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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 61. And The Children Shall Lead


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 61. And The Children Shall Lead

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 61. And The Children Shall Lead

Season:    3
Air Date:    1968-10-11
Stardate:    5027.3
Writer:    Edward J. Lakso
Director:    Marvin Chomsky
Guests:    Craig Hundley (Tommy Starnes), James Wellman (Professor Starnes), Melvin Belli (Gorgan (The Friendly Angel)), Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel), Pamelyn Ferdin (Mary), Caesar Belli (Steve), Mark Robert Brown (Don), Brian Tochi (Ray), Lou Elias (1st Technician)

When the Enterprise responds to a distress call on the scientific colony on Triacus, Bones, Kirk, and Spock discover that all of the adults to have committed suicide using the drug cylotin. Kirk spots a single survivor, Prof. Starnes, but he does not seem to recognize Kirk and subsequently dies in Kirk's arms. A recording reveals that the colonists felt compelled to destroy themselves to escape what they call "the enemy within."

However, the children of the colonists (Tommy Starnes, Don Tsing Tau, Mary, Steve, and Ray; last names Janowski, O'Connel, and Wilkins, not necessarily in that order), appear to be in fine health and pay no attention to the absence of their parents. They are beamed up to the Enterprise, and an examination by McCoy reveals nothing amiss. Kirk tries to question the children and finds that they hated the planet and felt resentful that their parents liked it. Before Kirk can find out anything else, the children begin repeating "busy, busy, busy," and refuse to say anything more. Kirk tries talking to Tommy alone, but he only repeats the behavior of his friends.

When they are left alone, the children perform a summoning ritual for the "friendly angel." The angel gives them instructions for their next "task," which consists of bringing the Enterprise to Marcus 12 instead of Kirk's intended Starbase 4. On Marcus 12, the angel promises that they will find many friends to make them strong, and that this will allow him to take over the universe and allow the children unlimited freedom and play. The children prepare to use strange powers (invoked by up and down motions of a clenched fist) to influence the minds of the crew and take the Enterprise out of orbit and towards Marcus 12.

Clues to events which took place on Triacus are given by a series of recorded messages by Prof. Starnes. These document the onset of paranoia and loss of control over actions immediately following the excavation of a cave by Wilkins. At this juncture, Tommy enters the bridge and uses the opportunity to cause the tape to malfunction before his father's message can be completed. Tommy remains on the bridge after Kirk and Spock leave to consult in private. Tommy influences Sulu to leave orbit, giving him the illusion that the viewing screen shows the Enterprise to still be in orbit. When Uhura notices that the Enterprise is no longer in orbit, she confronts Sulu, but the children soon give her the same illusion as Sulu.

In the engine room, another child causes two engineers to guard the controls and to knock out Scotty when he tries to get them back and put the Enterprise back on course. Spock and Kirk listen to the rest of Dr. Starnes' tape in private, and find that he was being influenced to do things against his will, including requesting a spaceship from Starfleet despite the fact that he had no need for it. Consulting the computer's memory banks, Spock discovers a legend that Triacus was previously inhabited by a band of marauders who terrorized the Epsilon Indi system. The legend also maintains that the marauders, who were eventually wiped out, are waiting to return and maraud again.

Kirk beams down a pair of guards to take over from the security detachment on Triacus, assuming that the Enterprise is still in orbit since he has given no orders for it to do otherwise. When he then attempts to beam up the security detachment, Spock is unable to lock on, and Kirk is forced to face the fact that he has just beamed two men into a vacuum. When Kirk and Spock rush to the bridge, they get a look at the alien influencing the children (who have assembled on the bridge and performed another summoning ritual). Kirk gives commands to Sulu and Uhura to change course and send a message to Starfleet, but the children make Sulu see a passage of knives and Uhura a picture of herself as old and sick, and neither carries out the order. Kirk then orders Spock to send the message to Starfleet, but he is also unable to obey. When Kirk tries to order the security officer to confine Sulu to quarters, the children cause his speech to sound garbled. Kirk then becomes paranoid about losing the Enterprise, but Spock grabs him and the two of them escape from the bridge on the elevator.

