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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 13. The Conscience of the King


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 13. The Conscience of the King

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 13. The Conscience of the King

Season:    1
Air Date:    1966-12-08
Stardate:    2817.6
Writer:    Barry Trivers
Director:    Gerd Oswald
Guests:    Arnold Moss (Kodos?), Barbara Anderson (Lenore), Bruce Hyde, Eddie Paskey

A friend of Captain Kirk, Thomas Layton diverts the Enterprise to the Signia Minor Earth Colony, 300 light-years off its course, with a phony message. Layton tells Kirk his suspicions that the actor Anton Karidian is actually Kodos the Executioner, but doesn't live to expand on this allegation since he is murdered shortly thereafter.

Kirk consults the computer banks and discovers that Karidian's history begins exactly where Kodos's ends. Of the nine witnesses of Kodos' murder of 4000 colonists on Tarsus IV 20 years previously, Kirk finds that Layton, Kevin Riley, and himself were the only survivors (E. Molsen, D. Eems, and the other four are all dead). Kirk finds further that the deaths of all these witnesses occurred when the Karidian players were nearby.

Hoping to conclusively establish the identity of Karidian, Kirk requests his friend Captain Daily not to pick up the acting company. At the request of Karidian's 19-year-old daughter Lenore, Kirk then uses the Enterprise to take them to the Benecia colony (8 light-years out of the way). While the players are aboard, Riley's milk is poisoned and a phaser on overload is hidden in Kirk's room. Kirk confronts Karidian, but is not conclusively convinced of his guilt.

After Riley escapes from sickbay and tries to kill Karidian, Kirk overhears the psychopathic Lenore telling her father that it was she who has been killing the eyewitnesses to his deeds of the past. Kirk tries to take Lenore into custody, but she grabs a phaser from a security guard. She tries to shoot Kirk, but her father takes the fatal phaser blast intended for Kirk, and Lenore goes insane.


