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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 07. The Naked Time


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 07. The Naked Time

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 07. The Naked Time

Season:    1
Air Date:    1966-09-29
Stardate:    1704.2
Writer:    John D. F. Black
Director:    Marc Daniels
Guests:    Stewart Moss (Tormolen), Majel Barrett (Christine), Bruce Hyde (Riley), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), William Knight (Amorous Crewman), John Bellah (Laughing Crewman)

A landing party from the Enterprise beams aboard Psi 2000, an ancient planet about to break up. They find all six of the crew manning the station dead. The circumstances are bizarre, however, since the life support systems have been switched off and everything in the station is frozen solid. Crewman Joey unwisely removes his gloves is contaminated by a red liquid. When Joey and Spock return to the Enterprise, both are given a clean bill of health (for Spock, this is a pulse of 242 and a practically nonexistent blood pressure). However, Joey notices a strange itch and begins to act irritably and irrationally. He threatens Sulu with a knife, then attempts to turn it on himself. To McCoy's surprise, Joey soon dies from the inconsequential wounds which result. The infection afflicting Joey begin spreading like wildfire, infecting almost all crew members of the Enterprise in very short order.

As Psi 2000 shows a shift in magnetic field (and mass!), the Enterprise begins a close orbit requiring constant vigilance. Meanwhile, Sulu abandons his post for a jaunt at the gym, believing himself to be a rapier-brandishing French cavalier. Riley takes over the engine room and declares himself Captain. He demands ice cream for the entire crew, and begins a ship-wide broadcast of his personal rendition of classic Irish ballads (his favorite being "Kathleen").

As the Enterprise begins spiraling downward, Scotty attempts to cut through the bulkhead to regain control from Riley. Scotty displays a stroke of genius, when he is able to change the laws of physics in under an hour saying, "Ya can't change the laws of physics! I've got to have thirty minutes!"

While all this is going on, Nurse Chapel infects Spock and professes to love him. This is extremely difficult for Spock, especially since the infection is causing him to become excessively emotional. Spock then passes the infection on to Kirk, who begins exhibiting paranoia and loss of ability to command. Kirk is reduced to an ineffectual hand-wringer who can do nothing except agonize over the fear that he is losing command of the Enterprise. Luckily, Bones finds the antidote just in time and Riley is dislodged before the audience's ears are permanently damaged by his wrenching ballads.

After mixing matter and antimatter at a colder than recommended temperature according to an untested intermix formula, the Enterprise is thrown into a time warp which causes the chronometer to run backwards. This allows the Enterprise to escape the breakup of the planet, returning it 71 hours into the past and therefore before any of the episode's events took place.


