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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 33. Friday's Child


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 33. Friday's Child

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 33. Friday's Child

Season:    2
Air Date:    1967-12-01
Stardate:    3497.2
Writer:    Dorothy C. Fontana
Director:    Joseph Pevney
Guests:    Tige Andrews, Michael Dante, Julie Newmar, Cal Bolder, Kirk Raymone, Ben Gage, Robert Bralver

Kirk attempts to secure a mining agreement for topeline on Capella 4. Coincidentally, McCoy had been stationed on the planet for two months, and warns Kirk that although the Capellans are scrupulously honest, they are a war-like people, 7 feet tall and extremely strong. Their conventional weapon is a throwing-star type weapon called a kleeat. Before beaming down with McCoy, Spock, and a red-shirted security officer, Kirk warns Scott that the Klingons are thought to be active in the Capella 4 sector.

Upon beaming down, this prediction is born out. As McCoy greets the Capellans, the landing party learns that the Klingons have arrived first and are presumably already engaged in negotiations. Before he can be restrained, Brad the security guard pulls out a phaser to shoot the Klingon emissary and is instantly killed by a kleeat-wielding Capellan. After the landing party agrees to hand over its weapons and devices as the Klingon have already done, they are treated as honored guests. A Capellan woman offers Kirk some food, but Kirk is luckily restrained by McCoy before touching her, since it turns out that touching a Capellan woman mandates hand-to-hand combat with her closest male relative. In fact, Kirk's refusal to initiate combat greatly disappoints the woman's closest male relative.

Kirk and the Klingon negotiate with Tierr Akaar, leader of the ten tribes of Capella. While the Tierr seems to favor the Federation, Maab and the Tierr's consort favor the Klingons. The Tierr is then challenged to a duel by Maab. Before this can take place, a factional fight for power take place. In the fighting, Akaar is killed and Maab becomes Tierr. Upon becoming Tierr, however, Maab's perspective changes, especially after seeing fear in the Klingon's eyes when Kirk challenges him to a fight.

Meanwhile, a Klingon vessel diverts the Enterprise with a phony distress call from the freighter S.S. Diadra (maximum speed: Warp 2). To Scott's surprise, upon arriving at the scene, he can find no trace of the distressed Diadra. However, he notes that the distress call asked for the Enterprise by name, despite the fact a freighter would not have knowledge of its whereabouts. As the Enterprise speeds back to Capella, the Klingons try another diversion with a distress call from the U.S.S. Carolina. Scott ignores it, citing the saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" (which Chekov reports is an old Russian saying). However, before the Enterprise can return to Capella, it is confronted by a Klingon warship.

On Capella, Akaar's pregnant wife Eleen is sentenced to death because she carries a royal child. Kirk intervenes, in the process antagonizing the Capellans and Eleen herself, who demands his death for laying hands upon her. The Enterprise landing party is put under guard with Eleen, and McCoy prepares to treat her wounded arm. The landing party takes the opportunity to overpower their guards and run away to save Eleen. They hide out in the hills, where McCoy treats Eleen's arm, and also discovers that she may give birth at any time. Eleen begins to become interested in McCoy.

Using their communicators, Kirk and Spock set up an avalanche which blocks and kills some of the Capellans tracking them. The Klingon uses the opportunity to steal one of the confiscated phasers from a wounded Capellan, and then stabs him to death. Kirk then finds a cave in which to shelter Eleen, but the climb there is difficult. Eleen will only let McCoy help her make the climb until McCoy remarks "I'm a doctor, not an escalator." In the cave, they make a fire using a magnesite nitron tablet. While McCoy delivers the baby, Kirk and Spock construct bows and arrows.

After giving birth, Eleen hits McCoy on the head with a rock and runs to give herself up to the Capellans. She claims to have killed the child and the Earth men as they slept. The Klingon does not believe her, and demands of the Capellans under threat of phaser fire that they verify Eleen's story. Suddenly, Kirk shoots the Klingon with an arrow, and an exchange between the Capellans and Kirk and Spock follows. The Klingon threatens to shoot anyone who raises a weapon against him. This does him no good, however, since Maab exchanges his life for that of Eleen by confronting the Klingon, and Kieel uses the opportunity to kill the Klingon with a kleeat.

