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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 34. Who Mourns for Adonais?


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 34. Who Mourns for Adonais?

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 34. Who Mourns for Adonais?

Season:    2
Air Date:    1967-09-22
Stardate:    3468.1
Writer:    Gilbert Ralston, Gene L. Coon
Story:    Gilbert Ralston
Director:    Marc Daniels
Guests:    Michael Forest (Apollo), Leslie Parrish (Carolyn Palamas), John Winston

Scotty falls in love with Lt. Carolyn Palamas, a specialist in archaeology, anthropology, and ancient civilizations. Carolyn has stayed up all night preparing a report on Pollux 5, in preparation for the Enterprise entering orbit around Pollux 4 (class M planet, oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, age approximately 4 billion years). While approaching Pollux 4 in the Beta Geminorum system, an energy field in the shape of a giant green hand stops the Enterprise dead in space. Kirk tries to wiggle free and to apply forward tractor beams, but is unable to break the grip of the force field. An apparition wearing a laurel wreath then appears, addresses the crew as his "children," and congratulates them for venturing forth from the hills and valleys of Earth. When Kirk demands to be set free, the apparition causes the hull pressure to rise (100 gsc and climbing), and Kirk is forced to back down. The apparition invites Kirk and a landing party down to visit, but specifically excludes Spock, who he says reminds him of Pan (who is boring).

The landing party (Kirk, McCoy, Scott, Carolyn, and Chekov) discovers a humanoid who identifies himself as the god Apollo. He tells Kirk that he will not allow the landing party to leave, renders their communicators ineffective, and demands worship. When Kirk refuses, Apollo causes himself to grow 20 feet tall. Apollo makes advances towards Carolyn which Scotty finds offensive. However, when Scotty tries to take a poke at Apollo, his phaser is instantly mangled. Apollo clothes Carolyn in a toga, again angering Scott. When Scott tries to intervene, he is electrically shocked by Apollo and thrown back.

Carolyn falls in love with Apollo and questions him about history. Carolyn finds out that Apollo was indeed one of the ancient Roman gods. (According to McCoy, he has an extra organ whose function is a complete mystery to him.) Apollo tells Carolyn that he and the other gods left after the ancient people of Earth stopped worshiping them. Without worshippers, even the immortal gods weaken, and all but Apollo have "spread themselves to the wind" and faded away.

After Kirk and company again defy him, Apollo zaps them all in rage, and then fades away. Kirk suspects that use of his godly powers tires him, and theorizes that he requires time to recuperate. He decides to deliberately anger Apollo. Unfortunately, this scheme comes to naught when Carolyn intervenes and convinces Apollo to be lenient. Apollo instructs Kirk to make arrangements to bring the Enterprise's crew down, after which he will destroy the ship.

Although Carolyn is in love with Apollo, she puts duty ahead of self when, acting on Kirk's instruction, she rejects Apollo (telling him she was only interested in studying him) in order to weaken him. Meanwhile, Uhura has been able to reestablish contact with the landing party, and Kirk and Spock formulate a plan. Apollo's power is destroyed when his energy source in the temple is located and blasted out of existence by the Enterprise's phasers, despite Apollo's attempts to destroy the Enterprise with lightning bolts. A sorrow-stricken Apollo appeals to the other gods to take him away now that he has realized that there is no room left for gods anymore. Kirk, too, is saddened, wondering if it would have hurt them to have gathered just a few laurel leaves.