Captain's Log: our position, orbiting Psi-2000,
an ancient world, now a frozen wasteland,
about to rip apart in its death throes.
Our mission: pick up a scientific party below,
observe the disintegration of the planet.
[ High-Pitched Sound ]
- Check out the life-support systems. - Right, sir.
[ High-Pitched Sound ]
All life systems were off, sir.
Someone strangled this woman.
- The other four are back there. - Dead?
- Right, sir. - Engineer at his post?
- He's frozen there like he didn't care. - The rest?
Well... better look for yourself, Mr. Spock.
One man was taking a shower fully clothed.
[ Beeping ]
[ Beeping ]
Be certain we expose ourselves to nothing.
- Spock here. Do you read, Enterprise? - Kirk, affirmative.
- All station personnel are dead. - What caused it?
Unknown, Captain.
It's like nothing we've dealt with before.
Space-- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain's Log: Stardate 1704.2.
The science party we were to have picked up...
has been found dead.
Life-support systems had been turned off.
Station personnel, frozen to death.
Conditions highly unusual.
Meanwhile, we remain in orbit to complete our mission,
close scientific measurement of the breakup of this planet.
- You received my signal, Mr. Scott. - Yes, sir. Decontaminate.
[ Beep ]
- Captain here. - Spock and Tormolen aboard, sir.
We're holding them in the chamber for decontamination.
Better have Medicine look them over too.
Tell Mr. Spock I'll meet him there in ten minutes. Kirk out.
You're fine, Joe. Up and outta there.
Mr. Spock?
[ Beeping ]
Your pulse is 242.
Your blood pressure is practically nonexistent,
assuming you call that green stuff in your veins blood.
The readings are perfectly normal for me, Doctor. Thank you.
And as for my anatomy being different from yours,
I am delighted.
- Captain. - How are they?
- They're fine, Jim. - Terrible, Captain. It was terrible.
They were just sitting, like they didn't care.
Whatever was happening, they didn't care.
- I keep wondering-- - You keep wondering...
if man was meant to be out here.
You keep wondering, you keep signing on.
Any guesses, Mr. Spock? Any idea of what happened down there?
I wish I could say, Captain. Circumstances were quite bizarre.
However, our record tapes may show us something.
Six dead. Six people dead.
- You better get some rest. - Yes, sir.
Set up those tapes, Mr. Spock.
We'll see if the answers are there.
- The lab status report, Doctor. - Oh, thank you, Christine.
- Next tape, please. - Spectro-analysis tape, sir.
Thank you.
Almost as though they were irrational... drugged.
An engineer sitting there, apparently oblivious to everything.
A woman strangled.
A crewman with a phaser pistol in his hand.
He'd used the computer room as if it were an amusement gallery.
And a fully clothed man frozen to death in a shower.
If the image wasn't so ugly, it would be laughable.
Not even a theory, gentlemen?
Definitely not drugs or intoxication.
The bio-analysis on the tapes prove that conclusively.
Could be some form of space madness we've never heard of,
but it would have to be caused by something.
Our spectro-readings showed no contamination, no unusual elements.
Or at least none your tricorders could register.
Instruments register only those things they're designed to register.
Space still contains infinite unknowns.
Earth Science needs the closest possible measurement of the breakup of this planet.
To do this, we need the Enterprise...
in a critically tight orbit. Question.
Could what happened down there to those people...
create any unusual danger to this vessel and crew?
We will need top efficiency, Captain.
It'll be a tricky orbit.
When the planet begins to go, there may be drastic changes...
in gravity, mass, magnetic field.
The purpose of a briefing, gentlemen,
is to get me answers based on your abilities and experience.
In a critical orbit, there's no time for surprise.
Unless you people on the bridge...
start taking showers with your clothes on,
my engines can pull us out of anything.
We'll be warping out of orbit within a half second of getting your command.
- Bridge to Captain. - Kirk here.
Scanners report sudden four-degree shift in planet magnetic field.
A change in mass also, sir.
It's beginning. Unusually rapid shifts.
On our way, Lieutenant. I'll hold you to that half second, Scotty.
Foil. It's a rapier. A thin sword.
All right. So what do you do with it?
What do you mean, what do you do with it?
Self-defense? Mayhem? Shish kebab?
- You practice. - For what?
Hi, Joey.
Last week it was botany he was trying to get me interested in.
I was supposed to be collecting leaves, plant specimens.
Your attitude is all wrong. Fencing tones the muscle, sharpens the eye,
improves the posture. You tell him, Joey.
Explain to him.
Hey, Joey.
- You feeling all right? - Get off me!
You don't rank me and you don't have pointed ears, so just get off my neck!
- What's with him? - Nothing!
[ Ship's Whistle ]
Attention. Engine room on standby alert.
All duty personnel to the bridge. Acknowledge.
You sure you're all right now, Joe? We've got to leave.
We're all a bunch of hypocrites.
Sticking our noses into something that we've got no business.
- What are we doing out here, anyway? - Take it easy, Joe.
Bring pain and trouble with us.
Leave men and women stuck out on freezing planets until they die.
What are we doing out here in space?
Good? What good?
We're polluting it, destroying it.
We've got no business being out here... no business.
- Take it easy. - Now calm down.
If a man was supposed to fly, he'd have wings.
If he was supposed to be out in space, he wouldn't need air to breathe,
wouldn't need life-support systems to keep him from freezing to death.
- Hey, Joey, put the knife down, huh? - You're all steamed up, Joe.
We don't belong here.
It's not ours. Not ours.
Destroying... and watching.
We don't belong.
