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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 16. The Menagerie, Part I


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 16. The Menagerie, Part I

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 16. The Menagerie, Part I

Season:    1
Air Date:    1966-11-17
Stardate:    3012.4
Writer:    Gene Roddenberry
Director:    Marc Daniels
Guests:    Jeffrey Hunter (Young Pike), Susan Oliver (Vina), Malachi Throne (Commodore Mendez), Julie Parrish, Hagan Beggs, Peter Duryea, Meg Wyllie, John Hoyt, Majel Barrett (Number One), Sean Kenney (crippled Pike)

This episode and the sequel are derived from the original pilot for the Star Trek series, The Cage. The Enterprise diverts to Starbase 11 after Spock reports receiving a sub-space message from former Captain of the Enterprise Christopher Pike. However, the Commodore on the Starbase tells them that Pike has been injured from exposure to delta rays (resulting from a ruptured baffle plate while inspecting an old Class J starship) and could not have sent the message. This is confirmed when Pike wheels confined to a wheelchair which is operated by brain waves. The only communication of which Pike is still capable is signaling yes (one flash of a light) or no (two flashes). Pike refuses to speak to Bones or Kirk, but agrees to speak to Spock in private.

Spock, who had served under Pike for 11 years, 4 months, and 5 days, prepares to mutiny in order to take Pike to Talos 4 (the fourth planet out of 11 in the Talos system), despite Pike's protests. Meanwhile, an investigation of the tapes reveals that Spock received no transmission, but Kirk refuses to believe it possible that Spock could have been responsible for a deception. Spock nerve pinches Chief Humboldt at the computer center and sends the Enterprise bogus instructions using tapes he has made of Kirk's voice. Another technician discovers Spock cross-circuiting the communications panel and attempts to stop him, but is nerve pinched for his efforts. Spock informs Mr. Hansen that the coded transmissions he has sent will navigate the ship automatically. McCoy is tricked into returning to the Enterprise by a request for medical assistance. Spock then transports himself and Pike aboard.

Right After Miss Piper (who knows about Kirk from mutual fried Helen Johansen) glances at her closed-circuit monitor and notices that Pike is gone, the Enterprise warps out of orbit towards Talos 4. Kirk and Commodore José Mendez pursue Spock and the Enterprise in a Class F shuttlecraft. Aboard the Enterprise, Hanson is superfluous as navigator while the instructions Spock fed into the computer are carried out automatically. When Spock notices that the shuttlecraft has nearly exhausted its fuel, he activates tape Abel 7 Baker, which stops the Enterprise and beams aboard Kirk and Mendez. Spock then informs them that has set up the ship's computer so that it cannot be disengaged without terminating life support systems until the Enterprise reaches Talos 4.

Spock is then put on trial. Not only is mutiny a court martial offense, but visiting Talos 4 is an offense punishable by death. The hearing proceeds because Pike is still listed as on active duty, so three command officers are present as required by regulations. During the hearing, Spock introduces a recording of the experiences of the original crew of the Enterprise on Talos 4 as evidence.

In the tape we see footage from the original Star Trek pilot episode, The Cage. The tape recounts how 13 years previously the Enterprise, commanded by Pike and with Dr. Boyce as chief medical officer, received a distress signal from the survey vessel S.S. Columbia, lost 18 years earlier. The Columbia reported making a forced landing on the Talos star group 18 years ago. Mr. Spock (the only character from the original pilot retained in the original series except for Nurse Christine Chapel, who took a huge demotion from "Number One") reports that Talos contains 11 planets, number 4 of which is Class M (oxygen atmosphere). Captain Christopher Pike orders to continue on to the Vega colony in the absence of evidence that there are survivors.

Pike then retires to his cabin, where he is met by Dr. Phil Boyce. Pike recounts his traumatic experience on Rigel 7 in which his yeoman and two others were killed and 7 injured. Pike faults himself for allowing himself to be trapped in a deserted fortress and attacked by one of the Rigel warriors. He also complains that he is tired of being responsible of 203 lives and has been thinking of resigning. However, he is quickly distracted from such thoughts when follow-up message from the Columbia indicates that 11 crew members survived the crash. Pike commands the Enterprise to divert and investigate.

Talos 4 is found to have an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and gravity equal to 0.9 that of Earth. On Talos 4, Spock and Pike find a blue-leaved plant, and we are treated to one of the few Spock smiles of the series (and the only one when he is not under some alien or hallucinagenic influence). The landing party of 6 finds survivors of the Columbia who are now old male scientists (including Dr. Theodore Haskins of the American Continent Institute), but also a young woman named Vena who was born shortly after the Columbia crashed and whose parents are now dead.

Unbeknownst to the landing party, their actions are being monitored by native Talosians. The doctor notices that the condition of the survivors is better than could be reasonably expected, and becomes suspicious. Before he can find out what is going on, Vena leads Pike into a Talosian trap. As soon as Pike is drugged and captured by the Talosians, the survivors, who were illusionary, vanish. In a desperate attempt to rescue Pike, the landing party tries to blast through the rock into which Pike was spirited away, but their phasers have no effect.

