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Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) - Episode 38. The Changeling


Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

Episode 38. The Changeling

Story, Script & Trivia


Episode 38. The Changeling

Season:    2
Air Date:    1967-09-29
Stardate:    3451.9
Writer:    John Meredyth Lucas
Director:    Marc Daniels
Guests:    Blaisdell Makee, Vic Perrin (voice of Nomad), Arnold Lessing

When the Enterprise investigates a distress call from the planet Mulour (population 4 billion), Spock reports that sensors detect no life forms. There is no word even from Dr. Manway, head of a Federation science team on the planet, who has his own transmitter. The Enterprise's shields then come up automatically when it encounters a 1 meter long, 500 kg, cylinder which attacks the Enterprise with energy bolts having the strength of 90 photon torpedoes. Kirk torpedoes the object, but the energy is simply absorbed by the target. Kirk then transmits a message to the object, and it stops firing, requests communication, and allows itself to be beamed aboard the Enterprise.

The probe identifies itself as Nomad, and refers to Kirk as the creator. Checking records, Spock finds that a Nomad probe was indeed launched to explore the far reaches of the galaxy and seek out new life (and presumably to go where no probe has gone before). Apparently, Nomad believes that Kirk is Jackson Roy Kirk, the original creator of Nomad. Nomad insists, however, that his mission is to destroy that which is not perfect (including all biological "infestations.")

Kirk leaves Lt. Singh in charge of Nomad. When it hears Uhura singing over the intercom, however, it slips away to seek her out. Upon finding her, still singing, Nomad questions her as to what form of communication she was practicing. When she replies music, it erases her mind, calling her a mass of conflicting impulses. When Scotty tries to intervene, Nomad kills him. When Kirk is displeased, Nomad offers to "repair" the unit Scott, claiming that it was only acting in self defense. Kirk then asks Nomad to repair Uhura, which it claims it cannot since it has erased her memory banks. Nurse Chapel therefore begins re-educating her on how to read, and reports that she can be back on the job in a week, which doesn't speak too favorably for the training required for a Federation communications officer.

Kirk then tells Nomad to accompany two security guards to a waiting area (actually a top security cell). Spock attempts to study Nomad, but it only lowers its shields when Kirk explicitly tells it to. However, Spock is not able to learn full details from his scan, and therefore resorts to a Vulcan mind meld. How the analog-to-digital conversion is performed is not explained. Spock discovers that Nomad collided with an alien probe called Tan-Ru, designed to obtain and sterilize soil samples from other planets, and was severely damaged. Some of its memory was lost, and it subsumed Tan-Ru's directive, interpreting it to mean sterilize imperfections. Spock is shaken by the experience, and Kirk is forced to pull him away and tell Nomad to stop communicating. Kirk again confines Nomad to the cell, but it waltzes right through the security field and kills the two security guards when they attempt to stop it with phaser fire.

Nomad then makes his way to the engine room where it improves the "efficiency" of the engines 57% by increasing the matter-antimatter reaction rate. Kirk orders Nomad to reverse changes to the matter-antimatter reactor, as the Enterprise cannot stand the stress. Kirk confronts Nomad, telling him that his contempt of biological units is illogical, since its creator is a biological unit. Kirk tries to get the probe to return to the holding cell, but it kills the two security guards sent to accompany it and heads to sickbay. Here it examines Kirk's medical history, attacking Nurse Chapel when she tries to stop him. It then shuts down life support systems throughout the ship in order to destroy the imperfect units aboard it without destroying the Enterprise.

Kirk then gets Nomad to admit that it must sterilize everything which is in error. Kirk defeats Nomad by showing it its own imperfections: it thought he was Jackson Roy Kirk, it did not discover its mistake, and it did not exercise its prime function by eliminating itself because it was imperfect. While attempting analyzing the situation, Nomad is beamed into space. It is caught in a logic loop while attempting to analyze its errors, and finally self-destructs in order to "sterilize" its own imperfections.