I don't belong.
Six people died down there.
Why do I deserve to live?
- What are you doing, Joe? - Hey, Joey, put the knife down.
- Don't be a fool. - Let go!
You're just getting in a sweat about-- Let me have the knife!
Joey, don't be a fool.
Let me go.
Joey, give me the knife.
Emergency! Rec room, area 3-9. We need medics!
Captain's Log: supplemental.
Our orbit, tightening. Our need for efficiency, critical.
But unknown to us, a totally new and unusual disease has been brought aboard.
- Relative gravity increasing, sir. - Compensate, Mr. Riley.
- Yes, sir. - Magnetic field continuing to shift.
Planet continuing to shrink in mass.
- Mr. Spock? - All scanning stations manned.
- All recorders functioning, Captain. - Orbit steady now, sir.
Obviously, this planet is condensing more rapidly than expected.
A valuable study.
We may be seeing Earth's distant future.
Before its sun went dark, this planet was remarkably similar to yours.
- Helm answering nicely, Captain. - Good.
Communications status, Captain.
- Tormolen's record? - Psychiatric file, personality quotients.
Was he trying to kill himself?
It's doubtful he meant to. He was confused, self-tortured.
Doesn't sound like the man I know.
His capacity for self-doubt has always been rather high.
What puzzles me is what brought it to the surface with so much force.
His breathing rate is dropping, Doctor.
Compensate with the respirator.
Stand by to close.
[ Beeping ]
- What is it? - Relative gravity increase, sir.
- Like the planet reached out and yanked at us. - Compensate.
Orbit steady now, sir. May be a little nervous, I guess.
This shouldn't be happening.
This man should be getting stronger.
- You sure the respirator's functioning properly? - Yes, Doctor.
Why is this man dying?
He's dead, Doctor.
The wounds were not that severe.
This is McCoy. Captain Kirk to sick bay.
Uhura, monitor communications.
- Tell McCoy I'll be there when I can. - Yes, sir.
Planet breakup is imminent, Captain. Shrinking in size...
at an increasing rate.
As the planet continues to shrink in size, its surface moves away from us.
Forcing us to spiral down to maintain the same distance from it.
Exactly. We must be prepared to respond instantly to any sudden change.
- Engine room from bridge. - Scott here, Captain.
Tie into the helm, Scotty. If we should call for power, we'll want it fast.
No problem, sir. You'll have it.
Rate of compaction seems constant.
Then I'll go see what the good doctor wants.
- Keep me informed of any change. - Acknowledged.
Don't know if it's this planet...
or what happened with Joe.
- I'm sweating like a bridegroom. - Yeah, me too.
Hey, why don't you come down to the gym with me, Kevin m'lad?
- Now? - Why not? Light workout will take the edge off.
Sulu, what about--
Hey, Sulu, don't be a fool!
Intestinal damage wasn't that severe.
I got to him in plenty of time. That man should still be alive.
The only reason he died, Jim, is he didn't want to live.
- He gave up. - That's a supposition, not a fact.
Well, that may be... may be.
I've lost patients before, but not like that.
Not Joe's kind. That kind of man doesn't give up.
You mean that Joe was down on the planet surface...
and you're gonna ask me if it's connected.
That's exactly what I was gonna ask.
Jim, he was decontaminated. He's been medically checked.
- We've run every test we know for everything we know-- - That's not good enough.
Well, we're doing everything that's possible.
Bones, I want the impossible checked out too.
[ Beeping ]
Why isn't Mr. Sulu at this station?
Magnetic pull compensated for, sir. Orbit steady.
- Take over here, Rand. - Yes, sir.
You haven't answered my question. Where is Mr. Sulu?
Have no fear, O'Riley's here.
- One lrishman is worth 10,000 of you-- - You're relieved, Mr. Riley.
- Uhura, take over this station. - Yes, sir.
Now that's what I like. Let the women work too.
- Universal suffrage. - Report to sick bay, Mr. Riley.
Sick bay? Exactly where I was heading... sir.
Security. Mr. Riley is headed for sick bay.
See to it he arrives. Captain Kirk to the bridge.
[ Blows ]
Where's Joe?
- Well-- - He died, didn't he?
- Yes. - You know something?
You have such lovely eyes...
pretty lady.
I know he was a friend of yours. This must be a terrible shock.
You know what Joe's mistake was?
He wasn't born an lrishman.
Richelieu, beware!
No farther.
[ Laughing ]
No escape for you.
You either leave this bois bloodied...
or with my blood on your swords.
- Lieutenant Brent, relieve Miss Uhura. - Yes, sir.
What were their symptoms?
Nonviolent at this stage. Slightly disoriented.
Riley seemed rather pleased with himself, as if he were--
- Irrational or... drugged. - Precisely.
- Security, Lieutenant Uhura. - Yes, sir.
Both Sulu and Riley, locate and confine.
I want every crewman who comes in contact with them medically checked.
Sir, level two, corridor three reports a disturbance.
Mr. Sulu chasing crewmen... with a sword.
- Put Security on it. - Fascinating. A pattern is developing.
First, Tormolen: hidden personality traits being forced to the surface.
Then Riley, who fancies himself a descendant of lrish kings.
And now Sulu, who is at heart a swashbuckler out of your 18th century.
- Present condition of Psi-2000. - Gravity pull increasing.
We've shifted to two percent and should stabilize our position.
- Helmsman, stabilize position. - Helm is not answering to control.
- Warp us out of here. - No response from engines, sir.
Impulse power then. Blast us out of this orbit.
Impulse engines also dead, sir.
Engine room, we need power!
Mr. Scott, acknowledge. Our controls are dead.
Take her.
Richelieu, at last.
Sulu, put that-- put that thing away!
For honor, Queen, and France!
- Sulu. - Ah.
Sulu... give me that.
- I'll protect you, fair maiden! - Sorry, neither.
Foul Richelieu.
I'd like you to teach me that sometime.
Take D'Artagnon here to sick bay.