Here's the report on Pollux 5, Captain.
Its entire system has been almost the same.
A strange lack of intelligent life on the planet.
It bugs the percentages.
Bugs the --
Well, carry out the standard procedures
on Pollux 4.
Aye, sir.
you look a bit tired this morning.
I was up all night working on this report.
Then there's nothing like coffee
to get you back in shape.
Join me, Carolyn?
All right, Scotty.
Just let me give this to Mr. Spock.
Bones ...
could you get that excited over a cup of coffee?
From here I can tell his pulse rate's up.
Come along, my dear.
I'm not sure I like that,Jim.
Why, Bones? Scotty's a good man.
He thinks he's the right man for her,
but I'm not sure
she thinks he's the right man.
On the other hand, she's a woman --
all woman.
One day she'll find the right man,
and off she'll go, out of the service.
It's not so much losing an officer
as gaining --
Come along.
Actually, I'm losing an officer.
Entering standard orbit around Pollux 4, sir.
Cartographic Detail, stand by.
Standing by, sir.
Preliminary reports, Mr. Spock.
Pollux 4 -- Class-M type planet,
oxygen and nitrogen atmosphere.
Sensors indicate no life forms.
Approximate age 4 billion years.
No reason for contact.
In all respects, quite ordinary, Captain.
Cartographic Sections, implement standard orders.
All cartographic standards full automatic.
What in the name of ...
Analysis, Mr. Spock.
Am I ...
seeing things?
Not unless I am, too.
Captain, that thing's a giant hand.
What is it, Mr. Spock?
Is it, uh ...
a hand?
Negative, Captain. Not living tissue.
A trick, then? A projection?
Not a projection, sir.
A field of energy.
Hard about.
Hard about.
We can't seem to get away from it.
It's almost as if it means to grab us.
Reverse all engines.
All engines reversed.
We're dead still, Captain.
Helm doesn't answer.
We can't move.
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
to explore strange new worlds ...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain 's Log -- stardate 3468.1.
While approaching Pollux 4,
aplanet in the Beta Geminorum System,
the Enterprise has been stopped in space
by an unknown force of some kind.
relay our position and circumstances
to Starbase 12 immediately.
Aye, aye, sir.
Mr. Sulu ...
try rocking the ship.
Full impulse power forward and back.
Aye, aye, sir.
Damage report coming in, Captain.
Situation under control.
Minor damage -- Stations 3, 7, and 19.
Sick bay reports five minor injuries all being treated.
Thank you.
Mr. Sulu?
Applying thrust, sir.
No results, Captain. We're stuck tight.
Mr. Spock.
The ship is almost completely encircled by the field.
It resembles a conventional force field
but on unusual wave lengths.
Despite its appearance --
that of a human append age --
it is definitely not living tissue.
It is energy.
Thank you.
Mr. Sulu.
Our forward tractor beams -- adjust to repel.
Aye, aye, sir.
Standing by.
Ineffective, Captain.
There doesn't seem to be anything
to push against.
Captain, a most curious development on scanner 57.
Let's take a look at it.
Screen on, Captain.
Activity on hailing channel 3, sir.
Put it on audio, Lieutenant.
The eons have passed,
and what has been written has come about.
You are most welcome, my beloved children.
Your places await you.
Response frequencies, Lieutenant.
Calculated. Channel open, sir.
You have left your plains and valleys
and made this bold venture.
So it was in the beginning.
You have made me proud.
Now you can rest.
This is Captain James T. Kirk,
commanding the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Please identify yourself.
We shall remember together.
We shall drink the sacramental wine.
There shall be the music of the pipes.
The long wait has ended.
Are you responsible for stopping the ship?
I caused the wind
to withdraw from your sails.
Give it back.
It has been 5,000 years.
Have you learned no patience in that time?
I don't know who or what you are,
but we have the power to defend ourselves.
If you value your safety, release this ship.
You have the same fire.
How like your fathers you are --
Agamemnon, Hector, Odysseus.
Never mind the history lesson. Release the ship!
You will obey me,
lest I close my hand ... thus.
External pressure building up, Captain.
800 GSC and climbing.
1,000 GSC and climbing.
It's becoming critical, Captain.
We can't handle it.
All right! Whatever you're doing, turn it off!
You win!
Pressure is gone, Captain.
Space normal on hull.
That was your first lesson.
Remember it.
Captain Kirk, I invite you and your officers
to join me.
But do not bring that one,
the one with the pointed ears.
He is much like Pan,
and Pan always bored me.
No sad faces.
This is a time to rejoice, not to fear.
You are returning home.
Let your hearts prepare to sing.
Let's go, Bones.
You in good voice?
Sure it's wise, Jim?
If we don't accept his invitation,
we'll have a crushed eggs hell
where this ship used to be.
Verbose, isn't he?
Insulted, Spock?
Insults are effective