An Arkturian Macbeth.
Watch him.
Watch Macbeth.
Is he dead?
Speak. Is King Duncan dead?
All great Neptune's ocean,
wash this blood clean from my hands.
That voice.
How is it with me, when every noise appalls me?
That man on the stage.
I'm certain of it.
That's Kodos...
the Executioner.
Pluck'd out mine eyes!
Space--the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds...
to seek out new life and new civilizations...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain's log-- star date 2817.6.
Starship Enterprise diverted from scheduled course.
Purpose--to confirm discover by Dr. Thomas Leighton
of an extraordinar new synthetic food
which would totally end the threat off a mine
on Signia Minor, a nearby Earth colony.
You mean you've called me three light-years off my course
just to accuse an actor of being Kodos?
He is Kodos. I'm sure of it.
You said you discovered a new food concentrate.
What do I put in my log,
that you diverted a starship
with false information?
You're not only in trouble,
you've put me in trouble, too.
I did it to trap Kodos!
is dead.
Is he?
Is anyone sure?
A body burned beyond recognition?
Tom, the authorities closed the book on that case
years ago.
Then let's reopen it.
Jim, 4,000 people were butchered.
Martha, you tell him.
I can't tell him anything,Jim.
He's been like this
since the company of actors arrived.
Kodos is dead.
I'm satisfied with that.
Well, I'm not.
I remember him.
That voice.
The bloody thing he did.
Jim, I need your help.
There were only eight or nine of us
who actually saw Kodos.
I was one. You're another.
If he's to be exposed--
He's dead.
Then it will be a ghost
Martha and I receive in our home tonight.
I invited the entire company
to a cocktail party.
I have to be sure.
I have to get back to my ship
and figure out
how I'll enter all this in my log.
Tom. Martha.
Librar computer.
History files.
former Governor Kodos of Tarsus 4,
also known as Kodos the Executioner.
After that, background on actor Anton Karidian.
Kodos the Executioner. Summar--
governor of Tarsus 4 20 Earth years ago.
Invoked martial law.
Slaughtered 50% of population
Earth colony that planet.
Burned body found when Earth forces arrived.
No positive identification.
Case closed. Detailed information follows.
On stardate 2794.7--
Information on Anton Karidian.
Directo rand star
of traveling company of actors
sponsored by galactic cultural exchange project.
Touring official installations last nine years.
Has daughter Lenore, 19 years old--
Give comparative identification
between the actor Karidian and Governor Kodos.
No identification records available
on actor Anton Karidian.
Give information on actor Karidian
prior to Kodos' death.
No information available-- Anton Karidian
priorto 20 year sago.
Photograph Kodos.
Photograph Karidian.
Now photograph both.
Mr. Spock.
You know Dr. Leighton, don't you?
Would you say he's given to fantasy?
A good empirical research scientist.
Steady, reputable, occasionally brilliant.
With a very long memory.
I have no information on that, Captain.
We are ready to leave orbit.
We'll delay departure for a time.
I'm beaming back down to the planet again.
Where's Tom?
He went to town.
He called. He's on his way back.
The others are on the patio.
I take it you're the welcoming committee.
Is that for me?
Why not?
I saw your performance tonight.
May I extend my appreciation?
My father will be delighted, Mr...
Captain James Kirk,
Starship Enterprise.
Oh. We're honored.
I had hoped
to meet your father tonight personally.
I'm sorry, Captain Kirk.
He has a rigid rule about that.
He never sees anyone personally,
and he never attends parties.
An actor turning away his admirers?
Very unusual.
Karidian is a most unusual man.
You saw Macbeth.
That was my father.
Well, then I'll talk to Lady Macbeth.
So, captain of the Enterprise.
So, Lady Macbeth. Interesting.
What's your next move?
We play two performances at Benecia
if the Astra I Queen can get us there.
She's a good ship.
You were very impressive as Lady Macbeth.
Thank you.
And as Lenore Karidian?
Very impressive.
I'd like to see you again.
You mean professionally?
Not necessarily.
I think I'd like that.
Unfortunately, we must keep a schedule.
You don't have a schedule now, do you?
You mean leave?
But I've only just arrived.
So have I.
And you hate to overstay a welcome.
Why not?
I'll make our apologies to our hostess.
I'll meet you outside.
Tired of walking?
No.Just thinking.
About what?
At the party, you were such a brash young man.
And now?
Now somehow different.
Not a ship's captain
with all those people
to be strong and confident in front of.
You know, you're really very dear, aren't you?
In some ways...
very lonely.
It's Tom Leighton.
He's dead.
At least he has peace now.
He never really had that before.
Oh, why was Tom killed
if what he suspected wasn't true?
I don't know.
I'll try and find out.
How I'll miss him.
Kirk to Enterprise.
Bridge here, Captain.
Put me through to Captain John Daley
of the Astra I Queen in orbit station.
Put it on scramble, will you?
Captain Daley's on, sir.
John.Jim Kirk.
[Daley] Hi,Jim.
Can you do me a favor?
I owe you a dozen. Just ask.
Don't make your pickup here.
You mean strand allthose actors?
I'll pick them up.
And if there's any trouble,
it'll be my responsibility.
Will do. Anything else?
Just keep this between the two of us
and accept my thanks. Over and out.
Kirk to Enterprise.
Bridge here, Captain.
Transporter room.
Ready to beam up.
Ready to resume course, Captain.
I think we're due for a pickup.
What kind, personnel? Cargo?
A Miss Karidian has been transported aboard ship.
She requests permission to see you.
Tell her to come up to the bridge.
Escort Miss Karidian to the bridge.
How did you know
this lady was coming aboard?
I'm the captain.
I didn't think we'd be meeting again so soon.
You probably wouldn't believe me
if I told you I arranged it.
No, but it's a delightful thought.
Captain, we need your help.
We've been stranded.
It seems that our transportation
has canceled out on us.
Can't you make other arrangements?
Well, yes, but not in time.
Our schedule is like a chain--
one break, and it all collapses.
Be a shame if that happened.
If ever we needed a good Samaritan.
Well, l...
I appeal to you.
The regulations are very clear
about taking on passengers.
I'll make a bargain with you.
What have you got to trade?
Special performance for the crew
in exchange for a lift.
You make it sound very interesting.
The crew's been on patrol for a long time.
They could use a break in the...
Then you'll do it?
You've got me backed into a corner.
The men would never forgive me
if I deprived them of your performance
and your presence.
Thank you, Captain.
I'm eternally grateful.
I'll get the company ready.
This means so much to them.
Mr. Spock,
prepare to leave orbit
as soon as the Karidian company
is aboard the ship.
May I inquire as to our course?
Benecia Colony.
Benecia Colony is eight light-years off our course.
If my memory needs refreshing,
I'll ask you for it.
In the meantime, follow my orders.
Captain's log-- stardate 2818.9.
There are many questions in my mind--
too many, perhaps--
about the actor Karidian and his daughter.
For personal reasons,
I'm almost afraid to learn the answers.
Mr. Spock,
E.T.A. the Benecia Colony.
We'll arrive stardate 2825.3, Captain,
Approximately 1 500 Benecia time.
Librar computer.
Data on questions submitted to personnel files.
Data being received.
Kodos file--
Of all survivors,
there are nine actual eye witnesses
who can identify Kodos.
Give list.
Kirk,J.--presently Enterprise captain,
Leighton, T.,
Moulton, E.,
Riley, K.,
Eames, D.--
Is that Star Service Lieutenant Kevin Riley?
Affirmative. Riley, Kevin,
presently assigned U.S.S. Enterprise communications section.
Mr. Spock.
Lieutenant Kevin Riley in communications--
I wish him transferred to the engineering decks.
He came up from engineering, Captain.
Well, I'm sending him back.
Any explanation?
He's a fine young officer.
He's bound to consider this transfer
a disciplinary action.
I don't wish to discuss it.
Please follow my orders.
When the man on top walks along his street,
the chain of command is often a noose.
Spare me your philosophical metaphors, Doctor.