Scotty, we need power.
- Engine room, acknowledge! - You rang, sir?
- Who's this? - This is Captain Kevin Thomas Riley...
of the starship Enterprise.
- And who is this? - This is Captain Kirk.
Get out of the engine room, navigator. Where's Mr. Scott?
I've relieved Mr. Scott of his duties.
Now, attention, cooks. This is your captain speaking.
I would like double portions of ice cream...
for the entire crew.
- Clear that tube, will you? - Yes, sir.
And now, your captain will render an ancient lrish favorite.
- I'll take you home - Captain. At our present rate of descent,
we have less than 20 minutes before we enter planet atmosphere.
And burn up. I know, Mr. Spock.
Wild and wide
To where your heart
Captain's Log: Stardate 1704.4.
Ship out of control, spiraling down towards planet Psi-2000.
We have 19 minutes of life left...
without engine power or helm control.
- How did Riley get in there? - He ran in, said you wanted us on the bridge.
- He's cut off both helm and power. - And he shut the door behind us
- and locked off the mechanism. - Can't you get to the auxiliary?
I can't. He's hooked everything through the main panel in there.
Get up to my office and pull the plans for this bulkhead.
The only way to get that door open...
is to cut through these wall circuits here.
The roses all have left your cheeks
I've watched them fade away and die
-Status reports, all sections. -Mr. Spock, a fight in the aft wardroom.
Security reports incidents among the crewmen are increasing.
Go to Alert Baker-2. Seal off main sections.
- [ Siren Blares ] - All decks, alert system B-2.
Repeat, go to alert condition Baker-2.
Seal off all main sections. Stand by.
We're going to seal off, if we can minimize the spread of whatever this is.
Continue the alert, Lieutenant.
I can't, sir. He's cut off the alert channels.
Lieutenant Uhura, you've interrupted my song.
Uh... I'm sorry, but there'll be no ice cream for you tonight.
- Cut him off. - I can't, sir. There's no way to do it.
Attention, crew. This is Captain Riley.
There will be a formal dance in the bowling alley...
at 1900 hours tonight.
No way, Captain. He controls the main power panels.
He can override any channel from down there.
17 minutes left, sir.
Sick bay to bridge.
- Can you tie me in to the sick bay? - I'm getting you, Jim.
Look, can you keep this beast level?
I've got Sulu tranquilized and we're running tests on him.
So far there's nothing unusual in his bloodstream.
Body functions seem normal.
Riley's the immediate problem, Doctor.
Is there any way... anything you can do to snap him out of it?
Negative, until I can get a little farther on these tests.
Uh, this is Captain Riley. Crew, I have some additional orders.
In the future, all female crew members...
will wear their hair... Ioosely, about their shoulders.
And use restraint in putting on your makeup.
Women-- women should not look made up.
And now, crew, I will render "Kathleen"...
one more time!
Please, not again.
I'll take you home again Kathleen
[ Singing Continues, Echoing ]
I've watched them fade away and die
I've set the jumpers up there. Stand by 'til I give you a signal.
And tears bedim your loving eyes
Oh, I will take you home
Engineering to Bridge.
Try your helm. You'll have enough power to keep her stabilized.
Here, let's have a look at that.
Sixteen minutes left, Captain. We've stabilized, but still spiraling down.
Emergency signal, Captain. Both decks four and five.
- Fights and disorders. - Get me sick bay.
I have no intercom for sick bay. He keeps switching channels on me.
See what you can do to help Dr. McCoy.
Check Scotty first. Move him faster. He's got to get through that bulkhead.
[ Laughing Hysterically ]
Crewman, report to the lab!
I'll take you home again Janice
- What's going on? - Mr. Spock, I'm trying to get to the bridge...
and this crewman won't let me by.
- Crewman, stand aside. - Oh, uh, yes, sir.
- I'll take you home again, Janice - Spock!
- Message from the captain. - Tell him I'm doing my best.
- If I cut through the wrong circuits-- - We have 14 minutes left.
Even if we were under a full-scale attack,
I couldn't move any faster... not and maintain a safety factor.
At the rate you're proceeding, calculations show...
that you'll take a minute and a half more than we have left.
You can't afford a safety factor.
Biopsy lab. Biopsy, where's my report?
Biopsy, come in!
Harrison, where's my report?
- I'm going to the lab. - Sir?
- Yes? - The tranquilizer's wearing off.
Oh, good. I'll need him conscious now.
Continue to examine him on circuits K-one and three.
Of course, Doctor.
[ Hysterical Laughter ]
Get him out of here.
- I'll take you - I would have gotten here sooner, sir--
- but Crewman Moody stopped me in the hallway. - Take the helm.
- Sir? - Take the helm!
- Yes, sir. - Kathleen
And now, crew...
- one more time! - At least try cutting him off!
Sir, if I could cut him off, don't you think l--
I'll take you home again Kathleen
Yes, sir. I'll keep trying.
Across the ocean wild and wide
- Scotty. - Engine room.
We've got 12 minutes left. It'll take at least two...
or three of them to get the engines up to power now.
Then we'll make it, sir, if all goes right.
Call me when you've cut through. I want to be there. Kirk out.
Nurse? Where is Dr. McCoy?
He's gone to the lab.
Lab. Lab, respond please. Spock here.
- Mr. Spock? - What is it, Nurse?
Mr. Spock...
the men from Vulcan treat their women strangely.
At least, people say that.
But you're part human too.
I know you don't...
you couldn't... hurt me...
would you?
I'm in love with you, Mr. Spock.
You, the human Mr. Spock...
the Vulcan Mr. Spock.
- Nurse, you should-- - Christine, please.
I see things... how honest you are.
I know how you feel.
You hide it, but you do have feeling.
Oh, how we must hurt you... torture you.
I'm in control of my emotions.
The others believe that. I don't.