Any response from the Malurians, Lieutenant?
Nothing since their original distress call, sir.
What about the Federation science team?
Dr. Manway had a special transmitter.
There's nothing, sir. I'm scanning all frequencies.
They have to answer.
They will not answer.
The long-range sensor sweep of this system
reveals no sign of life.
Well, that can't be.
The last census reported a total inhabitation
of 4 billion people.
I register no life readings at all, sir.
That's impossible.
What could have happened?
We would have known in advance
of any system-wide catastrophe.
And in the event of an interplanetary war,
there would be considerable radioactive residue.
Our instruments show only normal background radiation.
Any other possibilities?
Unknown, sir,
since the readings would have revealed
the presence of any disease organisms.
They do not.
We received the routine report from this system
only a week ago.
The Symbalene blood burn doesn't act that swiftly.
Captain, shields Just snapped on.
Something heading in at ultrawarp speeds.
Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Sulu.
An extremely powerful bolt of energy, Captain.
Full power to the shields, Mr. Scott.
Giving them all we got.
All hands, Red Alert.
Phaser banks, stand by.
Photon torpedoes, Condition Red, Condition Red.
It's going to hit.
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
To explore strange new worlds ...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Shields still holding, sir.
Temporarily, Captain.
Our shields absorbed energy
equivalent to 90 of our photon torpedoes.
I may add
the energy used repulsing this first attack
reduced our shielding power 20%.
First attack, sir?
I think we can expect others, Lieutenant.
We can resist three more such attacks.
The fourth will shatter our shields completely.
Mr. Spock, pinpoint the source.
Mr. Sulu, evasive maneuvers.
Aye, sir.
Lieutenant, contact Starfleet Command.
Patch in my log. Tell them what's happened.
Tell them the entire Malurian race
seems to have been destroyed.
We are under attack by an unidentified force.
Helmsmen, I said evasive maneuvers.
We're losing power, sir.
I'm having to divert the warp engine power
into the shields, sir,
if you want the protection.
Mr. Spock, speed of those bolts.
Approximately warp 15, Captain.
Then we can't out run them.
Scotty, you're doing the right thing.
Source, Spock.
Unknown, Captain.
Nothing within sensor range.
Something now, Captain.
Very small.
Bearing -- 123 degrees.
Mark -- 18.
Range -- 90,000 kilometers.
That's our target, Mr. Sulu.
Prepare photon torpedo.
Shields still holding, sir,
but the drain on the engines
is reaching the critical point.
We lost warp maneuvering power.
Switching to impulse.
Photon torpedoes armed, sir.
Has the target changed location, Mr. Spock?
No, sir. Holding steady.
Ready photon torpedo number 2, Mr. Sulu.
Ready, sir.
Torpedo away.
Direct hit, sir.
No effect.
Target absorbed full energy of our torpedo.
Absorbed it?
There must be damage to your instruments.
They're in good working order, Captain.
But what could have absorbed that much energy
and survived?
Lieutenant, try to make contact.
Aye, sir.
Sir, they've fired another.
Can we take it, Mr. Scott?
That's problematical, sir.
Captain, shields are down.
We cannot survive another hit.
Anything, Lieutenant?
I'm trying, sir.
Translator computer.
All hailing frequencies open.
Aye, sir. All hailing frequencies open.
To unidentified vessel.
This is Captain James Kirk
of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
We are on a peaceful mission.
We mean no harm
to you or any life-forms.
Please communicate with us.
Any further readings, Mr. Spock?
Computing now, Captain.
Weight -- 500 kilograms.
Shape -- roughly cylindrical.
Length --
a fraction over 1 meter.
500 kilos and only 1 meter long?
What kind of intelligent creature
exists in a thing that small?
Intelligence does not necessarily require bulk,
Mr. Scott.
Captain, we're getting a signal from the space craft.
Put it on audio, Lieutenant.
Yes, sir.