At this juncture, Uhura reports that the Enterprise has been receiving transmissions from Talos 4 and Kirk is relieved from duty by order of the Starfleet Command Consul.


Welcome to Starbase 11 , Captain.
The commodore's waiting to see you.
He's curious why you changed course and came here.
We received a subspace message
to divert here immediately.
This base sent no message, Captain.
Oh,Jim, I just can't understand this.
Mr. Spock received a starbase transmission,
a message from former Enterprise commander
Fleet Captain Pike,
urgently requesting we divert here.
If my first officer states he received a transmission--
I'm not doubting anyone's word.
I'm telling you it's impossible.
You don't know?
You actually don't know
what's happened to Captain Pike?
There's been subspace chatter about it for months.
I'm sorry to be the one to show you.
He's upstairs in the medical section.
You ever met Chris Pike?
When he was promoted to fleet captain.
About your age.
Big, handsome man-- vital, active.
Spock served with him for several years.
11 years, 4 months, 5 days.
What's his problem, Commodore?
Inspection tour of a cadet vessel.
Old Class "J" starship.
One of the battle plates ruptured.
The delta rays?
He went in bringing out
all those kids that were still alive.
Just wanted you gentlemen to be prepared.
[Commodore Mendez] Captain Pike.
Captain, you remember these gentlemen.
They wanted to visit you.
Two flashes mean no.
I thought you might make an exception for them.
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
Chris, if there's anything I can do for you...
Captain Pike,
may I remain for a moment?
You know why I've come, Captain.
It's only six days away at maximum warp.
I have it well-planned.
I have never disobeyed your orders before, Captain,
but this time I must.
I know.
I know it is treachery and it's mutiny...
but I must do this.
I have no choice.
Space-- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Once more,Jose.
Spock stated he received a message to come here.
He entered same in his log.
That's all the proof I require.
What do those record tapes show?
No message sent from here.
No message received by your vessel.
Then I suggest the record tapes
have been deliberately changed.
A computer expert can change record tapes,
say anything, say nothing.
Your first officer's former captain
is horribly injured at this base.
That first officer's the only one who heard that message.
He could have requested leave.
I would have granted it.
Well, that's true. Of course.
Who would want to divert us here?
There's no trouble
in the space sector we're patrolling now.
No alien problems.
Computer Center.
Chief Humboldt here, sir.
Have you rechecked all the record tapes on the date in question?
Yes, sir.
Coulda message have been sent from here
without us knowing it?
Negative, Commodore.
We've checked everything possible.
All right.
Start checking the impossible.
Mendez out.
Oh, have I introduced Miss Piper,Jim?
This is Captain Kirk, Miss Piper.
I recognized the captain immediately.
A mutual friend described you, sir--
Lieutenant Helen Johansson.
Helen described...
She merely mentioned she knew you, sir.
You have something to report, Miss Piper?
Oh, yes, sir.
I'm afraid our investigation
turned up very little, Commodore.
There is, of course,
Mr. Spock's years of service with Captain Pike.
Indications of loyalty to this former commander.
A Vulcan can no sooner be disloyal
than he can exist without breathing,
present commander as well as past.
We're forced to consider every possibility, sir.
Captain Pike could not have sent a message.
He's under observation
every minute of every day.
And totally unable to move.
His wheel chair is constructed
to respond to his brain waves.
Oh, he can turn it, move it forwards,
or backwards slightly.
Through the light, he can say yes or no.
But that's it,Jim.
That's as much as that poor devil can do.
His mind is as active as yours and mine,
but it's trapped inside
a useless vegetating body.
He's kept alive mechanically...
a battery-driven heart.
There's no way he could even have asked
for that message to be sent?
[Spock's Voice, Slow Speed] Starbase Operations.
[Faster Speed] Starbase Operations.
[Normal] Starbase Operations.
[Fastest Speed] Starbase Operations.
[Slower Speed] Starbase Operations.
[Normal Speed] Starbase Operations.
Starbase Operations...
Starbase Operations, Enterprise...
Standby to receive new orders, Enterprise.
Starbase Operation, Mr. Hansen.
Starbase Operations to Enterprise.
Standby to receive new orders.
They're to be fed
directly into the ship's computers.
This is top-secret and scrambled.
Enterprise standing by.
Request confirmation.
Enterprise to starbase.
Request confirmation.
This is a security area.
I have security clearance, Chief.
Who gave you clearance? I haven't been notified.
You're cross-circuiting the--
Whose tapes are these?
Repeat, Enterprise to starbase.
Orders received.
We need operating confirmation
from the ship's captain.
Come in, starbase.
Come in, Captain Kirk.
This is Captain Kirk.
You have confirmation, Miss Uhura.
Hansen here, Captain.
Our destination has been scramble-fed into ship's computers.
How can I handle the helm
if I don't know where we'regoing?
Mr. Spock is with me here.
He'll answer all questions. Kirk out.
This is Mr. Spock.
The ship's computers will handle the helm on this voyage.
Course will be set automatically.
You will not discuss this
with ship's crew or starbase personnel.
Do you read?
Acknowledge, sir.
Stand by.
We'll warp out of orbit in one hour.
He keeps blinking no.
No to what?
They've tried questioning him.
He's almost agitated himself into a coma.
How long will he live?
As long as any of us.
Blast medicine anyway.
We've learned to tie into every human organ in the body
except one-- the brain.
The brain is what life is all about.
That man can think any thought that we can,