I love you.
I don't know why, but I love you. I do love you...
just as you are.
Oh, I love you.
- I'm sorry. - Captain is en route to Engineering, Mr. Spock.
Can you take the bridge? Acknowledge.
- I am sorry. - Christine.
- Christine. - [ Ship's Whistle ]
Bridge to sick bay. Is Mr. Spock there?
[ Ship's Whistle ]
Mr. Spock, would you please acknowledge?
I will take you home Kathleen
Almost ready, sir.
To where your heart will feel no pain
When the fields are fresh and green
- I'll take you to your home - Ready, sir.
Follow me through. Put your phasers on stun.
Don't fire unless he's armed. Go.
I'll take-- No dance tonight.
Get him out of here.
I'm in control of my emotions.
[ Sobs ]
Control of my emo--
I am an officer.
An officer...
My duty...
My duty...
is... is...
My duty is to--
to... too late.
I'm sorry.
Six times... six--
Six times--
- Scotty, we haven't got much time left. - Bridge to Captain.
- Kirk here. - Entering planet's outer atmosphere.
- Captain. - What is it?
He's turned the engines off.
Completely cold. It will take 30 minutes to regenerate them.
Ship's outer skin is beginning to heat, Captain.
- Orbit plot shows we have about eight minutes left. - Scotty!
I can't change the laws of physics.
I've got to have 30 minutes.
Captain's Log: supplemental.
The Enterprise, spiraling down, out of control.
Ship's outer skin heating rapidly due to friction with planet atmosphere.
- Maybe 22-23 minutes. - Scotty, we've got six.
Captain, you can't mix matter and antimatter cold.
We'd go up in the biggest explosion since--
We can balance our engines into a controlled implosion.
That's only a theory. It's never been done.
Bridge, have you found Mr. Spock yet?
If you wanted to chance odds of 10,000 to one, maybe,
assuming we had a row of computers working weeks on the right formula.
Mr. Spock is not on the bridge, Captain.
I was on the bridge.
Hey, Doc... what am I doing here?
McCoy to Bio. We've isolated it.
- Start preparing serum. - What, Doctor?
It's water. Somehow on this planet, water's changed to a complex chain of molecules.
- What's that... Doctor? - That's how we missed it.
It passed from man to man through perspiration.
Once in the bloodstream, it acts like alcohol...
depresses the centers of judgment, self-control.
Now get someone to the lab. Tell them the serum works, start preparing more.
[ Hysterical Laughter ]
Doc, will you let me out of here? I'm all right.
- Release him. - [ Ship's Whistle ]
Engineers, man your stations. Engine rooms, report.
Cycling station, report. This will be an emergency restart of engines.
- Where have you been? What happened? - My mother--
I could never tell her I loved her.
We've got four minutes, maybe five.
An Earth woman, living on a planet...
where love... emotion-- it's bad taste.
We've got to risk a full-power start. The engines were shut off.
No time to regenerate them. Do you hear me?
We've got to risk a full-power start!
I respected my father... our customs.
I was ashamed of my Earth blood.
Jim... when I feel friendship for you, I'm ashamed.
You've got to hear me!
We need a formula. We've got to risk implosion!
It's never been done!
Understand, Jim...
I've spent a whole lifetime learning to hide my feelings.
We've got to risk implosion. It's our only chance.
- It's never been done. - Don't tell me that again, Science Officer!
It's a theory. It's possible.
We may go up into the biggest ball of fire since the last sun in these parts exploded,
- but we've got to take that one-in-10,000 chance! - Bridge to Captain.
- Engineer asked, did you find-- - Yes, I found Mr. Spock!
I'm talking to Mr. Spock, do you understand?
Yes, sir. Three and a half minutes left, Captain.
I've got it... the disease.
Love... you're better off without it, and I'm better off without mine.
This vessel...
I give... she takes.
She won't permit me my life. I've got to live hers.
- Jim. - I have a beautiful yeoman.
Have you noticed her, Mr. Spock?
You're allowed to notice her.
- The Captain's not permitted-- - Jim.
There is an innermix formula.
Now I know why it's called "she."
It's never been tested.
It's a theoretical relationship between time and antimatter.
Flesh woman... to touch, to hold.
A beach to walk on.
A few days, no braid on my shoulder.
- Captain. - Scotty...
Stand by to innermix. I'll call the formula in from the bridge.
Entering upper stratosphere, Captain.
Skin temperature now 2170 degrees.
I've got to hang on.
Tell them... clear the corridors.
The turbo lift... hurry.
Never lose you.
Engine room. We're set.
- Hyperbolic course. - Direction, sir.
Direction. Direction.
It doesn't matter. The way we came.
Course laid in, sir.
- Fuel temperature. - Level.
No beach to walk on.
Raise antimatter 840 degrees.
That'll take four minutes.
We haven't the time. We'll have to risk it.
Bridge, we're ready.
- Engage. - [ High-Pitched Squeal ]
- Are you all right, Jim? - Are you?
We found a cure. We're over that part of it.
Obviously, we were successful. The engines imploded.
Captain... my velocity gauge is off the scale.
Engine power went off the scale as well.
We're now traveling faster than is possible for normal space.
Checked elapsed time, Mr. Sulu.
My chronometer's running... backwards, sir.
Time warp.
We're going backward in time.
Helm, begin reversing power.
Helm answering, sir.
Power reversing.
We're back to normal time, Captain.
Engines ahead. Warp one.
Warp one, sir.
- Mr. Spock. - Yes, sir.
The time warp-- what did it do to us?
We've regressed in time 71 hours.
It is now three days ago, Captain.
We have three days to live over again.
Not those last three days.
This does open some intriguing prospects, Captain.
Since the formula worked,
we can go back in time, to any planet...
any era.
We may risk it someday, Mr. Spock.
Resume course to our next destination, Mr. Sulu.
Course laid in, sir.
Steady as she goes.

