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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 10. What are Little Girls Made Of?


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 10. What are Little Girls Made Of?

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 10. What are Little Girls Made Of?

Season:    1
Air Date:    1966-10-20
Stardate:    2712.4
Writer:    Robert Bloch
Director:    James Goldstone
Guests:    Michael Strong (Roger Korby), Sherry Jackson (Andrea), Ted Cassidy (Ruk), Majel Barrett (Christine Chapel), Harry Basch (Brown), Vince Deadrick (Mathews), Bud Albright (Rayburn)

After the Enterprise travels to the planet Exo III in order to investigate the fate of Roger Corby (Nurse Chapel's former fiancee), security guards Matthews and Rayburn are both killed after beaming down with Kirk and Nurse Chapel. In turns out that Corby, known as the Pasteur of archeological medicine, has discovered the remains of an ancient culture. Using machinery he has found, he creates androids Braun and Andrea with the help of Rok, a still-functioning android from the ancient days of Exo III.

Corby begins implementing a dastardly plan by creating an android of Kirk to be taken to Minas 5 where he will start spreading androids throughout the galaxy. The real Kirk and Corby's android are completely indistinguishable. The android even knows that Kirk has a brother named George Samuel Kirk (called "Sam" by Kirk only) who saw Kirk off with his wife and three sons.

Fortunately, Kirk had shown great presence of mind while his mental patterns were being duplicated. By concentrating on the words "Mind your own business, Mr. Spock. I'm sick of your half-breed interference! Do you hear!?," he engrained this phrase into the circuitry of the android, who dutifully repeated them when aboard the Enterprise. Hearing these words from Kirk, Spock suspects something is amiss and follows the android down to investigate.

In the meantime, Corby has been forced to destroy Rok, who has remembered the equation "existence, survival must cancel out programming." This equation led Rok to realize that the same kind of clash between humans and androids which led to his civilization's demise centuries ago is becoming inevitable again, and caused him to attempt to kill Corby. However, Corby catches his hand in a door, revealing the fact that he himself is an android. Andrea then destroys the Kirk android when he refuses to kiss her. When she tries to kiss Corby, Corby destroys them both, ridding the universe of Exo III androids for all times.