It's impossible to get it any clearer, sir.
Analysis sector. Have them study and decode it.
Analysis sector,
channel 1 , main computer. Decode.
this message is a sort of binary --
Extremely sophisticated, compressed,
carrying several channels at once.
Can you decode it?
No clue as yet, Captain.
Transmission speed has stepped down.
Much slower.
Seems to be a single binary.
It's mathematical.
Yes, one symbol --
The symbol of repeat.
Sir, that isn't in the Starfleet code.
It's an old-style interplanetary code.
Repeat what?
The message I sent?
It would seem so, Captain.
This is Captain James Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
We are on a peaceful mission
in this part of the galaxy.
We have no hostile intentions.
We request identity.
It's another signal now, sir.
It's a formula, Captain.
They're sending us a mathematical message
and requesting language equivalence.
They're trying to communicate.
Tie in the ship's translator
to the communication channel.
Let them take it at their own speed.
Cut power, Lieutenant.
Overloaded and burned out.
They take it faster than we give it.
Captain, the message is coming in now.
[Computerized Voice] U.S.S. Enterprise, this is Nomad.
My mission is nonhostile.
They got what they needed
before the computers burned out.
Require communication.
Can you leave your ship?
It is impossible to come aboard your ship
because of the size differential.
Non sequitur.
Your facts are uncoordinated.
We are prepared to beam you aboard our ship.
That will be sat is factory.
Do you require any special conditions,
any particular atmosphere or environment?
Negative. I will come aboard.
Hold your position.
We're locked onto your coordinates.
We'll beam you aboard.
You're not really bringing that thing in here.
Do we have any choice?
Once it's aboard, it won't shoot at us.
Lieutenant, get a repair crew on that computer.
Get Dr. McCoy down to the transporter room.
Spock, come with me. Scotty, too.
Dr. McCoy to the transporter room.
Maintenance crew, C5.
We've got the coordinates,Jim.
It's locked in.
Sensor readings, Mr. Spock.
Negative, Captain.
It has a protective screen.
I cannot get through.
What do we do, go up and knock?
Relate your point of origin.
We are from the United Federation of Planets.
Insufficient response.
All things have apoint of origin.
I will scan your star charts.
If we show it our system,
it has no point of reference.
It won't know more than it does now.
A reasonable course.
If you care to leave your ship,
we'll provide the necessary life support systems.
Non sequitur.
Your facts are uncoordinated.
Jim, I don't think anybody's in there.
I contain no parasitical beings.
I am Nomad.
In my opinion, that's a machine.
It is reacting
much like a highly sophisticated computer.
I am Nomad. What is opinion?
Opinion is a belief,
a view, a judgment.
Insufficient response.
What's your source of power?
It has changed since the point of origin.
There was much taken from the other.
I am perpetual now.
I am Nomad.
Wasn't there a probe called Nomad
launched in the early 2000s?
Yes. It was reported destroyed.
There were no more in the series.
But ...
if this is that probe --
I will scan your star charts.
I will bring them.
I have the capability
of movement within your ship.
This way.
Now, Scotty,
get our warp power up to full capacity.
Aye, sir.
Spock, Bones,
come with ... us.
Chart 14-A, sir?
Nomad, can you scan that?
This is our point of origin --
the star we know as Sol.
You are from the third planet?
A planet with one large natural satellite?
The planet is called Earth?
You are the creator,
the Kirk.
The sterilization procedure against your ship
was unnecessary.
What sterilization procedure?
You are the Kirk, the creator.
You programmed my function.
Well, I'm not the Kirk.
Tell me what your function is.
This is one of your units, creator?
Yes, he is.
It functions irrationally.
Tell him your function nevertheless.
My function is to probe
for biological infestations,
to destroy that which is not perfect.
I am Nomad.