only where emotion is present.
We'll tackle him together.
We already know the questions.
You're the best man to find the answers.
What am I doing down here, Doctor?
Well, you're the A&A officer --
archaeology, anthropology,
ancient civilizations.
We're going to need help
in all those areas.
Come on.
My children,
long have I waited for this moment.
The memories you bring
of your lush and beautiful Earth,
the green fields and blue skies,
the simple shepherds and their flocks.
You know of Earth?
You've been there?
Once I stretched out my hand,
and Earth trembled.
And I breathed upon it,
and spring returned.
You mentioned Agamemnon, Hector, Odysseus.
How do you know about them?
Search your most distant memories,
those of the thousands of years past,
and I am there.
Your fathers knew me,
and your father's fathers.
I am Apollo.
And I am the tsar of all the Russias.
Mr. Chekov.
I'm sorry. I never met a god before.
And you haven't yet. Readings, Doctor.
Simple humanoid, Captain.
Evidently not so simple.
Earth ...
mother of the most beautiful of women in the universe.
That at least has not changed.
I am pleased.
Yes, my children.
Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis --
a gallant band of travelers.
We knew your Earth well 5,000 of your years ago.
All right.
We're here at your invitation.
Would you mind telling us what you want
without all the Olympian generalities?
You will not leave this place.
Transporter room.
Your transportation device no longer functions.
Enterprise, come in.
I will not permit that device
to work, either, Captain.
What is it you want?
You will worship me,
as your fathers did before you.
If you want to play god and call yourself Apollo,
that's your business.
You're no god to us.
I said you would worship me.
You've got a lot to learn!
And so have you!
Let the lesson begin!
Welcome to Olympus, Captain Kirk.
Mr. Spock, I can't contact the landing party.
All frequencies are jammed.
Try to break through.
Transporter and communications?
Very efficient.
Mr. Sulu, rig all transmission circuits
for maximum power generation.
Compute for reversal of polarity of
the field around the ship.
Working, sir.
And I want a complete sensor scan of the planet.
I want to know what's going on down there.
To coin a phrase ... fascinating.
Lieutenant Palamas, what do you know about Apollo?
Apollo -- twin brother of Artemis,
son of the god Zeus and Leto, a mortal.
He was the god of light and purity.
He was skilled in the bow and lyre.
And ... this thing?
Obviously he has some knowledge of Earth --
his classical references
and the appearance of all this.
I think the appearance of this
is for our benefit. Bones?
I can't say much
till I check these readings.
He looks human, but that doesn't mean a thing.
Whatever he is, he controls a remarkable technology.
Power is what he controls.
You can't do tricks without energy.
Fine, but what power, and where is it?
Find the source of that power. Bones.
Bones, I wonder if 5,000 years ago ...
You have a theory?
I have an idea.
What if he ... is ... really Apollo?
I want from you that which is rightfully mine --
your loyalty, your tribute, and your worship.
May I ask what you offer
in exchange for this worship?
Life in paradise.
As simple and as pleasureful
as it was those thousands of years ago
on that beautiful planet so far away.
Apollo ...
we're willing to talk,
but you'll find we don't bow
to every creature who has a bag of tricks.
Agamemnon was one such as you,
and Hercules.
Pride and arrogance.
They defied me, until they felt my wrath.
I would like to point out
that we are quite capable of wrath ourselves.
I have 430 people on that ship up there.
No, you do not, Captain. They are mine --
to save, to cherish,
or to destroy at my will.
But why?
What you've said so far
makes no sense at all.
How like Aphrodite and Athena.
The beauty, grace.
And you seem wise for a woman.
What is your name?
Lieutenant Palamas.
I mean your name.
You are beautiful.
You would do Aphrodite credit.
I will tell you a thousand tales,
stories of courage and love.
You'll know what it is to be a goddess.
Leave her alone.
You protest?
You risk much.
And so do you.
Very impressive.
How'd you do it?
I've grown weary of discussion and argument.
Captain, the phasers.
All the working parts are fused.
None of your toys will function.
You are a beauty.
But like Artemis,
the bow arm should be bare.
Oh, it's beautiful.
She's not going with you.
He shall learn the discipline of the temple.
So shall you all.
It's all right, Captain.
I'll go.
Without fear.
She is fit indeed.
Bones, how is he?
Stunned but coming around.
I'm not sure it's wise to let her go.
He would have been difficult to stop.
You saw how capricious he is --
benevolent one minute, angry the next.
Mr. Chekov, I think
you'd better continue your investigation.
Aye, aye, sir.
How do you feel, Scotty?
I'm tingling all over.
Did he take her with him?
It seems so.
Captain, we've got to stop him.
He wants her.
