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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 24. A Taste of Armageddon


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 24. A Taste of Armageddon

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 24. A Taste of Armageddon

Season:    1
Air Date:    1967-02-23
Stardate:    3192.1
Writer:    Robert Hamner and Gene L. Coon
Story:    Robert Hammer
Director:    Joseph Pevney
Guests:    Gene Lyons, David Opatoshu, Robert Sampson, Barbara Babcock, Miko Mayama, David L. Ross, Sean Kenney

The Enterprise is en route to star cluster NGC321 to open diplomatic relations with the civilizations there, including the Eminiar VII, principal planet of the star cluster. However, Eminiar VII sends a Code 710 signal telling the Enterprise not to approach under any circumstances. The Federation knows very little about Eminiar VII, except that it has had space travel for several centuries but has never ventured beyond its own solar system. The Federation also knows that when Eminiar VII was first contacted, it was at war with Vendikar, its closest neighbor. However, the Federation ship making the report never returned and was listed as lost in space.

Kirk, Spock, and three crew members (including Galloway and Tamura) beam down and are met by Mea 3 and a security detachment of two who take them to Anan 7 and members of the High Counsel. Anan 7 claims that Eminiar VII has been at war with Vendikar, the third planet in the system, for 500 years. However, no evidence of warfare is evident to the landing party who witness a fusion bomb "attack." In fact, Yeoman Tamura's tricorder shows no radiation disturbances, despite Anan 7's claim that half a million people have just been killed. A counterattack is ordered by Anan 7 and carried out by Sar 6's activation of the "attack unit." Spock realizes that the war is being fought by computers which calculate casualties and that the citizens who are declared "dead" are then required to report to disintegration chambers.

Unfortunately, the Enterprise is declared destroyed by a tri-cobalt satellite explosion from Vendikar, and all persons aboard the Enterprise are ordered to report for disintegration within 24 hours. Kirk and the landing party are held hostage until the crew reports. Mea 3 is also declared a casualty, and so must report for disintegration. Anan 7 attempts to trick the crew down by imitating Kirk's voice and declaring that full diplomatic relations have been established. However, Scott smells a rat, and analyzes the transmission on the computer which determines with 98% certainty that a voice duplicator has been used.

Spock uses a Vulcan mind trick to get the guard to open the confinement cell, at which point he is knocked out and has his weapon stolen by Kirk. The escapees happen across disintegration chamber 12, and Spock takes its operator out of commission by distracting him with the line "Sir, there is a multi-legged creature crawling on your shoulder," then nerve pinching him. Kirk then blasts the chamber.

Anan 7 gives orders to open fire on the Enterprise. Fortunately, Scott has raised the shields and the disrupter fire of magnitude 1812 decibels causes no damage, as reported by navigator DeSalle. Stuffed-shirt Ambassador Robert Fox attributes the attack to a "misunderstanding" and communicates with Anan 7, who claims that an error in their sensors indicated that the Enterprise was about to attack them.

Fox beams down, and is almost disintegrated after he beams down to make diplomatic advances. Meanwhile Kirk is subdued and recaptured while trying to recover the phasers. Spock and the escaped landing party (dressed as Eminiarian) rescue Fox and disintegrate another disintegration chamber. When Anan 7 contacts the Enterprise to demand that the crew beam down, Kirk manages to tell Scotty to issue General Order 24 (destruction of the planet) in two hours. Kirk then overpowers his guards and is joined by Spock. They enter the computer center and destroy the central computer, which causes all the computers to be destroyed in a chain reaction. This nullifies the treaty with Vendikar, and initiates a real war unless Anan 7 agrees to make peace with its ancient enemy. Now faced with the grisly consequences of a real war, Anan agrees, and Fox offers to mediate the negotiations. As the Enterprise heads on its way towards Organna 2, Fox reports from Eminiar VII that the outlook is hopeful.


