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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 63. Is There In Truth No Beauty?


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 63. Is There In Truth No Beauty?

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 63. Is There In Truth No Beauty?

Season:    3
Air Date:    1968-10-18
Stardate:    5630.7
Writer:    Jean Lisette Aroeste
Director:    Ralph Senensky
Guests:    Diana Muldaur (Dr. Miranda Jones), David Frankham (Larry Marvick)

The Enterprise is given the mission of transporting the Medusan ambassador Kollos, a member of a species so ugly that the mere sight of it causes humans to go insane, back to his home planet. Spock is able to wear a visor which will protect him, but all humans are forced to leave the bridge before the ambassador arrives. The ambassador arrives enclosed in a specially designed box, but is also accompanied by the telepath Dr. Miranda Jones, who is looking after his needs. Like Spock, Jones is able to look at a Medusan through a visor, supposedly because she has studied on Vulcan.

Larry Marvick, one of the designers of the Enterprise, also has beamed aboard. He is in love with Jones. At a welcoming dinner, the senior crew all drool over Miranda, but the mood is spoiled when she reports that someone nearby is contemplating murder. When Marvick's advances are snubbed by Miranda, she discovers that he is the one considering murder, although she does not know whom against. Marvick seeks revenge against Kollos for taking Miranda away from him, but is driven insane when he inadvertently looks at Kollos while attempting to shoot him with a phaser. The insane Marvick commandeers the Enterprise, pilots it to an unknown location outside of the galaxy, raves about being suffocated in his sleep, and then dies for no apparent reason.

In order to return the Enterprise to the galaxy, either Spock or Miranda must mind meld with the ambassador who, as all Medusans, is a master navigator. Spock is given the task, but fears interference from Miranda, who is fiercely jealous of Spock's ability to mind meld. Kirk discovers that Miranda is afraid of human emotion, and wishes to go with Kollos partly to avoid having to deal with it. However, she learns of Spock's plans telepathicaly, and demands that she be taught to pilot the Enterprise so that she can mind meld with Kollos. Bones uses the opportunity to reveal that Miranda is blind (her dress is a highly complicated sensor web which allows her to see, as well as to measure Kirk's distance from the door as 1 m 4 cm), which is why she is able to "look" at Kollos.

Kirk suggests that Miranda take up the issue with Kollos, who agrees to her horror that Spock should be the one to make contact. Using the visor to protect his human half from the sight of the Medusan, Spock melds minds. A now smiling and cheerful Spock greets the other senior crew members, then pilots the ship successfully back to the Milky Way. However, when Spock reverses the mind meld, he forgets the visor, sees Kollos, and goes crazy.

Kirk asks Miranda to help Spock, and when she claims to be able to do nothing, Kirk accuses her of having used her mental powers to make Spock forget to put on the visor. Luckily, Miranda has a change of heart and uses telepathy to bring Spock back to health.

Miranda and Kollos are then delivered to their destination. Upon parting, Kirk presents Miranda with a rose. Miranda queries "I suppose it has thorns," and Kirk responds, "I never met a rose that didn't."