They go to auxiliary control and try to enlist Scotty's help in overriding the ship's controls, but Scott and his engineers are firmly under the children's control. Chekov and two security guards attempt to arrest Kirk and Spock at phaser-point, but Kirk and Spock are able to fight their way out of it. Kirk finally manages to free the children of the Gorgon's evil influence and regain control of the Enterprise by replaying the taped ritual and summoning the Gorgon. With the help of tapes of the children playing with their parents, Kirk shows the children the Gorgon's wickedness in killing their parents. When the children cry and desert him, the Gorgon becomes disfigured, then disintegrates, chanting "death to you all."


Captain's Log : Star date 5029.5.
Responding to a distress call
from our scientific colony on Triacus.
We are beaming down to investigate.
[Tricorder Pulses]
Professor Starnes.
It's Kirk.
[Tone Oscillates]
He's dead, Captain.
He didn't seem to know me.
[Tape Recorder Rewinding]
Must destroy ourselves!
Alien upon us,
the enemy from within.
The enemy!
All this ...
Mass suicide.
[Children's Voices Shouting]
You missed me.
I did not.
Hi. Who are you?
Kirk of the star ship Enterprise.
I'm Tommy Starnes.
Uh, this is Mary, Steve, Ray, and Don.
Come on. Play with us.
Come on.
" Ring around the rosy "
" Pockets full of posy "
" Ashes, ashes "
" All fall down! "
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
" Ring around the rosy "
" Pockets full of posy "
" Ashes, ashes "
" All fall down! "
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain 's Log : supplementary.
We have buried the members of the Starnes exploration party.
Everyone has been deeply affected
by what has happened here ...
with some important exceptions.
Let's go and play.
Come on! Let's go!
- I'm gonna get you! - I'm gonna get you!
[Kirk] No sign of grief.
No, Jim. No indication of any kind.
Or of fear.
They seem completely secure and unafraid.
You insist their behaviour indicates traumatic shock?
I don't insist, Jim,
but I can't dismiss the possibility.
A child suppresses the fact that both parents are dead?
I can't believe it.
Humans have an amazing capacity
for believing what they choose
and excluding that which is painful.
Not to this extent. It's incredible.
What those children saw is incredible.
The way those deaths occurred,
any reaction is possible
including lacunar amnesia.
That's my diagnosis.
Until specific tests can be made,
it remains that.
I'll be guided by that opinion, Doctor, for the present.
What about questioning them?
Not until the fabric of the traumatization weakens
or you come up with another explanation for their behaviour.
Forcing them to see this experience now
could cause permanent damage.
Accepted, Doctor.
I'm - I'm sorry, Captain Kirk.
Children, listen to me.
It's time to go up to the ship.
Oh, not yet.
But -- But we're just beginning to have fun.
Not now.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Go up with the doctor.
Come on. It's time to be going.
Whatever happened here ...
is locked up inside those children.
The attack on Professor Starnes' party
must surely have been unprovoked.
Mass suicide is what it seems to be.
I stand corrected, Captain.
"Induced" would be a more precise term.
Induced by an outside force.
Such as?
The release of bacteria.
Or a helpless mental depression ...
and a state of suicidal anxiety ...
could have been chemically induced.
What would make the children immune?
I do not know,
but it is possible.
Then the children would have been exempted
by conscious design.
A valid assumption, I would say.
And their present behaviour
explained by a fear of punishment.
Or the promise of reward.
An attack by an unknown assailant ...
on an uninhabited planet.
This planet is uninhabited, Mr. Spock,
to the best of our information?
At present, yes.
[Tricorder Signals]
Getting a reading?
There seems to be some disturbance
coming from that cave.
Picking up any life-forms, Mr. Spock?
Definitely not humanoid, Captain.
Impossible to make any specific identification.
The readings do not correlate
with any known information.
Oh, that's strange.
That's ... very strange.
I'm getting a feeling of anxiety in this place.
It doesn't sound very scientific,
does it?
But it's strongest right here.
I'm not aware of it, Captain.
Maybe that's what's registering on your tricorder.
I'm not familiar with anxiety,
but I wasn't aware it could be registered on sensors.
Of course, that's --
That's me. That's me.
But what's causing your ...
tricorder to react?
Are you all right, Captain?
Yes, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
[ Chuckles ]
Just some sympathetic vibration