and love, hope, dream as much as we can,
but he can't reach out, and no one can reach in.
He keeps blinking no.
No to what?
They could question him for days, weeks,
before they stumble on the right thing.
Could this have anything to do with Spock?
I don't read you at all,Jim.
What I mean is...
either a message was received...
It was one of two things.
Either someone sent a message
diverting us here,
or someone lied about receiving it.
Could that someone be Mr. Spock?
Forgetting how well we both know Spock,
the fact that he's a Vulcan
means he's incapable of telling a lie.
He's also half human.
And that half is completely submerged.
To be caught acting like us
or even thinking like us
would completely embarrass him.
Someone's interfering with my command.
I mean to find out who.
If you had the technical know-how,
I'd suspect you.
But you don't. Spock does.
He would not make--
There's a false entry in the log right now.
Explain that.
I can't.
But to question Spock?
Me, yes.
I could run off half-cocked.
So could you, but not Spock.
That's impossible.
Dr. McCoy, report to Transporter Control.
Dr. McCoy to Transporter Control.
McCoy here.
You're needed aboard the Enterprise, doctor.
Medical emergency.
Well, what is it?
Sickness, injury... how bad is it?
That'sall we have on it, Doctor.
Just needed aboard.
Probably somebody discovered a hangnail.
I'll beam up and let you know,Jim.
"For eyes of Starfleet Command only."
Oh, I'm certifying
I ordered you to read it.
Know anything at all about this planet?
What every captain knows-- General Order 7.
No vessel under any condition,
emergency or otherwise, is to visit Talos IV.
To do so is the only death penalty left on our books.
Only Fleet Command knows why.
Not even this file explains that.
But it does name the only Earth ship
that ever visited the planet.
The Enterprise...
commanded by Captain Christopher Pike.
With a half Vulcan science officer named Spock.
Captain Pike, he's gone!
Mendez here. What is it?
Starship Enterprise, Commodore.
It's warping out of orbit.
Refuses to acknowledge our signal.
Out of orbit, Mr. Spock.
Seems strange with no navigator on duty.
The Enterprise knows where she's going.
Someone's trying to hail us, sir.
Maintain radio silence, Lieutenant.
This is First Officer Spock.
Per Starfleet orders this date,
I have been placed
in temporary command of the Enterprise.
While our destination is secret,
our mission is relatively simple.
Starbase Command has assigned Captain Kirk
medical rest leave
until our return.
His instructions are to obey my orders
as you would his.
First officer out.
What's going on around here?
Who said Jim needed a medical rest leave?
This call about me being needed aboard--
No call was made.
Doctor, I regret they elected
to keep certain things from you.
Will you come with me, please?
What is this, Spock?
Captain, are you all right?
I see that you're still signaling--
Doctor, one moment, please.
Kirk to Dr. McCoy.
I'm recordingyou thismessage, Bones,
so there willbe no misunderstanding.
I'm sorrto have to make it an order.
You're not to disturb Captain Pike.
Simply take good care of him.
Follow Spock's instructions to the letter.
Kirk out.
Sir, scanners report an object following us
about the size of a starbase shuttlecraft.
Shall we reverse helm?
Take no action, Mr. Hansen.
But at our speed, they'll never catch us.
In case they want to reach us--
You have your orders, Mr. Hansen.
We'll make no contact.
Starbase Shuttlecraft 1 to Enterprise.
Come in, please.
Commodore Mendez and Captain Kirk.
If you read me, you are ordered to reply.
Repeating it on all emergency frequencies,Jim.
Spock is headed for Talos IV, all right.
Pulling ahead of us fast.
Fuel is down to 63.3.
If we turn back now,
we've just got barely enough
to get us back to the base.
Shuttlecraft to Enterprise, come in.
Shuttlecraft to Enterprise, come in.
Enterprise, come in!
Librar computer.
Lock on to sensors.
Measure object now following the Enterprise.
Object isa Class "F" shuttlecraft--
Uranium metalshell, ion enginepower--
How long before shuttlecraft's fuel supply
forces return to starbase?
Shuttlecraft is already pastpoint of safe return.
[Power Draining]
We coast.
Blast you any way.
You had no right to come along.
R.H.I.P., Captain--
Rank has its privileges.
Two hours of oxygen left.
Part of me hopes the Enterprise won't come back for us.
We step on that deck,
Spock is court-martialed, disgraced.
He's dead...
if he makes it to Talos IV.
Why would he want to get Pike there?
The command reports stated
Talos contained no practical benefits to mankind.
Spock would have some logical reason for going there.
Maybe he's just gone mad.
I keep wondering who might be after us.
I keep coming up with the same answers.
But I can't be right, can l, Mr. Spock?
Computer control.
Lock on to shuttlecraft following us.
Lockedon. Tractorbeam ready.
Go to tape Abel 7 Baker.
Execute instructions.
Is it the captain, Mr. Spock?
Sir, the engines are reversing.
She's brought herself to a dead stop.
This is the first officer speaking.
Security, send an armed team to the bridge.
Transporter Room, stand by to beam Captain Kirk aboard.
Effective until then,
Lieutenant Hansen is in operational command.
First officer out.
Doctor, as senior officer present,
I present myself to you for arrest.
You what?
The charge...
is mutiny, Doctor.
I never received orders to take command.
Security reporting, Mr. Spock.
Mr. Spock is, uh...
under arrest.
Is confinement to quarters enough?
Adequate, Doctor.
I'll make no trouble.
Well, confine him.
Yes, sir.
Store our shuttlecraft on the hangar deck, Mr. Scott.
Beam us directly aboard.
All right. Locked on to you.
Transferring command to you, sir.
Accepting command. Where's Mr. Spock?
In his quarters, under arrest.
His quarters?
After what he's done, Lieutenant?
Captain from bridge.
The enginesare coming on.
Reverse power. Hold this position.