Captain's Log, star date 5630.7.
We have been assigned
to convey the Medusans ambassador to the Federation
back to their home planet.
While the thoughts of the Medusans
are the most sublime in the galaxy,
their physical appearance is exactly the opposite.
They have evolved into a race of beings who are formless,
so utterly hideous
that the sight of a Medusan brings total madness
to any human who sees one.
Mr. Marvick, I am James Kirk, the captain.
Captain, what are you doing here?
You'll have to leave before the Medusan ambassador arrives.
Yes. This is Mr. Spock, my first officer.
The Vulcan. It's all right for you to remain,
but you, Captain, and this other gentleman...
Montgomery Scott, chief engineer. Call me Scotty.
Mr. Spock, do you have the visor? You must be sure to wear it.
Humans who get even a glimpse of Medusans
have gone insane.
I shall be wearing the visor.
We mustn't keep the ambassador waiting.
Go with Mr. Scott. The two of you will have a great deal in common.
It's a rare privilege
meeting one of the designers of the Enterprise.
Lieutenant Uhura, open a channel
to transporter control center on the planet.
Aye, sir.
This is Captain Kirk.
Inform the ambassador and Dr.Jones
we're ready to beam them aboard.
Kirk out.
Are you sure this visor will work?
It has proved effective for Vulcans.
It's your human half I'm worried about.
I'll endeavour to keep it under control.
Inform me when transport is complete.
[Transporter Beeps]
Welcome aboard, Ambassador Kollos.
I am First Officer Spock.
I'm Dr.Jones.
The ambassador is most honored
to meet you, Mr. Spock.
Space-- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain Kirk, we are ready.
Lieutenant Uhura, open a channel to all decks.
Channel open, sir.
This is Captain Kirk to all ship's personnel.
Clearance plans now in effect.
Clear passageways immediately.
The ambassador will be escorted to his quarter sat once.
may I congratulate you on your assignment with Ambassador Kollos.
Thank you,
but the assignment's not yet definite.
It will depend upon my ability
to achieve a true mind-link with the ambassador.
I'm sure you will find it a fascinating experience.
I wasn't aware that anyone had ever achieved
a mind-link with the Medusans.
No one ever has.
I was referring to mind-links I had attempted
with members of other species.
I've heard, Mr. Spock,
that you turned down the assignment with the ambassador.
I was unable to accept.
My life is here.
Spock to bridge.
We have arrived at the ambassador's quarters.
Thank you, Mr. Spock.
Notify all hands to return to stations.
Let's take her out. Warp factor 2.
Warp factor 2, sir.
I would appreciate an opportunity
to exchange greetings with the ambassador.
I'm sure the ambassador would be charmed.
I almost envy you your assignment.
I see in your mind that you are tempted
to take my place.
Not correct, Doctor,
although I am aware
of your mind attempting to contact mine.
Were you born a telepath?
That is why I had to study on Vulcan.
I understand.
May I show you to your quarters?
I think I'll stay here a bit.
Ambassador Kollos often finds
the process of transport somewhat unsettling.
I understand.
Our ship's surgeon often makes the same complaint.
Do call when you are ready.
What is it he sees when he looks at you?
I must know!
I can't understand why they let you go with Kollos.
They, Captain?
The male population of the Federation.
Didn't someone try and talk you out of it?
Now that you ask, yes.
Well, I'm glad they didn't succeed.
- Otherwise, I wouldn't 've met you. - Thank you, Captain.
Why isn't it dangerous for you to be with Kollos?
Spock I can understand. Nothing makes an impression on him.
Why, thank you, Captain.
You're very welcome, Mr. Spock.
But no human can look at Kollos, even with a visor,
without going mad.
How do you manage?
I spent four years on Vulcan studying their mental discipline.
You poor girl.
On the contrary, Doctor,
I would say Dr.Jones was indeed fortunate.
Vulcan is not my idea of fun.
Joy can be many things, Doctor.
On Vulcan, I learned to do things
impossible to learn anywhere else.
To read minds?
How not to read them, Captain.
I don't understand.
Dr.Jones was born a telepath, Captain.
Vulcan was necessary to my sanity.
What most humans generally find impossible to understand
is the need to shut out the bedlam
of other people's thoughts and emotions.
Or of their own thoughts...
and emotions.
I was just noticing your Vulcan IDIC, Mr. Spock.
Is it a reminder that, as a Vulcan,
you can mind-link with the Medusans
far better than I could?
Well, I doubt that Mr. Spock
would don the most revered
of all Vulcan symbols
merely to annoy you, Dr.Jones.
As a matter of fact,
I wear it this evening to honour you, Doctor.
Very interesting. I might even say fascinating,
but back to your mission.
Doctor, do you feel any way may be found
to employ Medusan navigators on star ships?
It would certainly solve many of our navigational problems.
The key is the mind-link I learned on Vulcan.
Once we have learned the technique
of forming a corporate intelligence with the Medusans,
the designers--that's where Larry comes in--
can work on adapting instruments.
I don't care how benevolent the Medusans are supposed to be.
Isn't it suicidal to deal with something
ugly enough to drive men mad? Why do you do it?
I see, Dr. McCoy, you still subscribe
to the outmoded notion, promulgated by your ancient Greeks,
that what is good must also be beautiful.
And the reverse, of course, that what is beautiful
is automatically expected to be good.
