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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 76. The Way to Eden


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 76. The Way to Eden

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 76. The Way to Eden

Season:    3
Air Date:    1969-02-21
Stardate:    5832.3
Writer:    Arthur Heinemann
Story:    Dorothy C. Fontana and Arthur Heinemann
Director:    David Alexander
Guests:    Skip Homeier (Doc Sevrin), Charles Napier (Adam), Mary-Linda Rapelye (Irina Galliulin), Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel), Victor Brandt (Tongo Rad), Elizabeth Rogers (Lt. Palmer), Deborah Downey (Girl #1), Phillis Douglas (Girl #2)

The Enterprise destroys the stolen space cruiser Aurora when it uses tractor beams to prevent it from entering Romulan space and the Aurora continues to use full power in an attempt to flee. The six passengers are beamed aboard the Enterprise before their ship's destruction, and prove to be Tongo Rad, the son of the Katulan ambassador (and must be handled with extreme delicacy because of ongoing Federation negotiations with Katula), Irini Galliulan (Chekov's former girlfriend and a Starfleet Academy dropout), Dr. Sevrin (a well-known research engineer in the fields of acoustics, communications, and electronics on from Tiburon), the musician Adam, and two unidentified girls. The group is dressed in far-out clothing, is disrespectful of authority, and calls Kirk "Herbert" (who was a minor official notorious for his rigid and limited patterns of thought---i.e., Herbert Hoover). The hippies demand to be taken to a planet called Eden and refuse to cooperate with Kirk. However, Spock seems to partially understand them when he makes a symbol and speaks of the "One." As a result the hippies allow Spock to lead them to sickbay.

Medical examination of Sevrin reveals him to be a carrier of the synthecoccus novae virus and to be on the verge of insanity. Kirk orders Sevrin into isolation before he can endanger any crew members who may not have received complete vaccinations. The hippies object by calling Kirk "Herbert" again, and make up a protest song. Spock attempts to reason with Sevrin and offers to assist him in finding Eden and colonizing it, if he agrees to cooperate. However, Sevrin is so resentful of the impositions placed on him as a carrier of his disease (which has been created as a by-product of technological advancement) that he is oblivious to the damage he can impose on others and wants only to be free of the illness.

Led by Sevrin, the hippies take control of the Enterprise by distracting crew members. Adam distracts Spock with music and arranges to hold a concert which is broadcast ship-wide (in which Spock joins in), and Irini distracts Chekov with love and finds out out to access the computer banks and navigate the ship. Finally, Tongo distracts Sulu with his hobby of botany. Tongo then knocks out Sevrin's guard and frees Sevrin, and the two up them knock out Chekov and take over the ship from auxiliary control and direct it toward Romulan space.

The hippies then complete Spock's search and find the planet they call "Eden," which indeed lies in the Romulan sector. The hippies use hypersonics to incapacitate the Enterprise crew members and then proceed to land on the planet using the Galileo 2 shuttlecraft (NCC 1707/7).

Kirk manages to reach the auxiliary control panel and stop the sound. Kirk, Spock, Chekov, and McCoy then follows the hippies down using the transporter and find a beautiful planet. They quickly learn otherwise when Chekov's hands are burned when he touches a flower, and McCoy determines that all the plant life on the planet contains acid. The landing party discovers that Adam has been killed after eating appetizing-looking but deadly indigenous fruit. Sevrin refuses to leave and then deliberately eats a fruit which kills him. The landing party takes the remainder of the hippies (whose bare feet have been burnt) back to the Enterprise for medical attention.