Tell whoever gave those orders--
Sir, there's nobody giving orders.
Mr. Spock has the computers running the ship.
Disengage computer control, Uhura.
We can't disengage, Captain.
The helm doesnot respond.
Computer control, come in.
Disengage from helm.
Unable to comply.
This is the captain.
On voice command,
you will override all contra instructions.
Voice command...
disengage from helm.
Unable to comply.
Any such attempt will cross-circuit
vessel's life-supporting system.
Computer control cannot be disengaged
until vessel reaches planet Talos IV.
Captain's log-- stardate 3012.4.
Despite ourbest efforts to disengage computers,
the Enterprise is still lockedon a heading
for the mysterious planet Talos IV.
Meanwhile, as required by Starfleet general orders,
apreliminar hearing on Lieutenant Commander Spock
is being convened.
And in all the years of my service,
this is the most painful moment I've ever faced.
This hearing is convened.
Mr. Spock...
you're aware of your right
to counsel of your choice?
Sir, I waive counsel.
Further, I waive rights to this hearing
and request immediate court-martial.
Request denied.
May I inquire on what grounds, Captain?
A mutiny requires a trial board
of no less than three command officers.
Since there are only two
of that rank available--
Sir, I must point out
there are three officers of command rank available--
yourself, Commodore Mendez,
and Captain Christopher Pike.
Captain Pike is a complete invalid.
I believe you'll find
he's still on the active duty list.
We didn't have the heart to retire him.
He's got you.
Whatever he's up to, he's planned it well.
Captain's log-- stardate 3012.6.
General court-martial convened.
Mr. Spock has again waived counsel
and has entered aplea of guilty.
Mr. Spock,
are you aware in pleading guilty
that a further charge
involving the death penalty
must be held against you
should this vessel enter the Talos stargroup?
I am.
What does it accomplish to go there
or to take Captain Pike there?
I want to know why.
Are your comments a part of the record, sir?
Yes, it's on the record.
Thank you.
Request monitor screen be engaged.
For what purpose?
To comply with the request
you just made, sir--
that I explain the importance
of going to Talos IV.
By asking why, you've opened the door
to any evidence he may wish to present--
Apparently what he had in mind.
Present your evidence.
Screen on.
This is 1 3 years ago.
The Enterprise.
And its commander-- Captain Christopher Pike.
Definitely something out there, Captain,
headed this way.
Screen off.
was that really you on the screen?
That's impossible.
Mr. Spock,
no vessel makes record tapes
in that detail, that perfect.
What were we watching?
I cannot tell you at this time.
Captain Pike,
were any record tapes of this nature made
during your voyage?
The court is not obliged
to view evidence without knowing its source.
Unless the court asks a prisoner why, Commodore.
You did ask that question.
You mean I was maneuvered into asking.
Your evidence is out of order.
I contest that. I want to see more.
You have that right, Captain.
But just because the prisoner
is your first officer and your personal friend--
That has nothing to do with it.
Very well. Continue.
Screen on, Mr. Scott.
No. It'ssomething else.
There's still something out there.
As I stated, gentlemen,
this was 13 years ago.
We were on routine patrol
when the ship's sensors detected something ahead.
At first we were not certain what it was.
Coming to speed of light. Collision course.
The meteorite beam has not deflected it, Captain.
Evasive maneuvers, sir?
Steady as we go.
It's a radio wave, sir.
We're passing through an old-style distress signal.
They were keyed to cause interference
and attract attention this way.
A ship in trouble making a forced landing, sir.
That's it. No other message.
I have a fix.
It comes from the Talos stargroup.
We've no ships or Earth colonies that far out.
Their call letters check with a survey expedition.
S.S. Columbia disappeared in that region
approximately 18 years ago.
It would take that long
for a radio beam to travel.
Records show
the Talos group has never been explored.
Solar system similar to Earth.
11 planets.
Number IV seems to be Class "M"--
Oxygen atmosphere.
Then they could still be alive,
even after 18 years.
If they survived the crash.
We aren't going to go, to be certain?
Not without any indication of survivors, no.
We'll continue to the Vega Colony,
take care of our own sick and injured first.
You have the helm. Maintain present course.
Yes, sir.
Boyce here.
Drop by my cabin, Doctor.
[Knock on Door]
What's that?
I didn't say there's anything wrong with me.
I understand we picked up a distress signal.
That's right.
Unless we get anything more positive on it,
the condition of our own crew takes precedent.
I'd like to log the ship's doctor's opinion, too.
Oh, I concur with yours, definitely.
Good. I'm glad you do.
We're going to stop first at the Vega Colony
and replace anybody who needs hospitalization
and also--
What are you putting in there, ice?
Who wants a warm martini?
What makes you think I need one?
a man will tell his bartender things
he'll...never tell his doctor.
What's been on your mind, Chris,
the fight on Rigel 7?
Shouldn't it be?
My only yeoman and two others dead, seven injured.
Was there anything you personally could have done?
I should have smelled trouble
when I saw the swords.
Instead I got attacked by one of their warriors.
Chris, you set standards for yourself
no one could meet.
You treat everyone like a human being
except yourself.
And now you're tired, and you--
You bet I'm tired.
You bet.
I'm tired of being responsible for 203 lives,
and I'm tired of deciding
which mission is too risky and which isn't
and who's going on the landing party
and who doesn't
and who lives...
and who dies.
Boy, I've had it, Phil.
To the point of taking my advice--
a rest leave?