The captain is acting strangely.
I'm asking if you've noticed.
Negative. This is the first time in a week
I've had time for a drop.
Would you care for a drink, Mr. Spock?
My father's race was spared
the dubious benefits of alcohol.
Oh. Now I know why they were conquered.
What are you worried about?
Jim generally knows what he's doing.
It was illogical for him
to bring those players aboard.
Illogical? Did you get a look at that Juliet?
That's a pretty exciting creature.
Of course your, uh, personal chemistry
would prevent you from seeing that.
Did it ever occur to you
that he might like the girl?
It occurred.
I dismissed it.
You would.
Did you know
that he suddenly transferred Riley to engineering?
Lots of things go on here
that I don't know, Mr. Spock.
He's the captain.
He can transfer whoever he pleases.
You can look that up
in a hundred volumes of space regulations somewhere.
Come on. Have a drink.
No, thank you.
Well, you're welcome. But I will.
And please, Mr. Spock,
if you won't join me,
don't disapprove of me.
At least not until you've tried it, huh?
This is the, uh, observation deck.
That's the flight deck down there--
with the shuttle craft.
Isn't it?
Tell me, Captain Kirk.
Did you order the soft lights
especially for the occasion?
If I had ordered soft lights,
I'd also have arranged for music and flowers.
Unfortunately, it isn't so.
On the Enterprise, we try to duplicate
earth conditions of night and day
as closely as possible.
Star light, star bright.
I wish I may, I wish I might.
Do you remember that, Captain?
It's very old.
Almost as old as the stars themselves.
And this ship.
All this power surging and throbbing,
yet under control.
Are you like that, Captain?
All this power at your command,
the decisions that you have to make...
Come from a very human source.
Are you, Captain?
You can count on it.
Tell me about the women in your world.
I'd rather talk about you.
You must have wanted to perform
since you first saw your father act. When?
In the beginning.
Tell me about it.
That's not fair.
You haven't answered my question
about the women.
What would you like to know?
Has the machine changed them?
Made them just... people
instead of women?
Worlds may change,
galaxies disintegrate,
but a woman...
always remains a woman.
All this...
and power, too.
The Caesar of the stars
and the Cleopatra to worship him.
Full personal dossiers on the following names--
Dr. Thomas Leighton,
Anton Karidian,
Lieutenant Kevin Riley.
And Captain James T. Kirk.
Accomplished. Standing by.
Correlate. Check their past histories.
Report any item,
any past episode or experience
they all have in common.
I appreciate whatever concern you may have
for the ship's company, Mr. Spock--
I will continue, Doctor.
According to our library banks,
it started on the Earth colony of Tarsus 4.
The food supply was attacked
by an exotic fungus.
There were over 8,000 colonists
and virtually no food.
And that was when Governor Kodos seized full power
and declared emergency martial law.
I've heard of it.
You may not have heard it all.
Kodos began to separate the colonists.
Some would live,
be rationed whatever food was left.
The remainder would be immediately put to death.
Apparently he had his own theories of eugenics.
Unfortunately, he wasn't the first.
Perhaps not.
But he was certainly among the most ruthless,
to decide arbitrarily who would survive,
using his own personal standards,
and then to implement his decision without mercy.
Children watching their parents die.
Whole families destroyed.
Over 4,000 people.
They died quickly, without pain,
but they died.
Relief arrived,
but too late to prevent the executions.
And Kodos,
there never was a positive identification of his body.
What's Karidian to do with it?
His history begins
almost to the day where Kodos disappeared.
And you think Jim suspects he's Kodos?
He'd better.
There were nine eye witnesses
who survived the massacre
who'd actually seen Kodos with their own eyes.
Jim Kirk was one of them.
With the exception of Riley and Captain Kirk,
every other eye witness is dead,
and my library computer shows
that wherever they were--
on Earth, on a colony, or aboard ship--
the Karidian Company of Players was somewhere near
when they died.
It's unbelievable.
Hey. Rec room. Somebody.
Talk to me.
Larry Matson here.
Is that you, Riley?
What's up?
Not me.
I am down.
In the engineering room.
You've been a bad boy.
Maybe so.
Whatever I've done,
they're keeping it a secret from me.
Hey. Is that Uhura playing?
Let me talk to her.
I think his heart is sore.
What can I do for you?
A song.
Yep, make it a love song.
Just something to reassure me
I'm not the only living thing
Ieft in the universe, huh?
Well, you're not.
I'll prove it to you.
' The skies are green and glowing '
' Where my heart is'
' Where my heart is'
' Where the scented lunar flower's growing'
'Somewhere beyond the stars'
'Beyond Antares'
' I'll be back, though it takes forever '
' Forever is just a day '
'Forever is just another journey'
' Tomorrow a stop along the way'
'Andlet theyears go fading'
' Where my heart is '
' Where my heart is'
' Where my love eternalis'
' Waiting'
'Beyond the stars'
'Beyond Antares"
How'd you like that, Riley?
Help me...
[Glass Shatters]
You've got to pull him through.
I'm not sure I can.
If he dies,
the only one who'll be able to identify Kodos
is the captain,
and he'll be the next target.
Captain's log--
stardate 2819. 1.
Ship's officer Riley's condition worsening.
Dr. McCoy making lab analysis
to determine cause and antidote.
Entire crew deeply concerned.
As of this date,
lab report indicates presence
of appreciable amount of tetralubisol,
a highly volatile lubricant in use aboard ship.
Someone tried to poison him.
Tetralubisol's a milky substance.
Someone could have gotten careless
and made a mistake.
I don't believe that. Neither do you.
I want the captain to see that report.
When I've finished logging it.
All right.
My report on Lieutenant Riley.
Will he make it?
He's got a good chance.
We predict the same foryou.
All right, Mr. Spock.
Let's have it.
Lieutenant Riley was a witness.
So were you.
All right.
Someone tried to kill him.
Could have been an accident.
You should be told the difference
between empiricism and stubbornness, Doctor.
I checked with the library computer as you did.
I got the same information.
Aren't you out of line?
My personal business--
It's my business when it might interfere with this ship's operation.
That happened?
It could.
I don't like anyone meddling
in my private affairs.
Jim, Spock's simply trying--
I know what he's doing.
It's his job. You know it.
And you also know...
that nothing is proven.
Even in this corner of the galaxy, Captain,
two plus two equals four.
Certainly an attempt will be made to kill you.
Why do you invite death?
I'm not.
I'm interested in justice.
Are you?
Are you sure it's not vengeance?
No, I'm not sure.
I wish I was.
I've done things I've never done before.
I've placed my command in jeopardy.
I've got to determine whether or not Karidian is Kodos.
He is.
You sound certain.
I wish I could be.
Before I accuse a man of that, I've got to be.
I saw him once, 20 years ago.
Men change.
Memory changes.
I look at him now, he's an actor.
It'll change his appearance.
Logic is not enough.
I've got to feel my way,
make absolutely sure.
What if you decide he is Kodos? What then?
Do you play God,
carry his head through the corridors in triumph?
That won't bring back the dead,Jim.
But they may rest easier.
Dr. Leighton was murdered
while the Karidian Company was on Planet Q
An attempt's been made against Riley
while the company is on board the Enterprise.
Doc isn't sure there was a murder attempt.
Besides, I have an idea--
Shh. Listen.
Do you hear it? That low hum.
A phaser.
On overload.
This is the captain.
There's a phaser on overload.
If it blows, it'll take out the entire deck.
Evacuate all personnel in this quadrant.
Double red alert.
You get out of here.
You can't stay.
Go on. Block off this section.
Hurry. I'll find it.
Evacuate this section. Seal it off.
Clear section C4 and C5.
[Siren Stops]
[Door Opens]
We're overdue for our talk, aren't we?
I had hoped
you would have respected my privacy, Captain.
A moment ago, we narrowly averted an explosion