Biological infestation.
There was never any probe sent out for that.
The history computer can answer that question.
I'll have the readout in a moment.
Did you destroy the Malurian system?
Not the system, creator Kirk.
Only the unstable biological infestation.
It is my function.
Unstable infestation?
The population of four planets?
What kind of function --
Why do you call me the creator?
Is the usage incorrect?
Well, I --
The usage is correct.
The creator was simply testing your memory banks.
There was much damage in the accident.
Mr. Singh.
Come here a moment.
This unit will see to your needs.
I'll be back in a moment.
Gentlemen, come with me.
You're on to something, Spock.
I've correlated all the available information
on the Nomad probe,
and I'm convinced that this object is indeed that probe.
Earth science couldn't begin to build anything
with those capabilities that long ago.
Nomad was destroyed.
Presumed destroyed by a meteor collision.
I submit that it was badly damaged
and somehow managed to repair itself.
I heard some lectures at the academy
on the Nomad probe.
Its mission was essentially peaceful.
Did I disturb you?
Did you wish anything?
Bridge to auxiliary control room.
Checkin, please.
Lieutenant Singh here.
All systems are normal
except warp power indicators.
Mr. Scott's engineers are working on them now.
Report to him when your indicators are registering properly.
Anything else?
Uh, one moment, Lieutenant.
[Uhura Humming]
'Where my heart is'
'Where my heart is, where'
'Beyond the stars'
'Beyond Antares'
This is the creator of Nomad,
perhaps the most brilliant
though erratic scientist of his time.
His dream was to build a perfect thinking machine,
capable of independent logic.
You recall his name.
Of course. Jackson Roykirk.
Jackson Roy Kirk.
Captain Jameskirk.
Yes. Similar.
Captain, I believe
that Nomad thinks you are Roykirk.
That may well be
why the attack was broken off.
It responded to your name
as well as its damaged memory banks permitted.
What do we have on Nomad itself, Spock?
Well, that's not the same.
Essentially it is, Doctor.
I believe that more happened to it
than just damage in the meteor collision.
It mentioned "the other".
The unanswered question is, the other what?
Nomad was a thinking machine,
the best that could be engineered.
It was a prototype.
Its purpose was certainly altered.
Its directive --
to seek out and destroy biological infestations --
could not have been programmed.
As I recall, it wasn't.
It was supposed to be the first interstellar probe
to seek new life-forms.
Precisely, Doctor.
And somehow that programming has been changed.
It would seem
that Nomad is now seeking out perfect life-forms,
perfection being measured
by its own relentless logic.
If what you say is true,
then we've taken aboard our vessel
a device which sooner or later
must destroy us.
Lieutenant Carlyle here.
This is the captain.
The mechanism we brought aboard
is in the auxiliary control room.
Have a security team meet me there.
Aye, sir.
Captain, Mr. Singh reports
that Nomad is no longer
in the auxiliary control room.
Security, cancel that order.
Implement a full search for the mechanism.
All decks report here.
" Where my heart is "
" Where "
" A scented miracle "
Bridge to Captain.
Captain here.
That mechanical beastie is up here.
On my way, Scotty.
" Tomorrow "
" The path along the way "
" There's where my love -- "
What is the meaning?
What form of communication?
I don't know what it --
Oh, my singing. I was singing.
For what purpose is singing?
I don't know.
I -- I like to sing.
I felt like music.
What is music?
Think about music.
Keep away from that --
He's dead,Jim.
Why did you kill him?
The unit touched my screens.
That ...
unit was my chief engineer.
Lieutenant, are you all right?
What did you do to her?
That unit is defective.
Its thinking is chaotic.
Absorbing it unsettledme.
That unit is a woman.
A mass of conflicting impulses.
Get Scott down below.
Will the creator effect repairs
on the unit Scott?
He's dead.
Insufficient response.
His ...