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 07. The Naked Time

Tormolen is the Original Series' first, and only, Lieutenant junior grade, as indicated by his single broken uniform braid
The Psi 2000 virus apparently infects quicker with each new victim. Those infected at the beginning of the episode take a fair amount of time before the virus' full effects are apparent. Most of them exhibit only the annoyance/sweating on the point of contact at first. Later, when Nurse Chapel infects Spock, he immediately feels the full effects. Likewise, when Kirk is infected, he's immediately feeling the full effects.
When Spock enters the briefing room, there is a sign on the door saying, "Briefing room 2". It was on the left side of the door. When they leave the briefing room, the tag is on the right side of the door.
When Scotty was cutting through the bulkhead with the phaser, there was no beam coming out of the phaser.
When Dr. McCoy and Nurse Chapel operate on Joe, the medical readings change between the close-up of the screen and the far shot.
When the ship's chronometer runs in reverse at the end, then stops and starts going forward, it reads, "7:59 - 7:00 - 8:01".
Later, in "Operation: Annihilate" we'll find out that Vulcans have sensitive hearing. Here, Spock totally fails to hear Sulu say he's deserting his post, although Sulu is only about 10' behind him.
The isolation suits Spock and Tormolen wear to the surface aren't...well, isolated. The helmet isn't connected to the suit and there's a noticeable gap.
In the opening shot the planet rotates right to left, but on the viewscreen from the bridge it rotates left to right.
Lt. Joey said to Lt. Sulu "You don't outrank me and you don't have pointed ears" but Joey is a junior grade lieutenant so Sulu would outrank him.
Early in the episode, the planet totally disappears from the view screen twice and then reappears.

Uhura's response to Sulu calling her a 'fair maiden' - "Sorry, neither" - was an ad-lib by Nichelle Nichols.
23 of 23 (Trivia Rating)

The scene in which Spock cries was not in the original script. Leonard Nimoy improvised the scene in one take.
25 of 26 (Trivia Rating)

After his appearance in the second pilot episode (Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966)), George Takei accepted the regular role of Sulu largely because he read a draft of this script, and relished the idea of running shirtless through the ship, sword in hand. However, he had no fencing experience, so as soon as he was hired, he began a crash-course on the sport. In the end, he loved his sword-fighting scene so much he held onto the rapier for several hours, poking stage hands with it and engaging in mock duels off the set. In his autobiography "To the Stars", Takei names this episode as his favorite.
24 of 25 (Trivia Rating)

John D.F. Black came up with Sulu's "berserk" scenes without specifying the weapon to be used. Unable to decide between a samurai sword or a fencing foil, he left the choice to George Takei, who picked the latter with the thought that by the 23rd century Humanity would have developed to a point where, in terms of culture, people have moved beyond simply adhering to ways of their ethnic background.
23 of 24 (Trivia Rating)

The dead woman's body on Psi 2000 was a mannequin. Her torso was permanently damaged by the "ice" put on it, and after the shooting, "she" was taken by Robert H. Justman to his office, and was displayed there along with the M-113 creature from Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966) and later the two Gorn costumes from Star Trek: Arena (1967). Justman placed the naked mannequin under a shower, to scare unsuspecting visitors in the restroom.
15 of 15 (Trivia Rating)

This is the first time that Eddie Paskey has dialogue in Star Trek. Originally, Lt. Ryan was to have said more lines, but not having any other acting job than being an extra, Paskey was so nervous that a few of his lines had to be said by Spock instead.
14 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

Leonard Nimoy stated that the idea for The Naked Time came about when he started crying for no reason, during a conference with the writers.
20 of 21 (Trivia Rating)

