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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 26. This Side of Paradise


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 26. This Side of Paradise

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 26. This Side of Paradise

Season:    1
Air Date:    1967-03-02
Stardate:    3417.3
Writer:    Dorothy C. Fontana
Story:    Jerry Nathan Butler Sohl and Dorothy C. Fontana
Director:    Ralph Senensky
Guests:    Jill Ireland (Leila Kalomi), Frank Overton, Grant Woods, Dick Scotter

When the Enterprise speeds to the agricultural colony Omicron Ceti 3, they expect to find none of the 150 men, women, and children colonists alive, as the planet is being bombarded with deadly and newly discovered Berthold rays. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, DeSalle, and another crewman are surprised indeed to find the colonists and their leader Elias Sandoval alive and in perfect health. Too perfect health, Bones discovers, when he finds that Sandoval now has a healthy appendix despite the fact that records show it to have previously been removed in an appendectomy. Sulu and the landing party are also struck by the absence of non-human animal life. Kirk orders Sandoval to prepare his group to be evacuated to Starbase 27, but Sandoval refuses.

Meanwhile, the colonist Leila Kalomi, shows Spock (in whom she takes a romantic interest) the colonist's secret: plants which spray spores that take up residence in the brain and, in return, provide perfect health and complete well-being. In addition, the plants thrive on Berthold rays. Sulu is soon given a similar treatment, and remarks to Kirk "Of course we can't remove the colony. It'd be wrong." Alarmed by what he sees, Kirk tries to get in touch with Spock. However, it is too late as Spock is currently frolicking with Leila and pointing out cloud formations shaped like dragons from Bering Deria 7.

In the meantime, McCoy is also infected. Not only does he make himself a mint julep, but he also sends up hundreds of plants to the Enterprise. Kirk is beamed up by an infected transporter operator ("Well sure. If you want,") who is systematically beaming down the crew of the Enterprise. Uhura has short-circuited all communications except ship to surface. Kirk is soon the only one left aboard, and he too is infected by a stray plant left on the bridge. After opening his safe (combination 5231) and looking through its contents, Kirk becomes upset as one side of him wants to beam down and the other side is devoted to the ship. These violent emotions, Kirk soon discovers, drive the spores out.

He subsequently has Spock beam up and proceeds to get him angry by calling him a "mutinous, disloyal, computerized, half-breed." Spock beams up Leila to explain to her what has happened, but the pain of finding out she has lost Spock causes the spores to be driven out from her as well. Leila asks Spock if he has another name, but he only replies "You couldn't pronounce it."

Spock prepares a subsonic transmitter which will broadcast over the communicators and provoke those on the planet to irritability and anger. Fights begin to break out between Sulu and DeSalle, then McCoy and Sandoval, and soon the spores are driven out of everyone on the planet. The crew beams back up and the Enterprise is free to continue on its way. Spock is back to his old self, but we find out that on the planet, he was happy for the first time in his life.