To the point of considering resigning.
And do what?
Well, for one thing, go home.
Nice little town with...
50 miles of park land around it.
Remember I told you I had two horses?
We used to take food and ride out all day.
Ah, that sounds exciting--
ride out with a picnic lunch every day.
I said that's one place I might go.
Or I might go into business on Regulus
or on the Orion colony.
You, an Orion trader,
dealing in green animal, women slaves?
The point is this isn't the only life available.
There's a galaxy of things to choose from.
Not for you.
A man either lives life
as it happens to him,
meets it head-on, and licks it,
or he...
turns his back on it
and starts to wither away.
Now you're beginning to talk like a doctor,
Take your choice.
We both get the same two kinds of customers--
the living... and the dying.
[Intercom Whistles]
Mr. Spock here.
We're intercepting a follow-up message.
There are crash survivors on Talos.
" 11 survivors from crash.
gravity and oxygen within limits.
food and water obtainable,
but unless..."
The message faded at that point, sir.
Address inner craft.
System open.
This is the captain.
Our destination is the Talos stargroup.
Our time warp, Factor 7.
Course computed andon the screen.
All deck shave acknowledged, sir.
Screen off.
Mr. Spock,
I'm truly amazed at your technical prowess
in some how manufacturing all this.
I congratulate you on your imagination.
But this is a court of space law,
not a theater.
please tell the court this is not imagination,
nor some clever photographic record.
Are we seeing the actual events
of 13 years ago?
Yes, gentlemen.
On that screen as it happened--
the incredible experience
of Captain Christopher Pike on Talos IV.
If, after witnessing this,
the court wishes to turn this vessel back,
I will release this ship to manual control.
You're in no position to bargain.
This is ridiculous.
This man mutinied, stole your ship,
abducted Captain Pike.
This has gone far enough.
We haven't heard the full story.
I vote to continue.
I vote we do not. Deadlock.
There's still one member of the trial board
to be heard from.
Very well. Captain Pike,
it's up to you.
Do we continue under these conditions?
Captain's log supplemental.
Mr. Spock, on trial for mutiny,
has forced the court to accept unusual evidence.
On our monitor screen,
the voyage of Captain Pike andthe Enterprise
to the one forbidden world in all the galaxy.
Screen on.
We've settled into orbit, sir.
Geological lab report complete, Captain.
Preliminary lab survey ready, sir.
Our reading shows
an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, sir,
heavy with inert elements.
0.9 of Earth.
Captain, reflections, sir,
from the planet's surface.
As I read it,
they polarize out as rounded metal bits.
Could be parts of a spaceship hull.
Prep a landing party of six.
You feel up to it?
Yes, sir.
Sorry, number one.
With little information on this planet,
we'll have to leave our most experienced officer
here covering us.
Of course, sir.
There's no indication of problems down there,
but let's not take chances.
There's a canyon to the left.
We can land you there unobserved.
They're men.
They're humans.
Captain Christopher Pike,
United Space Ship Enterprise.
Dr. Theodore Haskins,
American Continent lnstitute.
Is Earth all right?
You'll see it very soon.
You won't believe how fast you'll get back.
The time barrier's been broken.
Our new ships can--
This is Vina.
Her parents are dead.
She was born almost as we crashed.
Landingparty, come in.
We'll begin transporting the survivors
and their effects up to you very shortly.
Quartersare being prepared, sir.
Have I permission to send scientific parties now?
Affirmative on the--
You appear to be healthy and intelligent, Captain--
a prime specimen.
I didn't get that last message, Captain.
affirmative on request.
Landing party out.
You must forgive her choice of words, Captain.
She's lived her whole life
with a collection of a ging scientists.
If they can, uh, spare you a moment,
I'd like to make my medical report.
I think it's time
to show the captain our secret.
Their health is excellent,
almost too good.
There's a reason for our condition,
but we've had some doubt
if Earth is ready to learn the secret.
Let the girl show you.
We'll accept your judgment.
You're tired.
But don't worry. You'll feel much better soon.
Don't you see it?
Here and here.
I don't understand.
You will.
You're a perfect choice.
Spock here.
Landing party, come in.
There is no survivors' encampment, Number One.
This is all some sort of trap.
We've lost the captain.
Do you read?
[Intercom Whistles]
What is it?
It's for Commodore Mendez.
Plead signal for you, sir. Go ahead, Uhura.
Commodore Mendez, urgent.
Subspace monitors show
Enterprise receiving transmissions
from planet Talos IV
in violation of Starfleet general orders.
Receiving transmissions from Talos IV.
Then the images we've been seeing are...
Coming from Talos IV, sir.
Captain Kirk is here by relieved.
You are ordered to assume command of the Enterprise.
Disable vessel if necessar
to prevent further contact.
Message signed-- Comsole, Starfleet Command.
Mr. Spock, you're aware of the orders
regarding any contact with Talos IV.
You have deliberately invited the death penalty.
You've not only finished yourself, Spock,
but you've finished your captain as well.
Commodore must be aware
that Captain Kirk knew nothing of this.
A captain's responsible for everything
that occurs on his ship.
I order you to return this vessel
back to manual control.
I respect fully decline.
Very well. You've earned the consequences.
This court is in recess.
Do you know what you're doing?
Have you lost your mind?
Jim, please...
don't stop me.
Don't let him stop me.
It's your career and Captain Pike's life.
You must see the rest of the transmission.
Lock him up.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 16. The Menagerie, Part I