biological functions have ceased.
Does the creator wish me to repair the unit?
There's nothing I can do.
If there's a chance, it'll have to be soon.
All right, Nomad. Repair the unit.
Irequire tapes on the structure.
Well, he'll need tapes on general anatomy,
the central nervous system,
and then one on the physiological structure of the brain.
We'd better give it
all the neurological studies we have,
as well as tracings of Scotty's hyperencephalogram.
Nomad, I have arranged the tapes for flash feed
at the top speed of the computer.
Please do not draw the information
faster than the machine's capacity.
the unit Scott is aprimitive structure.
Insufficient safe guards built in.
Breakdown can occur from many causes.
Self-maintenance systems
of low reliability.
It serves me as it is, Nomad.
Repair it.
Where is the unit Scott now?
The body is in sickbay.
Show me sickbay.
Dr. McCoy will show you.
I want a 24-hour two-man armed surveillance
on Nomad in sickbay.
No reaction, Doctor.
I could have told you that.
What are the lot of you staring at me for?
It's unbelievable.
How did I get here?
[Kirk] It's all right.
That thing did something to Lieutenant Uhura!
Scotty, she's being taken care of.
Take it easy. Lie down.
We're just checking you out.
The unit Scott is repaired.
It will function correctly if your
information to me was correct.
I'd like to check it out, if you don't mind.
A man is not just a biological unit
that you can patch together.
What did it do to me?
Dr. McCoy will explain it to you.
Well ... Doctor?
Nurse, I want him prepared
for a full physical examination.
Yes, sir.
Nomad, come here.
Repair that unit.
Not possible.
You've restored Scott.
He had much more extensive damage.
The unit Scott required simple structural repair.
The knowledge banks of this unit have been wiped clean.
Captain, if that is correct,
if there has been no brain damage
but only knowledge erased,
she could be reeducated.
Yes. I'll get on it right away.
Oh, and in spite of the way you repaired Scotty,
you metal ticking --
Does the creator wish Nomad to wait elsewhere?
Nomad, you will go with these units.
They will take you to a waiting area.
Take it to the top security cell.
Doctor ...
I interrupted you because Nomad
would not have understood your anger.
It has great technical skill,
but its reaction to emotion is unpredictable.
It almost qualifies as a life-form.
That's a laugh.
The study of it would be of great use, Captain.
It's a killer, Spock.
I intend to render it harmless.
Run a full analysis on the mechanism.
I want to know what makes that thing tick.
Yes, sir.
What's the problem?
An almost human stubbornness, Captain.
I have been unable to convince Nomad
to lower its screens for analysis.
Without its cooperation, I can do nothing.
Nomad ...
you will allow Mr. Spock
to probe your memory banks and structure.
Mr. Spock is also one of your biological units, creator?
This unit is different.
It is well-ordered.
Follow your instructions, Nomad.
My screens are down.
Thank you.
You may proceed.
"See the dog."
That's right.
"See the dog ..."
Now sound it out.
R ...
That's it, Uhura. That's very good.
Now try the next one.
"The dog has a ..."
"The dog ..."
[Speaking Swahili]
Not Swahili, Uhura.
In English.
"The dog has a ball."
B ... ah ... ll.
Now you go ahead.
[Speaking Swahili]
"The dog has a ball."
That's right!
Oh, that's right, Uhura.
Uh, here. You try another one.
I'll be right back.
All right, Christine.
How's she doing?
Well, she's on the first grade reader.
She's learning.
She seems to have an aptitude for mathematics.
Do you think we can reeducate her, Doctor?
Well, she checks out with no brain damage.
We've got all the educational tapes in our library.
Now it's up to us.
"The ball ... is ..."
It is not sufficient, Captain.
I get certain references to the accident, the other,
but nothing clear.
There are areas I simply cannot scan.
We've got to know about it, Spock --
what makes it operate,
its compulsion for perfection.
Captain, I suggest the Vulcan mind probe.