Mr. Scott, I understand your concern over her,
but she volunteered to go with him,
hopefully to find out more about him.
We've got to find out the source of his power.
You've got a tricorder.
Use it if you're able to.
I'm able, sir.
And one more thing --
I want no more unauthorized action
against Apollo or whatever he is.
That's an order!
Aye, aye, sir.
Besides, you stiff-necked thistle head,
you could have gotten yourself killed.
Scotty doesn't believe in gods.
Apollo's no god.
But ...
he could have been taken for one, though,
Say ...5,000 years ago,
a highly sophisticated group of space travelers
landed on Earth around the Mediterranean.
To the simple shepherds and tribesmen
of early Greece,
creatures like that would have been gods.
Especially if they could alter their form at will
and command great energy.
In fact,
they couldn't have been taken for anything else.
Ready to reverse polarity, Mr. Sulu?
Computed and standing by to generate.
Activate all units.
No good, Mr. Spock.
We didn't even faze it.
We're still locked tight.
Cut power, Mr. Sulu.
Lieutenant, we must restore communications
with the landing party.
I can't do anything with this.
I might be able to rig up
a subspace bypass circuit.
Good. Do so.
Sensor report, Mr. Kyle.
I've located the landing party,
but one seems separated from the other four.
And Apollo?
I've just picked up our own people's readings.
Mr. Spock, here's something.
There seems to be a radiated energy pulsation
coming from the planet.
I don't know what.
I can't seem to pinpoint it.
I would suggest, Mr. Sulu,
if you cannot find out where the power source is,
you should find out where it isn't.
A simple process of elimination.
The whole planet, sir?
Yes, sir. The whole planet.
Oh, it's lovely.
I've known other women --
Daphne, Cassandra.
But none more beautiful than you.
Are you frightened of me?
No, I don't think so.
Of course a girl doesn't go walking with a --
A god?
All right. A god.
Every day.
What happened to the others?
Artemis, Hera?
They returned to the cosmos ...
on the wings of the wind.
You mean they died?
Not as you understand it.
We're immortal, we gods.
But the Earth changed.
Your fathers changed.
They turned away until we were only memories.
A god cannot survive as a memory.
We need love, admiration, worship,
as you need food.
You really think you're a god?
In a real sense, we were gods.
We had the power of life and death.
We could have struck out from Olympus
and destroyed.
We have no wish to destroy,
so we came home again.
It was an empty place without worshipers,
but we had no strength to leave,
and we waited, all of us,
through the long years.
But you said the others didn't die.
Even for a god,
there's a point of no return.
Hera was first.
She stood in front of the temple
and spread herself upon the wind --
thinner and thinner ...
until only the wind remained.
But I knew you would come.
You striving, bickering,
foolishly brave humans.
I knew you'd come to the stars one day.
Of all the gods, I knew, and I waited --
waited for you to come
and sit by my side.
I don't understand.
Even 5,000 years ago,
the gods took mortals to them
to love, to care for,
like Zeus took Leto, my mother.
We were gods of passion ...
of love.
There is a repeated occurrence of registrations,
a regular pulsating pattern of radiated energy.
Unquestionably, an immensely powerful field ofenergy
is being generated around here somewhere.
We're just having difficulty focusing on it.
Apollo has no difficulty focusing.
He taps that energy, Mr. Scott.
Sir, some creatures can generate and control energy
with no harm to themselves --
the electric eel on Earth,
the giant dry worm of Antos 4 --
Not the whole encyclopedia, Chekov.
The captain requires complete information.
Spock's contaminating this boy,Jim.
Are you suggesting that he -- Apollo --
taps a flow of energy
and channels it through his body?
That would seem most likely, sir.
Mr. Chekov, I think you've earned your pay for the week.
But where is the source of that power?
Number one on our list of things to do.
Is that all you have to offer?
Yes, except my estimation for his physical condition.
In spite of Apollo's bag of tricks,
he comes up essentially normal
with just a few variations.
However, there's an extra organ in his chest
that I can't even guess about.
Bones, is it possible --
Where is Lieutenant Palamas?
She's no longer of any concern to you.
You blood thirsty Saracen, what have you done --
Not good. Severe shock.
All right, mister ...
you want worshipers? You've got enemies.
You want us to bow down --
You will learn discipline.
You will learn ...
Chekov, give me a hand.
Take care of Scotty.
Are you all right, Captain?
Where's Apollo?
He disappeared again
like the cat in that Russian story.
Don't you mean the English story the Cheshire Cat?
Cheshire? No, sir. Minsk perhaps --
All right.
Sir, there is something I noticed.
Apollo looked very strange when he disappeared,
tired or in pain.