Approaching Omicron Ceti 3, sir.
Standard orbit, Mr. Painter.
Yes, sir.
Yes, Lieutenant.
I've been transmitting a contact signal
every five minutes.
All I get is dead air. Shall I continue?
Maintain transmission pattern
until we've established orbit.
Aye, aye, sir.
Mr. Spock...
there were 150 men, women, and children
in that colony.
What are the chances of survivors?
Absolutely none, Captain.
Berthold rays are such a recent discovery
we do not yet have full knowledge of their nature.
It is known, however,
that living animal tissue
disintegrates under exposure.
Sandoval's group could not have survived after three years.
Are you saying that those people
built a future in a place knowing they might not survive?
I am saying they knew there was a risk.
Can we afford to send people to the planet's surface?
The breakdown of tissue does not develop immediately.
We can risk a limited exposure.
We've established orbit, sir.
And I've pinpointed a settlement.
Thank you, Mr. Painter.
Mr. Spock, equip a landing party of five
to accompany me to the planet's surface.
Include Dr. McCoy and a biologist.
I'll want them in 10 minutes.
[Transporter Effect Whines]
[Tricorder Hums]
[Kirk] Another dream that failed.
There's nothing sadder.
It took these people a year
to make the trip from Earth.
They came all that way and died.
Hardly that, sir.
Welcome to Omicron Ceti 3.
I'm Elias Sandoval.
the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange, new worlds...
to seek out new life and new civilizations...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain 's Log. : Stardate 3417.3 --
We thought our mission to Omicron Ceti 3
wouldbe an unhappy one.
We had expected to find
no survivors of the agricultural colony there.
Apparently, our information was incorrect.
We haven't seen anyone outside our group
for four years since we left Earth.
We've been expecting someone for some time.
Our subspace radio didn't work properly.
We didn't have anyone
who could master its intricacies.
Actually, Mr. Sandoval,
we didn't come here because of your silent radio.
It makes little difference, Captain.
You're here. We're happy to see you.
Let me show you our settlement.
Pure speculation, Just an educated guess,
I'd say that man is alive.
Captain, this planet is being bombarded by berthold rays
as our reports indicated.
At this intensity,
we'll be safe for a week if necessary.
But these people shouldn't be alive.
Is it possible that they're not?
You shook hands with him,Jim.
His flesh was warm. He's alive.
There's no doubt about that.
There's also no question of the fact
that berthold rays are incontrovertibly deadly.
There's no miracle connected with it.
No cures, no serums, no antidotes.
If a man is exposed long enough,
he dies.
we're debating in a vacuum.
Let's go get some answers.
There are two other settlements,
but we have 45 colonists here.
What was the reason for the dispersal?
We felt three groups would have better potential.
If disease were to strike one group,
the others would be less likely to be affected.
Omicron is an ideal agricultural planet.
We determined not to suffer the fate
of expeditions that went before us.
Leila, come meet our guests.
This is Leila Kalomi, our botanist.
Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock.
Mr. Spock and I have met before.
It's been a long time.
Mr. Sandoval, we do have a mission here.
Examinations, tests.
By all means, make them.
I think you'll find our settlement an interesting one.
Our philosophy is a simple one:
that men should return to a less complicated life.
We have few mechanical things here.
No vehicles, no weapons.
We have harmony here.
Complete peace.
We'll try not to interfere with your work.
Make yourselves at home, gentlemen.
What exactly are we looking for anyway, sir?
Whatever doesn't look right.
Whatever that is.
When it comes to farms,
I wouldn't know what looked right or wrong
if it were 2 feet from me.
What is it?
No cows.
This barn isn't even built for them,
Just for storage.
Come to think of it,
we haven't seen any animals.
No horses, no pigs,
not even a dog.
You've known the Vulcanian?
On Earth, six years ago.
Did you love him?
If I did, it was important only to myself.
How did he feel?
Mr. Spock's feelings were never expressed to me.
It is said he has none to give.
Would you like him to stay with us now?
To be as one of us?
There is no choice, Elias.
He will stay.
[Medical Tricorder Hums]
That'll be all.
Thank you very much.
I've examined nine men so far
varying in ages from 23 to 59.
They're all in perfect condition.
Text book responses. Heart/lungs, excellent.
Coordination, excellent.
Reflexes, excellent.
Many more of them, and I can throw away my shingle.