which would have destroyed several decks of this ship.
Before that, someone tried to poison one of my crewmen.
I am sorry to hear that.
I'm sure you are.
Are you Kodos?
I asked you a question.
Do you believe that I am?
I do.
Then I am Kodos,
if it pleases you to believe so.
I am an actor.
I play many parts.
You're an actor now.
What were you 20 years ago?
Younger, Captain.
Much younger.
So was I.
But I remember.
Let's see if you do.
Read this into that communicator on the wall.
It will be recorded
and compared to a Kodos voice film we have in our files.
The test is virtually infallible.
It will tell us whether you're Karidian...
or Kodos the Executioner.
Ready for voice test.
Disguising your voice will make no difference.
"The revolution...
"is successful,
"but survival depends on drastic measures.
"Your continued existence
"represents a threat to the well-being of society.
"Your lives means slow death
"to the more valued members
of the colony."
Therefore I have no alternative
but to sentence you to death.
Your execution is so ordered.
Signed, Kodos,
governor of Tarsus 4.
I remember the words.
I wrote them down.
You said them like you knew them.
You hardly glanced at the paper.
I learn my parts very quickly.
Are you sure you didn't act this role out
in front of an audience
whom you blasted out of existence without mercy?
I find your use of the word mercy
strangely inappropriate, Captain.
Here you stand,
the perfect symbol
of our technical society--
and not very human.
You've done away with humanity,
the striving of man
to achieve greatness
through his own resources.
We've armed man with tools.
Striving for greatness continues.
But Kodos--
Kodos, whoever he was--
Or is.
Or is.
Kodos made a decision of life and death.
Some had to die that others might live.
You're a man of decision, Captain.
You ought to understand that.
All I understand
is that 4,000 people were needlessly butchered.
In order to save 4,000 others.
And if the supply ships
hadn't come earlier than expected,
this Kodos of yours might have gone down in history
as a great hero.
But he didn't.
And history has made its judgment.
If you're so sure that I'm Kodos,
why not kill me now?
Let bloody vengeance take its final course!
And see what difference it makes
to this universe of yours.
Those are beautiful words,
well acted.
They change nothing.
No, I suppose not.
They're merely tools,
Iike this ship of yours.
There are no previous records
to Anton Karidian
prior to 20 years ago.
Blood thins.
The body fails.
One is finally grateful
for a failing memory.
I no longer treasure life,
not even my own.
I am tired!
The past...
is a blank.
Did you get everything you...
wanted, Captain Kirk?
If I had gotten...
everything I wanted...
you might not walk out of this room alive.
Captain Kirk.
You better rest...
There's a stain of cruelty
on your shining armor, Captain.
You could have spared him...
and me.
You talked of using tools.
I was a tool, wasn't l?
A tool to use against my father.
In the beginning perhaps.
But later,
I wanted it to be more than that.
Everything's always later.
Too late.
Too late, Captain.
You are like your ship--
and not human.
There is no mercy in you.
If he is Kodos,
then I've shown him more mercy than he deserves.
And if he isn't...
then we'll let you of fat Benecia,
and no harm done.
Captain Kirk.
Who are you to say what harm was done?
Who do I have to be?
Medical log--
Lieutenant Riley's sufficiently recovered
to be discharged,
but the captain has ordered him
restricted to sick bay
to prevent contact with passenger
who calls himself Karidian
and who's suspected of being Kodos the Executioner
and of murdering the Lieutenant's family.
Captain's log--
stardate 2819.8.
Suspect under surveillance.
Strategic areas under double guard.
Performance of the Karidian Players
taking place as scheduled.
[Fanfare Plays]
Tonight, the Karidian Players
present Hamlet,
another in a series of living plays
presented in space,
dedicated to the tradition of classic theater.
Hamlet is a violent play
about violent times
when life was cheap
andambition was God.
I believe we have a match, Captain.
But not an exact match, Mr. Spock.
We're dealing with a man's life.
No machine can make that decision.
In the long history of medicine,
no doctor has ever caught
the first few minutes of a play.
Don't forget--
- Captain Kirk, McCoy here. - Yes, Doctor.
Riley's gone.
I was recording my log about Karidian and Kodos.
If he overheard--
You've made your point, Doctor.
Captain, security, "H" deck--
The weapons locker has been broken into.
One phaser is missing.
This is the captain.
Security 2 alert.
Find and restrain Lieutenant Kevin Riley.
He's armed
and possibly headed towards the ship's theater.
Whither wilt thou lead me?
Speak, Uncle.
No further.
Mark me.
I will.
My hour is almost come,
when I to sulphurous
and tormenting fires
must render up myself.
I am bound to hear.
So art thou to revenge...
when thou shalt hear.
I am thy father's spirit,
doomed for a certain term
to walk the night...
get back to the sick bay.
He murdered my father...
and my mother.
You could be wrong.
Don't throw away your life on a mistake.
I'm not wrong.
But that I am forbid to tell the secrets
of my prison-house...
I know that voice.
That face, I know it.
I saw it.
He murdered them.
Thy soul,
freeze thy young blood.
It's an order.
Give me the weapon.
If thou didst ever
thy dear father love...
Get back to the sick bay.
Go on.
It's going beautifully.
What is it?
What's wrong?
There was a voice out of the past
haunting me,
torturing me.
There was another part I once played long ago.
I never told you about it.
Now that same curtain rises again.
The time has come.
No, Father.
The time will never come.
after my performance,
the last two who can harm you
will be gone.
What are you saying?
There were nine.
Now there are only two,
and they will be gone as soon as I--
Don't look at me like that.
What have you done?
What had to be done.
They had to be silenced.
All of them?
All seven?
More blood on my hands?
No, Father.
Not anymore.
I'm strong, Father.
It's nothing.
Second act--
three minutes.
We'll be ready.
Don't you see?
All the ghosts are dead.
I've buried them.
There's no more blood on your hands.
Oh, my child.
My child.
You've left me nothing!
You were the one thing in my life
untouched by what I'd done.
But you're safe now, Father.
I've saved you.
no one can touch you.
Not even Captain Kirk.
See Caesar come.
He's awed by your greatness...
your shining brightness.
Bright as a blade...
before it is stained with blood.
Bright as a blade.
Come with me,
both of you.
Of course.
After the play.
The play is over.
It's been over for 20 years.
I was a soldier in a cause.
Terrible things had to be done.
Stop it, Father!
You have nothing to justify.
I never wanted the blood on my hands
ever to stain you.
I did it foryou.
I've saved you.
By killing seven innocent men.
They weren't innocent!
They were dangerous!
I would have killed a world
to save him!
Curtain going up-- one minute.
The play, Captain.
He must go on.
This is the great...
You cannot deny him his last performance!
Lenore, don't!
Aah! Aah!
You'll never get off the ship.
Then it will become a floating tomb,
drifting through space
with the soul of the great Karidian
giving performances
at every star he touches.
I know how to use this, Captain.
Lenore, no.
beware the ides of March.
No, child! Don't!
What feast is toward
in thine eternal cell...
that thou, such a prince,
at a shot so bloodily
hast struck?
The curt--
The curtain.
The curtain rises.
It rises.
'This no time to sleep.
The play.
The play.
The play's the thing...
where in we'll catch the conscience of the king.'
Medical report.
She'll receive the best of care,Jim.
She remembers nothing.
She even thinks her father's still alive
giving performances before cheering crowds.
You really cared for her, didn't you?
Ready to leave Benecia orbit, Captain.
Stand by, Mr. Leslie.
All channels cleared, Uhura?
All channels clear, sir.
Whenever you're ready, Mr. Leslie.
Leaving orbit, sir.
You're not going to answer my question, are you?
Ahead warp factor 1 , Mr. Leslie.
That's an answer.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 13. The Conscience of the King