Most of us are attracted by beauty and repelled by ugliness--
One of the last of our prejudices.
At the risk of sounding prejudiced,
gentlemen, here's to beauty.
To Miranda Jones...
the loveliest human ever to grace a star ship.
How can one so beautiful
condemn herself to look upon ugliness the rest of her life?
Will we allow it, gentlemen?
Certainly not.
How can one so full of joy
and the love of life as you, Doctor,
condemn yourself to look upon disease and suffering
for the rest of your life?
Can we allow that, gentlemen?
To whatever you want the most, Miranda.
Some more Antarean brandy?
What is it?
There's somebody nearby thinking of murder.
In this room?
It's gone now.
Who is it? Can you tell?
It isn't there anymore.
Captain, would you mind if I said good night?
Of course. Perhaps I'll see--
I'll escort you to your quarters.
Thank you, gentlemen.
You make a choice impossible.
Please stay and enjoy yourselves.
It was a delightful dinner.
Sleep well...Miranda.
Are you sure
you're well enough to find your way alone?
Of course, Dr. McCoy.
Please don't worry about me.
Now, where I come from, that's what we call a lady.
Yes, she is something special.
Very special.
I suggest you treat her accordingly.
I've known Dr.Jones long enough
to be aware of her remarkable gifts.
Well, it's been a long day for me.
Larry, would you like to stop off at engineering with me?
A bottle of scotch
says you can't handle the controls you designed.
Some other time.
Good night, gentlemen.
Good night, Scotty.
You're dressed up for the occasion, Spock. Very impressive.
I genuinely intended to honour her, Captain.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening. Sleep well.
Bones, what's troubling you with the girl?
Well, she's not Just another girl, Captain.
Don't make that mistake.
I didn't think that for a moment. What else?
I don't know what it is, exactly.
She seems very vulnerable.
We're all...vulnerable...
in one way or another.
Of course... but there's something
so very disturbing about her.
Meaning she's quite a woman.
I agree.
Good night, Jim.
Good night, Bones.
Who is it?
I've got to talk to you.
It's late.
Please, Miranda, it's important.
All right. Come in, then.
I thought the dinner was never going to end.
I rather enjoyed it.
Yes, I know you did.
I didn't.
You were so far away.
I'll be further away than that soon.
Please don't talk of that.
There's so little time.
Please, Miranda, don't go with Kollos.
Now, we've been over this time and time again.
Don't I know.
I've asked you in restaurants,
in the laboratory, on one knee,
on both knees...
Miranda, how can you do this?
Larry, please, try to understand.
I understand...
that you're a woman and that I'm a man,
one of your own kind,
and that Kollos will never be able to give you
anything like this.
Why did I ever meet you?
I've been honest with you.
I simply cannot love you the way you want me to.
And I'm going away with Kollos.
That's final.
I think you'd better leave now.
So it's you!
I didn't know that it was you before.
Who is it you want to kill, Larry?
Is it me?
You mustn't keep this to yourself.
I want to help you.
So now you want to help me.
Now I know what a mere human male
has to do to get a reaction out of you--
Make you think he's a patient.
The great psychologist.
Why don't you try being a woman for a change?
Aah! Uhh! Uhh!
Aah! Ohh!
Where's Mr. Scott?
[Knock On Door]
Ah, there, Marvick.
So you couldn't resist the wee wager.
Has the ambassador been hurt?
No harm has come to the ambassador, Captain.
Who could have done such a thing?
Larry Marvick.
Larry...Marvick? Why?
Do you know whether he saw the Medusan?
Yes, he did.
Then insanity will surely be the result, Captain.
Dangerous insanity.
The controls are all yours--
And the bottle of scotch,
if you can handle 'em.
[Communicator Whistles]
Captain Kirk to all ship personnel.
Red alert.
An attempt was made to murder Ambassador Kollos.
The murderer is dangerously insane.
He is Laurence Marvick.
Be on the watch for him. Kirk out.
Explain, Lieutenant Sulu.
I don't believe this myself, Captain,
but we're travelling at warp factor 8.5.
And accelerating.
Get engineering, Uhura.
They don't answer, Captain.
Warp factor 9 and accelerating.
Can't you disengage power from there, Mr. Spock?
Trying, Captain.
Mr. Chekov, your assistance, please.
Captain, I have engineering now.
Put them on intercom.
[Marvick] We mustn't sleep!
They come in your dreams! That's the worst!
They suffocate in your dreams!
We're making it out of here!
Security to engineering.
I'll go with you.
I can reach his mind.
We'll be safe at the boundaries of the universe!
We'll be safe!
Scotty, where are we?
I don't know!
Beyond the boundaries of the galaxy.
We made it. We're safe.
We're safe, Captain Kirk.
Oh, no. No!
No, Captain. We mustn't sleep.
No! No!
No. They come in your dreams.
They suffocate in your dreams.
All right. All right.
We'll take you to a place to hide.
No. We must stay here with the controls.
Ready to speed. Speed!
Speed to the next galax--
Miranda, you're here...
with me.
Yes, Larry.
I am here.
I didn't lose you.
Oh, my beautiful love, I thought I'd lost you.
I am here, Larry.
No...l can see what he sees.
No, don't.
Don't think of it!
Liar! Deceiver! You're not alone!
You brought it with you. It's here.
You brought it with you!
Don't love her!
Don't love her!
She'll kill you if you love her!
I love you, Miranda.
He's dead, Jim.
Captain's Log, star date 5630.8.
As a result of Larry Marvick's insane fears,
the Enterprise lies derelict in uncharted space.