It is definitely the stolen space cruiser, Captain, the Aurora.
I read six aboard.
Hailing frequencies.
Aurora, this is the U.S.S. Enterprise, Capt. James T. Kirk commanding.
[Kirk] Acknowledge.
Aurora, this is the Enterprise.
- [Kirk] Do you read me ? - They are receiving us, Captain.
- I read no evidence of malfunction. - Repeat.
Federation orders to detain you for--
[Sulu] They're veering off, sir.
- Change course. Pursue and overtake. - [Chekov]Aye, aye, sir.
Stand by tractor beams.
Standing by, sir.
If it continues on course, it will enter Romulan space.
- Engage. - [Sulu] Tractor beam engaged.
Bring them in.
They have not cut power, sir. They're struggling to escape.
Their engines are seriously overheating, Captain.
Aurora, cut power. You are overtaxing your ship.
Power approaching critical. They cannot continue.
Emergency power to tractor beams.
Bridge to Transporter Room. Scotty, are you ready to transport ?
Aye, Captain.
Power beyond critical. Explosion is imminent.
[ Engines Roaring ]
- Are we within transportation range ? - Not yet, sir.
[Increased Roaring]
Aurora personnel, stand by to be transported aboard !
Are they aboard ?
Scotty, are they aboard ?
Aye, Captain.
They are, and a nice lot too.
[Kirk] Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission, to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
[Kirk] Captain's log : star date 5832.3.
The son of the Catullan ambassador is one of six...
we have beamed aboard from the stolen cruiser Aurora.
We have been ordered to handle him with extreme delicacy,
because the treaty negotiations now in progress...
between the Federation and Catualla...
are in a crucial phase.
Take them to the briefing room.
[Woman With Russian Accent] We are not in the mood, Herbert!
Irina ?
[ All Protesting ]
- [Man] Tell Herbert it's no go. - [All Chanting] No go. No go.
- What's going on ? - [Scott] They refuse, sir.
- Why ? - I don't know.
They're sitting on the floor, the lot of them.
- [Chanting Continues] - Shall I send for security ?
No, I'll be right down. Mr. Spock.
[Protesting]No go, no go, no go. No go, no go, no go.
[ Protesting Continues ]
- Which one of you is Tongo Rad ? - [ Silence ]
You can thank your father's influence for the fact you're not under arrest.
In addition to piracy, you've left yourself open to charges...
of violating flight regulations, entering hostile space...
and endangering the lives of others as well as your own.
- I'm bleeding. - [Kirk] In addition...
you've caused an interstellar incident which may have destroyed...
everything that's been negotiated between your planet and the Federation.
You've got a hard lip, Herbert.
If you have an explanation,
I am prepared to hear it.
Mr. Spock, take them to sick bay for a medical check.
There may have been radiation from the explosion.
- Captain, with your permission-- - By all means.
- One. - We are one.
- [Spock] One is the beginning. - [ Man ] Are you one, Herbert ?
I am not Herbert.
He's not Herbert ! We reach.
If you will state your purpose and your objectives,
perhaps we can arrive at a mutual understanding.
If you understand one, you know our purpose.
I would prefer that you state it.
We turn our backs on confusion and seek the beginning.
- What is your destination ? - The planet Eden.
That planet, it is a myth.
And we protest against being harassed, pursued,
attacked, seized and transported here against our wishes.
- Right, brother ! - We do not recognize...
Federation regulations nor the existence of hostilities.
We recognize no authority save that within ourselves.
Well, whether you recognize authority or not, I am it on this ship.
I'm under orders to transport you back to Star base peaceably.
From there you'll be ferried to your various planets.
Because of my orders, you are not prisoners, but my guests.
I expect you to behave as such.
Oh, Herbert, you are stiff !
Mr. Spock, you seem to understand these people. You will deal with them.
We respectfully request that you take us to Eden.
And after they are finished in sick bay, see to it that...
they're escorted back to their proper quarters...
- and given whatever care they need. - [Spock] Yes, Captain.
We respectfully request that you take us to Eden.
Hmm. I have orders to the contrary. This is not a passenger ship.