This episode establishes that Talos IV is off limits to Federation traffic, so much so that any visitation to that planet is punishable by death. It is the only capital punishment on the books in the Federation
When the landing party comes in, the transporter chief is wearing glasses. After the next shot of the transporter pad, not only are the glasses gone, but it is a different person.
It seems a little odd that Starfleet would write "Half-Vulcan Science Officer Spock" on the official report on the Talos IV incident. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't mention any other Enterprise officers besides Spock and Captain Pike, not even Number One.
The shuttle is described as as being ion-powered. A technology that "Spock's Brain" tells us is beyond Starfleet.
Scotty doesn't get to wear a dress uniform at the trial, even though everyone else does.
After Pike disappears, Mendez is sitting there and then turns to a viewscreen, throws a switch, and says "Mendez here - what is it?" Apparently the sound editor forgot to put in the hailing whistle.
When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to Starbase 11, in the initial shot it is day. Then the shot of the outside through Mendez's window shows it is night. Then in the next establishing shot it is day, and then night again through the window.
Kirk and Mendez read and discuss the top secret file on Talos IV. Mendez stresses that's it's secret...but Miss Piper cheerfully listens in the background.
The ending of the Talosian transmission differs from actual events. In "The Cage", when Captain Pike asks The Keeper if he'll give Vina back her illusion of beauty, The Keeper nods yes and also gives her an illusion of Captain Pike to take back down to the Talosian community. In the transmission the Talosians send, Vina is just seen restored to beauty.
Kirk introduced Spock as "Lieutenant Commander" instead of "Commander".