All sections-- security check in progress.
We're entering standard orbit, Nurse.
It won't be much longer.
Forward scanner to Bridge.
I understand you gave up a career in bio-research
to sign aboard a starship.
I know he's alive down there, Captain.
Scanner to Bridge, Status report, please.
It's been five years since his last message.
Roger's a very determined man.
He'd find a way to live.
Beginning signals to surface, sir.
Put it on all frequencies, Lieutenant.
Ship's record banks show little we don't already know
about this planet, Captain.
Gravity is 1.1 of Earth.
Atmosphere within safety limits.
But the surface temperature of that planet
is 100 degrees below 0.
It may have been inhabited once,
but this system's sun
has been fading steadily for a half million years.
Dr. Korby-- often called the Pasteur of archaeological medicine.
His translation of medical records from the Orion ruins
revolutionized our immunization techniques.
Required reading at the academy, Mr. Spock.
I've always wanted to meet him.
Do you think there's any chance of him still being alive?
I've tried all frequencies, sir. No return signal.
Keep trying.
Warp capacity .07 and building.
Communicator, we need more lines to the impulse deck.
His last signal told about finding underground caverns.
And since then two expeditions have failed to find him.
I've run all frequencies a second time. There's no--
[Beep Beep]
Enterprise, come in, Enterprise.
This is Roger Korby.
Repeating-- this is Dr. Roger Korby.
Do you read me, Enterprise?
This is Dr. Roger Korby...
standing by.
Space-- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds...
to seek out new life and new civilizations...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain's log, Stardate 2712.4.
A signal from planet Exo-Ill.
Dr. Roger Korby has been located,
he and part of his expedition remaining alive
due to the discovery of underground ruins
Ieft by the former inhabitants of this world.
Enterprise to Korby.
We have your coordinates.
We're preparing to beam down a party.
It may interest you that we have aboard--
I've an unusual request, Captain Kirk.
Beam down alone, just yourself.
We've made discoveries of such a nature
they may require an extraordinary decision from you.
That's an unusual request.
The man making it is Dr. Roger Korby.
You're certain you'd recognize his voice?
Have you ever been engaged, Mr. Spock?
Yes, it's Roger.
Agreed, Doctor.
However, there will be two of us.
Hello, Roger.
Yes, Roger.
Darling, how-- Where are you?
Yes, by all means, Captain.
I--I had no idea, no hope.
Darling, are you all right?
Yes, Roger.
Everything's all right now.
We're on our way, Doctor.
We'll be with you in a moment.
Enterprise out.
He said he'd be waiting.
Dr. Korby.
Dr. Korby.
It's possible we may have hit the wrong entry point.
Kirk to Enterprise.
Spock here, Captain.
Beam down...
two security men.
Any problems, Captain?
Some delay in meeting us.
Probably nothing at all. Kirk out.
Corridors could be quite deep.
Getting here may have taken more time than he estimated.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Rayburn, maintain post here.
Yes, sir.
Mathews, we'll look for Dr. Korby. Accompany us.
Yes, sir.
Is that you, Dr. Korby?
Dr. Brown! It's Roger's assistant.
Brownie, where's Roger?
Be careful.
Is there a path down there?
There's no hope, Captain. It's bottomless.
He must have slipped.
[Kirk] Any chance of a projection or a ledge?
None, Captain.
Terribly unfortunate.
Dr. Korby was detained.
I came as soon as I could.
Not soon enough.
what is it?
Don't you recognize me?
you look well.
My name is Brown, Dr. Korby's assistant.
I presume you are Captain Kirk.
He's dead.
I assure you.
Dr. Korby will be waiting.
You do know him well?
An old friend?
I suppose living here for five years...
Captain Kirk to Rayburn. Report.
All quiet here at the entry, Captain.
Any problems there, sir?
We lost Mathews. Apparently an accident.
Tell the Enterprise to have a full security party standing by.
Yes, sir.
[Kirk] And we'll both report in at hourly intervals.
If you and I lose contact,
or if he fails to hear from either of us,
he's to beam the security party down immediately. Kirk out.
Dr. Korby has discovered
that as their sun dimmed,
the inhabitants of this planet moved underground
from an open environment to this dark world.
When you were a student of his, Christine,
you must have often heard Dr. Korby remark
how freedom of movement and choice produced the human spirit.
The culture of Exo-Ill proved his theory.
When they moved from light to darkness,
they replaced freedom with a mechanistic culture.
Dr. Korby has been able to uncover elements of this culture
which will revolutionize the universe
when freed from this cavernous environment.
I'm Andrea.
You must be Christine.
I've always thought how beautiful your name is.