Captain 's Log. Stardate 3192.1--
The Enterprise is en route
to star cluster NGC 321.
Objective--to open diplomatic relations
with the civilizations known to be there.
We have sent a message to Eminiar7,
principle planet of the star cluster,
informing them of our friendly intentions.
We are awaiting an answer.
Nothing yet, Lieutenant?
Nothing, Captain. Hailing frequencies are open.
Have you received an answer to your message yet, Captain?
Nothing yet, Ambassador.
We're awaiting a reply. Today's the first time
we've had any evidence they've picked up our signal.
Captain, message coming in from Eminiar 7.
Sir, it's code 710.
Are you sure?
Positive. It repeats over and over.
Is that supposed to mean something?
Code 710 means under no circumstances
are we to approach that planet--
no circumstances what so ever.
You will disregard that signal, Captain.
Mr. Fox, it is their planet.
Captain, in the past 20 years,
thousands of lives have been lost on this route--
lives that could have been saved
if the Federation had a treaty port here.
We mean to have that port, and I'm here to get it.
By disregarding code 710,
you might involve us in an interplanetary war.
I'm quite prepared to take that risk.
You are.
I'm thinking about this ship, my crew.
I have my orders, Captain, and now you have yours.
You will proceed on course.
Achieve orbit status and Just leave the rest to me.
You're aware
that my mission gives me the power of command.
I now exercise it.
You will proceed on course.
That's a direct order.
In view of code 710, Captain, may I suggest--
Yes, Mr. Spock. This is the captain.
Condition--yellow alert. Phaser crews stand by.
Deflector shields up.
We're going in-- peacefully, I hope--
but, peacefully or not...
we're going in.
Space-- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
lts five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds...
to seek out new life and new civilizations...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain 's Log. Stardate 3192.5--
Nowin standard orbit around planet Eminiar 7,
my orders are clear--
We must establish diplomatic relations
at all cost.
Preparing to beam down to planet's surface.
We know very little about them.
Their civilization is advanced.
They've had space flight for several centuries,
but they have never ventured beyond their own solar system.
When first contacted 50 years ago,
Eminiar 7 was at war with its nearest neighbor.
Anything else?
The Earth expedition making the report
failed to return from its mission.
The U.S.S. Valiant.
Listed as missing in space.
Kirk, what's this about you going down alone?
Not alone. I'm taking some security people with me.
It is my prerogative.
I can't risk beaming you down there until I know
what kind of reception you'll receive.
Your safety is my responsibility. Those are my orders.
Mr. Spock.
Transporter room standing by, Captain.
What coordinates?
We've selected a site
which seems to be near an official establishment.
[Kirk] Final sensor readings?
No hostility directed toward us,
no apparent notice taken of us at all,
which seems strange.
They did scan us when we assumed orbit.
Obviously, they know we're here.
Ship's defenses?
Screens down,
but all defensive details on general alert status, Captain.
The landing party
will pick up phaser number 1 s from the arsenal.
Keep them inconspicuous.
Mr. Scott, the ship is yours.
Take care of her until I come back.
Aye, aye, sir.
And have a bonny trip.
We'll do our best.
Let's go.
[Scanner Humming]
They will materialize there.
Remember your instructions--
They are to be treated correctly, nothing more.
I'm Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise
representing the United Federation of Planets.
I know.
I'm Mea 3.
I congratulate you on your instrumentation.
You've come directly to the Division of Control.
If you'll follow me, please.
Captain, I wish...
You were warned not to come here.
I had orders to come here.
Why did you tell us to stay away?
It was for your own safety, Captain.
I see no danger here.
The danger exists.
Never the less, you are here.
It would be morally incorrect
to do less than extend our hospitality.
Anan 7 and members ofthe High Council await you.
If you will come this way, please.
I'm Captain Kirk.
This is my first officer, Mr. Spock,
Lieutenants Galloway, Osborne, Yeoman Tamula.
Welcome to Eminiar 7.
Well, Captain, what can we do for you?
My mission is to establish diplomatic relations
between your people and mine.
That is impossible.
Would you mind telling me why?
Because of the war.
You're still at war?
We have been at war for 500 years.
You conceal it very well.
Mr. Spock.
Sir, we have completely scanned your planet.
We find it highly advanced,
prosperous in a material sense,
comfortable for your people,
and peaceful in the extreme,
yet you say you are at war.
There is no evidence of this.
Casualties among our civilian population
total from 1 to 3 million dead each year
from direct enemy attack.
That is one reason, Captain,
why we told you to stay away.
As long as your ship is orbiting our planet,
it is in severe danger.
With whom are you at war?
The third planet in our system,
called Vendikar,
originally settled by our people
and now a ruthless enemy--
highly advanced technologically.
[Alarm Buzzes]
Please excuse me.
Vendikar is attacking.
Mea, prepare for our guests.
To say the least.
It will not last long.
Don't you take shelter?
There is no shelter, Captain.
Are these attacks frequent?
Oh, yes, and we will retaliate immediately.
[Kirk] What is it?
A hit right here in the city.
Do you hear any explosions, Mr. Spock?
None, Captain.
Yeoman Tamula?
Tricorder readings--
radiation disturbances of any kind.
Working, sir. No evidence.