After this fracas has taken place, Scott and a landing party arrive. When McCoy re-unites Eleen with her child, he confounds Spock with his use of "obscure earth dialect" oochie-woochie-coochie-coo. Kirk gains mining rights when the Eleen acts as regent for the child Tierr-to-be, named Leonard James Akaar.


Quite large, 7 feet tall is not unusual.
They're extremely fast and strong.
Make no mistake. They can be highly dangerous.
The Capellans' basic weapon, the kligat.
Up to 100 yards, they can make it
as effective against a man as a phaser.
In addition, an assortment of swords and knives.
- [High-pitched Tone] - Call from the bridge, Captain.
Bridge, Helm, sir.
Yes, Mr. Sulu. Report.
Nowin standard orbit, sir.
I've pinpointed their encampment below.
Very good. Have the transporter room stand by.
Aye, sir.
How long were you stationed on the planet, Doctor?
Only a few months.
We found them uninterested in medical aid or hospitals.
They believe only the strong should survive.
Analysis, gentlemen.
Ordinarily, under these circumstances,
I would recommend a large, well-armed landing party.
But, in this case, with the more people we take down,
the greater chance of violating one of their taboos.
Once they think we're showing force,
you can forget them signing any mining treaty.
Very well.
Scotty, you're in command.
The Klingons have been sighted in this sector.
While we're negotiating,
we don't want the Enterprise to become an incident up here.
[Scotty] We'll keep on our toes.
You are of the Earth vessel?
I'm Captain Kirk.
We come with open hearts
and hands.
A Klingon!
Grant, no!
Don't move.
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
to explore strange new worlds ...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain 's Log. : Stardate 3497.2.
Planet Capella lV.
The rare mineral topaline,
vital to the life-support systems
of planetoid colonies
has been discoveredin abundance here.
Our mission -- obtain a mining agreement.
But we've discovered a Klingon agent has preceded us
to the planet.
A discovery which has cost the life of one of my crewmen.
I am unaware of any state of war
between our peoples, Captain.
Or is it policy to kill Klingons on sight?
He was young ...
and inexperienced!
Does Maab know that the Klingons are our sworn enemies?
We understand he also offers things of value for our rocks.
He has freely handed us his weapons and devices.
Will you do the same?
Let me call my ship and inform them --
To bring down an attack upon their village?
As I told you, Maab,
Earth men fear to bargain honestly.
Will you hand us your weapons?
So they keep their word ...
They're unusually honest.
Is that what I heard you say, Doctor?
Yes, I mentioned that.
He also mentioned that they can be highly dangerous.
Dangerous if lied to,
if their customs are violated.
We lied to no one, Doctor.
We violated no customs.
Explain why one of my men is dead.
Because he was drawing a weapon on their guest.
Grant looked up, saw a Klingon,
made a purely instinctive defensive move.
And what's a Klingon doing down here
among your scrupulously honest friends anyway?
I know what it means to you to lose a crewman.
That's only one down, Doctor.
There's over 400 more up there in orbit.
And if there's a Klingon down here,
there might be a Klingon ship up there somewhere.
Mr. Scott.
I'm picking up something on the sensors, sir.
Seems to be another ship.
Well, let's put it on the screen.
It's just at the edge of our sensor range, sir.
Hard to get an exact reading.
You think it's a Klingon ship?
Who else would be playing cat and mouse with a starship?
Well, can't hurt us much out there
bobbing about like that.
No need to call the captain yet.
Bones ...
Yes, Captain?
I shouldn't have chewed you out.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Inefficient, however.
Emotion, Captain.
Yes, you're quite right, Mr. Spock.
Inefficient ...
and illogical.
You've, uh, shown friendship
by handing over our weapons.
She's making a gesture in return.
You touch it,
her nearest male relative will have to try to kill you.
They're offering you a chance for combat.
They consider it more pleasurable than love.
It would appear, Captain,
that they find you a disappointment.
I am the teer Akaar.
I lead the Ten Tribes of Capella.
And this is Eleen,
a young wife to give an old man a son
to rule these tribes.
I'm Captain Kirk.
First, I must protest the killing of my crewman.
If it was your man,
wasn't it his privilege to die for you?
I do not understand.
Their customs are different, Teer.
And different from those of my people, too, Teer.
The sight of death frightens them.
Let me take this, Jim.
What Maab has said is true.
Our customs are different.