with what happened here.
Let's get back to the ship.
I want to check out those tapes
from Professor Starnes' tricorder ...
and I am going to question those children.
Children, each card is a different flavour.
You take your pick,
and the computer will mix your favourite combination.
Call out your favourites.
[ Children Calling Out Various Flavours ]
Would you like a surprise, Stevie?
All right.
It's coconut and vanilla.
They're both white.
There, there now, Stevie.
There are unpleasant surprises
as well as pleasant ones.
That was your unpleasant surprise.
Now what would you like for your pleasant surprise?
Chocolate wobble and pistachio.
Well, coming right up.
And peach.
[ Chuckles ] All right.
It's going to be a wonderful surprise.
The tests show no evidence of tensions due to lying.
They behave as though nothing had gone wrong.
There are no signs of foreign biochemical substance
to account for their present state.
- I have no answers. - There has to be an answer.
Can't it wait till we get to a hospital
so they can be examined by specialists?
We're not leaving here until we find out what's going on.
I won't prevent you questioning them,
but it could harm them if you do.
Could be far worse for them if I don't
and for us, too.
Be careful.
After this, we can all play games.
[Children Chattering]
How do you like getting ice cream out of a computer?
Mm, that was fun.
Well, well, well.
You're all having such a good time,
I think I'll join you. Is that all right?
- Please do. - I'll have a dish, too.
- Oh, of course. - A very small one.
Better than Triacus, isn't it?
That dirty old planet?
- What's so good about that place? - Yeah?
You weren't there very long.
You don't know.
Mm-hmm, I don't think your parents liked it.
- Yes, they did. - Yeah. Mine sure did.
- Parents like stupid things. - I don't know about that.
Parents like children.
Ha. That's what you think.
I'm sure your parents loved you.
That's why they took you with them to Triacus --
so they wouldn't be so faraway from you.
They'd be unhappy and miss you.
I'm sure that you would miss them, too.
- Bizzy. Bizzy. - Bizzy! Bizzy!
Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy!
Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy!
Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy!
Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy!
Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy!
Bizzy! Bizzy!
Guess what we are.
I know. A swarm of bees.
Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy! Bizzy!
Bizzy! Bizzy!
Watch out. Watch out.
I'll sting you.
Now wait a minute.
Can we have some more ice cream, please?
I don't think so. It'll spoil your dinner.
See? They all say it.
You've had a busy day. You could use some rest.
Nurse Chapel will see you to your quarters.
- Very good idea, Captain. - Aw, do we have to?
Tommy, Just a moment.
I'd like to ask you a question. Come and sit down.
Tommy, will you tell me what you saw?
Saw where?
In the cave on the planet -- on Triacus.
- You were there. - Did you see your father today?
- I saw him. - Did he seem upset?
- He was very upset. - What about?
- I didn't ask him. - What was going on ...
that would have upset him?
How should I know? He was always upset,
Just like you, Captain Kirk.
I'm not upset with you, Tommy,
or your friends.
We invited you aboard the Enterprise.
Why would I do that if I didn't like you?
You have your reasons.
Aren't you unhappy about leaving Triacus?
That place?
That's for adults.
Aren't you upset about leaving your parents?
My parents? They love it down there --
Always busy.
They're happy.
Can I go now? I'm tired, too, you know.
- Yes, certainly. I'll take you. - I know the way.
Kirk to security.
Post a guard on the children.
They're to be kept under constant watch.
[ Children Chanting ] Hail, hail,
fire and snow.
Call the angel,
we will go.
Far away,
for to see,
Friendly Angel
come to me.
Hail, hail,
fire and snow.
Call the angel,
we will go.
Far away,
for to see,
Friendly Angel
come to me.
Hail, hail,
fire and snow --
You have done very well, my friends.
You have done what must be done.
You have come aboard the Enterprise.
Now our destination
is a Federation settlement.
Captain Kirk will undoubtedly
choose a closer station.
Do not let that deter you.
Marcos 12 has millions of people on it.
Nearly a million will join us as our friends.
The rest will be our enemies.
Together with our other friends
who will join us,
we will defeat our enemies
as we defeated them on Triacus.
A million friends on Marcos
will make us invincible.
No one will tell us where to go,
when to sleep,
where to eat.
The universe will be mine to command,
yours to play in.