if this is an attack,
may I ask what weapons the enemy is using?
Fusion bombs--
materialized by the enemy over their targets.
[Communicator Beeps]
Kirk to Bridge. Scotty?
Scotty here, Captain.
Scanners operative on the planet's surface?
Of course, sir. As per orders.
Anything unusual?
Nothing, sir.
All quiet.
Thank you. Kirk out.
Look, Anan.
Yes, I see it. They were warned.
Just as it happened 50 years ago.
Alert a security detachment.
They may be needed.
It was a vicious attack--
extremely destructive.
Fortunately, our defenses are firming,
but our casualties are high--
very high.
Sir, I have been in contact with my ship,
which has had this entire planet under surveillance.
All during this so-called attack of yours,
we have been monitoring you.
There's been no attack,
no explosions, no radiations,
no disturbances whatsoever.
If this is some sort of game you're playing--
This is no game, Captain.
Half a million people have just been killed.
Activate the attack units, Sar.
Yes, Council man.
Launch immediate counter attack.
Computers, Captain.
They fight their war with computers totally.
Yes, of course.
Computers don't kill a half a million people.
Deaths have been registered.
Of course they have 24 hours to report.
To report?
To our disintegration machines.
You must understand, Captain,
we have been at war for 500 years.
Under ordinary conditions,
no civilization could with stand that,
but we have reached a solution.
Then the attack by Vendikar was theoretical.
Oh, no. Quite real.
An attack is mathematically launched.
I lost my wife in the last attack.
Our civilization lives.
The people die,
but our culture goes on.
You mean to tell me...
your people just walk into a disintegration machine
when they're told to?
We have a high consciousness of duty, Captain.
There is a certain scientific logic about it.
I'm glad you approve.
I do not approve.
I understand.
Then you will recall
I warned you not to come here.
You chose to ignore my warning.
I'm sorry, but it's happened.
What has happened?
Once your ship was in orbit about our planet,
it became a legitimate target.
It has been classified destroyed
by a tricobalt satellite explosion.
All persons aboard your ship
have 24 hours to report to our disintegration machines.
In order to ensure their cooperation,
I have ordered you, Captain, and your party
held in custody until they surrender.
If possible, we shall spare your ship, Captain,
but its passengers and crew are already dead.
Captain 's Log delayed.
The Enterprise, in orbit about Eminiar 7,
has been declareda casualty
of an incredible war fought by computers.
land my landing party,
though apparently not included
as casualties aboard the Enterprise,
are confined on the planet's surface
I have been sent to ask if you require anything.
We require a great deal. I wish to speak to Anan 7.
He's busy coordinating casualty lists.
He'll have more casualty lists
than he knows what to do with if he doesn't talk to me.
Don't you understand? Our duty--
Your duty doesn't include
stepping into a disintegrator and disappearing.
I'm afraid mine does, Captain.
I have been declared a casualty.
I must report to a disintegrator by noon tomorrow.
Is that all it means to you,
to report and die?
My life is as dear to me as yours is to you.
- Then how can you stand-- - Don't you see?
If I refuse to report and others refuse,
then Vendikar would have no choice
but to launch real weapons.
We would have to do the same to defend ourselves.
More than people would die then.
A whole civilization would be destroyed.
Surely you can see that ours is a better way.
No, I don't see that at all.
It's been our way for almost 500 years.
Is there anything I can bring you?
Yes. Anan 7.
I tell you, we should have heard something by now.
Aye, Doctor, that we should, but we haven't,
and we cannot raise them.
You know, if there'd been trouble,
they should have managed to get word back to us.
We can't just sit here.
What would you suggest?
Me? I'm a doctor. If I were an officer--
Would you have me open fire?
Of course not.
Mr. Scott, message coming in from the captain.
Scott here, Captain.
Goodnews, Mr. Scott.
The Eminian shave agreed to the establishment
of full normal diplomatic relations.
Mr. Fox will be glad to hear about that.
They've extendedan invitation
to allpersonnelto come ashore.
They've assured me our people will have a wonderful time.
Uh, Captain?
Yes, Mr. Scott?
All personnel?
All personnel.
We'll transport up trained Eminians
to assume support positions.
Those are my orders, Mr. Scott.
Aye, aye, Captain.
We'll start forming shore parties immediately.
Scott out.
Well, now, what do you think of that?
I don't know.
Well, I do.
last message received and recorded from Captain Kirk.
[Computer Whirs]
ln play.
Run it through analyzer.
Question-- Is it or is it not the captain's voice?
A close copy.
A voice duplicator?
98% probability.
Well, they've got them, Doctor,
and now they're trying to get us.
Are you sure you can do it, Mr. Spock?
Limited telepathic abilities
are inherent in Vulcanians, Captain.
It may work.
It may not.
Do your best.
- Thank you. - My pleasure.
What do we do now?
We get our communicators back
and try and contact the ship.
Mr. Spock,
we'll need more weapons.
I understand.
We'll try to take it easy, but if we're forced to kill...
An entrance, Captain, but no exit.
They go in, but they do not come out.
A disintegration machine.
So I would assume.
- Mea! - Oh!
- What do you think you're doing? - I'm--I'm going--
- You're not going in there. - Well, I must.
Please--don't worry about me.
Mr. Spock, that guard.
I'll cover you.
Sir, there's a multilegged creature
crawling on your shoulder.
All right, you people, clear out of the way.
What are you doing?
Throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery.
You can't do this.
I've done it.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
The Federation prisoners have attacked their guard and escaped.
They are armed.
Disintegration station number 12 destroyed, Council man,
apparently by disruptor fire.
All security personnel,
Federation prisoners have escaped.
They are to be found.
They are armed.
If they resist, do what is necessary.
Planetary disruptor banks,
calculate orbit of star cruiser now circling.
Stand by to fire full power.
Councilman, planetary disruptorbanks locked onto target.
Standing by.
In 10 seconds, open fire.
Destroy the star cruiser.
Those are the orders of the council.
Ship 's Log. Stardate 3193.0--
Chief Engineer Scott recording.
The captain and first officer are overdue
and missing on the surface of Eminiar 7.
I have taken standard precautionary measures
while we continue our attempts to locate them.
All stations reporting.
Deflector screens rigged at full power.
Phaser crews ready.
Sensors reading 0.
Correction. Mr. Scott.
Yes, Mr. DePaul?
Sensor readings just shot off the scale.
Well, now...
they're taking pot shots at us.
Holding, Mr. DePaul?
Screens firm, sir.
Extremely powerful sonic vibrations.
Decibels-- 18 to the 12th power.
If those screens weren't up,
we'd be totally disrupted by now.
I guess that answers our questions, Mr. Scott.
They're not very friendly, are they?
But what about our captain
and the landing party down there some where?
We get them out.
If they're alive and if we can find them.
That's a big planet.
Not too big for the Enterprise to handle.
We can't fire full phasers with our screens up.
We can't lower our screens with their disruptors on us.
I could treat them to a few dozen photon torpedoes.
You'll do no such thing.
We're under attack. They're trying to knock us down.
You have taken defensive measures.
Of course, but--
There are no buts.
Obviously it's a misunderstanding.
One of my jobs is to clear up misunderstandings.
They're holding our captain.
We have no proof of that.
I'm responsible for the safety of this ship.
I'm responsible for the success of this mission,
and that's more important. Is that clear?
We came here to establish diplomatic relations.
But they're the ones looking for a fight.
This is a diplomatic matter.
If you check your regulations,
you'll find that my orders get priority.
I'll try to make contact with the planetary officials.
Lieutenant, open up a channel and keep it open.
Tell them to expect a priority-1 message from me.
There will be no punitive measures, gentlemen.
Those are my orders.
The best diplomat I know
is a fully activated phaser bank.
Why did we come back here, Captain?
The last place they'll look is where we escaped from.
Cover the door.
Captain, let me go. My time's almost up.
Are you that anxious to die?
You don't understand.
How did that raid work out?
We captured four of their weapons,
two complete outfits of male clothing,
and, most important of all,
one of their communication devices.
Will it reach the ship?
Its range is restricted in comparison with ours.
I can alter its components,
but it will take time.
Work on it. We've got to contact the ship.
Mea, give me a complete layout of this complex.
- How do I get to the war room? - No!
Listen to me.
I'm trying to help you,
to save your life and millions like you.
If you help me, maybe I can do it.
If you don't, you'll die,
we'll die, and the killing will go on--
Or are you that fond of the war?
What are you going to do?
We're going to try and stop the killing.
We're trying to help.
Believe me.
I believe you, but--
Tell me what I want to know.
Time is running out.
We have been unable to destroy the Earth ship,
one of our disintegration chambers
has been eliminated,
and we have already fallen far behind in our quota.
This is a grave crisis,
and I am at a loss to know how to proceed.
The central channel, Anan.
The Earth ambassador's calling
with an urgent message.
What is the great immorality,
open honesty
or a deception which may save our lives?
Put me through to the Earth ambassador.
A channel is open, Mr. Ambassador.
You will be speaking to Anan 7,
head ofthe High Council of the Eminian Union.
Mr. Anan, this is Robert Fox,
special ambassador for the United Federation of Planets.
A great honor, Mr. Ambassador.
We have approached you openly,
with the intent of establishing formal and friendly relations
between our peoples,
but now, for some reason, you have attacked us,
and apparently you're holding several special representatives
of our Federation.
A mistake, Mr. Ambassador.
We are at war.
An error in our sensors
indicated that your ship was about to attack us.
I'm giving orders that our attack be stopped.
Now, as to your representatives,
you have my sacred word asan Eminian
that they are alive and well.
Thank you.
I thought perhaps it was all a mistake.
Mr. Scott, disruptor beams are no longer hitting us.
Maintain status, Mr. DePaul.
We are most anxious to establish relations with you, Mr. Fox.
We will make arrangements to receive you.
The minute their screens are down, open fire.
Yes, Councilman.
I apologize deeply for the misunderstanding.
These are trying times for us, you understand.
I understand.
Mr. Anan, I presume
that you have our ship's captain on hand
when I beam down.
He will be there, sir.
I give you my word.
I'm sure that from now on,
your planet and our Federation
will attain the deepest friendship.
I look forward to seeing you.
Diplomacy, gentlemen,
should be a job left to diplomats.
You will, of course, immediately resume a peaceful status.
No, sir, I will not.
What did you say?
I'll not lower the screens,
not until the captain tells me to.