And you must be Captain Kirk
of the Starship Enterprise.
We appreciate you bringing Roger's fiancee to him.
I don't remember Dr. Korby mentioning an Andrea.
But you are exactly as Roger described you.
No wonder he missed you so.
Where is Dr. Korby?
Here, Captain.
I, uh...
I've been looking forward to--
Oh, I knew I'd find you.
Everything's all right now.
Forgive me, Captain.
I'm, uh, I'm Roger Korby.
There's no need to apologize, sir,
and certainly no need to introduce yourself.
The captain lost a man in the caverns.
How did it happen?
The pit near the outer junction.
The edge must have given way.
I'm terribly sorry, Captain.
Perhaps if I'd been there--
I know the passages so well.
It wasn't your fault.
Kirk to Rayburn. Report.
I'm required to make a security confirmation.
If you list your personnel,
cargo requirements, any special needs--
Captain, I'd much prefer--
Rayburn, are you receiving?
I'd prefer you waited till I've talked to you.
I've lost contact with my guard. I must call my ship.
No communications, Captain.
[Christine] Roger.
I'm sorry.
If they should send down more people,
Roger, that--
He won't be harmed. I promise.
Isn't it possible there could be things here
unknown to you so important--
Sir, one man's dead.
I've lost contact with the other.
What are you doing?
This is necessary, Captain.
You will understand.
Drop it!
[Christine] ohh!
Enterprise from Captain Kirk. Come in. Do you read?
Frequency open, Mr. Spock.
Spock here, Captain.
Contact established with Dr. Korby.
We were becoming concerned, Captain.
Your check-in was overdue,
and since we'd not heard from your security team--
No problem, Mr. Spock.
[Kirk's Voice] We'll return to the ship within 48 hours.
Dr. Korby's records and specimens will require careful packing.
Captain, are you all right? You sound tired.
If you cry out, Ruk may injure you.
At least wait until we can talk.
[Spock] Acknowledge, Captain. Is everything all right?
Fine, Mr. Spock.
Dr. Korby has made some fascinating discoveries.
All under control.
Stand by for regular contact. Kirk out.
This is not a vain display, Captain.
I'm a scientist.
You obviously know my reputation.
Trust me.
Yes, I know your reputation.
The whole galaxy knows who you are and what you stand for.
That's why all this makes no sense.
There's so much you must learn
Before you make a final judgment.
For example...
[Andrea's Voice] You must be Captain Kirk
of the Starship Enterprise.
[Korby's Voice] Christine, it's all right now.
You see, Captain?
[Christine's Voice] Yes, Roger.
Everything is all right now.
That's enough.
You are not to mock Christine.
You will never harm her.
Or disobey an order from her.
You will not disobey her orders.
Satisfied, Captain Kirk?
Both love and trust.
Now give me 24 hours to convince you.
Do I need to be a prisoner to be convinced?
What would your first duty be upon return to your vessel?
Report. Do you realize the discoveries lost because of superstition?
Of ignorance? Of a layman's inability to comprehend?
A simple layman's question, Doctor--
Where is my other crewman?
Ruk was programmed to protect my experiments.
The logic of his machine mind saw danger to me.
Where's my other crewman?
Ruk destroyed them both,
but totally against my wishes, I assure you.
He's an android... Iike Brown?
More complex than Brown.
Much superior.
I was left here by the old ones.
Ruk was still tending the machinery when we arrived here.
How many centuries?
Even Ruk doesn't know.
With his help, with the records I could find,
we built Brown.
You've convinced me, Doctor.
You've convinced me that you're dangerous.
Ruk, no!
I do not understand.
Why are you unhappy?
You are with Roger again.
Where is Captain Kirk?
You are concerned about the captain?
Yes, I am concerned.
How can you love Roger without trusting him?
Why does it bother you when I use the name Roger?
it's sufficient that it does disturb her.
You will call me Dr. Korby from now on, Andrea.
Yes, Dr. Korby.
I didn't mean to eavesdrop, darling.
As you can see, uh,
Captain Kirk is fine. He won't be harmed.
The things at stake here
simply make it necessary he doesn't report to his ship.
I need time to explain and demonstrate...
to him and to you.
Now shall we start with Andrea?
Yes, let's start with Andrea.
I'm like Dr. Brown-- an android.
Didn't you know?
Remarkable, isn't she?
Notice the--
the lifelike pigmentation,
the variation in skin tones.
The flesh-- The flesh has warmth.
There's even a pulse,
Physical sensation.
How convenient.
you must realize an android's like a computer.
It does only what I program.
As a scientist, you must realize--
that given a mechanical Dr. Brown,
a mechanical geisha would be no more difficult.
You think I could love a machine?
Did you?
Andrea's incapable of that.
She simply obeys orders.
She has no meaning for me.
There's no emotional bond.
Kiss, uh, Captain Kirk.