[Communicator Beeps]
Kirk here.
Spock here, Captain.
There seems to be a total absence of life on the planet
with the exception of the colonists
and various types of flora.
Sulu had the same observation.
Any explanations?
Not at the moment, sir.
I am conducting various tests,
but results are inconclusive.
Very well. Continue investigations. Kirk out.
Hmm. No animals?
That's peculiar.
Especially in view of the fact
that the records indicate
that they had some for breeding and food purposes.
Apparently, none of them survived.
I'd like to see their medical records.
I thought you might.
Oh, Captain, I've been looking for you.
You haven't seen our fields and crops.
I'd like to show you what we've accomplished here.
I'll have to bow out.
I have to continue with these medical examinations.
However, if I find everyone else's health
to be as perfect as yours, I...
He promised to throw away his shingle.
You'll find no weaklings here.
This is the reason, Captain.
This soil will grow anything we plant in it.
It's a perfect world.
We have a moderate climate,
moderate rains all year round.
It gives us all we need.
It is perfect.
Pardon me, Captain.
Biology report ready, sir.
I have work to attend to myself, Captain.
Go ahead, Lieutenant.
I heard Sandoval saying they could grow anything here.
That's true. They've got a variety of crops in.
Grains, potatoes, beans.
Make your point.
Well, for an agricultural colony,
they have actually very little acreage planted.
There's enough to sustain the colony,
but very little more.
It's like a jigsaw puzzle all one color.
No key to where the pieces fit in.
[Communicator Beeps]
Kirk here.
This is McCoy, Jim.
I think you better get back here.
No, but you should see this for yourself.
On my way.
Sandoval's medical record four years ago.
He registered scar tissue on his lungs
from lobar pneumonia suffered when he was a child.
No major operations,
but there was an appendectomy.
Received all required inoculations, et cetera.
What's so strange about that?
But I examined that man no more than two hours ago.
Know what his readings were?
Perfect, perfect, and perfect.
Just like everyone else I've examined here.
Instrument malfunction?
I thought of that and tested it on myself.
It accurately recorded my lack of tonsils
and those two broken ribs I had once.
It did not record the scar tissue on Sandoval's lungs,
but it did record a healthy appendix
where one was supposedly removed.
[Tricorder Hums]
Not even insects.
Yet your plants grow,
and you've survived exposure to berthold rays.
That can be explained.
Please do.
I have never understood the female capacity
to avoid a direct answer to any question.
And I never understood you.
Until now.
There was always a place in here
where no one could come.
There was only the face you allow people to see.
Only one side you'd allow them to know.
I would like to know
how your people have managed to survive here.
I missed you.
Logically, you should all be dead.
If I tell you how we survive,
will you try to understand
how we feel about our life here?
About each other?
Emotions are alien to me.
I'm a scientist.
Someone else might believe that--
your shipmates, your captain--
but not me.
Mr. Sandoval,
I've received orders from Starfleet Command
to evacuate all personnel from this colony.
Naturally, you'll inform your people to begin preparations.
We will have accommodations for you aboard the Enterprise.
Uh, it's not an arbitrary decision on my part.
I have my orders.
Captain, it's entirely unnecessary.
We're in no danger here.
We've explained the berthold rays to you
and their effect.
Can't you understand?
Doctor, how can I make you understand?
Your own instruments have shown we're all in perfect health.
We've had no deaths here.
What about your animals?
We're vegetarians.
That doesn't answer my question, sir.
Why did all your animals die?
Captain, you stress very unimportant matters.
We will not leave.
It's not much further.
You've not yet explained the nature of this thing.
Its basic properties and elements are not important.
What is important is it gives life, peace, love.
What you're describing
was once known in the vernacular
as a happiness pill.
And you, as a scientist,
should know that that's not possible.
I was one of the first to find them.
The spores.
It shouldn't hurt.
No, I can't.
Please, don't!
Not like this, it didn't hurt us.
I am not like you.
now you belong to all of us...
and we to you.
There's no need to hide your inner face any longer.
We understand.
I love you.
I can love you.
Captain 's Log. : supplemental.
We have been ordered by Starfleet Command
to evacuate the colony on Omicron 3.
However, the colony leader, Elias Sandoval,