After the scene where Spock is weeping, Leonard Nimoy's fan mail increased exponentially. Viewers were enthralled with the idea that Spock was secretly a reservoir of love and passion instead of an empty emotional void. This reaction inspired further scripts which explored Spock's inner makeup.
19 of 20 (Trivia Rating)

First appearance in the series of Nurse Christine Chapel, played by Gene Roddenberry's then mistress and future wife Majel Barrett.
19 of 20 (Trivia Rating)

According to William Shatner's memoirs, the scene where Spock breaks down into tears was originally supposed to have been a simple sight gag of a crewman painting a moustache on Spock. Leonard Nimoy desired a deeper scene for Spock and created the poignant interplay between Spock's human and alien halves himself. As the production day was winding down, there was time for only a single take, which Nimoy did unscripted.
24 of 26 (Trivia Rating)

The bowling alley mentioned by Lt. Riley was never seen on any show, but did show up on the USS Enterprise blueprints issued in the 1970s.
18 of 19 (Trivia Rating)

The budget-strapped show often made good use of the creativity of its prop staff in coming up with low-cost solutions to otherwise pricey items. Here, the "thermal suits" worn by Spock and Tormolen on the planet's surface were fashioned from 1960s art deco style shower curtains.
17 of 18 (Trivia Rating)

This was intended to be Star Trek (1966)'s two-parter, but the idea was dropped. What would have been the second half of the story became Star Trek: Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967).
17 of 18 (Trivia Rating)

This is the first episode (in broadcast order) to feature the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.
15 of 16 (Trivia Rating)

The futuristic-looking instrument Spock uses in the derelict planetary outpost is in fact an old-style, 20th-century radiation survey meter, which was called, for some mysterious reason by those who used it, the "Cutie Pie".
17 of 19 (Trivia Rating)

According to Robert H. Justman in his book Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, author John D.F. Black was so focused on writing The Naked Time that his duties as the series' story editor suffered. Black was later outraged when he discovered that Gene Roddenberry rewrote his script without consulting him or even telling him about it.
12 of 13 (Trivia Rating)

Sulu tells Uhura "I'll protect you, fair maiden", meaning, by some definitions "light-skinned virgin". Uhura replies "sorry, neither", which means she's not light-skinned (her skin is dark) and not a virgin. This line or its meaning must have slipped past the censors, who would not have allowed an unmarried character to declare herself not a virgin.
5 of 5 (Trivia Rating)

The character of Joe Tormolen was the only one seen during the whole of TOS that wore the rank markings of Lieutenant Junior Grade. In the rec room he mistakenly states that Lieutenant Sulu does not outrank him.
11 of 14 (Trivia Rating)

While under the influence of the virus, Nurse Chapel attempts to seduce Spock. This would be the first depiction of what many fans perceived as underlying romantic tensions between the characters, or at least Chapel's unrequited romantic attraction to Spock.
4 of 4 (Trivia Rating)

In the original script, it was Lieutenant John Farrell, who sabotaged main engineering, but in later rewrites, the character was replaced by Kevin Riley.
8 of 10 (Trivia Rating)

This takes place in 2266.
7 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

Widely believed to be the inspiration for Red Dwarf: Back to Reality (1992) which has a similar plot.
7 of 9 (Trivia Rating)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Naked Now (1987) is largely based on this episode. The two episodes share similar plot lines and the TNG episode includes many scenes and images which were directly inspired by this episode. This was the first and only time and episode of TOS was outright remade. The events of this episode were also reference in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Relics (1992).
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The hand-held device used by Spock to figure the time before impact is actually an E6B flight computer, which pilots still use today. The particular brand of E6B used is a Jeppesen CSG-1P Slide Graphic Computer. The same CSG-1P can be seen in Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (1966), Star Trek: Mudd's Women (1966), and Star Trek: Wolf in the Fold (1967).
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McCoy tears the sleeve on Kirk's uniform to inject him with the hypo, but this seems to have been done for dramatic effect only as, in subsequent episodes, a hypo shot is delivered through clothing.
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This episode is considered a bottle show, as it contains no villain and only regular characters, and takes place almost entirely aboard the Enterprise. According to John D.F. Black, at the time both Riley and Tormolen were under consideration to become regulars.
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

This is the only TOS episode in which the three primary female crew members - Uhura, Chapel, and Rand - appeared together. The characters did not appear together again until Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).
2 of 2 (Trivia Rating)

This is the first appearance of the recreation room in the regular series (after its very different depiction in the second pilot, Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966)), which is actually a redress of the briefing room set. The three-dimensional tic-tac-toe game seen alongside the chess prop, can be seen in many later episodes in the same set.
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The sensor device Spock carries was seen previously in Star Trek: The Enemy Within (1966) as Scotty checked out the ore on Fisher's uniform. It is actually a repainted and slightly modified Nuclear-Chicago Model 2586 "Cutie Pie" Radiation Survey Meter from the late 1950s. In Star Trek: Obsession (1967), it can be seen being held by a crewman as he prepares to scan Garrovick's quarters following the infiltration of the cloud creature.
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Scotty's phaser does not produce a beam as he uses it to cut through the bulkhead to engineering, but blue sparks fly out of the wall to show the cutting action. The absence of a phaser beam is probably due to a post-production oversight, or the need to save money on special-effects costs. It is also possible that because Scotty is engaged in such a delicate operation, the phaser is on an extremely tight setting, and the energy beam is so narrow as to be invisible. A similar effect (or lack thereof) was used in Star Trek: The Way to Eden (1969).
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