It seems a little odd that Dr. McCoy, the ship's chief surgeon, is sitting in sick bay getting drunk. He's not on shore leave and if he wanted to have a drink or two, why not do it in his quarters. It seems rather unprofessional, to say the least.
After the phaser blows up, you can see the sign on Kirk's quarters, his room number is "3F 127", in "The Man Trap", Dr. McCoy's quarters were also number "3F 127".
After Lenore kills Karidian, there is a couple of close-ups of him on the ground where he is obviously breathing.
Spock later says the computer confirmed that Kirk, Leighton, Riley, and Karidian were all on Tarsus IV during the massacre. It couldn't have done this because Karidian didn't exist until Kodos created the identity sometime after the massacre.
After Kirk meets Kodos he asks the computer how many eyewitnesses to the massacre there were that can still testify, it says "Nine." Later Spock asks the same computer the same question and it says there are only two still alive. Why did the computer say to Kirk earlier that there were nine that could testify?
The computer says the Tarsus IV incident occurred Stardate 2794.7. In several preceding episodes with Kirk in command the stardate given is a smaller (and thus earlier) number then the date of the Tarsus IV massacre given here, which doesn't make sense.
If the computer has photographs and voiceprints of Kodos, why does the prosecution need eyewitnesses to identify Kodos and bring him to justice?
There were 4,000 colonists who survived the Tarsus IV execution of the other 4,000 colonists. How the heck were there only 9 people who could identify Kodos, given he was the governor of the colony.
According to the computer readout display in "Star Trek: Enterprise's" episode "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II", Enterprise NX-01 communications officer Hoshi Sato and her husband were among the 4,000 colonists put to death by Kodos the Executioner.
When Dr. McCoy checked on Lt. O'Riley the medical scanner was on the setting for a person but it should have been off because O'Riley wasn't there.