has refused all cooperation
and will not listen to any arguments.
Your arguments are very valid,
but they don't apply to us.
You're being unreasonable.
Nevertheless, excuse me.
Excuse me.
My orders are to remove all the colonists.
That's exactly what I intend to do
with or without your help.
Without, I should think.
Would you like to use a butterfly net on him?
We've checked out everything.
It all seems normal
except for the absence of any animals.
We have orders to evacuate all colonists
to Starbase 27.
I want landing parties to coordinate the colonists
and prepare them for transport up to the ship.
We'll need extra accommodations aboard.
Where's Mr. Spock and Mr. DeSalle?
We haven't seen them since we began our check.
DeSalle was going to examine some native plants.
Did Spock call in at all?
No, he didn't.
See to the landing parties, Mr. Sulu.
[Beep Beep]
That one looks like a dragon.
You see the tail and the dorsal spines?
I've never seen a dragon.
- [Beep Beep] - I have.
- [Beep Beep] - On Berengaria 7.
But I've never stopped to look at clouds before.
[Beep Beep Beep]
Or rainbows.
I can tell you exactly why one appears in the sky,
but considering its beauty
has always been out of the question.
Not here.
[Beep Beep]
[Beep Beep]
[Beep Beep]
Yes. What did you want?
Spock, is that you?
Yes, Captain. What did you want?
Where are you?
I don't believe I want to tell you.
I don't know what you think you're doing,
but this is an order.
Report back to the settlement in 10 minutes.
We're evacuating all colonists to Starbase 27.
No, I don't think so.
You don't think so, what?
I don't think so, sir.
report to me immediately.
The frequency is open,
but he doesn't answer.
That didn't sound at all like Spock, Jim.
No, it --
I thought you said you might like him
if he mellowed a little.
I didn't say that!
Not exactly.
He might be in trouble.
Yes, take over the landing party detail.
Start getting those colonists aboard.
How will you find Spock?
The frequency is open.
It'll act as a homing device.
Contact DeSalle. Have him meet you here.
Have the landing party work in teams of two.
I don't want anybody left alone here.
[Communicator Whines]
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Mr. Spock?
What are you doing with those things, DeSalle?
I want you to take a close look at these, Doc.
They're very interesting.
Mr. Spock.
Are you out of your mind?
You were told to report to me at once.
I didn't want to, Jim.
You --
Yes, I can see that.
Miss Kalomi, you'll have to come back to the settlement
and prepare to transport up to the ship.
There'll be no evacuation,Jim.
But perhaps we should go get you straightened out.
Mr. Sulu, Mr. Spock is under arrest,
and he's in your custody
until we get back to the Enterprise.
Very well.
Come with me.
Mr. Sulu understands, don't you, Mr. Sulu?
I see now.
Of course we can't remove the colony.
It'd be wrong.
I don't know what these plants are
or how they work,
but you're all going back to the settlement with me,
and those colonists are going aboard the ship.
I can see the captain's going to be difficult.
Ready to beam up.
Hiya,Jimmy boy!
Hey, I've taken care of everything.
All y'all gotta do is relax.
Doctor's orders!
How many of those did you beam up?
Oh, nigh onto 100 by now.
Hey, Doc, I'm ready to energize.
Everything okay with those plants?
This is the captain.
Beam me up.
Well, sure, if you want.
I most certainly do. Energize.
put me through to Admiral Komak at Starfleet.
Oh, I'm sorry, Captain.
I can't do that.
What? Follow standard procedure. That's an order.
Oh, I know it is, Captain.
But, you see, all communications are out.
I short-circuited them, except ship-to-surface.
We'll need that for a while.
It's really for the best, Captain.
Go back to your stations.
Get back to your stations.
I'm sorry, sir.
We're all transporting down to join the colony.
I said get back to your station.
No, sir.
This is mutiny, mister.
Yes, sir. It is.
Captain 's Log. : Stardate 3417.5.
The pod plants have spread spores throughout the ship
carried by the ventilation system.
Under their influence,
my crew is deserting to join the Omicron colony,
and I can't stop them.
I don't know why I have not been infected,
nor can I get Dr. McCoy to explain
the physical, psychological aspects of the infection.
I'm not interested in any physical,
psychological aspects,Jim-boy.
We all perfectly healthy down here.
I've heard that word a lot lately.
Perfect. Everything's perfect.
Yeah. That's right. That'sjust what it is.
I'll bet you've even grown your tonsils back.
Hey,Jim-boy, y'all ever have
a real cold Georgia-style mint julep, huh?
Look, Bones, I need your help.