I don't know if it means anything.
That might very well mean something.
How do you feel?
I can't get my arm to move.
Some neural damage.
We've got to get out of here.
Well, let's assume ...
5,000 years ago creatures like our friend Apollo
did indeed visit Earth
and form the basis of the Greek classic myths.
Makes sense.
Most mythology has its basis in fact.
If I remember my ancient legends,
the gods, after expending energy required rest,
even as we humans.
And Apollo's gone --
after attacking you and Mr. Scott.
You think he's off somewhere recharging his energy?
Something like that.
He's keeping a force field on the ship,
and he's expending energy down here.
You said he looked pained and tired when he disappeared.
If we can wear him out, overwork him,
that might do it.
Overworking him can get us killed.
If we can provoke him
so that he strikes one of us again,
there's a chance that he'll be drained enough
so the rest of us can jump him.
I still say it can get us killed.
Not all of us, Bones.
When he comes back,
it's a chance we'll have to take.
Progress report.
I'm connecting the bypass circuit now, sir.
It should take another half-hour.
Speed is essential, Lieutenant.
Mr. Spock, I haven't done anything like this in years.
If it isn't done Just right,
I could blow the entire communications system.
It's very delicate work, sir.
I can think no one better equipped to handle it,
Miss Uhura.
Please proceed.
Yes, sir ...
right away.
Progress, Mr. Sulu?
Sectors 1 through 25 charted and examined.
No chance at all of power originating in those areas.
Continue the search.
Aye, sir.
14-B by 26 indexed.
Mr. Kyle.
Yes, sir.
We're unable to break loose from this force field,
but we might be able to punch holes through it.
What for?
To shoot through.
It might also relieve Lieutenant Uhura's communications problem.
Take these equations to the nuclear electronics lab.
I want them to work on the problem
of negating the force field in selected areas.
We might generate a strong pinpoint charge of M-rays
on some selected wave lengths
and tie them in with the combined output of all our engines.
Right away, sir.
Come here!
I know you're trying to escape me. It's useless.
I know everything you do.
I tried to be compassionate toward your kind.
You know nothing about our kind.
You know only our remote ancestors
who trembled before your tricks.
Your tricks don't frighten us. Neither do you.
We've come a long way in 5,000 years.
You're of the same nature.
I could sweep you out of existence
with a wave of my hand.
I can give life or death.
What else does mankind demand of its gods?
Mankind has no need for gods.
We find the one quite adequate.
We shall not debate, mortal.
I offer you eternal rest and happiness
according to the ancient ways.
I ask little in return,
but what I ask for I insist upon.
Approach me.
I said approach me!
We're busy.
Look out for the girl.
You will gather laurel leaves,
light the ancient fires,
kill a deer,
make your sacrifices to me.
Apollo has spoken!
Gather laurel leaves? You must bejoking!
Ha ha ha ha.
"Kill a deer."
That's the funniest thing I ever heard.
Lieutenant, get back.
You shall reap the rewards of your insolence!
We're tired of your phony fireworks!
Mortal, you have earned this!
No, don't!
A father doesn't destroy his children.
You said you were gentle and understanding.
How can they worship you if you hurt them?
Apollo, please. You know so much of love.
Please don't hurt them.
I shall be lenient with you ...
for her sake.
You will make plans to bring the rest of your people down.
Be sure your artisans bring tools.
You will need homes.
And you'll supply the herds of sheep, the pipes we'll play,
and the simple skins we'll wear for clothes.
You will dismantle your ship
for the supplies you need,
and I'll crush its empty hull.
I have been too patient.
I shall be patient no longer.
Captain, we've got to do something!
We were doing something
until our brave lady stepped in and saved us.
Any more good ideas?
One more.
And it depends on the lieutenant's loyalty.
If she fails us, we better get used to herding goats.
I offered them more than they could know,
not just a world, but all that makes it up.
Man thinks he's progressed.
They're wrong.
He's merely forgotten those things
which gave life meaning.
You'll all be provided for,
cared for, happy.
There is an order of things in this universe.
Your species has denied it.
I come to restore it ...
and for you ...
because you have the sensitivity to understand.
I offer you more than your wildest dreams have ever imagined.
You'll become the mother of a new race of gods.
You'll inspire the universe.
All men will revere you ...
almost as a god yourself.
And I shall love you for time without end,
worlds without end.
You shall complete me, and I you.
Kirk to Enterprise. Come in.
Enterprise, come in.
Kirk to Enterprise. Come in.
Kirk to --
What's happened to her?
Scotty, I'll find out.
Perhaps if I assisted.
How old are you?
22, sir.