Herbert, Herbert, Herbert.
[All]Herbert, Herbert, Herbert. Herbert, Herbert, Herbert.
[Chanting Continues]
Lieutenant Palmer, notify Star base.
We have the six aboard who stole the space cruiser Aurora.
-Regrettably, the cruiser was destroyed. -Aye, sir.
Note to the Catullan ambassador: His son is safe.
- Captain. - Yes, what is it ?
Sir, I believe I know one of them.
At least, I think I recognize her voice.
Her name is Irina Galliulin.
We were in Starfleet Academy together.
One of those was in the academy ?
Yes, sir.
She... dropped out.
Do you wish to see her ?
- Permission to leave your post. - Thank you, sir.
- Are they in the sick bay ? - Yes, Captain.
Mr. Spock.
Do they really believe that Eden exists ?
Many myths are based on truth, Captain, and they are not unintelligent.
- Their leader, Dr. Sevrin, is a man-- - Dr. Sevrin is their leader ?
Yes, a brilliant research engineer...
in the fields of acoustics,
communications and electronics on Tiburon.
He was dismissed from his post when he started this movement.
Tong Rad inherits his father's extraordinary abilities...
in the field of space studies.
But they've rejected all that...
and all that this technology provides.
And they seek the primitive.
There are many who are...
uncomfortable with what we have created.
It is almost a biological rebellion,
a profound revulsion against the planned communities, the programming,
the sterilized, artfully balanced atmospheres.
They hunger for an Eden, where Spring comes.
All do. The cave is deep in our memory.
Yes, that is true, Captain.
But, uh, we don't steal space cruisers and act like irresponsible children.
What makes you so sympathetic toward them ?
It is not, uh, sympathy...
so much as curiosity, Captain: a wish to understand.
They regard themselves as aliens in their own worlds,
a condition with which I am somewhat familiar.
What does Herbert mean ?
It is, um,
um, somewhat, uh,
uncomplimentary, Captain.
Herbert was a minor official...
notorious for his rigid and limited...
patterns of thought.
Well, I shall try to be less rigid in my thinking.
" Looking for the good land "
" Going astray "
" Don't cry, don't cry "
" Oh, I can't have honey "
" And I can't have cream "
' Gonna live, not die'
" Gonna live, not die "
'Stand in the middle of it alone day'
" I'll look at it shining all around me and say "
" I'm here "
'I’m here'
" In the good land "
" In the new land "
" I'm here "
Excuse me. Is, uh,
Irina Galliulin with you ?
She's getting her physical.
Gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy !
I got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!
Ha-ha-ha. You know Irina ?
Tell me, why do you wear all those clothes ? How do you breathe ?
[ Sighs ] You're next.
- Irina. - Pavel Andreievich.
I had thought we might encounter each other.
- You knew I was on the Enterprise ? - I had heard.
Irina, why--
How could you do this to yourself? You were a scientist.
- And now, look at you ! - Look at yourself, Pavel.
- Why did you do it ? - Why did you ?
I am proud of what I am.
I believe in what I do ! Can you say that ?
Yes !
Oh, we should not tear at each other so, Pavel.
We should meet again in joy.
Today when I first knew it was your ship that followed us, I thought of you...
and wondered what I would find.
And I remembered so much.
In spite of that uniform,
I still see the same Pavel I used to know.
Are you happy in what you do ?
Then I accept what you do.
You even talk like them.
- Why did you go away ? - It was you who went.
I came back to look for you.
I looked. Where did you go ?
I stayed in the city with friends.
- You never felt as I did. Never ! - I did !
You don't have it in you to feel so much.
Even when we were close, you weren't with me.
You were off thinking of something else.
Then why did you stay away ?
Because you disapproved of me,
Just as you do now.
Oh, Pavel, you have always been like this.
So correct !
And inside, the struggle not to be.
Give in to yourself. You will be happier.
You'll see.
Go to your friends.
[People Shouting]
[People Shouting] Free Dr. Sevrin !Free Dr. Sevrin !
We want to see him right now ! But we want to see him now !
Herbert ! Herbert ! Herbert ! Herbert !
I thought all the animals were kept in cages.
What's going on, Bones ?
Trouble. Your friend didn't want a checkup. There was a reason.