Can you run tests, blood samples,
anything to give us a lead on what these things are,
how to counteract them?
Who wants to counteract paradise,Jim-boy?
McCoy out.
Almost the entire ship's complement has beamed down.
I'm very pleased.
The entire landing operation is proceeding quite well.
Where's McCoy?
He went off to create something called a mint julep.
That's a drink,Jim.
Captain, why don't you join us?
In your own private paradise.
The spores have made it that.
Where did they originate?
That's impossible to say.
They drifted through space
until they finally landed here.
You see, they actually thrive on berthold rays.
The plants act as a repository
for thousands of microscopic spores
until they find a human body to inhabit.
In return, they give you
complete health and peace of mind.
That's paradise?
We have no need or want, Captain.
It's a true Eden,Jim.
There is belonging...
and love.
No wants. No needs.
We weren't meant for that. None of us.
Man stagnates if he has no ambition,
no desire to be more than he is.
We have what we need.
Except a challenge.
You don't understand,Jim,
but you'll come around... sooner or later.
Join us.
I'm going back to the ship.
Engineering? Scotty?
Biochemistry lab?
Is there anyone on board?
This is the captain.
Captain's Log : Stardate 3417.7.
Except for myself,
all crew personnel have transported
to the surface of the planet.
Lieutenant Uhura has effectively sabotaged
the communications station.
I can only contact the surface of the planet.
The ship...
can be maintained in orbit for several months,
but even with automatic controls,
I cannot pilot her alone.
In effect, I am marooned here.
I'm beginning to realize...
Just how big this ship really is, how quiet.
I don't know how to get my crew back,
how to counteract the effect of the spores.
I don't know what I can offer
Enterprise to Mr. Spock.
Yes,Jim. What is it now?
I've joined you. I understand now.
Wonderful,Jim. When will you beam down?
There's some things I want to pack.
Good. Leila and I will meet you at the beam-down point.
Kirk out.
Violent emotions.
Captain's Log : supplemental.
I think I've discovered the answer...
but to carry out my plan entails considerable risk.
Mr. Spock is much stronger than the ordinary human being.
Aroused, his great physical strength could kill.
But it's a risk I'll have to take.
Enterprise to Mr. Spock.
Spock here.
It's Jim.
What's keeping you? We've been waiting.
I've been packing, and I realize there's some equipment here
that we should have down at the settlement.
You know we can't come back on board
once the last of us has left.
You want me to beam up a party?
No. I think you and I can handle it.
Why don't you beam up now?
Just a moment.
It won't take long. Do you mind?
I'll wait.
Ready to beam up,Jim.
All right, you mutinous, disloyal, computerized, half-breed,
we'll see about you deserting my ship.
The term half-breed is somewhat applicable,
but computerized is inaccurate.
A machine can be computerized, not a man.
What makes you think you're a man?
You're an overgrown jackrabbit,
an elf with a hyperactive thyroid.
Jim, I don't understand--
Of course you don't understand.
You don't have the brains to understand.
All you have is printed circuits.
Captain, if you'll excuse me --
What can you expect from a simpering, devil-eared freak
whose father was a computer and his mother an encyclopedia?
My mother was a teacher.
My father, an ambassador.
Your father was a computer like his son.
An ambassador from a planet of traitors.
A Vulcan never lived who had an ounce of integrity.
Captain, please don't --
You're a traitor from a race of traitors.
Disloyal to the core,
rotten like the rest of your subhuman race,
and you've got the gall to make love to that girl.
That's enough.
Does she know what she's getting, Spock?
A carcass full of memory banks
who should be squatting in a mushroom
instead of passing himself off as a man?
You belong in a circus, Spock,
not a starship...
right next to the dog-faced boy.
Had enough?
I didn't realize what it took
to get under that thick hide of yours.
I don't know what you're so mad about.
It isn't every first officer
who gets to belt his captain... several times.
You did that to me deliberately.
Believe me, Mr. Spock, it was painful...
in more ways than one.
The spores.
They're gone.
I don't belong anymore.
You said they were benevolent and peaceful.
Violent emotions overwhelm them, destroy them.
I had to make you angry enough
to shake off their influence.
That's the answer, Mr. Spock.
That may be correct, Captain,
but trying to initiate a brawl
with over 500 crewmen and colonists is hardly logical.
I had something else in mind.
Can you put together a subsonic transmitter--