Now strike him.
You see?
There's no emotion in it, no emotional involvement.
She simply responds to orders.
She's a totally logical computer,
a thing.
Not a woman.
Now do you understand?
If these mechanical things have no feelings
and perform only as you program them,
then why did Brown try to shoot me?
Why did he kill two of my men?
There are many things I don't understand, Doctor.
I will answer all of your
This is how you make an android.
[Machine Beeps]
[Low Rumbling]
He's not being harmed.
I promise.
Roger, what's happened to you?
When I sat in your class,
you wouldn't even dream of harming an insect or an animal.
Their life was sacred to you then.
If I'd simply beamed up to their vessel
with Brown and the others,
I'd have given them objects of curiosity,
beginnings of wild stories, foolish theories.
[High-Pitched Squealing]
Now watch carefully.
Choose, Christine.
Which is your captain?
I don't know.
They're exact.
I honestly don't know.
Synthetic organs are in place.
We merely synchronize them
with Kirk's autonomic nervous system,
duplicating the rhythms of his body.
At the same time,
we duplicate the mental pattern.
physical pattern complete,
we now make a mental pattern.
Ready for final synaptic fusion.
Andrea, stand by for cortex circuits.
The android will be so perfect,
It could even replace the captain.
The same memories, the same attitudes,
the same abilities.
Activate circuits.
Mind your own business, Mr. Spock.
I'm sick of your half-breed interference.
Mind your own business, Mr. Spock.
I'm sick of your--
Are you all right?
As far as I know.
Meet an android.
How do you do, Miss Chapel?
I am now programmed to please you also.
Is the food appealing?
Yes, thank you.
Please sit, Captain.
Thank you.
I'm more or less on parole, I understand.
Dr. Korby suggested that you have lunch.
He thought you might have a few things to talk about.
I know, I know.
I'd hate to be torn between commander and fiancee myself.
No, I'm not torn.
I'm puzzled.
I'm worried.
Has he confided in you?
Nothing he hasn't told you.
I know it doesn't make sense.
What he's done may seem wrong,
but he is Roger Korby,
whatever he seems to be doing.
Unless something's gone wrong with his mind.
No. You're forgetting how well I know him.
He's as sane as us.
if I gave you a direct order to betray him...
Don't ask me to make that choice.
I'd rather you push me off the same precipice
where Mathews died.
Oh, no, I can't.
Please, go ahead and eat.
Androids don't eat, Miss Chapel.
Even has your sense of humor.
There's one difference between us--I'm hungry.
The difference is your weakness, Captain, not mine.
One at a time, gentlemen.
Eating is a pleasure, sir.
Unfortunately, one you will never know.
Perhaps, but I will never starve, sir.
He's an exact duplicate?
In every detail.
What about memory?
Tell me about Sam.
George Samuel Kirk, your brother.
Only you call him Sam.
He saw me off on this mission.
Yes, with his wife and three sons.
He said he was being transferred
to Earth colony 2 research station.
No, Captain. He said he was continuing his research.
He wanted to be transferred to Earth colony 2.
It's like outthinking a calculating machine.
Obviously, I can't...
but we do have some interesting differences.
Totally unimportant ones.
You may leave now.
You haven't guessed the rest, hmm?
Not even you, Christine?
What you saw was only a machine,
Only half of what I could've accomplished,
Do you understand?
By continuing the process,
I could've transferred you, your very consciousness
into that android,
your soul, if you wish.
All of you.
In android form,
a human being can have practical immortality.
Can you understand what I'm offering mankind?
Different word, but the same old promises
made by Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Hitler, Ferris, Maltuvis.
Can you understand that a human converted to an android
can be programmed for the better?
Can you imagine how life could be improved
if we could do away with jealousy, greed, hate?
It can also be improved by eliminating love, tenderness, sentiment,
the other side of the coin, Doctor.
No one need ever die again.
No disease,
No deformities.
Why, even fear can be programmed away,
replaced with joy.
I'm offering you a practical heaven,
a new paradise,
and all I need is your help.
All you wanted before was my understanding.
I need transportation to a planet colony
with proper raw materials.
There are several good possibilities among your next stops.
No diversion from your route.
I want no suspicions aroused.
I'll begin producing androids carefully, selectively.
No one need know,
only to frighten uninformed minds.
They must be strongly infiltrated into society
before the android existence is revealed.
I want no hysteria to destroy what is good and right.
You with me, Captain?
You've created your own Kirk.
Why do you need me?