You are taking orders from me.
You will lower the screens as a sign of good faith.
My authority.
I know about your authority,
but the screens stay up.
Mr. Fox, they faked a message from the captain,
they've launched an attack against our ship.
You want us to trust them openly?
I want you to obey my lawful orders.
No, sir. I won't lower the screens.
Your refusal to comply with my orders
has endangered the entire success ofthis mission.
I can have you sent to a penal colony.
You can, sir, but I won't lower the screens.
Your name will figure prominently
in my report to the Federation Central.
Well, Scotty, now you've done it.
Aye. The haggis is in the fire for sure,
but I'll not lower my defenses
on the word of that mealy mouthed gentleman down below,
not until I know what happened to the captain.
Won't you join me in a drink, Captain?
You'll find our trova most interesting.
I didn't come to drink.
I assume that is what you used
to destroy disintegration chamber 12.
An efficient weapon. I'm not afraid of using it.
My first impression was correct.
You are a barbarian.
I am?
Don't sound so incredulous, Captain.
Of course you are.
We all are.
A killer first, a builder second.
A hunter, a warrior, and--let's be honest--
a murderer.
That is our joint her it age, is it not?
We're less cold-blooded about it than you are.
What do you want, Captain?
I want to contact my ship.
Where are my communicators?
In a safe place.
You take a lot of chances, Councilman.
You're worried about your ship, Captain.
I'm trying to save a world.
If I were you,
I'd think about saving my life.
Won't you have a drink, Captain?
And then we can discuss our differences.
I'm not interested in discussing our differences.
You don't seem to realize the riskyou're taking.
We don't make war with computers
and herd the casualties into suicide stations.
We make the real thing, Councilman.
I could destroy this planet.
Why do you think I don't let you talk to your ship ?
I don't need the ship for that.
You mean, all by yourself with a disruptor,
you can destroy this planet?
That's exactly what I mean.
I had no idea you were so...formidable.
You think I'm joking?
Where are the communicators?
If I told you, Captain,
would you walk right out and get them?
Something like that.
Very well, Captain.
They're in the war room.
Go left, down the corridor, left again.
They are unguarded.
Is he alive?
Man like that would have preferred to die fighting.
Take him to the council room.
Ambassador Fox?
I am Robert Fox.
Have I the honor of addressing Anan 7?
Welcome to Eminiar, Mr. Ambassador.
Uh, Mr. Ambassador,
I am truly sorry for what must happen.
I beg your pardon?
You and your party have been declared war casualties.
You will be taken to one of our casualty stations
so that your deaths may be recorded.
You mean... we are to be killed?
That is correct, Mr. Ambassador.
I regret it very much,
but there is nothing I can do about it.
Spock to Enterprise, come in.
Mr. Scott, it's Mr. Spock.
Scotty here, Mr. Spock. Go ahead.
Is the ship all right?
We're allright now.
How about the captain and you?
The captain is overdue.
We've suffered no casualties among us.
This is important.
Under no circumstances shall any one beam down from the Enterprise.
They'd be killed the moment they arrived.
That ties it. Fox went down a couple minutes ago.
The ambassador.
I knew it had a rotten ring to it.
Orbit out to maximum phaser range
and stand by for further orders.
Spock out.
What are you going to do, Mr. Spock?
Find the ambassador and the captain.
Yeoman Tamula, you stay here
and prevent this young lady from immolating herself.
Knock her down if necessary.
This is a killing situation.
Do what you must to protect yourself.
Yes, sir.
What are you doing?
I'm a representative of the United Federation of Planets!
A special representative!
Get in line.
Please, Mr. Fox.
Move quickly away from the chamber
or you may be injured.
What are you doing, Mr. Spock?
Practicing a peculiar variety of diplomacy, sir.
I'll take you to a safe place,
then I must find the captain.
They have him. The guards told us.
They took him to the council room under heavy guard.
By now, Mr. Ambassador, I'm sure you realize
that normal diplomatic procedures are ineffective here.
I've never been a soldier, Mr. Spock,
but I learn very quickly.
Very well. We need all the help we can get.
Captain, surely you can see the position we are in.
If your people do not report to our disintegration chambers,
it is a violation of an agreement
that dates back 500 years.
My people are not responsible for your agreements.
You will be responsible
for an escalation that will destroy everything.
Millions of people horribly killed,
complete destruction of our culture here
and the culture on Vendikar,
disaster, disease, starvation,
horrible, lingering death,
pain and anguish!
That seems to frighten you.
It would frighten any sane man.
Yes. You're quite right.
Don't you understand, Captain?
We have done away with all that.
Now you are threatening to bring it down on us again.
Are those 500 people ofyours
more important than the hundreds of millions of innocent people
on Eminiar and Vendikar?
What kind of monster are you?
I'm a barbarian.
You said it yourself.
I had hoped I'd spoken only figuratively.
Oh, no. You were quite accurate.
I plan to prove it to you.
Open a channel to the Enterprise.
You give me no choice, Captain.
We are not bandits,
but you force us to act as bandits.
This is the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Scotty, general order 24 in 2 hours! In 2 hours!
this is Anan 7,
first councilman of the High Council of Eminiar.
We hold your captain, his party,
your ambassador and his party prisoners.