To accomplish this great mission,
we must first control the Enterprise.
To control the ship, we first must control the crew.
You know how to do that.
That is your next task.
And as you believe,
so shall you do,
so shall you do.
As you believe,
so shall you do,
so shall you do.
As you believe,
so shall you do,
so shall you do.
Maintaining standard orbit, Captain.
Lieutenant Uhura,
any report from the planet security team?
Everything is quiet, sir.
Captain, I've extracted the salient portion
of Professor Starnes' tapes.
Among the technical facts he gathered,
Professor Starnes also offered
some rather unscientific hypotheses.
Let's see them.
Log date : 5025.3.
Ever since our arrival on Triacus,
I've felt a certain growing feeling
of uneasiness.
At first I attributed it
to the usual case of nerves
associated with any new project.
However, I've found that the rest of my associates
are also bothered by these ... anxieties.
The only one snot affected are the children --
Bless them, find the whole thing an exciting adventure.
Ah, to be young again.
Let's see some more
of these unscientific hypotheses, Mr. Spock.
The feeling of anxiety
we've all been experiencing
is growing worse.
There is another portion, Captain,
which I believe you'll find particularly interesting.
Professor Wilkins finished his excavation today.
Although whatever civilization that might have been here
was destroyed by some natural catastrophe,
it appears one of the race took refuge in the cave.
And, for our efforts,
we are becoming only more apprehensive,
as if some unseen force
were ... influencing us.
- What happened? - Unknown.
I didn't see you come in, Tommy.
Can you take us to Marcos 12?
No. We'll probably take you to a Federation star base.
I have relatives on Marcos 12.
I'm sorry, Tommy.
Marcos 12 is not within our patrol area.
Mr. Spock, we'll pursue this in my quarters.
Can I stay here and watch? I'll be very quiet.
All right, Tommy.
Lieutenant, have Dr. McCoy report to my quarters
for a brief conference.
Mr. Leslie --
- Hi there. - Hi.
What is that?
The planet Triacus.
Will we see that all the time we're here?
Yes, all the time we're here.
He sees Triacus on the screen.
He thinks he sees it.
Mr. Sulu, the screen. We're out of orbit.
Will we reach Marcos 12 soon?
Very soon.
When did we change course?
- We haven't changed course. - What do you mean?
Look at your bridge-control monitor.
We're still in orbit, sir.
Have you gone completely blind? That's not orbiting position.
Don't touch the controls, sir.
What the devil are you doing?
- We must remain in this orbit. - You blind fool!
Can't you see in front of you? We're not in orbit.
I will not disobey an order from the bridge.
You are disobeying orders from the bridge. Now step aside.
- You're losing control of yourself. - Not yet.
I'm being influenced to do things
that do not make sense.
I went so far as to call Starfleet Command
to request a spaceship
to be used as a transport.
It was only when I couldn't tell them
what I wanted to transport
that I realized my mind was being directed.
I decided to send a dispatch to Starfleet
warning them.
Oh, God forgive us.
Must destroy ourselves!
Alien upon us,
the enemy from within.
The enemy!
He never completed the entry.
The dispatch was never sent.
Except for scenes of family life,
games and picnics with the children,
that is the complete record.
Whatever overwhelmed them
must've done so with incredible speed.
Otherwise, the professor would've provided details
of the experience.
He was an excellent scientist
and tireless in his pursuit of the truth.
That could be what destroyed him.
Possible, Captain.
Evil does seek to maintain power
by suppressing the truth.
Or by misleading the innocent.
Misleading the innocent?
I wonder.
Do you mean the children may be involved?
Yes, Doctor.
Spock ...
what do we know about the race that lived here?
According to the legend,
Triacus was the seat of a band of marauders
who made constant war throughout the Epsilon Indy System.
After many centuries,
the destroyers were themselves destroyed
by those they had preyed upon.
- Is that the end of it? - No.
Like so many legends,
this one, too, has a frightening ending.
It warns that the evil is awaiting a catalyst
to set it again into motion
and send it marauding across the galaxy.
Is it possible ...
that the evil found the catalyst?
I was speaking of a legend, Captain.
But most legends have their basis in fact.
I think I read you, Jim,
but as medical officer I must warn you
that unless the normal grief
is tapped and released
from these children,
you are treading dangerously.
I understand your diagnosis, Doctor, and I'll respect it.