something we can hook into the communications station
and broadcast over the communicator?
It can be done.
Good. Let's get to work.
Striking a fellow officer
is a court-martial offense.
If we're both in the brig,
who's going to build the subsonic transmitter?
That is quite logical, Captain.
It's a little early to be counting stars, Miss Leila.
I'm waiting for Mr. Spock and the captain
to transport down.
They had some equipment to be moved.
But it's been so long.
I wish he'd come back.
Well, now, I think I can fix that for you.
[Beep Beep]
Enterprise. Spock here.
This is Leila.
I borrowed the doctor's communicator.
I was worried something might have happened to you.
You are allright, aren'tyou?
Yes. I'm...I'm quite well.
Can I come aboard?
I've never seen a starship before,
and I want to talk to you.
Are you still at the beam-down point,
and is the doctor there?
Yes to both questions.
Give your communicator back to Dr. McCoy.
You won't need it to beam up.
It'll take a few moments. Just wait there.
Mr. Spock...
Miss Kalomi is strictly your concern, but...
should you talk to her while she's still
under the influence of the spore?
I'll be back shortly, Captain.
You're no longer with us, are you?
I felt something was wrong.
It was necessary.
Come back to the planet with me.
You can belong again.
Oh, come back with me, please.
I can't.
I love you.
I said that six years ago,
and I can't seem to stop repeating myself.
On Earth, you couldn't give anything of yourself.
You couldn't even put your arms around me.
We couldn't have anything together there.
We couldn't have anything together anyplace else.
We're happy here.
I can't lose you now, Mr. Spock. I can't.
I have a responsibility...
to this ship...
to that man on the bridge.
I am what I am, Leila...
and if there are self-made purgatories,
then we all have to live in them.
Mine can be no worse than someone else's.
I have lost you, haven't I?
Not only you, I've lost all of it.
The spores...
I've lost them, too.
The captain discovered that strong emotions and needs
destroy the spore influence.
And this is for my good?
Do you mind if I say I still love you?
You never told me if you had another name, Mr. Spock.
You couldn't pronounce it.
They'll not hear this, of course.
It'll be more a sensation of feeling it.
Like somebody had put itching powder on their skin.
It should begin to work on their nerves in a few minutes.
[High-pitched Hum]
Sorry, DeSalle.
What do you think you're doing?
I said I was sorry.
More like you're clumsy.
If you hadn't gotten in my way...
Come on. Break it up. Break it up.
Well, Doctor, I've been thinking
about what sort of work I could assign you to.
What do you mean what sort of work? I'm a doctor.
Not anymore, of course.
We don't need you... not as a doctor.
Oh, no?
Would you like to see how fast I can put you in a hospital?
I am the leader of this colony.
I'll assign you whatever work I think suitable.
Just a minute.
You'd better make me a mechanic.
Then I can treat little tin gods like you.
Sorry, Sandoval.
I don't know what made me do that.
We've done nothing here.
No accomplishments, no progress.
Three years wasted.
We wanted to make this planet a garden.
You can't stay here.
You can't survive without the spores.
After you've cleared at the starbase,
you could be relocated.
It depends upon what you want.
I think I'd...
I think we'd like to get some work done.
The work we started out to do.
Enterprise. Spock here.
This is McCoy. Sandoval would like to talk to the captain.
Just a moment.
They're all beginning to call in, Captain.
Rather contritely, I should say.
Sandoval wishes to speak to you.
Put him on the speaker. Kirk here.
Oh, Captain, as I understood it,
you were to transport us to Starbase 27.
We'll give you every cooperation.
Start making preparations, Mr. Sandoval.
We'll begin transporting your people aboard
as soon as more of our crew checks in.
Well, Jim, I've just examined
the last of the colonists,
and they're all in absolutely perfect, perfect health.
A fringe benefit left over by the spores.
Well, that's the second time
man's been thrown out of paradise.
No, no. This time we walked out on our own.
Maybe we weren't meant for paradise.
Maybe we were meant to fight our way through --
struggle, claw our way up,
scratch for every inch of the way.
Maybe we can't stroll to the music of the lute.
We must march to the sound of drums.
Poetry, Captain.
Non regulation.
We haven't heard much from you
about Omicron Ceti 3, Mr. Spock.
I have little to say about it, Captain,
except that for the first time in my life...
I was happy.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 26. This Side of Paradise