- I refuse to accept your findings. - You don't have the choice.
They're the product of prejudice, not science.
I don't know what this man was planning on doing on a primitive planet,
but assuming one did exist, I can tell you what would have happened...
- had he settled there. - Untrue !
Wouldn't have been enough primitives left to bury their dead.
- Fantasy. Fantasy. - I wish it were !
There's a nasty little bug evolved in the last few years.
Our aseptic, sterilized civilizations produced it.
Synthococcusnovae. It's deadly.
We can immunize against it, but haven't learned to lick all the problems yet.
Does he have it ? What about the others ?
The others are clear. He doesn't have it. He's a carrier.
Remember Typhoid Mary ? He's immune, as she was.
But he carries the disease and spreads it.
- Is the crew in danger ? - I don't know.
They all had immunizations before boarding.
My guess is that his friends have had their shots too.
But a regular program of shots is necessary.
I'll have to check everyone.
In the meantime, he should be placed in total isolation.
This is outrageous. You're not isolating me, you're imprisoning me.
You invent a crime, find me guilty and sentence me !
Would you like to run the test, Doctor? You knew you were a carrier, didn't you?
-No! -Then why did you fight the examination?
- It was an infringement on my rights ! - Put him in isolation.
Be ready for the objections, Jim. They are a vocal lot.
Yes, I'm ready. Kirk to Security.
I want a guard maintained on Dr. Sevrin until further notice.
Bones, how long before we know...
whether the crew has been endangered by this infection ?
It'll show in 24 hours. It's a virulent strain.
[Woman] You don't belong with them ! You know what we want.
You want it too.
- Come, join us. - How do you know what I want ?
You're young. Think young, brother !
You make it tempting.
Mr. Sulu.
Mr. Sulu, explain.
Uh, no explanation, sir.
Dr. Sevrin will be released when we think he is medically safe.
" Stiff man putting my mind in jail "
" And the judge bang the gavel and say no bail "
" Gonna lick his hand and wag my tail "
[ All Chanting ] Herbert ! Herbert !
[Scott] Engineering to Bridge.
- Yes, Scotty, what is it ? - Captain, I just had to give one of...
those barefooted what-do-you-call- 'ems the boot out of here.
She came in bold as brass, tried to incite my crew to disaffect.
Thank you, Scotty.
Mr. Spock, I don't seem to be able to communicate with these people.
Do you think you can persuade them to behave ?
- I shall make an attempt, Captain. - Thank you.
If it weren't for that ambassador's son,
- they'd all be in the brig ! - Yes, sir.
[Kirk Narrating] Captain's log : star date 5832.5.
The arrogance of Dr. Sevrin and his followers...
is creating an intolerable situation aboard the Enterprise.
If it continues, I’ll be forced to use controls which might not agree...
with Starfleet suggestion that they be handled with extreme tolerance.
I have no influence over what they do.
They respect you. They will listen to your reasoning.
For their sake, you must stop them.
Dr. Sevrin, I'm in a position to help you and your group.
I can use the resources of the Enterprise...
to determine whether or not Eden actually exists...
and to plot its exact location.
I can present a case to Federation to allow you and your group...
to colonize that planet.
Neither you nor your people are at present charged with a crime.
However, incitement to disaffection is criminal.
The Federation will never allow the colonization of a planet by criminals.
If they persist, they will be so charged...
and forever barred from Eden.
As I have been barred ?
Then you knew you were a carrier.
Of course I knew !
You've researched my life !
You've read the orders restricting me to travel...
only in areas of advanced technology because of what my body carries.
What I fail to understand is why you disobey those orders.
Because this is poison to me !
This stuff you breathe,
this stuff you live in,
the shields of artificial atmosphere that we have layered about every planet:
the programs in those computers that run your ship...
and your lives for you,
they bred what my body carries.
That's what your science have done to me !
You've infected me !
Only the primitives can cleanse me.