Unless you immediately start transportation
of all personnel aboard your ship to the surface,
the hostages will be killed.
You have 30 minutes.
I mean it, Captain.
All that it means is that I won't be around
for the destruction.
You heard me give general order 24.
In two hours,
the Enterprise will destroy Eminiar 7.
Planetary Defense System,
open fire on the Enterprise!
I'm sorry, Councilman.
The target has moved out of range.
You wouldn't do this.
Hundreds of millions of people.
I didn't start it, Councilman...
but I'm liable to finish it.
Councilman, received a message from Vendikar.
Our time is nearly up.
Our quota is short by several thousand.
They accuse us of reneging on the treaty.
You see? It's started.
You're wrong. It hasn't begun.
Councilman, disintegratorstation 11
has been destroyed.
Guard positions in tunnels 8 and 10
fail to answer.
Earth party reported seen in corridor 4-A.
You have less than 2 hours, Councilman.
What I want has nothing to do with it.
Escalation is automatic.
You can stop it!
Stop it?
I'm counting on it.
Open a channel, Lieutenant.
This is the commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
All cities and installations on Eminiar 7
have been located, identified,
and fed into our fire control system.
In 1 hour and 45 minutes,
the entire inhabited surface of your planet
will be destroyed.
You have that long to surrender your hostages.
What can I do?
Somebody please tell me.
Hold it!
Over there.
You, over there.
Move, move, move.
Now we'll talk.
I had assumed you needed help.
I see I'm in error.
No. I need the help.
In there, Mr. Spock.
Kirk to Enterprise.
Come in, Scotty.
Captain, are you allright?
Everything's secure here.
Maintain position.
If everything goes to plan,
you can beam us up in 10 minutes.
If you don't hear from us,
carry out general order 24 on schedule.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Is there anything else we can do?
Cross your fingers.
Kirk out.
destruction, disease, horror...
that's what war is all about, Anan.
That's what makes it a thing to be avoided.
You've made it neat and painless.
So neat and painless,
you've had no reason to stop it.
And you've had it for 500 years.
Since it's the only way
I can save my crew and my ship,
I'm going to end it for you
one way or another.
Mr. Ambassador.
Yes, Captain.
Take these people out into the corridor
and hold them there.
Gentlemen, if you please.
come with me.
Mr. Osborne.
Our communicators, weapons.
All right, Mr. Spock.
These are the attack computers, Captain.
That one's defense,
that one computes the casualties.
They're tied in with a subspace transmission unit,
which keeps them in constant contact
with their Vendikan counterparts.
Yes, go on.
At the moment contact is broken,
it abrogates the agreement between the two warring parties.
What are you going to do?
This one's the key.
The circuit is now locked.
Destroy this one, and they'll all go.
Good. Get him out.
No. Wait a minute! Please, please!
Let's go.
Against the walls!
You realize what you have done?
Yes, I do.
I've given you back the horrors of war.
The Vendikans now assume that you've broken your agreement
and you're preparing to wage real war with real weapons.
They'll do the same,
only the next attack they launch
will do more than count up numbers in a computer.
They'll destroy cities, devastate your planet.
You'll want to retaliate.
If I were you, I'd start making bombs.
Yes, Councilman, you have a real war on your hands.
You can either wage it with real weapons,
or you might consider an alternative--
Put an end to it.
Make peace.
There can be no peace.
Don't you see?
We've admitted it to ourselves.
We're a killer species.
It's instinctive. It's the same with you.
Your general order 24.
All right. It's instinctive.
The instinct can be fought.
We're human beings
with the blood of a million savage years on our hands,
but we can stop it.
We can admit that we're killers,
but we won't kill today.
That's all it takes--
knowing that we won't kill today.
Contact Vendikar.
I think you'll find
that they're just as terrified, appalled,
horrified as you are,
that they'll do anything to avoid the alternative--
peace or utter destruction.
It's up to you.
As a third party interested only in peace
and the establishment of normal relations,
I should be glad to offer my services
as negotiator between you and Vendikar.
I've had some small experiences
in such matters.
There may be a chance.
We have a direct channel with Vendikar's High Council.
It hasn't been used in centuries.
Then it's long overdue.
Shall we go?
There's a chance it may work, Captain.
Kirk to Enterprise. Scotty?
Scott here, Captain.
Cancel implementation of general order 24.
Alert transporter room.
We're ready to beam up.
Lay in a course for Argana 2, Navigator.
Mr. Scott?
Space detail set, Captain.
Message from Eminiar 7, Captain.
Ambassador Fox reports negotiations underway with Vendikar.
Outlook hopeful.
you took a big chance.
Did I, Mr. Spock?
They have been killing 3 million people a year.
It went on for 500 years.
An actual attack wouldn't have killed any more people,
but it would have ended their ability to make war.
The fighting would have been over permanently.
But you didn't know it would work.
No. It was a calculated risk.
Still, the Eminians keep a very orderly society,
and actual war is a very messy business,
a very, very messy business.
I had a feeling that they would do anything to avoid it,
even talk peace.
Feeling is not much to go on.
Sometimes a feeling, Mr. Spock,
is all we humans have to go on.
you almost make me believe in luck.
Why, Mr. Spock,
you almost make me believe in miracles.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 24. A Taste of Armageddon