I created him to impress you,
not to replace you.
I'm impressed, Doctor...
but not the way you think!
Stand back, Ruk!
I'll kill him!
Stay back.
Roger, l...
[Nurse Chapel] Ruk, stop!
Dr. Korby said you are to obey me!
Ruk, I order you not to harm him!
[Christine's Voice] Captain Kirk!
Where are you?
Captain Kirk!
I can help you!
Christine, is that you?
We finished ahead of schedule.
Dr. Korby has considerable cargo to beam aboard.
I'll have to go over our destination schedule.
You're going back down?
Mind your own business, Mr. Spock.
I'm sick of your half-breed interference, do you hear?
Yes, very well, Captain.
You look upset, Mr. Spock.
Is everything all right?
No problems here, sir.
Good. I'll beam up shortly
with Dr. Korby and party.
Security, Spock here.
Status of the landing party.
Ready and standing by, sir,
Meet me in the transporter room
after the captain has beamed down.
I looked it over.
I think you'll find planet Midas Five an excellent choice.
A small colony.
Abundant raw materials.
You made a good beginning, Captain.
Thank you.
I felt quite at home on the Enterprise.
kiss me.
Not programmed for you.
What's the matter, Andrea?
Emotion, Ruk?
You disapprove of Miss Chapel's orders to save my life.
To maintain your existence would be illogical.
Can't your memory banks solve a simple equation like that?
What happened...
to the old ones, Ruk?
It's so long ago.
Is it possible they built their machines too well...
gave them pride
and a desire to survive?
Machines that wanted logic and order
and found that frustrated
by the illogical emotional creatures that built them?
The old ones.
The ones who made us.
They grew fearful of us.
They began to turn us off.
Isn't it Korby who's creating
the same danger to you all over again?
Unlike you, we humans are full of unpredictable emotions
that logic cannot solve.
Yes. It had been so long ago, I had forgotten.
The old ones here.
The ones who made us, yes.
Yes, it is still in my memory banks.
It became necessary to destroy them.
You are inconsistent.
You cannot be programmed.
You are inferior.
And Korby?
You came from the outside.
You bring disorder here.
The danger to you is Korby.
I was programmed by Korby.
I cannot harm him.
The old ones programmed you, too,
but it became possible to destroy them.
That was the equation!
Survival must cancel out programming.
That's it, Ruk! Logic!
You can't protect someone
who's trying to destroy you!
Ruk, I would like--
You brought him among us.
You brought the inferior ones.
We had cleansed ourselves of them.
Now you bring the evil back!
Ruk, stop!
Your programming.
I had no choice.
You were a man with respect for all things alive.
How can I explain the change in you?
If I told Earth I was in your hands--
It's still me, Christine.
I'm in here.
You can't imagine how it was.
I was frozen...
My legs were gone.
I was...
I had only my brain between life and death.
This can be repaired--
easier than another man can set a broken finger.
I'm still the same as I was before, Christine,
perhaps even better.
Are you, Roger?
[Alarm Beeping]
Yes, Doctor.
There's someone in the outer junction.
He must've got my message.
I will find Ruk.
He'll never find us in this maze.
Ruk has been shut off.
Get a weapon. Deal with it.
I will kiss you.
You will not?
It is illogical.
I'm the same!
A direct transfer.
All of me,
human, rational, and without a flaw.
He freed himself, and I destroyed--
Destroyed him.
I'm...not programmed for alarms.
I listened to your instructions.
They were misstated.
She killed the android like you killed Ruk.
Is this your perfect world,
your flawless beings killing off one another?
Aren't you doing exactly what you hate in humans,
killing with no more concern than turning off a light?
I'm not a computer.
Test me.
Ask me to solve any--
Christine, Christine,
Iet me prove myself.
Does this make such a difference?
Don't you see, Roger?
Everything you've done has proved it isn't you.
I am Roger Korby!
Then prove it.
Give me that phaser gun.
If there's any human left in you,
give it to me.
You will never understand.
I constructed a perfect being,
tested it,
proved it.
Proved it.
Proved it.
Andrea, give me the weapon.
No. Protect.
To love you.
kiss you.
You cannot love.
You're not human.
Love you...
Captain Kirk!
In here, Spock.
Captain, are you all right?
Where's Dr. Korby?
Dr. Korby...
was never here.
Thank you for letting me make the decision, Captain.
I'm quite certain I'm doing the right thing.
She's staying with the ship.
Something bothering you, Mr. Spock?
Frankly, I was rather dismayed
by your use of the term "half-breed," Captain.
You must admit it is an unsophisticated expression.
I'll remember that, Mr. Spock,
the next time I find myself in a similar situation.
Steady as we go, helm.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 10. What are Little Girls Made Of?