The only 2-parter in Star Trek (1966). All Star Trek spin-offs had many two-part stories.
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Although scenes from Star Trek: The Cage (1986) feature Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, he was unavailable and unaffordable for the framing story into which the scenes were to be inserted. Sean Kenney, an actor who resembled Hunter, was used instead. He plays the mute, crippled Captain Pike, now wheelchair-bound after an accident.
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Robert H. Justman convinced Gene Roddenberry to write a two-part episode using footage from Star Trek: The Cage (1986) because they ran out of scripts and would have had to shut down production otherwise. The script was written quickly in three or four days because it mostly consists of scenes from the original pilot.
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The original pilot Star Trek: The Cage (1986) was directed by Robert Butler and the new framework story by Marc Daniels. Since Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part I (1966) consists mostly of framework and Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part II (1966) is primarily made up out of 'The Cage', Daniels received directing credits for the first part and Butler for the second. The same applies to the crew listed during the end credits: part 1 lists the regular series crew, part 2 those of the pilot.
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The "frame" story of Captain Pike's injury, Spock's kidnapping of his former captain, and the return journey to Talos IV was necessitated because the producers' inability to use the original pilot Star Trek: The Cage (1986) in its unedited form. Normally, series producers count on being able to use the pilot as an episode of the season, despite possible minor changes from the regular series, such as (on Star Trek (1966)) differences in uniform styles, terminology, and props; the second pilot, Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966), was used despite such discrepancies. But the differences between the series and the original pilot were too stark to be used unaltered - without the elaborate "frame" placing it 13 years in the past.
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The original script was written by John D.F. Black but Gene Roddenberry did not like it and rewrote it. Black filed a grievance with the Writers' Guild over payment and screen credit, but his claims were denied.
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This episode was the first Star Trek material to be officially released by Paramount on any home video format in the United States, first in 1980 on VHS and Betamax, followed by a RCA SelectaVision CED videodisc release in 1981, and a US Laserdisc release in 1984.
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Malachi Throne provided the voice of the Talosian Keeper in Star Trek: The Cage (1986), which was also Leonard Nimoy's first Star Trek (1966) appearance. Throne was also with Nimoy for his final "Star Trek" television, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Unification II (1991).
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The events of Star Trek: The Cage (1986) occurred 13 years before "The Menagerie".
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It Seems the nation of Cuba still exists in the 23rd Century. During the court-martial scene, if you look carefully (to the right of where Captain Kirk is seated), you can see a flag stand in the back of the room, and looking at the flag hanging on it, you can make out the blue stripes and red triangle, which are part of the Cuban flag.
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The file on Talos IV contains the following: TOP SECRET Subject: TALOS IV in the third quadrant of vernal galaxy. Known facts: Detailed information cross referenced with 3XY phagrin level mass computer. The only Earthship that ever visited planet Talos IV was the U.S.S. Enterprise commanded by Captain Christopher Pike with Half-Vulcan Science Officer Spock. Recommendations: Be it hereby noted that the following instruction be incorporated into STARFLEET policy.. NO ONE WILL EVER VISIT TALOS IV. The following officers have visited Talos IV and recommended that no human should ever visit it again.. Captain Christopher Pike Half-Vulcan Science Officer Spock STARFLEET COMMAND by order of (signed) Robert L. Conrad Commanding Officer
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According to James Doohan, Gene Roddenberry originally wanted to sell the failed pilot as a theatrical film. However, it needed to be expanded with additional material to reach the feature length. Roddenberry planned to film the crash of the Columbia on Talos IV, because it didn't require Jeffrey Hunter, who was neither available or affordable to reprise his role as Captain Pike. However, plans for the feature release were soon abandoned.
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Robert Butler was approached by Gene Roddenberry to direct the episode, but he refused because he disliked the series. After Marc Daniels was assigned to direct the new footage, it was decided that he and Butler would share credit for the two episodes, Daniels for the first part and Butler for the second.
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The original "envelope" script was written by John D.F. Black. However, Gene Roddenberry was very unsatisfied with it, and rewrote it completely, finally taking sole writing credit. The insulted Black filed a Writers' Guild grievance over payment and screen credit, but his claims were denied.
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This takes place in 2267.
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The Talosian "Keeper" alien was actually played by a woman - Meg Wyllie (as were all Talosians). The telepathic voice is alleged to have been dubbed by Malachi Throne who coincidentally played Commodore Jose Mendez in "The Menagerie.'
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A matte painting was created for the Starbase 11 exterior. Large cranes can be seen in the background, representing construction on the starbase or perhaps assembly of starship components. The wall used in this scene was recycled for Star Trek: A Taste of Armageddon (1967), Star Trek: Wolf in the Fold (1967), Star Trek: Plato's Stepchildren (1968), and Star Trek: Wink of an Eye (1968). The round dais in front of the wall was later used by Tharn and his council in Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror (1967).
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The novel Burning Dreams establishes the subspace message summoning Enterprise to Starbase 11 was not a fabrication by Spock, but instead an illusion by the Talosians making Spock think he actually did receive a message, and then the Talosians spoke telepathically to Spock, making him aware of Pike's condition and asking him to bring Pike to Talos IV. The novel also establishes that at the end of the teaser, when Spock tells Pike, "I have no choice," their conversation continued with Spock telling Pike that the Talosians were aware of his condition and wanted to give him a chance for a better life than what he had and that Spock actually asked Pike for permission to try to help him.
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Robert H. Justman convinced Gene Roddenberry to write a two-part episode utilizing the first pilot because they ran out of scripts in the middle of the first season, and had to shut down production otherwise. Roddenberry called it "the envelope" and wrote the episode in three or four days. Director Robert Butler claimed it was Roddenberry's entrepreneur talent which managed to find a way using the failed pilot as a money saving device for the show.