I cannot purge myself until I am among them.
Only their way of living is right. I must go to them.
Your very presence will destroy the people you seek.
Surely you know that.
I shall go to them and be one with them.
And together we shall build a world such as this galaxy has never seen.
A world, a life.
A life !
So now you're gonna try to persuade me that your technologies...
will find a cure for me, and then I'll be free to go.
Yes, Doctor.
And for that reason I should persuade my friends to behave...
so that they, too, will be allowed.
Yes, Doctor.
All right, you send them in. I'll talk to them.
Dr. Sevrin is insane.
I've not consulted Dr. McCoy, but I have no doubt of it.
I'll have Bones check him out.
Spock, I'm sorry. You had great respect for him.
But it does explain some of what they've done.
His condition does not affect my interest in the movement.
There is no insanity in what they seek.
I made a promise which I should like to keep.
With your permission, I must locate Eden.
I shall work in my quarters.
May I have the assistance of Mr. Chekov in auxiliary control ?
Mr. Chekov, assist Mr. Spock.
- Bridge to Sick Bay. - McCoy here.
- Bones. - Yes, Captain.
I'd like to talk to you.
[Kirk] Captain's log : star date 5832. 6.
I have asked Dr. McCoy to check Starfleet medical records...
to verify Mr. Spock's suspicion that Dr. Sevrin is insane.
In spite of Dr. Sevrin 's antipathy to us,
he has promised Mr. Spock that he will order his disciples...
to conform to our rules and regulations.
- [Door Buzzer] - Come in.
- Am I crossing you ? - No.
I was just thinking, I-- Hey, brother, do you play ?
Is it Vulcan ?
Can I try it ?
" [ Chord ]
Ho-ho, that's now !
That's real now !
I reach that, brother. I really do.
Hey, how about a session, you and us ? It would sound !
That's what I came for. I wanted to ask, you know, great white captain upstairs,
but he don't reach us.
But, uh, would he shake on a session ? I mean,
we want to cooperate, like you ask, so I'm asking.
If I understand you correctly,
I believe the answer might be yes.
I'll spread the word.
- Am I allowed in ? - Yes.
I have been looking for you, Pavel.
What room is this ?
Auxiliary control.
- What's it for ? - Should the main control room...
breakdown or suffer damage, we can navigate the ship from here.
- What do you want ? - To apologize.
I should not have teased you. It was cruel.
- It does not matter. - Oh, but it does.
It is against everything I believe in.
Let us not discuss your beliefs.
And I do not like having you angry with me,
or disapproving.
Then why do you do such things ?
What are you working on ?
I am assisting Mr. Spock in locating your Eden.
Oh, now you are teasing me.
I am not. These tapes contain star charts,
and we project the orbits of the various planets here.
Uh, by mathematical process, we determine...
whether or not they are affected by other bodies...
not yet charted.
Do you know all these things ?
What I do not know I find out from the computer banks.
If, if I knew nothing at all,
I could navigate the ship simply by studying what is stored in there.
They contain the sum of all human knowledge.
They solve our problems of navigation,
of control,
of life support.
They tell you what to do, and you do what they tell you.
We use our own Judgment also.
I could never obey a computer.
You could never listen to anyone.
You always had to be different.
Not different.
What I wanted to be.
There is nothing wrong in doing what you want.
[Communicator Signaling]
[Spock] lam not receiving, Mr. Chekov.
Spock to Chekov. Repeat, lam not receiving.
I am sorry, Mr. Spock.
I was momentarily... delayed.
His name is Sulu, specialist in weapons and navigation. His hobby is botany.
- Can ? - Can. I reach botany.
It's my favorite of studies. What's yours ?
Vulcan. Spock is practically one now.
Everything can be handled from auxiliary control.
The computers contain all the information we need.
- We can do it. - It starts to chime !
- When will it ? - Soonest. Like he said, now.
We should all go out and swing as many as possible over.
Any special ways ?
Just be friendly. You know how to be friendly.
Then they'll be friendly.
'I’m talkin' 'bout you'
'I’m talkin' 'bout me'
" Long time back when the galaxy was new "
" Man found out what he had to do "
" Found he had to eat and he found he had to drink "