But not to the exclusion and safety of the Enterprise.
Spock, what other expeditions
have visited Triacus?
According to Federation records,
this is the first.
What was it Professor Starnes said
about the unseen force?
He said an unseen force was influencing him,
that he recognized it,
was beginning to fight it ...
and cancelled his request for a ship.
A ship.
Yes, a ship for Triacus.
But why?
By whom?
Security detachment.
Ready for relief duty on Triacus.
Assemble in the transporter room immediately.
I'll have some questions for that detachment
as soon as they're beamed up.
I think it's about time we found out
whether Professor Starnes' enemy within
is on the planet below
or here on board ship with us.
Come on.
Your tour of duty will last one hour.
Be prepared with your communicators
to report any alien beings.
Don't wait to investigate.
Beam down the guards.
Beam up the security detachment from Triacus.
What's wrong?
I am unable to lock on to the proper coordinates.
Why not?
It appears we are no longer orbiting Triacus.
That's impossible. If we're not orbiting Triacus,
then the men I beamed down ...
are dead.
Captain, we are no longer orbiting Triacus.
Activate the bridge monitor screen.
Captain to Bridge.
[Kirk] Mr. Sulu, we're not orbiting Triacus.
With all respects, Captain, you're wrong.
I have Triacus on my screen now.
You're off course. I'm coming right up.
Hail, hail,
fire and snow.
Call the angel,
we will go.
Far away,
for to see,
Friendly Angel
come to me.
Fire and snow.
Call the angel,
we will go.
Far away,
for to see,
Friendly Angel
come to me.
Friends ... we have reached a moment of crisis.
The enemy have discovered our operation ...
but they are too late.
They no longer control the ship.
We do.
We shall prevail.
They will take us any place we desire.
So back to your stations.
Maintain your controls.
If resistance mounts, call upon their beasts.
Their beasts will serve us well.
The fear in each one of them
is the beast which will consume him.
Remember how it was on Triacus.
If they resist,
so shall it be on the Enterprise.
If you need me, call and I will appear.
Our new goal is Marcos 12.
It is our new beginning.
We must not falter.
Go to your stations.
Mary, you remain here with me.
disregard what you see on the screen,
what you think you see on the screen.
Set a course for Star base 4.
- Helmsman, did you hear me? - Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Uhura,
contact Star base 4.
Tell them we're bringing the children there.
Tell Starfleet Command I suspect them
of being alien in nature,
and I want a thorough investigation made
upon our arrival.
Aye, aye, sir.
Lieutenant ...
what are you staring at?
I see my death.
A long ... death.
Disease and pain.
I see my death.
- There's nothing there. - Oh, God.
Captain, don't let it be.
Mr. Spock, you make the call to Starfleet.
Mr. Sulu, I ordered you to change course.
Mr. Sulu --
Captain, stay away from the controls!
If you touch them, we'll be destroyed.
Mr. Sulu, there's nothing there.
Captain, why are we bothering Starfleet?
That was an order, Spock.
This bridge is under complete control.
- Complete -- - There is no need.
Take a look around you.
I cannot obey your order, Captain.
Take Mr. Sulu to his quarters.
He is relieved of duty.
[Garbled Speech]
[Garbled Speech]
From the --
Confine them to quarters.
Did you hear me?
Did you hear me?
Captain ...
we must get off this bridge.
Yes, we must.
I'm losing command.
I'm losing my ability to command.
I'm losing the Enterprise.
I'm losing command.
I'm losing the Enterprise.
My ship is sailing on and on.
I'm alone.
I'm losing command.
I've lost command.
I've lost the Enterprise.
Captain Kirk.
I've got command.
I've got command.
- I've got command. - Correct, Captain.
Where to, Captain?
Auxiliary control, my Vulcan friend.
This ship is off course.
I want you to override
the bridge navigation system
and plot a course for Star base 4.
I can't do that, sir.
Why not?
These are very sensitive instruments.
I will not have you upset their delicate balance.
We would all be lost, forever lost.
Go away now.
Go away or we'll kill you.
Scotty, listen to me.
The Enterprise has been invaded by alien beings.
Its destination is Marcos.
If we take it there, millions will die
the way they died at Triacus.
Oh, I'm all right, Spock.
My beast is finished.
It won't return.
Captain, so long as the children are present,
there is danger.
They are the carriers.
Spock, they're not the alien beings.
They're children being misled.
They are followers.
Without followers, evil cannot spread.
They're children.
Captain, the 430 men and women
on board the Enterprise
and the ship itself
are endangered
by these ... children.
They don't understand