Get into direct mental contact with that thing?
It seems the only way.
What about Uhura?
There is a risk,
but I have formed a partial hypothesis.
I must check it out.
Nomad, the unit Spock will touch you.
It is not an attack.
It is a form of communication.
You will permit it.
I willpermit it, creator.
[Monotone Voice] I ... am ... Nomad.
I am performing my function.
Deep emptiness ...
It approaches.
I ... am ... the other.
I am Tan Ru ...
Tan Ru Nomad.
Tan ... Ru ...
Must sterilize.
We are complete.
Much power.
Gunta ... new ...
eca ... Tan Ru.
The creator instructs.
Search out.
Sterilize imperfections.
We ... are ... Nomad.
We ... are ... Nomad.
We are complete.
We are instructed.
Our purpose is clear.
Sterilize imperfections.
Sterilize imperfections.
Nomad ... sterilize ...
Nomad! You're in contact with the unit Spock.
Fascinating, Captain.
The knowledge.
The depth.
What does it mean -- "We are Nomad"?
It was, um ...
It was -- It was damaged in deep space.
Undoubtedly, the meteor collision.
Its memory banks were destroyed,
or most of them.
It wandered without purpose, and then it met the other.
The other was an alien probe of great power.
Somehow they ... merged,
repaired each other, became one.
Then it isn't Nomad?
Not the Nomad we lost from Earth.
It took from the other
a new directive to replace its own.
The other was originally programmed
to secure and sterilize
soil samples from other planets ...
probably as a prelude to colonization.
A changeling.
I beg your pardon?
An ancient Earth legend, Mr. Spock.
A changeling was a fairy child
that was left in place ofa human baby.
The changeling assumed the identity of the human child.
So ...
it is to sterilize,
and for "sterilize" read "kill."
It has the power and sophistication to do it.
Yes, it's powerful, it's sophisticated,
but it's not infallible.
It's ... space-happy.
It thinks I'm its ... mother.
And that is the only thing
that has saved us until now.
[Loud Electrical Charge]
Notify the captain.
What are you doing here?
Watch your panels, everyone.
Watch that polymass.
Roger ...
help with the interfactor.
Leave that alone.
This primitive matter/antimatter propulsion system
is the main drive?
Inefficiency exists in the antimatter input valve.
I will effect repair.
[Electric Humming]
How are you doing that?
The energy release controls
are also most inefficient.
I shall effect repair.
Warp eight, Mr. Scott, and increasing.
Throw your dampers.
Warp nine.
Cut your circuits -- all of them.
Warp 10, Mr. Scott.
Impossible. It can't go that fast.
It just won't stop, Mr. Scott.
Warp 11 !
Nomad, stop what you're doing.
Is there aproblem, creator?
I have increased engine efficiency 57%.
You will destroy my ship.
Its structure cannot stand the stress of that much power.
Turn off your repair operation.
It is reversed as ordered, creator.
Scott, give Sulu warp two and keep her there.
Aye, sir.
I've examined the brig.
The force-field door on the security cell is damaged.
The guards have vanished.
I must assume they are dead.
You killed two of my --
Creator, your biological units are inefficient.
It's about time I told you who and what you are!
I'm a biological unit,
and I created you.
Non sequitur.
Biological units are inherently inferior.
This is an inconsistency.
Nomad, there are two men waiting outside.
You will not harm them.
They will escort you
back to the waiting area.
You will stay there.
You will do nothing.
Iamprogrammed to investigate.
I have given you new programming,
and you will implement it.
There is much to be considered
before I return to launchpoint.
I must reevaluate.
I suspect it is about to reevaluate its creator.
Captain, it may have been unwise
to admit to Nomad that you are a biological unit.
In Nomad's eyes, you must now undoubtedly appear imperfect.
It was a foolish mistake.
Even worse.
Nomad just now made a reference to its launch point --
Spock, do you think it's possible
that it got a fix on Earth
when it tapped the computers?
I do not believe there is much beyond Nomad's capabilities.
And we've shown it the way home.