Then I'd better handle it.
You all right?
Oh, yes, I'm all right.
I have a message for you.
Come over there.
He wants us to live in peace.
He wants to provide for us.
He'll give us everything we ever wanted,
and he can do it, too.
You can come down from Mount Olympus now.
You've got work to do.
I don't understand.
He thrives on love, worship, attention.
We can't give him that worship. None of us can,
especially you.
Spurn him.
Reject him.
You must.
You're special to him.
Yes ...
I love him.
Lieutenant ...
all our lives, here and on the ship,
depend on you.
No, not on me.
On you, Lieutenant!
Reject him, and we have a chance to save ourselves.
Accept him, and you condemn all of us to slavery,
nothing less than slavery.
We might never get help this far out,
or perhaps the thought of spending an eternity
bending knee and tending sheep appeals to you.
Oh, but you don't understand.
He's kind, and he wants the best for us ...
and he's so lonely.
What you ask would break his heart.
How can I?
Give me your hand.
Your hand.
Now feel that.
Human flesh against human flesh.
We're the same.
We share the same history, the same heritage,
the same lives.
We're tied together beyond any untie.
Man or woman, it makes no difference.
We're human.
We couldn't escape each other even ifwe wanted to.
That's how you do it, Lieutenant,
by remembering who and what you are --
a bit of flesh and blood
a float in a universe without end.
The only thing that's truly yours
is the rest of humanity.
That's where our duty lies.
Do you understand me?
Yes, I understand.
He's calling me.
You have your orders ...
and your duty.
Yes, sir.
My orders and my duty.
I think we can try it now, sir.
Enterprise to Captain Kirk.
Enterprise to Captain Kirk. Come in, Captain.
Kirk here.
Spock here, Captain.
We've pinpointed a power source on the planet's surface
which seems to have something to do with the force field.
Is there a structure of some sort near you?
There is indeed, Mr. Spock.
The power emanates from there.
How are you doing on the force field?
We can negate sections of it,
creating openings through which we can fire our phaser banks.
Well, that ought to do it.
Have Sulu lock all phaser banks onto the structure.
Fire on my order only. Cut it fine.
We'll be standing nearby.
I would recommend a discreet distance.
I'd love to oblige you,
but we're not all together.
Besides, we have Apollo to deal with.
If that structure's his power source,
I want to know where he is when we attack it.
Bones, do you think that mysterious organ in Apollo's chest
could have something to do with the transmission of energy?
It doesn't serve any other purpose I know of.
We've got to wait until Carolyn comes back
before we fire on the temple.
She might get killed.
Yes, I know. I know. Scotty, we'll wait.
I must say, Apollo ...
the way you ape human behavior is remarkable,
but there are some other things I must know --
your evolutionary patterns
and your social development.
My what?
I'm sure they're unique.
I've never encountered a specimen like you before.
I am Apollo.
I've chosen you.
That's very flattering, but I must get on with my work now.
Your work?
I'm a scientist.
My particular specialty is ancient civilizations,
relics, and myths.
Surely you know I've only been studying you.
I don't believe it.
You love me.
Love you?
I'm not some simple shepherdess you can awe.
Why, I could no more love you
than I could love a new species of bacteria.
I forbid you to go.
I order you to stay!
Is that the secret of your power over women --
the thunderbolts you throw?
What the devil is that?
Kirk here.
Spock, Captain.
Sensors are picking up atmospheric disturbance in your area.
Stand by your phasers, Mr. Spock.
Prepare to fire on my signal.
Captain, we've got to go and find her!
We've got to be here when he returns!
Scotty, just hold on!
All right.
The temple is his power source.
Let's bring him back.
Get to cover.
Mr. Spock, fire those phasers.
Captain, you're too close.
Fire those phasers! That's an order, Mr. Spock!
All phaser banks, fire!
Stop, I say!
All phaser banks, maintain firing rate!
More power to the shields.
Stop, I say!
I command it!
All banks maintain fi ring rate.
Maintaining, sir.
I would have cherished you,
cared for you.
I would have loved you as a father loves his children.
Did I ask so much?
We've out grown you.
You asked for something
we could no longer give.
I loved you.
I would have made a goddess of you.
I've shown you my open heart.
See what you've done to me.
Zeus ...
Hermes ...
Hera ...
Aphrodite ...
you were right.
Athena ...
you were right.
The time has passed.
There is no room for gods.
Forgive me ...
my old friends.
Take me.
Take me.
I wish we hadn't had to do this.
So do I.
They gave us so much.
The Greek civilization,
much of our culture and philosophy
came from a worship of those beings.
In a way, they began the Golden Age.
Would it have hurt us, I wonder ...
Just to have gathered a few laurel leaves?