the evil that they're doing.
Perhaps that is true,
but the evil that is within them
is spreading fast,
and unless we can find a way to remove it ...
we'll have to kill them.
Captain Kirk.
What is it, Ensign?
I have been instructed
to place you and Mr. Spock under arrest.
By whose order?
Starfleet Command, sir.
Where did you hear
this order, Ensign?
Now, listen to me.
This order is false.
I want you and your men to return to their stations.
I'm sorry, I must insist you and Mr. Spock
come with me to the detention section.
Ensign, listen to me.
Do not force me to kill you, sir.
I will if I have to.
Will you come peacefully, Captain?
Ensign, listen to me. This is a false order.
I have never disobeyed an order, Captain.
I know that, Ensign.
You have never disobeyed an order,
but an alien being is aboard this ship.
I will not disobey! I cannot disobey!
Disobey this order!
Starfleet Command supersedes your order, sir!
Ahh ...
Take these men to detention
then join me on the bridge.
The Enterprise will never reach Marcos 12.
We will not be landed there.
The crew will take us. The crew believes.
The crew ... does not understand.
When we make them understand as I understand,
they won't take you to Marcos.
- They will! They will! - We are going to Marcos!
We are going to follow our friend!
Your friend ... Where is your friend?
Where is that stowaway?
Why does he hide?
He will come if we call him.
But we won't. We don't need him.
We're not afraid of you.
Good. I'm glad you're not afraid of me,
but your leader ...
is afraid.
What's he afraid of?
He's not afraid of anybody.
He's not afraid of anything.
He's afraid to be seen.
When the crew sees and hears him,
they'll understand he is not their friend,
and they won't follow him.
He is our friend.
Then let him show himself.
Bring him out!
Let him prove to me that he is my friend
and I'll follow him to the ends of the universe!
Mr. Spock, playback the chant the children sang
to summon up the Gorgan.
Hail, hail,
fire and snow.
Call the angel,
we will go.
for to see,
Friendly Angel
come to me.
Hail, hail,
fire and snow.
Call the angel,
we will go.
for to see,
Friendly Angel come to me.
The time has come
to see the world as it is.
Come on.
Who has summoned me?
I did, Gorgan.
My beast is gone.
It lost its power
in the light of reality.
I command again,
and I ordered you here.
No, Captain.
I command here.
My followers are strong and faithful
and obedient.
That's why we take what is ours
wherever we go.
You take from those who do not know you.
And we know you.
Then you know I must win, Captain.
Not if we join together to fight you.
You will be destroyed.
I would ask you to join me,
but you are gentle,
and that is a grave weakness.
We're also very strong.
Ah, but your strength is cancelled
by your gentleness.
You are full of goodness.
Such as you cannot be changed.
You are like the parents.
You must be eliminated.
Children, I have pictures of you on Triacus.
I'd like to show them to you.
Would you like to see them?
Mr. Spock, the pictures.
If forbid it.
Why should you fear it?
I fear nothing.
So we were told. Mr. Spock, the pictures.
The children are waiting.
They would not help transport us.
They were against us.
They had to be eliminated.
[Device Beeps]
Tommy's father would have destroyed you,
but he recognized you too late.
You are also too late.
The kind ones always are.
Not always, Gorgan. Not this time.
You can't hide from them.
They see you as we see you.
They know what you are.
Even the children learn.
You are my future generals.
Together we can raise armies of followers.
Go to your posts!
The first great victories are upon us.
You will see.
We have millions of friends
on Marcos 12.
We shall exterminate all who oppose us!
Our purity of purpose cannot be contaminated
by those who disagree,
who will not cooperate, who do not understand.
They must be annihilated.
Don't be afraid. Look at him.
Without you children,
he's nothing.
The evil remains within him.
I command you!
I command you!
To your posts!
Carry out your duties,
or I will destroy you!
You will be swept aside
to make way for the strong.
Look how ugly he really is.
Look at him. Don't be afraid.
Death -- Death to you all.
Death to you all.
Death to you all.
Death to you all.
It's all right.
They're crying, Jim.
I don't know how it happened, but it's good to see.
It's all right, Mary. It's all right.
It's all right, isn't it, Doctor?
Yes. It's all right.
We can help them now.
Marcos 12 dead ahead, sir.
Reverse course, Mr. Sulu.
Aye, sir.
Course reversed, Captain.
Set course for Star base 4, Mr. Sulu.
Yes, sir.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 61. And The Children Shall Lead