What the Klingon has said is unimportant,
and we do not hear his words.
- Ha ha ha! - Ha ha ha!
I just called the Klingon a liar.
Laughter, Teer?
Is not the Klingon an honored guest also?
It was the Earth people who first bargained for our rocks.
Is it not best to have two who bargain for the same goods?
It is I who speak for the tribe, Maab.
I speak for many, Teer.
Hear the words of the Klingon.
What do Earth men offer you?
What have you obtained from them in the past?
Powders and liquids for the sick?
Ha ha ha.
We Klingons believe as you do.
The sick should die.
Only the strong should live.
They have promised to teach the youth of your tribes
many things.
What things?
Cleverness against enemies?
The use of weapons?
The Klingon speaks the truth, Akaar.
The Earth Federation
offers one other thing, Akaar --
our laws.
And the highest of all our laws states
that your world is yours
and will always remain yours.
This differs us from the Klingons.
Their empire is made up of conquered worlds.
They take what they want by arms and force.
Good, good.
Let the Klingons and the Earth men offer us amusement.
Capellans welcome this.
The Earth men have different customs,
but never have they lied to our people.
Some of us won't bargain with Earth men.
Do you say you will fight me, Maab?
Let that be your choice, Teer.
We need our communicators,
those devices on our belts.
If there's a Klingon ship somewhere --
The sky does not interest me.
I must consider the words I have heard.
Leave him.
The ship's disappeared, sir.
Gone out of range.
Mr. Scott, I'm getting a call from a vessel.
It's so faint, I can't make it out.
Put a booster on it.
Try to pull it in.
I've lost it.
It sounded like a distress signal from an Earth vessel.
Communicators, weapons.
I have no quarrel with you, Captain.
I wish merely to return to my vessel.
Type of vessel. Location.
A small scout ship, Captain.
We need the mineral, too.
I was sent to negotiate.
Release him.
Akaar is dead.
I am the teer.
Kill them now.
If you lead these people now,
be certain you make the right decisions.
Is the new leader of the Ten Tribes afraid?
Let me kill him for you.
Let the Klingon and me fight.
It might amuse you.
Perhaps to be a teer is to see in new ways.
I begin to like you, Earth man ...
and I saw fear in the Klingon's eye.
We had an agreement.
That, too, may change, Klingon.
I have the signal clear now, Mr. Scott.
It's a distress call from the S.S. Dierdre.
That's a freighter.
Reporting they're under attack.
They're running ...
trying to maneuver ...
It's a Klingon vessel attacking.
Picking it up, sir.
Taking a fix.
Try the captain.
Enterprise to Captain Kirk.
Come in, Captain.
Enterprise to Captain Kirk. Come in, Captain.
Captain, careful.
You carry a child who would be teer.
I must die.
No man may touch the wife of a teer.
She was prepared to die, Earth man.
I was proud to obey the laws.
Kill him first.
He laid hands upon me.
It is my right to see him die.
Enterprise to Mr. Spock.
Dr. McCoy, come in, please.
I have it on the sensors, sir.
Tie in to my channel, Lieutenant.
We are under heavy attack by Klingon vessels.
Two convoy ships are already damaged.
We must have help.
Enterprise, acknowledge.
Please acknowledge.
Repeat --
Interception course computed
and laid in, sir.
Prepare to take us out of orbit, Mr. Sulu.
Aye, sir.
Scotty ...
the captain.
We have a distress call
from a Federation ship under attack.
That's where our duty lies.
Take us out of orbit, Mr. Sulu.
Ahead warp 5.
Captain's Log : Stardate 3498.9,
Lieutenant Commander Scott in temporary command.
We were forced to leave Capella
to aid a Federation vessel
under attack by a Klingon vessel.
We were unable to contact our landing party
before we were forced to answer the distress signal.
Our inability to reach the landing party
is strange ...
and I am concerned.
Our check-in signal
is 1 hour, 12 minutes overdue.
Since no reconnaissance party has appeared,
and since Mr. Scott is notably efficient in such matters ...
I must assume that something's keeping them busy
up there.
The Klingon ship.
That would seem a logical conclusion.
Captain, I'm going to fix that woman's arm.
They can only kill me once for touching her.
That's a very good idea, Bones.
Yes, Captain,
an excellent idea.
Let me see that arm.
You will not touch me.
You said you're prepared to die.
Does that mean you prefer to die?
I think we can get you safely to the ship.
Your choice? Bones.
To live ...
is always desirable.
All right.
Let's go.
Klingon ...
there's nothing to concern you there.
We've made an agreement, Maab.
I have a right to my weapons.
We have them well cared for, Klingon.
Your weapon will be returned
when our business is completed.