" And a long time later he found he had to think "
" Uh-huh "
" Yes, think "
- I'm standing here wondering. - What ?
" If a man tells another man "
" Out of my way "
" He piles up trouble "
" For himself all day "
" But all kinds of trouble come to an end "
' When a man tells another man'
'Be my friend, uh-huh'
" My friend "
- Well, what's it going to be ? - " There's a mile-wide emptiness "
" Between you and me "
' Can't reach across it'
'Hardly even see'
'Someone ought to take a step'
'One way or other'
" Let's say good-bye "
'Or let's say brother'
" Brother "
" Brother "
" Hey, out there "
" Hey, out there "
'Hey, out there'
'Hey, out there'
- " I see you " - " I see you "
- " I see you " - " I see you "
" Let's get together and have some fun "
" I don't know how to do it but it's got to be done "
[ Moans ]
At least we know where they are, and what they're doing.
I don't know why a young mind has to be undisciplined.
- They're troublemakers ! - I used to get into a little trouble...
when I was that age, Scotty, didn't you ?
[ Moans ]
Captain, I get no response from controls.
- We're going off course. - It's shorted.
No ! It's channeled over somewhere.
To auxiliary control.
Bridge to Auxiliary Control. Bridge to Auxiliary Control.
Captain, it seems as though someone else is running the ship.
[Sevrin] That's right, someone else is running this ship.
I am.
All functions, life support as well.
You cannot interfere, as I have frozen the doors to the control room.
I do not intend to handover the helm to you until and unless we reach Eden.
And if I am in any way prevented from reaching that destination,
I shall destroy this ship and all aboard.
- Can he do it ? - He has the capability, Captain.
[Scott] He’s got everything channeled over.
Trace all circuits. See if you can bypass him.
Do that, and I shall retaliate. I shall not warn you again.
Captain, we're now leaving the neutral zone.
Bearing into Romulan space !
- Any patrols ? - Negative.
There will be soon.
Dr. Sevrin.
You are violating Romulan space and endangering the peace of the galaxy.
The Romulans will view this as a military intrusion and attack.
Bring the ship about now. If you bring her about...
and return to Star base, no charges will be leveled.
Like he said, Brother Sevrin.
If you do not, you will never reach Eden.
You and this ship will be destroyed.
[Adam]He's got jelly in the belly. Real scared. [Chuckles]
[Kirk] Rad.
You are being led by a man who is insane.
- You are being used by him. - [ All Laugh ]
Spock, you tell them.
Adam, there is a file on Dr. Sevrin in our computer banks.
In it you'll find a report attesting to the fact...
that he is a carrier of a bacillus strain known as synthococcus novae.
Huh ! Ain't that just awful.
You'll also find a report from the same hospital,
giving a full psychological profile on him...
and projecting these actions of his.
- Yea, brother ! - Adam.
You know I reach you.
I believe in what you seek.
But there is a tragic difference between what you want...
and what he wants.
You're making me cry. [ Chuckles ]
There it is ! They've established Eden, Brother Sevrin !
Pavel said they would. Our original course must have been in error.
- When will we get there ? - [Rad]At this speed, three hours.
They'll try to persuade us to change course, and then they'll attack.
How do you plan to stop them ? By cutting off their life support ?
I have another weapon. Take control, Brother Rad.
-What are you doing ? -Making an adjustment on their circuits.
- "[Guitar] - [Beeping]
" Headin' out to Eden "
" Yea, brother "
" Headin' out to Eden "
" No more trouble "
'In my body or my mind'
" Gonna live like a king "
" On whatever I find "
'Eat all the fruit'
'And throw away the rind'
" Yea, brother "
" Yea "
We are within sensor range of Eden...
and continuing to approach.
Whatever they're gonna do, they're gonna do now. We have no choice.
Mr. Spock, Mr. Scott.
- When will you use that ? - At the proper time.
- Let me know when we're in orbit. - Approaching right on the dot,
Just as they plotted it, Brother Sevrin.
What will that do to them? What is it ?
Well, I'm using sound against them, beyond the ultrasonic.
It will stun them and allow us time to leave.
We'll go in one of their shuttlecraft.