And when it gets there ...
It will find the Earth infested
with imperfect biological units ...
And it will carry out its prime directive --
Captain 's Log. : Stardate 3541.9 --
The presence of Nomad aboard my ship has become nightmarish.
Now it apparently means to return to Earth.
Once there, it would automatically destroy all life.
Nomad, stop.
Nomad, this way.
[McCoy] Captain Kirk to sickbay.
Manual controls.
No response.
Nomad, stop!
Nomad ...
Is she all right?
I think so.
Looks like some kind of shock.
What happened?
Nomad examined the personnel files
and the medical history.
She tried to stop him.
Whose history?
Since it specifically examined your history,
I suggest it has completed its reevaluation.
And found that its creator
is as imperfect as all the other biological units.
[Scott] Bridge to Captain.
Kirk here.
Life support systems are out all over the ship.
Manual override has been blocked.
Source -- engineering.
- Nomad. - Undoubtedly.
We'll only have enough air and heat for --
Scotty, get some antigravs and meet me in engineering.
Nomad ...
stop what you're doing
and effect repairs on the life-support systems.
You're programmed to obey the orders of your creator.
I am programmed to destroy those life-forms which are imperfect.
These alterations will do so
without destroying the vessel which surrounds them.
It, too, is imperfect, but can be adjusted.
Nomad ...
I admit that biological units are imperfect,
but a biological unit created you.
I am perfect. I am Nomad.
No, you're not Nomad. You're an alien machine.
Your programming tapes have been altered.
You are in error.
You are a biological unit.
You are imperfect.
But I am your creator.
You are the creator.
I created you?
You are the creator.
But I admit I'm imperfect.
How could I have created
such a perfect thing as you?
Answer unknown.
I shall analyze.
Analysis complete.
Insufficient data
to resolve problem,
but my programming is whole.
My purpose remains.
I am Nomad. I am perfect.
That which is imperfect must be sterilized.
Then you will continue to destroy
that which thinks and lives and is imperfect?
I shall continue.
I shall return to launchpoint Earth.
I shall sterilize.
You must sterilize in case of error?
Error is inconsistent with my prime functions.
Sterilization is correction.
Everything that is in error must be sterilized.
There are no exceptions.
Nomad ...
I made an error in creating you.
The creation of perfection is no error.
I did not create perfection.
I created ... error.
Your data is faulty.
I am Nomad. I am perfect.
I am the Kirk, the creator?
You are the creator.
You are wrong!
Jackson Roykirk your creator is dead.
You have mistaken me for him.
You are in error.
You did not discover your mistake.
You have made two errors.
You are flawed and imperfect
and have not corrected by sterilization.
You have made three errors.
You are flawed and imperfect!
Execute your prime function!
I shall analyze error.
Analyze ... error ...
Now! Get those antigravs on.
Examine ...
Get rid of it now.
Your logic was impeccable, Captain.
We are in grave danger.
Scotty, the transporter room.
Analyze error ...
Error ...
Scotty, set the controls for deep space --
210, mark 1.
Aye, sir.
Ready, sir?
Nomad ...
you are imperfect!
Exercise your prime function.
Must ... sterilize.
Sterilize ...
My congratulations, Captain.
A dazzling display of logic.
You didn't think I had it in me?
No, sir.
I thought you might like to know
that Lieutenant Uhura is back to college level.
She'll be back on the job within a week.
Good, Bones, good.
The destruction of Nomad was a great waste, Captain.
It was a remarkable instrument.
Which might well have destroyed more billions of lives.
It's well gone.
Besides, what are you feeling so badly about?
It's not easy to lose a bright and promising son.
Well, it thought I was its mother,
didn't it?
Do you think I'm completely without feelings?
You saw what it did for Scotty.
What a doctor it would've made.
My son the doctor.
Kind of gets you right there, doesn't it?