That was our agreement.
Approaching the freighter's last reported position, sir.
Stencil report, Mr. Chekov.
Negative, sir.
No debris, no residual particles,
no traces.
Mr. Sulu, begin a standard search pattern.
All scanners full intensity, Mr. Chekov.
No signal at all?
Negative, sir.
It should be on our screens by now.
At best, a freighter might travel warp 2.
I'm well aware of a freighter's maximum speed,
Mr. Sulu.
Captain 's Log. : Stardate 3499.1.
Before leaving the Capellan encampment,
we managed to retrieve our communicators.
Our phasers were not to be found.
We've fled into the hills,
yet we know the Capellans will eventually find us
by scent alone, if necessary.
And we've learned one thing more.
The girl Eleen
hates the unborn child she is carrying.
Stay with her, Bones.
Nice place to get trapped in.
But a defensible entrance, Captain.
Yes, I see.
Scout up the trail.
See what we have for an exit.
I'll take a look around.
You may be a Capellan woman
and the widow of a high teer,
but I'm a doctor.
It's my tradition to care for the sick and injured.
Now, let me see that arm.
You will not touch me in that manner.
You listen to me, young woman.
I'll touch you in any way or manner
that my professional judgment indicates.
Just as I thought.
It can come anytime now.
How do you know?
Because I'm a doctor, that's how I know.
Even the women of our village
cannot tell so much with a touch.
Strange hand.
And very soft.
The walls get higher and narrower,
but there is a way out.
If we could block off that entrance,
they'd have to go around these hills.
There's enough loose rock and shale.
Can we create a sonic disruption with our communicators?
Only a very slight chance it would work.
If you don't think we can, maybe we shouldn't try.
I didn't say that exactly.
Sound beams should produce a sympathetic vibration
on the weak area of that slide.
Worried about the delivery?
Capellans aren't human, Jim.
They're humanoid.
There's certain internal differences.
I don't have equipment for an emergency.
If you don't think you can handle it ...
I can do it.
The last thing I want around
is a ham-handed ship's captain.
Only McCoy.
There's a cave in there.
Probably the only shelter around here.
I'll need help getting her in there.
Look, I'm a doctor, not an escalator!
Spock, give me a hand!
I will allow only your touch.
A vessel doesn't just disappear.
There's nothing, Mr. Scott.
All channels and frequencies are clear.
Mr. Chekov.
Nothing, sir.
If it were destroyed,
I'd pick up debris readings of some sort.
It couldn't have run away from us, sir.
Not a freighter.
Mr. Chekov,
pull the microtape on that distress call.
I want it replayed.
Commanding. We are under heavy attack by Klingon vessels.
Two convoy ships are already damaged.
We must have help.
Enterprise, acknowledge.
Please acknowledge.
Did you hear it?
They called us by name.
Not a general distress signal,
but one aimed right at us.
Wouldn't they normally call for the nearest starship?
How would a freighter know
we were ordered into this sector?
A trap.
We were diverted from the planet.
Or it could be an authentic distress call.
We'll stay long enough to make certain.
Continue search pattern.
Yes, sir.
Bones, you've got one
of those magnesite-nitron tablets in your kit.
Give me one.
Just a minute. Let me get her on the rock.
There you go.
No, no.
Pain is here.
How did you arrange to touch her, Bones,
give her a happy pill?
No ...
a right cross.
Never seen that in a medical book.
It's in mine from now on.
No, no.
It's there.
The --The pain is there.
Vegetation, Captain.
Evidently, there's water nearby.
Good, but we need weapons
Just as much as we need water, Spock.
There would seem to be little weapon potential at hand.
Follow me.
McCoy ...oh!
Easy, easy. I'm here.
Now must want the child!
Here, child ... belongs to husband.
So they take all the credit here.
Answer me. Do you want my help?
Answer me. Do you want my help?
All right.
Say to yourself, "The child is mine.
The child is mine.
It is mine!"
Yes's yours.
No, no. You've got it all wrong.
Yes ...McCoy ...
it's yours.
No. Say to yourself, "The child is mine.
It is mine. It is -- "
Kirk to Enterprise. Come in.
Kirk to Enterprise. Come in.
Fortunately, this bark has suitable tensile cohesion.
You mean, it makes a good bowstring.
I believe I said that.
[Baby Crying]
That's more like it.
Since the Capellans never developed the bow,
this may come as big a surprise
as gun powder was on Earth.
[Baby Crying]
No, no, Mr. Spock,
you place this arm under here to support its back
and this hand here --
I would rather ... I would rather not. Thank you.
Bring our child.
Our child?
I'll explain later.
That should prove very interesting.