Sound pitch that high doesn't stun, it destroys.
I remember when we read in the text that it--
I've gone beyond those texts, Irina.
It's correct for you to be concerned, but be assured also.
We are in orbit over Eden, Brother Sevrin.
It does destroy.
We cannot allow them to come after us.
It will not reach us in here. I can control it all.
I have adjusted it so that it will suspend its effects...
and allow us time to escape.
Then, after we've gone, it will automatically reactivate.
Rejoice, brethren !
Soon we shall step together into Eden.
[Phase Buzzing]
[High-Pitched Tone]
Spock !
It's all right, Spock. It stopped.
No, Captain, it hasn't stopped. It has gone beyond--
- [Tone Continues] - Captain, they're using--
'Steppin' into Eden Yea, brother'
" Steppin' into Eden Yea, brother "
'No more trouble in my body or my mind'
' Gonna live like a king on whatever find'
'Eat all the fruit and throw away the rind'
' Yea, brother"
Now we may leave.
- [High-Pitched Tone Continues] - Captain, go. I--
You must destroy the--
- What is it ? - Ultrasonics.
The panel--
[Tone Fades]
Kirk to Engineering. Bridge.
Hangar Deck !
Kirk to Transporter Room.
Kirk to Bridge ! Do you read me ? Come in.
Sulu here, Captain. What happened to us ? I heard a whistle, and then--
Never mind. Do we have control of the ship ?
[Chekov] No, sir. Control is in auxiliary.
- Can we break out of orbit? - I think so, sir.
- [Man]Hangar Deck to Captain. - Kirk here.
Sir, one of the shuttlecrafts has been taken. We were all knocked out.
Stand by. Do you read any Romulans ?
Negative, Captain. However, I am picking up the shuttlecraft.
- Where ? - It has landed.
Except for those aboard the craft, I read...
no life at all, either humanoid nor animal.
Auxiliary Control to Dr. McCoy. Bones, are you all right ?
[McCoy] Yes, Jim.
Stand by, Transporter Room. Full medical gear.
[Chekov] Bridge to Captain Kirk. Do you wish to open communication, sir ?
No, they tried to destroy us. Let them think they succeeded.
I want the coordinates zeroed in so that when we beam down, we won't be visible.
Scotty, you have the con.
If any Romulans appear, try to make them understand.
I do not want to provoke combat.
Mr. Spock. Mr. Chekov, Join us in the transporter room.
The legends were true, Captain.
Fantastically beautiful planet.
Is this what they believed they'd find ?
Then I can understand.
[ Rustling ]
Spread out. Approach with caution.
- Dr. Sevrin. - [ Screaming ]
- What is it ? - The flower, sir.
I touched it. It's like fire.
It's burned !
All this plant life is full of acid.
Even the grass, Jim.
- Will our clothing protect us ? - It should for a while.
[Spock] Captain.
Bones ?
Poison. Fruit is deadly.
His name was Adam.
[Kirk] There's the shuttlecraft.
- [ Gasping, Moaning ] - Here, we'll help you.
Dr. Sevrin. Bones !
He should be beamed aboard, Jim. He needs more than I can do for him here.
- Spock to Enterprise. - [Scott] Enterprise here.
Stand by to beam aboard injured parties.
- Medical team to the transporter room. - Dr. Sevrin.
No. No, we're not leaving.
We can help you aboard the ship.
We're not leaving Eden, none of us.
Be sensible, Doctor.
We're not leaving !
[McCoy] Come back here, you fool!
- Sevrin, don't! You'll kill yourself! - Don't bite into that !
[Kirk] Stop !
It was so beautiful !
I have Star base now, Captain.
Alert them that we have the four and we're ready to beam them down.
- And mark the incident closed. - Aye, sir.
Bridge to Transporter. Scotty, are they there ?
Three of them, sir. Expecting a fourth any minute.
Stand by.
Mr. Chekov, do you wish to attend ?
Captain, I wish first to apologize for my conduct during this time.
I did not maintain myself under proper discipline.
I endangered the ship and its personnel by my conduct.
I respectfully submit myself for disciplinary action.
Thank you, Mr. Chekov.
You did what you had to do, as did we all,
even your friends.
You may go.
Thank you, sir.
I was coming to say good-bye.
And I was coming to say good-bye to you.
Be incorrect, occasionally.
And you be correct.
Miss Galliulin.
It is my sincere wish...
that you do not give up your search for Eden.
I have no doubt but that you will find it...
or make it yourselves.
Thank you.
We reach, Mr. Spock.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 76. The Way to Eden