We have no way to determine our position
in relation to the galaxy.
We are in a completely unknown void.
Where are we?
We are evidently far outside our own galaxy,
Judging from the lack of traceable reference points.
When we exceeded warp speed factor 9.5,
we apparently entered a space-time continuum.
I have the autopsy report on Marvick.
Heart action stopped, cause unknown.
Respiration stopped, cause unknown.
Brain activity stopped, cause-- Shall I go on?
You mean he just simply died.
I mean he evidently could not live with what he saw.
Or what he felt. Damage report, Scotty?
We need some repairs, sir,
but the ship is intact.
Position report, Mr. Spock.
Impossible to calculate. We lack data to analyze.
Our instruments appear to be functioning normally,
but what they tell us makes no sense.
Our records are clear
up to the point at which we left our galaxy.
Then we should be able to navigate back.
Unfortunately, we lack reference points
on which to plot a return course.
We experienced extreme sensory distortion,
and we shall do so again
if we attempt to use warp speed.
And we cannot recross the barrier using sub light speed.
A madman got us into this.
It's beginning to look as if only a madman can get us out.
An entertaining suggestion, Mr. Chekov,
but not very helpful.
There is someone else aboard
who might be able to help us navigate.
The Medusans have developed interstellar navigation
to a fine art.
Could Kollos function despite the sensory distortion?
Very possibly.
The Medusan sensory system is radically different from ours.
Perhaps for the purpose of this emergency...
I might become Kollos.
A fusion-- a mind-link to create a double entity.
Each of us would enjoy the knowledge
and sensory capabilities of both.
We will function as one being.
If the link is successful...
there will be a tendency to lose separate identity--
a necessary risk.
Of course, Dr.Jones will not wish to give me permission
to accomplish the mind-link.
I don't think she'll want anyone to intrude
in the rapport she has with Kollos.
Dr.Jones has shown reluctance
every time I've asked to converse with Kollos.
In some ways, she is still most human, Captain,
particularly in the depth of her jealousy.
I could confine her to quarters.
Not sufficient.
Her telepathic powers are formidable.
If possible, her mind must be so engaged
that no thought of what I am doing
shall intrude.
I...think that could be arranged.
I may be sentimental,
but this is my favourite place.
I've never been to Earth.
What lovely flowers.
May I touch them?
They have no scent.
Try these.
Oh, let me see.
It's just a thorn.
I was...hoping to make you forget about this today.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
You mustn't blame yourself because Marvick loved you.
I didn't want his love.
I couldn't return it.
you will want human love and companionship.
Shall I tell you what human companionship means to me?
A struggle,
a defense against the emotions of others.
At times, the emotions burst in on me--
Hatred, desire, envy, pity.
Pity is the worst of all.
I agree with the Vulcans.
Violent emotion is a kind of insanity.
Are you willing to spend
the rest of your life with the Medusans
in order to avoid human emotion?
A meeting of minds is all very well,
but what about love, Miranda?
You're young...
and human.
Sooner or later,
no matter how beautiful their minds are...
you're going to yearn for someone who looks like yourself,
someone who isn't... ugly.
What is ugly?
Who is to say
whether Kollos is too ugly to bear
or too beautiful to bear?
I meant no insult.
Here we are among the roses...
a very romantic setting.
I wish there were moonlight, too.
Moonlight would suit you very well.
I see you're a very complicated man.
Kollos, no. You mustn't let him!
Miranda, don't.
You have no idea
what a dangerous thing Spock is planning.
We must stop him! Let me go!
The Enterprise is at stake.
It is not possible for you to be involved.
I've already committed myself to mind-link
when Kollos and I reach the Medusan vessel.
Why put yourself in jeopardy?
This is not a duty that you can assume.
I'm aware your telepathic competence might be superior to mine,
but there is a more important factor.
The object is to pilot this ship.
That is something you cannot do.
Then teach me to operate the ship.
I can memorize instantly.
Now wait a minute.
I realize that you can do
almost anything a sighted person can do,
but you can't pilot a star ship.
I'm sorry, Miranda,
but you must be realistic.
You are blind,
and there are some things you simply cannot do.
Evidently, a highly sophisticated sensor web.
My compliments to you,
and to your dressmaker.
[Kirk] Yes, of course.
It's the only reasonable explanation.
You can't see...
and Kollos can't hurt you.
An elegant solution...
but I fail to understand
why you apparently
tried to conceal your blindness, Dr.Jones.
I think I understand.
You said it.
"Pity is the worst of all."
which I hate.
Do you think you can gather more information
with your eyes than I can with my sensors?
I could play tennis with you, Captain Kirk.
I might even beat you.
I am standing exactly
1 meter, 4 centimetres from the door.
Can you judge distance that accurately?
I can even tell you how fast your heart is beating.
No, that won't be necessary.
Mr. Spock will make the mind-link.
No other decision is possible.
I won't let you.
Do not fight us like this, Dr.Jones.
I appeal to you as a colleague.
Do not oppose us.
If we can't persuade you, there is someone who can.