[Baby Crying]
Still negative, Mr. Scott ...
all sweeps.
Mr. Chekov?
We're turning back. Warp 5, Helm.
Warp 5, sir.
On course for Capella IV.
Warp 6 as soon as she'll take it.
The captain could be in trouble.
Mr. Scott, another distress call from the U.S.S. Carolina.
Ignore it.
The Carolina is registered
in this sector.
Ignore it.
Log it as my order, my responsibility.
Aye, aye, sir.
Scotty, if it should turn out to be real ...
There's an old, old saying on Earth, Mr. Sulu.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
I know this saying.
It was invented in Russia.
Jim! Spock!
Jim! Spock!
What happened, Bones?
My patient spattered me with a rock.
She's gone.
The child?
It's all right. It's in there.
I guess I'll forget psychiatry,
stick with surgery.
I really thought she'd learned to want it.
Virtue is a relative term, Doctor.
She'll head straight to the warriors.
I'll go with you.
Bones, you took a medical oath
long before you signed aboard my ship.
That small patient needs you.
Estimating to planet?
31 minutes, sir.
[Chekov] Mr. Scott?
Sensors picking up a vessel ahead ...
cutting across our path.
Sublight 1/2.
Reversing to sublight, 1/2.
It's an alien, sir.
By configuration ... a Klingon warship,
taking position ...
directly in our path.
Mr. Sulu, sound battle stations.
Aye, aye, sir.
[Alarm Sounds]
This is the U.S.S. Enterprise
calling unidentified Klingon vessel. Come in.
U.S.S. Enterprise calling Klingon vessel.
Acknowledge, please.
I have it on the view screen now, sir.
Still distant.
Holding a position dead ahead, sir.
Drawing a line, daring us to step over it.
Still closing.
The alien's directly in our line of flight.
This is the commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Identify yourself and your intention.
Close out the frequency, Lieutenant.
Phaser banks are ready, sir.
And we'll go right down their throat, if necessary.
Let's see if they have the belly for it.
Behind the rocks up there.
The Earth men make excellent game.
Their cleverness has surprised me.
They must die.
That is your law.
We will honor our law
and our word to you, Klingon.
The child is dead, Maab.
Do as you will with me.
The Earth men?
I killed them as they slept.
If true ...
take us to them.
Do you doubt my word, Klingon?
I'm the wife of a teer.
I will die in my own tent.
It is in order.
She is the wife of a teer.
First, we'll verify her story.
Is this what your sworn word means, Klingon?
Here, Captain.
Over here, Captain.
Spock to Enterprise.
The cavalry doesn't come in the nick of time anymore.
If by that you mean
we can't expect help from the Enterprise, I must agree.
There's just one thing I want.
The Klingon?
One of us must get him.
Revenge, Captain?
Why not?
The next man who raises a weapon destroys all of you.
You and your primitive knives and weapons,
I'll teach you what killing really means.
Are you warriors or children?
Maab, I will flee.
When the Klingon turns to fire, I'll --
As teer of the Ten Tribes,
I give you back your life.
Mine is now forfeit.
Keel, stand ready.
Hold it there.
Drop your weapons.
We missed you, Mr. Scott.
We had a wee bit of a run-in
with a Klingon vessel,
but he had no stomach for fighting.
We checked the encampment, found out you were here.
[Baby Cries]
No. That's not the way. Here, like this.
Take his little head.
There, arm in a -- That's it.
See how easy?
Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo.
Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo.
"Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo," Captain?
An obscure Earth dialect, Mr. Spock.
Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo.
If you're curious, consult linguistics.
Well, at any rate, this should prove interesting.
When the woman explains how the new high teer
is actually Dr. McCoy's child.
What's that again, Mr. Spock?
We don't actually understand it ourselves, Mr. Scott.
Nor does Dr. McCoy.
Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo.
Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo.
Contact Starfleet.
Inform them the Federation mining rights
on Capella have been secured by treaty,
documents signed by the young high chief's regent.
Report follows.
Aye, aye, sir.
The child's regent?
Yes, Eleen, a remarkable young lady.
Representing the high teer,
Leonard James Akaar.
The child was named Leonard James Akaar?
Has a ring to it, don't you think, James?
It's a name destined to go down in history, Leonard.
You think so, Spock?
I think you're both going to be
insufferably pleased with yourselves for at least a month ...sir.
Take us out of orbit, Mr. Sulu.
Ahead warp factor 1.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 33. Friday's Child