As with many amazing discoveries, no one ever remembers this planet and the spores later. They can heal disease and regrow missing organs. Just beam someone down, let them get healed, beam them back up and get them mad, and voila, one super-healed patient.
Where the heck did the plant that sprays Kirk come from? There's a side shot of the navigation station and there's nothing there. Then he sits down, the plant raises itself from somewhere, somehow, and spritzes him.

Spock hints that contrary to the common misconception that Vulcans have one and only one name, he has more than one name, like most humans, but when asked, all he says about it is: "You couldn't pronounce it."
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The title refers to 'This Side of Paradise' the debut novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
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In the script, Kirk first spots Spock and Leila kissing passionately by the stream. There is no scene of Spock hanging off the tree limb. That facet of the episode may have been made up on the spot. Indeed, director Ralph Senensky came up with the idea of Spock hanging from the tree on location, when he found the tree and the spot closely to Bronson Canyon. Originally the scene was to be shot on a clearing. Evidence taken from a deleted scene, of Spock and Leila's presence near the stream, appears in the episode's preview trailer.
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The spores, in the early drafts, were a communal intelligence; when someone was possessed by them, that individual was granted telepathic abilities to link up with other possessed minds. The abilities of the spores to restore health were complete enough to enable them to return the dead to life. The antidotes for the spores were either the possession of a certain blood type or the introduction of alcohol into the affected person. Originally, Kirk leaped onto Spock and forced liquor down his throat to restore him to normal. In a surprise ending, the spores were revealed to be benevolent, conscious entities who never intended to act against anyone's will.
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In Jerry Sohl's original draft (first titled "Power Play," then "The Way of The Spores"), it was Lt. Sulu who was infected by the spores and was able to fall in love with Leila. Displeased with D.C. Fontana's rewrite, Sohl was credited under the pseudonym Nathan Butler.
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Frank Overton died shortly after completing this episode.
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Upon arrival, Sulu and another crewman inspect the colony for "whatever doesn't look right." Sulu says, "When it comes to farms, I wouldn't know what looked right or wrong if it were two feet from me." As he says this, the alien plant carrying the hypnotic spores is roughly two feet from him.
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According to director Ralph Senensky, the original schedule was that the first three of the six shooting days were to be spent on location, shooting at the Golden Oak Ranch (also known as the Disney Ranch), then the remaining three days indoors, filming the Enterprise scenes. However, after two days of shooting outdoors, Jill Ireland fell ill and couldn't appear on the set. It was in question if she had measles or not. Senensky decided to film all the farm scenes which didn't contain Leila's character and then return to the studio for Enterprise interiors in the remaining of the day, and hope for the actress' return. Ireland appeared the following day, as it turned out that she did not have measles. However, the crew couldn't return to Disney Ranch as it was already booked for another production. They decided to film the remaining scenes at Bronson Canyon.
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Many fans have noted that this planet would have been perfect for the agrarian-minded hippies in Star Trek: The Way to Eden (1969).
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Originally Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark (1967) was scheduled to be filmed before this episode with Ralph Senensky directing it, and Joseph Pevney directing this one, but during pre-production the two episodes were switched, and changed directors. It was due to producer Gene Coon's assumption that "Devil" would be a tough assignment for a first-time Trek director.
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Ralph Senensky originally wanted to film the Kirk versus Spock fight scene from a wider angle, so the stunt doubles wouldn't be so obvious, but the transporter room set was too small to achieve this.
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Gerald Fried's score from Star Trek: Shore Leave (1966) is heavily featured in this episode, most notably the "Ruth theme", successfully accompanying the lost love between Spock and Leila.
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This takes place in 2267.
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James Doohan does not appear in this episode, although Scotty is referenced and asked for by Kirk.
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The script featured characters named Lieutenant Timothy Fletcher and Crewman Dimont as members of the landing party. When Michael Barrier and Grant Woods were cast in these roles, the names were changed to DeSalle and Kelowitz respectively, to appear constant with the two actors' previous appearances on the series.
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The food processors in the transporter room, placed there so Kyle could provide chicken soup for the air sergeant in Star Trek: Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967), disappeared from the room by the end of the first season. In this episode, an enraged Spock destroys one of them.
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This is listed as one of the "Ten Essential Episodes" of Star Trek (1966) in the 2008 reference book "Star Trek 101" by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann.
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One of a few times in the series where Spock is called a Vulcanian rather than simply Vulcan.
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Some of Spock's family background is fleshed out in the episode with references to his half human heritage. The episode also first reveals Spock's father being an Ambassador, which would be depicted in later stories. Spock's mother is said to be a teacher, but there would be no further details or depictions of such a career. However, Spock's mother and father are also referred to in the past tense, indicating they may not be alive (which is disproven when they appear in Star Trek: Journey to Babel (1967)).