You'll have to take this up with Kollos.
For your own sake.
Bones, why hadn't you told me?
She would have told you herself
if she had wanted you to know.
I respect her privacy.
There's a great deal to respect about that lady.
[Miranda] Aah!
It seems I have no choice but to obey you.
Captain's Log, supplementary.
Our one chance to return to our own galaxy
is dependent upon the navigational skills
of the Medusan ambassador.
With that end in view,
Kollos has been brought to the bridge
and placed behind a protective shield.
This is delightful.
I know you,
all of you.
James Kirk--captain and friend for many years.
And Leonard McCoy--
Ha ha--also of long acquaintance.
And Uhura...
whose name means "freedom."
She walks in beauty, like the night.
That's not Spock!
Are you surprised to find that I've read Byron, Doctor?
That's Spock!
Am I addressing the ambassador?
In part.
That is, part of us is known to you as Kollos.
Ah, Miranda.
There you are.
O brave new world, that has such creatures in it.
'Tis new to thee.
My world is next for us.
Captain Kirk, I speak for all of us you call Medusans.
I am sorry for the trouble I've brought to your ship.
We don't hold you to blame, and thank you now for your help.
And now to the business at hand.
With your permission, Captain...
Yes. Mr. Sulu, release the helm to Mr. Spock.
Aye, sir.
Coordination is completed.
Then go ahead, Mr. Spock.
Warp 1 in 6 seconds.
Position report, please, Mr. Chekov.
Our position...
our position is so close
to the point where we entered the void,
the difference isn't worth mentioning.
Bull's-eye, Mr. Spock.
Thank you, Mr. Chekov.
Maneuver completed, Captain.
Take over, Mr. Sulu.
Thank you, Ambassador.
Mr. Chekov, plot a new course.
The new headings will be plotted in a minute, sir.
How compact your bodies are.
And what a variety of senses you have.
This thing you call... language, though...
most remarkable.
You depend on it...
for so very much.
But is any one of you really its master?
But most of all...
the aloneness.
You are so alone.
You live out your lives...
in this...
shell of flesh,
How lonely you are.
How terribly lonely.
you must dissolve the link.
So soon?
There must be no delay.
You're a wise captain.
Don't look!
Cover your eyes!
[Spock] Aah!
Don't move!
But, Jim...
No one is to move.
are you all right?
it's all right.
You're safe with us now.
He's hardly breathing.
Help me get him to sick bay.
Unless Miranda can look down into his mind
and turn it outward to us, we will lose Spock.
Vulcan mind techniques-- they seem so untrustworthy
now that Spock's life is at stake.
Her knowledge of them may be the only thing
that could save Spock's sanity, perhaps even his life.
But does she want to?
She's been in there so long.
Nothing else to be done.
She tried to help Marvick. Marvick is dead.
That's different. Marvick loved her.
And Spock is her rival!
Is that any better?
Even Spock felt the violence of her jealousy.
But they weren't rivals in love.
you shouldn't go in there.
Whatever happens, Bones...
don't interfere.
Who is it?
Dr. McCoy?
Who's there?
Captain Kirk.
I have no news for you, Captain.
No change?
Only that his life processes are ebbing.
What are you doing about it?
Why, what I can, of course.
Which doesn't seem to be much.
No doubt you think I can wake him with a kiss.
It's worth a try.
He's not a machine.
But he is Vulcan.
Only half! The other half is human. Far more than you, apparently.
Face reality, Captain.
His mind has gone down almost too far
even for me to reach!
If you don't reach him soon, he'll die.
But that's what you want, isn't it?
- That's a lie! - You want him to die!
What did you do to him on the bridge?
Did you make him forget the visor?
You're insane!
Yes, you know your rival, don't you?
You couldn't keep him from making a mind-link with Kollos,
something you couldn't do yourself!
With my words,
I'll make you hear such ugliness as Spock saw
when he looked at Kollos with his naked eyes!
The ugliness is within you!
That's a lie!
Your passion to see Kollos is madness!
You can never see! Never!
But Spock saw Kollos,
and for that he must die.
Sadistic, filthy liar!
The stench of jealousy permeates you!
Why don't you strangle him?
Don't say anymore, please!
Kollos knows what's in your heart!
You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to Kollos.
Please go away!
What did you say to her?
Maybe too much.
What's she doing in there?
You may be right, Bones.
Maybe I shouldn't have gone in.
She was blind, really blind.
Really in the dark.
And if he dies...
if he dies, how do I know that I didn't kill him?
How do I know
that she can stand to hear the truth?
Now, Spock...
this is to the death...
or to life for both of us.
You look like you've paid a visit to the devil himself.
You have what you wanted most.
I am one with Kollos.
Well, I'm truly sorry that you're leaving.
We come to the end of an eventful trip, Captain.
I didn't think you'd even talk to me.
Well, I have you to thank for my future.
Your words enabled me to see.
Miranda, good luck...
I have something for you.
I suppose it has thorns.
I never met a rose that didn't.
I know now the great joy you felt
when you joined minds with Kollos.
I rejoice in your knowledge
and in your achievement.
I understand, Mr. Spock.
The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity.
And the ways our differences combine
to create meaning and beauty.
Peace and long life, Spock.
Live long and prosper, Miranda.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 63. Is There In Truth No Beauty?