Kirk is put under a death sentence for touching Eleen but no mention is ever made of it again - in the next scene they're just casually sitting around under guard with no indication anyone plans to execute Kirk

This is the only episode in which Uhura and Sulu call Scotty by his nickname. Otherwise, they call him "Mr. Scott".
11 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

For his first four appearances in the series, including this episode, Walter Koenig wore a The Monkees (1966)-style wig, which he absolutely detested. In one interview, he made joking and uncomplimentary references to that wig.
10 of 10 (Trivia Rating)

The actors playing Capellan warriors were given elevated shoes to make them appear like giants. Maab's high headgear served the same purpose.
9 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

Temperatures reached 110 degrees in the Vazquez Rocks where the location shoots were held making it very uncomfortable for the actors in Capellan costumes.
7 of 7 (Trivia Rating)

Third time Bones uses the saying "I'm a doctor, not a ..." (In this case, escalator)
7 of 7 (Trivia Rating)

The name of Tige Andrews's character Kras is never spoken. He is only called "Klingon."
10 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

When Scotty is in command of the ship, they receiving a distress call from a Federation freighter, the S.S. Deirdre. Deirdre is the name of James Doohan's second daughter.
12 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

(at around 40 mins) This episode marks the first time Sulu's attack scanner is shown deploying from underneath the helm console when Scotty orders "Battle Stations".
9 of 10 (Trivia Rating)

This is the first episode which Chekov makes the dubious claim of something being invented in Russia. In this case he claims that the old Earth saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me," was invented in Russia.
9 of 10 (Trivia Rating)

A musical in-joke: after Mr Chekhov claims the saying 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me' emanates from Russia, a theme from 'Pyotr Tchaikovsky''s Fourth Symphony is heard.
8 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

Lots of dialogue looping was used in this episode because of the outdoor setting. Some of the dubbing was crammed together, nearly on top of other lines.
4 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

Capella, the planet where the action occurs, is named after a form of singing. Upon receiving the script, associate and supervising producer Robert H. Justman shouted, "Ah Capella!" and burst into song, to much laughter. Although the pun story is probably true, it is more likely that the planet, Capella IV, is the fourth planet of one of the four stars in the Capella system.

Capella is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga, and is also known as Alpha Aurigae. Its name is derived from the diminutive of the Latin feminine capra "goat", hence "little she goat". The system's four stars are in two binary pairs, and, so far, none of them have not shown any evidence of containing exoplanets.
10 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

The title is based upon the childhood nursery rhyme that includes: Friday's child is loving and giving.
8 of 10 (Trivia Rating)

This is the first time that Bones is in a Klingon episode. He was absent in Star Trek: Errand of Mercy (1967).
4 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2267.
3 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

The trivia items below may give away important plot points.
In D.C. Fontana's original script, Eleen sacrificed her child for her own life. But Gene Roddenberry objected to this and changed the ending. Eleen was originally written to be as a stronger character who rebels against the male-dominated Capellan society but this was also changed.
12 of 12 (Trivia Rating)

Eleen's baby, Leonard James Akaar, would make numerous appearances decades later as a high-ranking Starfleet officer in many Star Trek (1966) novels from the Original Series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) relaunch novels, and the Star Trek Titan series, where in the latter he holds the rank of Admiral.

Security Guard/Red-Shirt Casualties: 1.


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