When the android Kirk boards the Enterprise and takes a "command pack," he walks out and down to the transporter, but he doesn't have the pack in his hand (this is because they used a shot from "The Man Trap" to cut costs).
As Korby rotates the table to show Christine the real and android Kirks, in one shot as we see the real Kirk, on the turntable's opposite side you can see it's missing the depression both sides have.
Ruk stands behind and to the left of Kirk as he frees himself from the chair he's tied to with his left hand, but doesn't seem to notice a thing.

The only TOS episode to prominently feature Nurse Christine Chapel, who was played by Majel Barrett. Also featured is Ted Cassidy, best known for playing Lurch on The Addams Family (1964) TV series. Barret would later play Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)'s gag character Lwaxana Troi, whose valet Mr. Homm was played by Carel Struycken, who played Lurch in The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993).
24 of 24 (Trivia Rating)

The replicator turntable appears on the infamous Star Trek Blooper Reel playing host to several drunken cast members using it for a Merry-Go-Round.
18 of 18 (Trivia Rating)

In Robert Bloch's original script, a wealthy socialite named Margo hired the Enterprise to look for Doctor Korby, whom she greatly admired. In his script re-writes, Gene Roddenberry felt the role would be better filled by Korby's wife or fiancée, which would play well with the doctor's alleged intimate relationship with Andrea and his emotional coldness. Finally, he wrote the part to feature Christine Chapel, who was previously featured in Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966) (and was played by Roddenberry's lover, Majel Barrett).
14 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

First mention of Capt. Kirk's brother, George Samuel Kirk, who is married with children.
14 of 15 (Trivia Rating)

Ruk is Ted Cassidy's only appearing role in Star Trek. He provided voice overs in Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (1966) and Star Trek: Arena (1967). Ironically, in a few scenes of this one, his own voice is dubbed over by other actors to show Ruk's mimicking abilities.
7 of 7 (Trivia Rating)

The "Old Ones" mentioned by Korby are a reference to a series of stories written by Robert Bloch's mentor H.P. Lovecraft. Bloch made a similar reference within the Star Trek universe in Star Trek: Catspaw (1967).
6 of 6 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2266.
5 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

The title is based upon a nursery rhyme: "What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice, That's what little girls are made of."
11 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

DeForest Kelley, James Doohan and George Takei do not appear in this episode.
9 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

William Shatner kisses Sherry Jackson so hard that when they pull apart you can see that her lips are swollen a little, and that most of her lipstick is gone and all over his lips. Also, when he holds her in his arms and pulls her in close to kiss her, he squeezes her arms so tight when kissing, that he leaves his fingerprints there. In 1998, the Sci-Fi Channel aired all the original episodes in their complete, non-syndicated format, with added interviews from some of the series stars, guest stars and production people. It was called "Star Trek Insights". Jackson said in her interview, "I must say when he kissed me on screen, he really kissed me!"
4 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

Sherry Jackson's revealing costume never failed to get an enthusiastically appreciative response whether it be stunning a noisy commissary into silence when the actress showed it off there, or when it was displayed at a SF convention and the model for it found herself being approached by a large number of men, including Harlan Ellison, trying to secure a date from her.
4 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

This is the third episode in which Captain Kirk appears bare-chested.
11 of 19 (Trivia Rating)

Kirk's walk to the turbolift from his quarters is stock footage from Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966). He does not have in his hand the command packet he had retrieved from his safe a moment before.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

Ted Cassidy (Ruk) also appeared in "Lost In Space". In an outtake from the season 2 episode,"Bread And Circuses" he runs onto the set in his "Lost In Space" costume and picks William Shatner up and carries him off camera.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

This is the episode from which the famous blooper reel clip originates featuring Leonard Nimoy and his son Adam Nimoy (who later went on to direct two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)) with Vulcan ears on. The proof of this is Nimoy's spoken line, "Are you all right, captain? You sound tired." which is spoken in this episode.
3 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