At the beginning of the episode Kirk says they're taking the Medusan ambassador back to his home planet, but later Miranda says she's going to mind-meld with him when they reach a Medusan vessel.
Every time Miranda senses an intent to kill she gets an image from Jones' mind of Kollos, but after the second time she asks him who or what he wants to kill - could it be...Kollos?
Spock greets Miranda as if she is the ambassador - given he knows about the Medusans' reputation for hideousness, how the heck did he come to the conclusion she was a Medusan?

The dinner scene marks the first presentation of the Vulcan IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) symbol.
14 of 15 (Trivia Rating)

In Star Trek: Enterprise (2001) it is explained that Commander Trip Tucker (Connor Trinneer) designed the Constitution-class Enterprise warp engines that Doctor Larry Marvick (David Frankham) commandeers from Scott.
12 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

Spock/Kolos says to Miranda "O Brave New World that has such creatures in it". This is a line in Shakespeare's The Tempest Act V Sc. 1, and the line is spoken by the character Miranda herself.
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Although often cited by some fans as evidence of a "larger message" in Star Trek, the "IDIC" ("Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations") medallion that Spock wears during the dinner scene had much baser origins. Leonard Nimoy was originally supposed to give a lengthy speech about the medallion and what it represented. Nimoy found the speech completely out of context in the scene and the episode and refused to say the lines until he got an explanation from producer Gene Roddenberry, who had had the lines and the use of the medallion inserted into the episode. Roddenberry came to the set and admitted to Nimoy that he was selling the "IDIC" medallions through his personal marketing company, Lincoln Enterprises, and inserted the scene about the "IDIC" purely as product placement to generate sales. Nimoy ultimately refused to say the lines, and instead the scene was re-written with Capt. Kirk and other characters commenting on Spock's wearing of the medallion instead.
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Jessica Walter was offered the part of Dr. Miranda Jones but was unavailable.
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This takes place in 2268.
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Diana Muldaur was given a dark wig to wear for the role of Miranda. This was largely to help distinguish the character from her previous guest role as Dr Ann Mulhall in Return To Tomorrow.
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This is the third of five episodes of "Star Trek" episodes to feature a question mark in the title. The other four are Star Trek: What Are Little Girls Made Of? (1966), Star Trek: Who Mourns for Adonais? (1967), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (1997) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Who Mourns for Morn? (1998).
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It is commented by McCoy that a blind person couldn't pilot a space craft. However, on Star Trek The Next Generation, the blind Geordi LaForge piloted the Enterprise-D as the ship's helmsman during the show's first season. Dr Jones Neural Net can almost be seen as a precursor to LaForge's VISOR.

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