Yeoman Rand's silent walk-on appearance was the final scene that Grace Lee Whitney filmed for the series. According to Whitney, she had been fired the week before and she felt that her wordless walk-on was done to embarrass her. According to Whitney's memoir, she was so distraught that she immediately went to her dressing room and got drunk. Whitney did not return to Star Trek until Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).
20 of 20 (Trivia Rating)

In the original draft, the character whose parents had been murdered by Kodos was named Lt. Robert Daiken. When Bruce Hyde was cast in the role, the staff realized that he played the character Kevin Riley in Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966) so the character was rewritten as Riley.
14 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

When Kirk goes to the Leighton dinner party, and comes out to meet Lenore, you can hear a very slow jazz version of the series' theme song. This is the first time the has been played as "source music". The other times this occurs in the original series is later in the episode when Kirk is speaking to Lenore in Karidian's cabin, when Areel Shaw enters the bar in Star Trek: Court Martial (1967), and when Kirk, McCoy, and Tonia Barrows run to Sulu's position in Star Trek: Shore Leave (1966).
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Barbara Anderson developed a fever blister/cold sore on her lip during filming. Besides using makeup to partially disguise it, she was often filmed with part of her lower face in shadow.
13 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

Kodos gives his name to one of the two cyclopic alien squids who repeatedly plague The Simpsons (1989) in their Halloween fantasies. The other is Kang who takes his name from Star Trek: Day of the Dove (1968).
16 of 17 (Trivia Rating)