This is the first of five episodes of "Star Trek" to feature a question mark in the title. The other four are Star Trek: Who Mourns for Adonais? (1967), Star Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (1997) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Who Mourns for Morn? (1998).
2 of 3 (Trivia Rating)

The script of this episode was in such a bad shape, that Gene Roddenberry had to make revisions simultaneously with the filming of the episode, and shooting had to wait until new pages arrived.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

Robert H. Justman personally assembled the episode previews for the series, some of which had specially-recorded narration by William Shatner, as this episode does. The previews have great value to Star Trek scholars as they are the only filmed source remaining (other than the blooper reels and cutting room film clips in the hands of fans) for alternate takes, cut scenes and other lost details.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

According to Sherry Jackson, William Shatner's chest had to be shaved for his nude scenes in the android machine.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The role of Mathews was played by stuntman Vince Deadrick. Decades later, his son, Vince Deadrick, Jr., recalled of the senior Vince Deadrick, "One of his most memorable scenes was when he got thrown into that bottomless cave as Mathews in 'What Are Little Girls Made Of?' You heard his scream all the way down - 'Ahhhhhhh!' - as it got fainter and fainter and fainter."
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This episode marks the final appearance of the early black and white phaser 2. It was replaced by more detailed blue-gray and black models.
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This episode produced a sequel in the form of the novel Double, Double by Michael Jan Friedman. In it, another Brown android returns from an expedition, finds Korby and the others "dead," and creates a new Kirk android. The androids then again attempt to put Korby's plan into operation, taking over the Enterprise and Hood while arranging the removal of the original Kirk.
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According to the novella "The Worst of Both Worlds", the mirror universe James T. Kirk of the ISS Enterprise destroyed the last surviving member of the android society (presumably Ruk's mirror counterpart) on Exo III, who had likewise turned on their masters and killed them.
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James Goldstone, who directed the second pilot, Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966) was hired to direct this episode, because the production staff greatly praised his work. However, filming of this episode went two days over schedule (mostly due to the aforementioned script problems), resulting in eight shooting days. Goldstone was never re-hired.

While much of the score in this episode is stock music, small bits of new music were composed for it by Fred Steiner. Andrea's theme was re-used in Star Trek: This Side of Paradise (1967) as Leila Kalomi sought to explain the nature of the Omicron Ceti III spores to Spock, while the Ruk music signified danger in many future episodes.

Along with Star Trek: Errand of Mercy (1967) and Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part II (1966), this is one of only three episodes after the pilots in which McCoy does not appear.

In one part of the episode Chapel asks Spock if he has ever been engaged; the truth about this will be revealed in Star Trek: Amok Time (1967).

Budd Albright had appeared previously in an uncredited part as the ill-fated Crewman Barnhart in Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966).

Brown and Andrea both use old-style laser pistols seen in the pilots and Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966).

In the still photograph of Korby on Spock's station screen, he is wearing one of the turtleneck shirts from the two pilots. (This might indicate that Korby was a member of Starfleet at one point, however in The Original Series we see guests on starships receiving a Starfleet uniform to wear several times.)

The graphic of Exo III shown on Spock's screen is seen again in the USS Defiant's sickbay in Star Trek: The Tholian Web (1968).

The same stock footage of ice fields, used to represent the Exo III surface is reused and seen on one of the Atavachron discs Spock is watching in Star Trek: All Our Yesterdays (1969).

To test the effectiveness of Ted Cassidy's Ruk costume and makeup, the producers arranged for Cassidy to receive a visiting clothes dealer while costumed as Ruk. Sure enough, the salesman, who thought he was calling on Gene Roddenberry, was so frightened at Cassidy's intimidating character, he was barely coherent even as he attempted to do his pitch. However, the salesman eventually recovered, and Roddenberry ended up purchasing some pants from him.

Crewman Mathews (Vince Deadrick Sr.) is the first genuine "redshirt" to be killed in the series. He's pushed by Ruk into a bottomless pit minutes after beaming down to the planet's surface. (Other Enterprise crewmen have been killed before, but were wearing either blue or gold shirts.)
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