In original drafts, Sulu, not Spock, was the episode's central figure, and former love interest of Leila, who herself was originally to have been of of Eurasian ethnicity.

According to D.C. Fontana, the episode had to be seriously rewritten because Jerry Sohl had not quite gotten it right. Gene Roddenberry told her, "If you can rewrite this script, you can be my story editor." She thought about it and eventually realized that the story wasn't really about Sulu, but about Mr. Spock. Leonard Nimoy, who was initially taken aback when he was told that they were working on a love story for Spock, later felt that the episode turned out to be a lovely story.

One of the basic aspects that D.C. Fontana immediately changed was Jerry Sohl's original conception of the spore plants residing in a cave. Thus, to avoid the danger of the plants, the crew merely had to avoid the cave. Fontana put the plants everywhere around the planet, and later the Enterprise to make them a real menace.

Jerry Sohl was unhappy with Fontana's rewrites of his script and credited himself under his pseudonym "Nathan Butler".

In a blooper, Leonard Nimoy flubs his line about the plants acting as a repository for thousands of spores. Instead, he says the plants act as a "suppository." The crew cracks up, as does Nimoy, who caps the fun by putting a Tootsie Pop in his mouth.

The empty shot of the bridge, before the turbolift opens to admit Kirk, was the best available piece of film for Star Trek: The Next Generation: Relics (1992) to reuse as the holosimulation of the NCC-1701 bridge. The short snippet of film was "looped" several times and bluescreened in behind James Doohan and Patrick Stewart's scenes. Using the stock footage in this way eliminated the need to completely rebuild the bridge - they only built a short section of the computer stations, the door alcove, and the command stations for the TNG-era actors to sit at.

The buildings seen in the teaser, the first scene after and the scene in which DeSalle shows McCoy the Spores are at a different location than the buildings seen in the rest of the episode. The green farm structures were located at the Disney Ranch. The concept of Sandoval's people refusing modern technology was intended to justify the late-19th century Americano style of the ranch.

Stuntman Bobby Bass, whose character tried to break up the fight between the two officers, had his only lines of dialogue in the series here.

This is the last episode in which Eddie Paskey delivers dialogue as Leslie.

Admiral Komack is mentioned in this episode; he is seen in Star Trek: Amok Time (1967). The character was named for James Komack, director of Star Trek: A Piece of the Action (1968).

An alternate reality version of Kirk would again attempt (and succeed) to provoke Spock to anger in Star Trek (2009).

D.C. Fontana very much liked the finished episode. She recalled, "It worked out very well because the actors were brilliant for me, and had a very good director, and you know, I really like it."

Ralph Senensky recalled that directing the episode "really proved to be very, very, very well worthwhile doing. Leonard [Nimoy] and Jill [Ireland] were wonderful, as was the whole cast."

In Leila's first close-up, Gerald Perry Finnerman lighted Jill Ireland with a baby spot light from behind, adding an "aura of light" around her face.
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The large open meadow seen in several sequences is in Malibu State Park in southern California. It is the same spot where the hunt in the corn field took place in Planet of the Apes (1968), and also extensively used in Gunsmoke (1955).
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The barn Kelowitz and Sulu investigate can be seen in several episodes of Kung Fu (1972).
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There is a piece of equipment attached to the left side of the transporter console. It seems to serve no purpose, other than for Spock to hit when he misses Kirk during their brief dust-up, and was only seen in this episode. In fact, it was not in the scene where six crew members, under the influence of the spores, transport down. Similarly, the tray-like metal object that Spock is poised to throw on Kirk at the end of Act III is not seen in the transporter room in any other episode.
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The suitcase in which Kirk packs his belongings, and which he later places on the transporter platform, is a very obvious piece of 20th century Samsonite luggage.
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Omicron Ceti III is M-113 in Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966), Alfa 177 in Star Trek: The Enemy Within (1966) dyed a green color.

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