Shots of Kirk are also reversed when he walks out of sickbay after learning about Sevrin's disease.
When the crew goes down the director used footage from "Spock's Brain" - you can tell because Chapel's hair-do changes to the style she had in that episode, rather then the one she wears the rest of this episode.
For the first and only time in the series, Kirk just mentions "starbase" without qualifying it with a number. We never do find out what starbase they're close to in this episode.

In this episode, for the first time, Chekov's first and middle names are spoken/revealed, Pavel Andreivich.
23 of 24 (Trivia Rating)

The space hippie protest "Herbert, Herbert, Herbert!" is a gag, referring to both Star Trek four time director Herb Wallerstein, and long time Executive in Charge of Production Herbert F. Solow. (Spock tells Kirk that the reference to Herbert is "somewhat uncomplimentary" and that "Herbert was a minor official, notorious for his rigid and limited patterns of thought.")
26 of 28 (Trivia Rating)

This episode was originally entitled "Joanna." The character of Irina was originally to be Joanna McCoy, daughter of Dr. McCoy, and love interest for Captain Kirk, but that original script was rejected. The character of Joanna was planned to later appear in the fourth season, but Star Trek (1966) was canceled at the end of the third season.
24 of 26 (Trivia Rating)

Dr. Sevrin is based on Timothy Leary, a controversial psychiatrist who advocated LSD as a therapeutic drug.
15 of 17 (Trivia Rating)

In some scenes William Shatner can be seen to be wearing a corset.
8 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2269.
7 of 8 (Trivia Rating)

Tiburon, name of the homeland of Dr. Sevrin, is the Spanish word for shark.
9 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

The egg shaped badges with what appears to be a sideways figure "8" which the space hippies wear is actually a representation of the symbol for "infinity." The symbol is also called a lemniscate.
11 of 16 (Trivia Rating)

Two Star Trek veterans, Charles Napier (The Way to Eden) and Clint Howard (Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (1966)) played a scene together in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997).
9 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

James Doohan (Scotty) stated that this was his least favorite episode.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

The quest for Eden would resurface in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) 20 years later.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

While on Eden and after finding one of the hippies dead, Dr. McCoy confirms that the fruit he had eaten was poison. Spock remarks, "His name was Adam," clearly alluding to the biblical story of Adam and Eve having found woes in the Garden of Eden, as a result of eating the wrong kind of fruit.

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