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 34. Who Mourns for Adonais?

Kirk tells the lieutenant "This far out we may never get help," but they are only 79 light years out. That does not seem too far for Star Trek travel and communication times.
No one knows who Apollo is until Kirk and his landing party beam down. Then Apollo introduces himself to the landing party only. But when Kirk finally manages to get hold of Spock later and talks to him about Apollo, Spock knows exactly what he's talking about, even though there's no way he could know about Apollo.
The Enterprise would later be held captive by a powerful alien who had visited Earth again in the animated episode "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth?".

The title is taken from Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Line 415 reads "Who mourns for Adonais?". Shelley's Adonais is derived from Adonis, a male figure of Greek mythology associated with fertility. Also, "Adonais" would be the English plural the Hebrew Spoken Name of God (the Hebrew word adonai simply means lord), so it would mean "Who Mourns for the Gods?"
14 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

The producers were looking for someone with an English dialect and Shakespearean theatrics to pull off the Apollo role. First, they wanted to find someone in England, but rather decided to look for an actor at the San Diego Shakespeare festival. The head of the theatre recommended Michael Forest, who was already in Hollywood, making films at the time. Forest was called in for an audition, where he first had to take off his shirt, to let them see if he had the muscles needed for the part. Next, they asked him to read some lines in a British accent. Forest refused, claiming he couldn't do it, but is able to speak in a Mid-Atlantic accent, probably more suitable for the character. He did it, and they gave him the role.
13 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