When approaching Eminiar VII, Kirk orders a yellow alert and shields up, yet in the next scene when preparing to beam down, when Kirk asks about ship's defenses, Spock mentions the screen are down. The time in which this whole conversation takes place before the transport is more than enough to attack the Enterprise, when it would've been safer to lower the shields once they began transport, and raised again, as shown in other dangerous situations.
Isn't Kirk's interference with Eminiar's war a serious violation of the prime directive on non-interference?
When Spock destroys the disintegration chamber, the door is open. Then the camera cuts immediately to a side view and the door is instantly shut.
The S.S. Robert Fox, named after the ambassador in this episode, would be one of two ships, along with the Lakul, which carried El Aurien refugees to Earth in "Star Trek: Generations".
The Emininian technology would later be used for the Klingons.
When the first wave of casualties is declared, Mea 3 is labeled "dead" after a simulated teleported fusion bomb. But Kirk is standing right next to her and he isn't declared dead.

First episode to establish the United Federation of Planets as the principal service to which the Enterprise operated under. In previous episodes, vague and often conflicting references were made to this service. Such references included "Space Command", "Space Central", the "Star Service", and "United Earth Space Probe Agency" (the latter even abbreviated as UESPA, pronounced by Captain Kirk as "you spah" in Star Trek: Charlie X (1966)). UESPA would later go on to be the principal service to which the Enterprise NX-01 operated under on Star Trek: Enterprise (2001), which is set in a time when the Federation has not been firmly established.
24 of 24 (Trivia Rating)