This is the first of a long line of Star Trek productions which feature scenes, quotes, or references to William Shakespeare. In this case, the title comes from "Hamlet" (Act II, Scene 2). Scenes from Hamlet and Macbeth are acted out, and there is a paraphrase of "Julius Caesar" (Act 1, Scene 2): "Caesar, beware the Ides of March".
9 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

Favorite TOS episode of Ronald D. Moore, writer of numerous Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) episodes.
9 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

In a never-filmed scene from the script, Yeoman Rand interrupted Kirk and Lenore on the observation deck to bring Kirk a report. This was incorporated into a 1994 Star Trek comic book story, "The Dream Walkers".
9 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

A line scripted, but cut from the episode established that Kirk was a midshipman, fresh out of the Academy when he was stationed on Tarsus IV and witnessed the massacre. Since it happened twenty years before the events of this episode, this would have indicated that Kirk is somewhat older than what was later established in Star Trek: The Deadly Years (1967). (It should be noted, however, that while Academy cadets enter as midshipmen, they graduate as ensigns.)
9 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

The script began with a view of the city on Planet Q, with a poster advertising the Karidian Company of Players superimposed over it, then dissolving into the performance of Macbeth. Director Gerd Oswald decided this lead-up was unnecessary, and chose a more gripping opening of Macbeth's dagger shown close up.
9 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

A scene of crewmen watching the performance of "Hamlet" on the bridge was filmed, but cut from the episode.
5 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

In the final bridge scene, Lt. Leslie is seen at helm but his uniform is missing the braid signifying the rank of lieutenant.
4 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

Though Lt. Riley is part of the communications and, then, the engineering crew, his uniform is gold instead of red (a la Uhura and Scotty). No reason for this difference is given.
4 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

Kirk finds this unthinkable that Karidian, an actor, would turn away adoring fans. This is possibly an in-joke relating to William Shatner's notorious fondness for being surrounded by fans who pay a high price to come and fawn over him.
11 of 16 (Trivia Rating)

Barbara Anderson (Lenore Karidian) shares the record (with Ricardo Montalban and Joan Collins) for the most costumes worn in a single Trek episode by a guest star (six). She wears a maroon-colored dress for her Lady Macbeth costume, a blue dress with a veil at the party thrown by the Leightons, a fur mini-skirt dress when arriving on the Enterprise, a greenish multicolored mantle on the observation deck, a black and red evening dress when Kirk visits the Karidians in their quarters, and, finally, her yellow and lavender Ophelia costume. It could even be argued that the veil she wears while walking with Kirk just before discovering Tom Leighton's body could be considered a seventh costume.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

James Doohan and George Takei do not appear in this episode.
5 of 8 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2266.
4 of 6 (Trivia Rating)

During a theater performance, Karidian dons a mask bearing a striking resemblance to the one worn by Doctor Doom of Marvel Comics.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

When Spock declines to have a drink with McCoy by saying that his people were "spared the dubious benefits of alcohol", McCoy scorns Spock's refusal by stating that he now knows why Vulcan was conquered. This is contradicted in Star Trek: The Immunity Syndrome (1968), when Spock says that Vulcan has not been conquered in its collective memory.
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This is the only episode to depict the observation deck.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The phaser overload emergency is the only known instance when a double red alert is declared. However, in James Blish's adaptation of Star Trek: Court Martial (1967) in Star Trek 2, he has Kirk ordering a red alert and then a double red alert during the ion storm - as opposed to the yellow alert and red alert that were depicted on screen. "Red alert" and "double red alert" were used in the final draft of that episode's script but were changed on-set before filming.

This episode contains Star Trek's first direct reference to eugenics, although there is an oblique reference in Star Trek: What Are Little Girls Made Of? (1966). Spock declares Kodos' martial rule of Tarsus IV to have been an experiment in eugenics, causing McCoy to note that his wasn't the first such experiment.

Kirk refers to Riley as a lieutenant in the "Star Service" - another early name for Starfleet.

When Lenore shoots Karidian/Kodos and kills him, she doesn't zap him into oblivion as the "kill" setting normally does, allowing her to weep over the body. This indicates that the phaser has more settings than just "stun" or "kill", and it can be adjusted to different intensities. The same setting used by Lenore was used to kill the M-113 creature in Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966).

The preview trailer for this episode gives the stardate as 2817.2.

This is the only episode to depict nighttime on the Enterprise (Kirk says that conditions of night and day are approximated as closely as possible aboard ship.) However, in both Star Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968) and Star Trek: Requiem for Methuselah (1969), various crewmembers bid each other goodnight.

Near the beginning of the episode, Spock walks in on Kirk in the briefing room and through the doors we can see two crewmen (played by Ron Veto and Frank da Vinci) in the background across the hallway preparing to affix a door sign.

