New Cloak" from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" as well as "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I" and "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" from "Star Trek: Enterprise" would also deal with the mirror universe.
As would be later revealed in the "Star Trek: Enterprise" episode "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I", the U.S.S. Defiant later seen in "The Tholian Web" would in fact slip into the mirror universe.
The scene of Lieutenant Marlena Moreau introducing herself to Captain Kirk in the "real" universe would later be incorporated (and altered to include Captain Sisko) into the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" episode "Trials and Tribble-ations".
Kirk asks the evil-Spock about the Halkan's prediction of galactic revolt. When did he hear that? The Halkans in his dimension never said any such thing (why would they?), and other than a brief chat that we saw where it was never mentioned, Kirk never talked to the Halkans in the mirror universe.
In the sickbay fight, evil Spock's hair noticeably changes (gaining curls!) when they switch to shots of Leonard Nimoy's stunt double.

It took about a month to complete this particular episode. After filming had begun, BarBara Luna was diagnosed with strep throat. Since the script called for Capt. Kirk to kiss her, they had to postpone the kissing scene for three weeks until she was medically cleared, since they couldn't risk William Shatner getting infected.
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As mirror Sulu is the security chief as well as the helmsman, George Takei wears a red uniform in this episode - since he normally wore gold, and had worn science blue as an astrophysicist in Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966), this makes Takei the first Trek actor to wear all three uniform colours.
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Jerome Bixby based this episode very loosely on his own short story "One Way Street". In the original draft script, Kirk travelled to the parallel universe alone and the parallel universe Federation was battling a race called the Tharn. This name was later given to the leader of the Halkan Council, although it is not spoken on screen.
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A modified brig makes its debut here. Its location on the set was in the short hallway leading to the Engineering set.
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Star Trek was usually not allowed to show women's navels, but Uhura's navel is visible in the mirror universe. Reportedly, this was accomplished by filming while a PA took the Standards representative to lunch.
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This is the only episode in which Scotty addresses Kirk as "Jim".
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In the wake of this episode, a group of child fans started a neighborhood-wide letter campaign suggesting that the concept of a "Captain's Woman" be carried over into the series as a whole, and requesting that Stefanie Powers be cast in that role. Eventually Gene Roddenberry's assistant had to write to the group's two "ringleaders", telling them to ask their parents exactly what a "Captain's Woman" was.
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In Jerome Bixby's original outline, the Mirror Universe Federation was not evil, but simply backwards in terms of some technology, notably phaser weapons. Initially, mirror Kirk was married to a nurse on board the parallel Enterprise, and mirror Spock was more Vulcan in temperament. In addition, McCoy's counterpart, and not that of Spock, was to be bearded.
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To further denote the inverted nature of the parallel universe, phasers are worn upside-down on the left hip.
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This proved to be one of the more popular Star Trek segments in terms of follow ups. The Mirror Universe would be depicted on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001), while several non canonical Star Trek novels and comic book series featured sequel stories to the episode.
12 of 12 (Trivia Rating)

Second time Bones uses the saying "I'm a doctor, not a ..." (In this case, engineer)
12 of 12 (Trivia Rating)

In the original story outline, Captain Kirk was trapped in the Mirror Universe alone, and it was gradually rejecting him, treating him like he was an invading germ by poisoning his systems. Both ideas were dropped.
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One of the insignia's used mirror Sulu's uniform shirt is the rank badge of an ARVN captain.
11 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

First appearance of the emergency manual monitor set.
10 of 10 (Trivia Rating)

The Star Trek books 'Spectre', 'Dark Victory', and 'Preserver', all written by William Shatner, are about the mirror universe. They take place in the 24th Century at around the same time as the Next Generation movies, and give a 100-year history of events in the mirror universe starting after this episode.
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In the opening scene (prologue), the universe-switch shows the I.S.S. Enterprise orbits Planet Halkan right to left, in contrast to the U.S.S. Enterprise, which always orbits left to right (except in Star Trek: Shore Leave (1966)). By the beginning of Act I, however, it changes to orbiting from left to right. Note that in the re-mastered version, this error has been corrected, and the I.S.S. Enterprise orbits right-to-left.
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The Mirror Universe was the subject of a Star Trek graphic novel in 1991, written by Mike W. Barr, and published by DC Comics.
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This is the only episode in which Sulu (as the Mirror Universe Enterprise's security chief) is dressed in a red uniform shirt.
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In the late 1980s, the pop band Information Society sampled Kirk's line, "It is useless to resist us," at the very beginning of their song "Walking Away", as well as "In every revolution, there's one man with a vision," on "Over the Sea".
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This episode was a primary inspiration for Blakes 7 (1978).
15 of 18 (Trivia Rating)

This is also the only episode in which Uhura is seen in a moving turbolift.
17 of 21 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2267.
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Inspired the name of the Progressive/Alternative Rock Band Spock's Beard.
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In the mirror universe, the male computer explains that James Kirk became Captain by murdering his predecessor Christopher Pike, a character played in previous installments by Jeffrey Hunter and Sean Kenney. This is possibly the only time in TOS where Pike is mentioned but does not appear.
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There is a second Vulcan serving on the ship. During the walk with Kirk, passing Chekov being tortured, you can see Spock's security guard is Vulcan.
5 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

Ronald D. Moore (a prime writer and producer of the later Trek series) once cited this episode as one of his favourite installments of the original Star Trek series.
14 of 18 (Trivia Rating)

Actor Vic Perrin, who portrays Tharn, made his second appearance on Star Trek in as many weeks, having supplied the voice of Nomad in the previous episode "The Changeling."
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The title comes from the Wicked Queen summoning the spirit in the magic mirror in the Medieval German fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest one of all."
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Only one of three instances in the franchise in which Scotty refers to Captain Kirk as "Jim". The others being in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" while en route to the refitted Enterprise and in "Star Trek Into Darkness" when Simon Pegg tries to convince Kirk not to take the 72 torpedoes on board the Enterprise.
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This is listed as one of the "Ten Essential Episodes" of Star Trek (1966) in the 2008 reference book "Star Trek 101" by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann.
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Bones says "I'm a doctor, not an engineer". Bryce Dallas Howard says the same thing in Terminator Salvation (2009).
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Along with Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles (1967), this episode provided footage for the Star Trek 30th anniversary "mashup" tribute Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Trials and Tribble-ations (1996)- specifically the end where "the new lieutenant" brings a report to Kirk, with Ben Sisko having been "forrestgumped" into Marlena Moreau's place.
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In this original episode, the Mirror Universe differences apparently only apply to humans, as the Vulcan is still rational and logical, and the Halkans are still pacifistic. This was not the case, however, in the Mirror Universe episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993).
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47-Reference: As Mirror Spock prepares to transport the landing party back to its rightful universe, he tells Capt. Kirk, "You have two minutes and 10 seconds." As Kirk tries to convince Mirror Spock that both he and his empire are "illogical," Mirror Spock tells him, "You have one minute and 23 seconds," meaning that 47 seconds have passed.

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