Episode Trailer

Episode Trailer


Episode 38. The Changeling

This episode has some similarities with "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" specifically, the notion of a space probe launched from Earth having its directives and forms changed by an alien encounter and returning to Earth to carry out its directives.
The word "changeling" later became a synonym for The Founders in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".
After the first of Nomad's energy bolts strikes the ship, Spock comments that the shields absorbed energy equivalent to 90 of the ship's photon torpedoes. Clearly, the Enterprise survives. But a few minutes later, the Enterprise hits Nomad with a single photon torpedo -- which it absorbs. This prompts Kirk to wonder with amazement how anything "could absorb that much energy ... and survive". But his own ship did far better.
How can Spock mind-meld with Nomad? It is not a sentient being; it's a robot. Unlike Data, Nomad was created for a specific purpose, a purpose that didn't require the ability to think or learn. It retained this state when it crashed into and absorbed the alien probe, albeit its programming changed to reflect its new nature. Thus, it shouldn't be intelligent or self-aware enough to warrant a mind-meld. Besides, I don't see any 'connection points' that Spock could use to create the 'link' for the mind meld on Nomad.
It's not clear exactly what Nomad does to Uhura. Still, they're able to re-educate her in a week in this episode. When Spock has to be reeducated in the fourth Trek movie after his death and rebirth, it takes 3 months.
In a mind meld, as we see in previous and future episodes, both participants share thoughts and memories. That doesn't happen when Spock mind melds with Nomad - otherwise Nomad would know Kirk is lying.
Nomad was created from the amalgamation of two probes - one that was sent to search for alien life, and one that was designed to collect and sterilize soil sample. What gave it the power to destroy planets and fire bolts with the power of 90 photon torpedoes?
After attacking Nurse Chapel, Nomad comes out of the doors but the background is not that of sickbay but of the turbo lift of the bridge.

Although never credited, this episode - which depicted an Earth-launched space probe that acquires almost unimaginable powers in the course of the search for its "Creator" - became the inspiration behind Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). (It also inspired The Questor Tapes (1974), a rejected series pilot written by Gene Roddenberry and Gene L. Coon which also featured a robot with a damaged memory who searched for its creator.) For this reason, some fans have appended to Star Trek: The Motion Picture the punning subtitle "Where Nomad Has Gone Before."
23 of 23 (Trivia Rating)

In conventions, Nichelle Nichols frequently tells a story of getting into a dispute with director Marc Daniels over the filming of this episode. As it had already been established that Uhura's first language was Swahili, Nichols believed that, after her mind was erased, Uhura would revert to her first language. However, as Nichols herself did not speak Swahili, Daniels wanted Uhura to just speak English. Nichols refused to, telling Daniels, "Nichelle Nichols doesn't speak Swahili, but Uhura does!" Gene Roddenberry was eventually brought in to settle the dispute, and he sided with Nichols. A linguist specializing in Swahili was then brought in to write the few lines of Swahili that are spoken in the episode.
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The biographical photo of scientist Jackson Roykirk is of the director Marc Daniels wearing Scotty's dress uniform.
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The alien probe that Nomad collided with was called Tan Ru.
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Lt. Leslie has two unusual aspects in this episode; he is at the helm and he is wearing a gold uniform as opposed to the red uniform that he is normally seen in.
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The story implied that Nomad was Earth's first probe out of our solar system. In actual fact, Pioneer 10 was the first craft to reach interstellar space.
11 of 12 (Trivia Rating)

Bears a striking resemblance to The Outer Limits: The Probe (1965), aired just two years earlier.
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Per Irish mythology, a "changeling" is a demon child substituted by the spirits for a human child they have stolen. That is the context used here. However, the word can also mean a shape shifter, as in several other contexts within the Trek Universe. The most famous shape shifter changeling in Trek was the regular character Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993).
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Nomad was launched from Earth in 2002.

Security Guard/Red-Shirt Casualties: 4.

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