Before being cast in this episode, Majel Barrett, convinced she could play the part of Chapel convincingly, bleached her hair and went into the Star Trek offices, momentarily getting by Gene Roddenberry before he recognized her. Barrett was convinced if she could fool Roddenberry, she could fool NBC. According to Herbert F. Solow, when NBC got their first look at the footage of Chapel, Jerry Stanley, an NBC executive, remarked "Well, well, well, look who's back!"
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

This is one of four episodes in which Uhura is at the navigation station. The other three episodes are Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966) (in footage reused from Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966),) Star Trek: Balance of Terror (1966), and Star Trek: Court Martial (1967).
1 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The first draft of this episode's script was completed on 23 June 1966. The final draft was completed on 28 June, with revised pages dated 1 July and 5 July. The actual episode was filmed during early July. According to at least one source, this episode was to have been the first part of a two-part story that would have concluded with Star Trek: Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967).
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When Sulu invades the bridge bare-chested with his sword, Sulu is glistening with sweat and grabs Uhura who struggles against him. Sulu is then wrestled down by Kirk and nerve pinched by Spock. Later it is revealed that the Psi 2000 virus passes from person to person by perspiration. It is unknown to what degree of physical contact is needed to contract the disease, or the exact circumstance for its transfer which might explain why Kirk, Spock, and Uhura did not contract the disease from Sulu.
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During the rec room scene, Joe Tormolen tells Sulu "You don't rank me and you don't have pointed ears." Sulu does, in fact, "rank him". He and Riley hold the rank of lieutenant, while Tormolen is a lieutenant junior grade. Tormolen's tunic with the single broken line of braid on the sleeve is the only example of the lieutenant junior grade rank in the original series.
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The lighted panels in sickbay and engineering did not contain lights that moved in patterns; rather, stage hands manipulated objects behind the panels to make it look as if the lights were shifting about. In Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966) and other episodes, you can see this money-saving trick in action, especially in close-ups or in rooms on the sets that are well-lit.

A reaction shot of Spock on the bridge from this episode is reused in both Star Trek: The Enemy Within (1966) and Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever (1967).

Nurse Chapel appears to be watching a slide show of some sort when Riley surprises her. This episode was Majel Barrett's debut in the regular series (as Chapel), and establishes her love for Spock.

When Uhura takes Riley's place at the navigation station, this is the first of only five times when a female Enterprise crew member sits at the combined console. The others are Jana Haines in Star Trek: The Gamesters of Triskelion (1968), Lt. Rahda in Star Trek: That Which Survives (1969), and two unnamed lieutenants in Star Trek: The Way to Eden (1969) and Star Trek: Requiem for Methuselah (1969). Uhura also takes the Navigation Station in Balance of Terror

George Takei had great fun acting in this episode, and took his fencing very seriously, avidly practicing his technique on the set and working out to define his chest muscles for his memorable scene in the corridor

Director Marc Daniels visited George Takei in his trailer, and asked him to take off his shirt. After observing his bare chest, Daniels announced that they would do the fencing scenes "shirtless". Unknown to him and the rest of the cast and crew, Takei spent all his free time in the next three days doing pushups.

In a 2001 interview, John D.F. Black also nominated this episode as his favourite.

This episode was long a particular favourite among fans at conventions. At various points they would hiss in imitation of the passage of the virus, sing along with Riley, applaud Sulu's initial appearance as a swashbuckler, and cheer Kirk when he declared that he would never lose the Enterprise.

This is listed as one of the "Ten Essential Episodes" of Star Trek (1966) in the 2008 reference book "Star Trek 101" by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann.

A late script revision came during post-production, as the episode needed some additional captain's log entries.
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This episode features the first reference to bulkheads in Star Trek.
0 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

In this episode and Star Trek: Charlie X (1966), the Jefferies tube is located in a spur hallway. In the second season, the set piece had been moved to a main corridor.
0 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

This is the only episode in which the appearance of a meal from a food synthesizer is accompanied by a puff of steam.
0 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

The close-up of Kirk in his chair at the beginning of Act One is a recycled shot from the last scene of Star Trek: The Man Trap (1966) (it can also be seen in Star Trek: Mudd's Women (1966)).
0 of 1 (Trivia Rating)

This is one of the few episodes where Spock makes a sarcastic comment. After Sulu's brandishing a sword on the bridge Spick give him a Vulcan nerve pinch, He then says "Take d'Artagnan here to sickbay! ".
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Enterprise crew death toll: 1.
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