The Starbase Operations set is a redress of the engineering room set. An opaque blue wall has been placed behind the grid to hide the forced perspective set. The panel in this room from which Spock issues orders to the Enterprise is a re-use of the neural neutralizer control panel from Star Trek: Dagger of the Mind (1966). The computer banks in the room will later be seen in "A Taste of Armageddon" and aboard the shuttlecraft in Star Trek: The Immunity Syndrome (1968).

The structures seen outside Mendez's windows are cut-outs of buildings. In the first scene in Mendez's office, behind Kirk is a clear view of a corner of the set behind one of the pieces.

Commodore Mendez's desk features one of the goose-neck video screens seen on the early Enterprise bridge in Star Trek: The Cage (1986).

During the indoor scenes on Starbase 11, if you look outside the windows at the night sky and cityscape, you can occasionally see white objects passing by. These may have been intended to be shuttles or shooting stars. The most clear and undisputed scene in which to see one of these objects is in the beginning. After Commodore Mendez approaches Captain Pike in regard to his visitors, you can see a small white dot slowly flying in the lower left of the window.

Scotty does not wear a dress uniform during Spock's court-martial, possibly due to budget constraints. He would finally get a dress tunic in Star Trek: Space Seed (1967).

The door to Pike's quarters, in the Intensive Care area of Starbase 11, opens on hinges, rather than sliding into the wall. The courtroom door in Star Trek: Court Martial (1967) is similarly hinged.

This is the final appearance of the tan phaser/communicator belts.

Sean Kenney's make-up as the injured Captain Pike took five hours to apply. Also, his hair had to be dyed white, which then turned out to be too bright for the cameras, and had to be softened with powder.

The footage used from the original pilot Star Trek: The Cage (1986) was directed by Robert Butler. He is not credited for it here although he is credited as the sole director of Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part II (1966) despite that episode also containing material shot by Marc Daniels.

When Spock orders the Enterprise back to retrieve the shuttlecraft, he tells the transporter room to "prepare to beam Captain Kirk aboard." He doesn't mention Mendez, who was seen on the shuttlecraft with Kirk. We find out in Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part II (1966) that by this point Mendez was a Talosian illusion, suggesting that Spock already knew that, or the Enterprise's sensors simply didn't detect anyone other than Kirk.

Footage of the shuttlecraft is reused from Star Trek: The Galileo Seven (1967). But because it was aired before that episode, this is technically the first episode featuring the shuttlecraft in Star Trek (1966).

A shot which shows crewmembers listening to the intercom in a corridor is reused from Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (1966). It can also be seen in Star Trek: Assignment: Earth (1968).

This is the first time that the trio of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down unaccompanied by any security guards or other personnel. Other episodes in which this occurred are Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark (1967), Star Trek: Catspaw (1967), Star Trek: Amok Time (1967), Star Trek: Bread and Circuses (1968), Star Trek: A Private Little War (1968), Star Trek: A Piece of the Action (1968), Star Trek: The Paradise Syndrome (1968), Star Trek: And the Children Shall Lead (1968), Star Trek: The Empath (1968), Star Trek: For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (1968), Star Trek: Plato's Stepchildren (1968), Star Trek: Requiem for Methuselah (1969), Star Trek: All Our Yesterdays (1969) and Star Trek: Turnabout Intruder (1969).

This starbase is the same one seen in Star Trek: Court Martial (1967). It is not made clear why there is now a different commodore in charge of the base. Perhaps Mendez and Stone had different responsibilities. Stone had been referred to as the base's commanding officer in the previous episode, named in the credits as the "portmaster."

The preview trailer for this episode has the stardate as 1512.2. In the original broadcast, Leonard Nimoy opens the trailer by saying "You'll learn next week..." In syndication, this line was shortened to "You'll learn next-" with the last word noticeably cut out.

Jeffrey Hunter was unavailable to reprise his role as Captain Christopher Pike from Star Trek: The Cage (1986), so Sean Kenney, played the injured captain in the new scenes, although Hunter was represented in flashback footage and credited accordingly (along with the other original cast).

The apparent, timeline administrative error of cast when first broadcast, due the resurrected scenes from 'Court Martial' , transfer to 'The Menagerie part 1' , where Commodore Jose Mendez becomes CO of Starbase 11, after Commander Stone. Unresolved by 2016, in trek lore.

When Spock presents himself for arrest, he states; 'Lt. Hanson is in operational control.' No in-universe reason is given for command not falling to 3rd in command Lt. Commander Scott (Scotty).
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When Commodore Méndez leads Kirk, Spock and McCoy to see Capt. Pike, a crewwoman stands to attention as they pass. This would appear to be a sort of respectful "salute" to superior officers. However, to this point, such "salutes" had not been established as part of Federation culture.
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In this episode, Star Trek: Court Martial (1967) and Star Trek: The Conscience of the King (1966), we see 23rd century doors that are opened with handles.

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