In the original script, the gods and other mythological figures were mentioned in their Latin names, but in the revised final draft (and the finished episode) they are called by their original Greek equivalents (possibly for the suggestion of series researcher Kellam de Forest).
11 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

This is the very first episode of Star Trek (1966) (in broadcast order) to feature all seven members of the original cast - including Walter Koenig who was the last to join the cast at the very beginning of Season 2.
18 of 20 (Trivia Rating)

This is the only time in TOS that a star is both referred to as its Bayer designation and ancient name, specifically Geminorum aka Pollux.
8 of 8 (Trivia Rating)

William Shatner was so concerned with the height disparity that he disallowed any shots which would show him and the much taller Michael Forest side-by-side in the same frame. According to Forest, whenever Shatner would speak to him, Forest would notice Shatner inadvertently standing on his tip toes.
23 of 27 (Trivia Rating)

Apollo's temple was constructed on an indoor studio set. Swaying trees (courtesy of hidden stagehands) and dubbed-in bird sounds were combined with stock footage of an outdoor lake and adequately conveyed the illusion of being outdoors.
12 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

It was Erich von Däniken who first published theories concerning ancient aliens coming to earth and being taken for gods due to their advanced technology being witnessed by early humanity.
12 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

Jon Voight was the first choice for Apollo.
13 of 15 (Trivia Rating)

Jason Alexander cites this episode as his favourite of the original series, describing it as "thought-provoking, beautiful, and very sad."
15 of 18 (Trivia Rating)

When the Enterprise is being held in the force field "hand", a bridge crewman reports pressure of 1000 gsc. If gsc is grams per square centimeter 1000 is Earth sea level air pressure and not dangerous.
9 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

Behind the scenes stills reveal that Archie R. Dalzell acted as the director of photography for part of the shoot, as his name is shown on some of the clapperboards. However, regular director of photography Gerald Perry Finnerman's name is also shown on some of the clapperboards. Why Dalzell was involved in the production of this episode is unknown; in any case Finnerman is the only credited director of photography in the episode's end credits.
4 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

Apollo was also the name of the United States space fleet at the time Star Trek was being made.
8 of 10 (Trivia Rating)

The title is taken from a line in "Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats" by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
6 of 7 (Trivia Rating)

Michael Forest and Leonard Nimoy had played brothers on an episode of the TV series Laramie called The Runt.
4 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

This is the second of five episodes of "Star Trek" to feature a question mark in the title. The other four are Star Trek: What Are Little Girls Made Of? (1966), Star Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (1997) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Who Mourns for Morn? (1998).
4 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

Michael Forest reprised his role as Apollo in the fan made sequel Star Trek Continues: Pilgrim of Eternity (2013) 46 years later.
5 of 7 (Trivia Rating)

Production stills show that Archie R. Dalzell worked as the director of photography for some scenes in this episode but he is not credited.
5 of 8 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2267.
4 of 6 (Trivia Rating)

Gene Roddenberry: The hand seen stopping and holding the Enterprise.
16 of 19 (Trivia Rating)

A scene that was scrapped would have had McCoy reveal in the end that Lt. Palamas was pregnant with Apollo's child.

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