In one of Prof. Starnes' log entries he says that the civilization on Triacus was destroyed by a "natural catastrophe". Yet later when Spock is asked about them by Kirk, he says they were a "band of marauders" who "made constant war" and that they "were themselves destroyed by those they preyed upon".
When Spock grabs Kirk and they get into the turbolift, it starts up and goes exactly where they want it to go even though they don't give it any verbal commands or use the hand control.
No wonder McCoy doesn't like to use the transporter! Kirk beams down two security guards to the planet - they don't "lock on" to the planet or call up the guards already on the planet to get a lock-on signal, or do any kind of double-checking to see if there are any gravitational anomalies, or anything. Who would want to travel by a transporter when they're that careless?
The stardates of Starnes' entries are 5025.3, 5032.4, and 5038.3 But Kirk gives the stardate of when they arrive at the beginning of the episode as 5029.5, so apparently Starnes made two entries after he died!
Who is taking the picture of Professor Starnes as he records his entry? Presumably he's recording himself using his tricorder...but in the picture he's holding the tricorder.
How does Kirk know Gorgan is called Gorgan? The children never call him that, Spock never mentions it in the research. The first time anyone calls him Gorgan is...when Kirk calls him Gorgan.
What happened to the two security guards stuck on the planet? At the end of this episode they apparently just fly on to their next assignment.