The capacity in which Kirk was living as a colonist on Tarsus IV is not addressed. He does not mention losing any family. In fact, his mother is still alive at the time of this episode (according to the series bible) and his father, George Kirk Sr. lives long enough to see his son take command of the Enterprise. James' brother, George Kirk Jr., is seen to die in _"Star Trek" (1966) {Operation--Annihilate! (#1.29)}_ . Apparently, a 13 year old James Kirk was living on Tarsus IV without the rest of his immediate family. If they had been there and like him, survived the massacre, it is unlikely that a young James Kirk would be the sole witness out of his entire family.

Joseph Mullendore's score for this episode would be heard again in Star Trek: Court Martial (1967), Star Trek: Shore Leave (1966), Star Trek: Space Seed (1967), Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever (1967), and in the teaser of Star Trek: The Return of the Archons (1967).

Kirk's quarters are labelled as "3F 121".

The dreamlike song sung by Uhura is "Beyond Antares". Nichelle Nichols got to interact with the Vulcan harp again in Star Trek: Elaan of Troyius (1968), but that scene was cut. In Star Trek: The Changeling (1967), she sings a portion of that song again, without an instrument, before Nomad interrupts her.

The preview for this episode features an alternate edit of Kirk searching for the overloaded phaser in his quarters. It was unused because the plywood under the mattress of his bunk was visible.

In all other episodes, the crew drinks non-alcoholic beverages aboard ship from Styrofoam cups. In this episode, Riley drinks his milk from a glass, presumably because its shattering would be more dramatically effective.

McCoy's cabinet has two skulls in it for the first time in this episode.

In the scene where security guards are searching for Kevin Riley in the corridors, rectangular seams are visible in the floor. This is where the grates visible in Star Trek: Charlie X (1966) and other early episodes were eliminated and filled in with the corridor floor material.

The equipment-filled alcove that McCoy and Spock pass in the corridor as they discuss Kodos the Executioner is labeled "Engineering Circuit Bay G-121". This sign was later placed next to the Jefferies tube in season two.

The city in the background out Tom Leighton's window is the same one used as Mojave in _The Cage_(qv. The window itself was used in the Delta Vega lithium cracking station set in _Where No Man Has Gone Before_.

The chair in which Leighton sits just before he rises to reveal his black facial patch would later be seen with its mate in Chief Vanderburg's office in Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark (1967).

The ship's theatre is a redress of the engineering set. Pieces of the ship's gymnasium are hanging on the walls, and the ceiling can be seen of this set in one of three glimpses in the first season.

The observation deck is a redress of the Romulan bridge set from Star Trek: Balance of Terror (1966).

The Karidians' quarters aboard the Enterprise appear to be a "VIP suite," the only one of its kind seen in this series. Just inside the door is a "sitting area" with an oddly-shaped bed or couch. (This same bed was seen in Captain Pike's cage in Star Trek: The Cage (1986)). Further back, behind the grating, are two doors leading to separate bedrooms. Finally, two walls of the sitting area feature the same "inset bookcases" that were last used in Pike's quarters in "The Cage".

Chairs are shown by the panels in engineering. They are never seen again.

The face covering Tom Leighton wore to hide his injuries is almost identical to one worn by a character in The Outer Limits: The Duplicate Man (1964), which was also directed by Gerd Oswald.

This episode was among the lowest in ratings during the first season, mainly due to the fact that it was "too talky" with no action scenes, and didn't feature any "monster" or "sci-fi gimmick". Hence, it was decided not to give it a repeat broadcast.

Gerd Oswald recalled this episode as "A very intriguing idea. A good story."

In Battlestar Galactica (2004), Ronald D. Moore named the prison barge Astral Queen after the ship commanded in this episode by Jon Daily.

In Star Trek: Enterprise: In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2 (2005), the future biographical information displayed for Hoshi Sato states that she was one of the 4,000 people killed by Kodos on the Tarsus colony. It should be noted, however, that creator Mike Sussman never intended for the data to be readable on screen, and on his website he says to take that biographical information with "a grain of salt."

Lenore Karidian was born in 2247.

In addition to the title, this episode shares many plot elements with Hamlet: A leader's troubled conscience, his crimes being exposed during a play, and a daughter going insane (or more so, in Lenore's case) after the accidental killing of her father. Lenore recites the lines leading up to and including these over her father's body. The most overt reference is in the teaser. The Karidian Company is performing a scene from Macbeth, where the title character (played by Karidian) murders King Duncan and utters the line, "Will all Neptune's great ocean wash this blood clean from my hands?"
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Eddie Paskey's character name, Mr. Leslie, is finally established in this episode.
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This is is the first episode featuring the computer voice (although a talking computer was featured in Star Trek: Mudd's Women (1966)).
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A scene was filmed showing Lenore resting in sickbay after her mental breakdown, but was deleted from the episode.

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