Scotty's refusal to lower the shields against orders is based on an actual story from James Doohan's military service. As a lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Artillery, he was threatened with court martial for real for saying "No sir, I will not," to a visiting colonel when he realized a training exercise order would entail blowing the heads off some of his own men. Fortunately, his immediate superiors backed him up and, like his fictional character, he was eventually promoted to captain.
19 of 19 (Trivia Rating)

In his memoir, "Beam Me Up, Scotty," James Doohan described Gene Lyons (Ambassador Robert Fox), as being "out of his element" and "completely discombobulated" during filming. He added that it took Lyons many takes to get his lines right, and that they finally "went to having him speak off-screen." Doohan speculates that Lyons, who was an experienced actor, may have been thrown off by the science fiction element, as such shows were relatively rare at the time.
24 of 25 (Trivia Rating)

Crewman DePaul is played by Sean Kenney, who portrayed the injured Captain Pike in Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part I (1966)/ Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part II (1966).
13 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

According to David Gerrold, the computer tallies of war dead in this episode was a statement about Vietnam War deaths that began to be registered on nightly newscasts in 1967.
11 of 11 (Trivia Rating)

Spock refers to himself in this episode as a "Vulcanian" rather than a Vulcan, one of very few times in the series where the longer synonym is spoken. Also, the Enterprise's protection is called screens rather than shields.
11 of 12 (Trivia Rating)

William Shatner and David Opatoshu appeared together eight years earlier in The Brothers Karamazov (1958) as Alexi Karamazov and Captain Snegiryov respectively.
5 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

The identity of the actor who played Ambassador Fox's attache is unknown.
8 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

In Star Trek: Generations (1994), though not heard on screen, the name of the Lakul's counterpart was the SS Robert Fox, named for Ambassador Robert Fox from this episode.
3 of 3 (Trivia Rating)

This episode takes place in 2267.
4 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

George Takei does not appear in this episode.
6 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

The statue seen in Anan's room can be seen in Sam Kirk's lab in Star Trek: Operation - Annihilate! (1967). It is also very similar to the statue on Scalos in Star Trek: Wink of an Eye (1968).
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

Another beautiful matte painting was created for this episode by Albert Whitlock. Unfortunately, it is the last painting in the series into which live actors were inserted. This matte of the Eminiar city was re-used as the backdrop of Scalos in the third season episode Star Trek: Wink of an Eye (1968).
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

The sonic disruptors used in this episode would be slightly modified to become Klingon disruptors in Star Trek: Errand of Mercy (1967), and in other episodes featuring the Klingons (Star Trek: Day of the Dove (1968) and Star Trek: Friday's Child (1967)). The Romulans also used them in Star Trek: The Enterprise Incident (1968). The props' emitters were reworked for the Klingon/Romulan versions. The original Eminian emitters were reused on the large three-headed scanners used in Engineering, as seen in the episodes Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine (1967) and Star Trek: The Ultimate Computer (1968).
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

Spock mentions the telepathic capabilities found "among Vulcanians." In Star Trek: Mudd's Women (1966), Harry Mudd referred to Spock as "part Vulcanian." Spock also uses the term "Vulcanian" in Star Trek: Court Martial (1967). Later episodes identified them as Vulcans.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

The inner slipcase, along with the fold-out episode guide, from the 2004 DVD release of Star Trek: The Original Series - Complete Season One, featured a large still image on the front cover of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock which is taken from the ending of this episode.
5 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

Bantam Books published a series of novelizations called "foto-novels," which took photographic stills from actual episodes and arranged word balloons and text over them, to create a comic book formatted story. The fourth instalment was an adaptation of this episode.
2 of 3 (Trivia Rating)

The first woman and man who enter the disintegration machine and die can later be seen standing in the corridor near it as Kirk and Spock blast it with disruptors.
2 of 3 (Trivia Rating)

The actions of the Enterprise crew seem to be violating the Federation's Prime Directive of non-interference in this episode.
2 of 3 (Trivia Rating)

This episode was assigned to be filmed as Production #23, and "Space Seed" as Production #24. However, as problems arose with the script, needed to be solved by further re-writing by Gene Coon, the staff switched productions with Star Trek: Space Seed (1967), whose script was in a shootable condition. This resulted in "Space Seed" being filmed first, before this one. However, the switch was so quick, they never bothered to change the production numbers, therefore it was believed for decades that this episode was filmed first. Clapperboard images from both episodes also confirm that "Space Seed" was the first to be filmed.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

David Opatoshu (Anan 7) was considered by Gene Roddenberry for the role of Doctor Boyce in Star Trek: The Cage (1986).
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The computer banks on Eminiar VII are also used in Starbase Operations in Star Trek: The Menagerie: Part I (1966) and aboard the shuttlecraft in Star Trek: The Immunity Syndrome (1968). The necked viewscreens used on Eminiar VII are the same ones that appear on the ship in the two pilots and in Mendez's office in The Menagerie.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

When Mea 3 escorts the landing party from the beam-down area to the council chamber, the transition of scenes is conveyed not through a cut or a dissolve, but through a wipe - the only time such an effect was used in the original series. Also, this is the only time anyone is able to determine where a person or group of people will materialize.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

Anan 7's sash seems to be the same material as the Klingon vest. Similarly, Ambassador Fox's aide appears to be wearing the suit later worn by Arne Darvin in Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles (1967).
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The Eminian flip-top communicator was re-used as a Klingon item. It became a Klingon communicator as seen in Star Trek: Errand of Mercy (1967) and Star Trek: Elaan of Troyius (1968).
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

This episode, Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966), and Star Trek: This Side of Paradise (1967) begin and end with the same shot of the Enterprise.
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

When Kirk fights with the guards outside Anan's cabin, the sheet rock wall of the set is damaged in several places during the scuffle.
1 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

It is unknown is how Fox and his attache beam down to the planet's surface at the beginning of Act IV while the Enterprise is still fully shielded.

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