This was lawyer Melvin Belli's first time playing a fictional character. His son Melvin Caesar Belli plays one of the children.
12 of 12 (Trivia Rating)

Craig Huxley (Tommy Starnes) previously appeared in Star Trek: Operation - Annihilate! (1967) as Kirk's nephew Peter.
14 of 15 (Trivia Rating)

The title paraphrases the last line of Isaiah 11:6: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."
13 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2268.
4 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

This is the only episode of the original series in which we see the fully fledged United Federation of Planets flag. Previous appearances, such as Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part II (1966), simply used the pre-existing United Nations flag.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

This episode borrows elements and concepts from several sources, including Greek mythology (Gorgon), the old testament (the Book of Isaiah), and puritanical/colonial witchery (the incantations). It also has a similar plot to the first-season episode Star Trek: Charlie X (1966).
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

Leonard Nimoy explained that when he complained about the script to Fred Freiberger, Freiberger said, "This script is going to be what 'Miri' should have been". Nimoy objected, calling "Miri" a beautiful, well-acted story, and felt that Freiberger's comments were as much as saying, "'Miri' was a piece of trash".
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The mirror in which Uhura sees her aged reflection at the communications station is never used in any other episode. Of course, like Uhura's reflection, the mirror itself may have been an illusion created by the children.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

During one scene on the bridge, Kirk tries to give orders to Leslie, but his words are garbled. If the audio for this scene is played in reverse, Kirk can be heard to say, "Remove Lieutenant Uhura and Mr. Spock from the bridge. Confine them to quarters. Did you hear me? Take Mr. Sulu to his quarters. He's relieved of duty. Remove Lieutenant Uhura and Mr. Spock from the bridge. Confine them to quarters. Take Mr. Sulu to his quarters, I said. (garbled) Mr. Spock from the bridge. Confine him to quarters. Mr. Leslie, take Mr. Sulu to his quarters. He's relieved of duty."
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The name on one of the tombstones of the parents is "Tsing Tao" which is the name of a Chinese beer Tsingtao.
1 of 3 (Trivia Rating)

In James Blish's novelization of this episode, Sulu is terrified by the sight of missiles on the viewscreen, not swords. More interestingly, the children sing spells to cause havoc among the crew rather than making the fist-pumping gesture which has earned a lot of ridicule among fans.

The dress worn by the one of the female members of the Starnes Expedition Party was also created by William Ware Theiss, and was previously worn by Janet Wallace in Star Trek: The Deadly Years (1967). ) In fact, both costumes worn by Wallace can be seen in this episode, one worn by Don Linden's mother and the other worn by an unnamed woman (who commits suicide in the teaser).

It is never explained how Kirk knew to refer to the Friendly Angel as "Gorgan." Based on early drafts of the script, and in a bit of sloppy editing, episode writer Edward J. Lakso alternated between the various names, explaining why it appeared and stuck so late in the episode. A deleted scene had revealed that Tommy did tell Kirk the name, however, this scene took place in the script after Kirk had used the name.

Producer Fred Freiberger hoped that the presence of Melvin Belli would boost ratings. This plan failed and Freiberger realized it would have been more appropriate to cast an actor in the role.

All eight major regular performers of the second and third seasons - Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, Chapel, and Chekov - appear in this episode.

This episode is the first appearance of the set piece depicting the entrance to the Gorgan's cave. It would be seen again in many third season episodes, including Star Trek: Spock's Brain (1968), Star Trek: The Cloud Minders (1969), Star Trek: All Our Yesterdays (1969), and Star Trek: That Which Survives (1969).

The arboretum set was originally built for Star Trek: Elaan of Troyius (1968), but became a deleted scene due to time constraints. It was later modified for the arboretum that appeared in Star Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968).

Professor Starnes and the other male colonists wore jumpsuits left over from Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark (1967), which were reused many times during the series.

A female Expedition Party member wore Martha Leighton's costume from Star Trek: The Conscience of the King (1966).

Actor Craig Hundley also made a musical contribution to "Star Trek." Under the name Craig Huxley, he invented the Blaster Beam, an 18 foot long aluminum bar strung with piano wire and played with artillery shells. The instrument's distinctive metallic twang was used to represent V'Ger on Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack to the first "Star Trek" movie. James Horner used it as well for his "Star Trek" soundtracks, and Huxley composed "Genesis Project" for the "Star Trek II' soundtrack.

Originally, the children were supposed to enchant the ENTERPRISE crew by chanting, "See, see, what shall (s)he see..." and then completing the chant by describing the effect of the chant on the crew member. However, these chants were dropped, and in the final episode, the children use their powers by moving their fists up and down in the air. The only chant that is heard in the episode is the one that summons the Angel, Gorgan.

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